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Grave Number 435
In Memory of Alexander MILLER,
who died 28th May 1867,
aged 50 years.
With thanks to Rosemary Kirkus for providing the above inscription.  
Grave Number 911
Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth,
the beloved wife of Alexander STANTON,
who departed this life after long affliction
on the 27th February 1857, aged 42 years.
As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten.
    Rev C III.V.XIX
In Heaven we again shall meet
Thus lisp'd her dying tongue o then
For Jesu's grace through him to greet
His chosen saint above. Amen.
Also of Sarah, relict of Thomas HALE, Esq. London,
and mother of the above, who died at Wavertree,
on the 26th May 1857 aged 78 years.
Also of the above Alexander STANTON,
who died on the 29th December 1881 in his 67th year.
"Cease, fond nature, cease thy strife,
And let me languish into life."
Grave Number 912
In Loving Memory of Richard R HOLLINS,
who died 6th Sept 1868, aged 57 years.
Also Hannah Maria, daughter of the above,
who died 17th Sept 1875, aged 30 years.
Also Margaret, widow of the above Richard R HOLLINS,
who died 12th April 1890, aged 72 years.
Also William Edward,  
son of Richard R & Margaret HOLLINS,
who died in South Africa, 2nd Jan 1890 aged 35 years.
Also Mary Ellen, youngest daughter of the above
Richard R & Margaret HOLLINS,
who died 16th January 1901, in her 50th year.
Grave Number 963
In Loving Memory of Emily, wife of Frederick NICHOLLS,
who died 4th July 1885, aged 53 years.
"Her end was peace."
Grave Number 964
In Affectionate Remembrance of
James Hardman CARTER,
commander of the ship "Polmaise",
who died at Foo-Chow, Oct 25th 1862, aged 31.
Also Marianne Isabella (Mamie),
beloved and only child of  
James Hardman and Elizabeth CARTER
and grand daughter of Thomas HODGSON of this town,
died Oct 15th 1870, aged 9 years.
Also Mary Anne, wife of the above Thomas HODGSON,
born July 30th 1796, died Dec 11th 1881.
Also the above Thomas HODGSON, late Harbour Master,
for 50 years in the service of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board,
born April 12th 1797, died April 29th 1885.
Also Mary Jane, eldest daughter of the above
Thomas and Mary Anne HODGSON,
who died Jan ?, aged ? years.
Also Elizabeth, daughter of the above Thomas HODGSON,
wnd widow of Captain J Hardman CARTER,
died 26th February 1910?, aged 77 years.
Grave Number 968
In Fond Remembrance of Louis SIMPSON,
born 20th Sept 1874, died 25th Sept 1877.
Also Dugdald Cumming SIMPSON,
born 7th Sept 1832, died 13th May 1885.
Also of Julianna,  
wife of the above Dugdald Cumming SIMPSON,
born 5th April 1842, died 26th Sept 1896.
Grave No. 990
In Memory of Thomas EVANS,
who died September 19th 1865, aged 66 years.
Also Anne, the beloved wife of the above,
who died Ocober 17th 1866, aged 66 years.
Also John, youngest son of the above,
who died December 3rd 1866, aged 36 years.
Grave No. 997
In Memory of George RAFFIELD,
who departed this life November 8th 1872,
aged 30 years.
"Not lost but gone before."
Also Gladys Ada,
died Aug 21st 1897, aged 5 months.
Also Doris, died July 4th 1899, in her 2nd year.
(Grand-daughters of the above)
Also Robbie Stewart TAPLEY, (their cousin)
died June 26th 1899, in his 4th year.
Also George Stephen RAFFIELD,
only son of the above,
and dearly loved husband of Emily RAFFIELD
died at Liscard, April 2nd 1917, aged 46 years.
"Peace, perfect peace."
Grave No 998
In Memory of Margaret Ann,
wife of Henry M. LIARDET,
Lieutenant Late Indian Navy,
who died 10th October 1866, aged 36 years.
Also of Henry Maughan LIARDET,
Late Lieut. Her Majesty's Indian Navy,
born 13th Oct. 1835, died 15th Feb. 1925.
Grave No. 999
"I will make them joyful in my house."
Mary Anne (Marian) ,
third daughter of Thomas and Mary Anne HODGSON,
born 19th September 1837,
died 4th March 1906.
Also Josephine,  
youngest daughter of Thomas and Mary Anne HODGSON,
born 13th July 1843,
died 1st February 1923.
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