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Grave Number 29  
In Loving Memory of Joseph DYSON,  
who died 15th January 1906, age 62 years.
"Thy will be done."
Also Mary, his wife, died 21st June 1909, age 61 years.
George DYSON, son of the above,  
died 6th October 1887, age 4 years.
Ethel WILSON, grandaughter of the above,  
died 11th September 1894, age 7 months.
Grave Number 92  
Erected to the memory of
our dear brother Harry PRITCHARD,
who died in New York 19th February 1919,
aged 38 years.
Also Ellis JOUCHIN,
died 1st January 1932, age 9 weeks.
Also Ann BROWN,
a devoted wife and mother,
died 17th April 1940, aged 66 years.
Also Christian A. BROWN,
beloved husband of the above,
died 27th April 1958, aged 87 years.
Also Joseph BROWN,
devoted husband and father,
(this section is obscured) aged 42 years.
Grave Number 96
In Affectionate Remembrance of  
Mary, the beloved wife of William WILLIAMS, 77 Mill Street,
who departed this life 14th of Feby 1872
in her 63rd year.
Also of Eleanor, daughter of James and Mary Ellen ASPLET,
and grandaughter of the above,
died November 18th 1878,
aged 2 years and 8 months.
Also the Rev. William WILLIAMS, above named,
who died 19th February 1881, aged 69 years.
Grave Number 100
In Affectionate Remembrance of  
Margaret Ann, the beloved wife of Robert HARWOOD,
who departed this life on the 23rd of November 1870,
aged 30 years.
"I know that my redeemer liveth".
Also of Joseph HARWOOD, father in law of the above,
who departed this life on the 20th of December 1871,
aged 68 years.
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
Grave Number 240
In Loving Memory of Ishmael William,
the beloved husband of Sarah Ann BEES,
who died 10th August 1915, aged 68 years.
"After long suffering, sweet rest at last."
Also my dear mother, Elizabeth PARRY,
who died 26th March 1887, aged 59 years.
Also Thomas PARRY, husband of the above
who died 16th June 1894, aged 81 years.
"Peace, perfect peace."
Also Sarah Ann, wife of the above Ishmael William BEES,
died 16th June 1928, aged 77.
"In three O Lord have I put my trust."
Grave Number 269
In Loving Memory of
William, the beloved husband of Clara WHITE
died 9th Feb 1919 aged 60 years.
Also the above Clara,
died 16th Dec 1922 aged 62 years.
Also William, the beloved husband of Mary Jane WHITE,
died 29th April 1945 aged 64 years.
Also the above Mary Jane,
who died 11th January 1962, aged 80 years.
Grave nos. 270 & 271 - no grave stone.
Grave Number 272
Sacred to the Memory of
died 31st August 1905, aged 75 years.
And of William Rathbone HUGHES,
fourth son of John and Elizabeth HUGHES.
Born 29th September 1864,
died 19th July 1908.
And of John HUGHES,
third son of John and Elizabeth HUGHES,
born 29th August 1856,
died 25th December 1929.
And of Lucy Horsfall HUGHES,
third daughter of John and Elizabeth HUGHES,
born 17th August 1861,
died 23rd April 1938.
Grave Number 273
In Loving Memory of
Christina HONEYMAN,
died 31st May 1932, aged 78 years.
And Thomas, her beloved husband,
died 1st February 1940, aged 86 years.
Grave Number 279
In Loving Memory of
Thomas FOGGO, who departed this life
7th February 1889 in the 60th year of his life.
"Thy will be done."
Also Donald, beloved son of George T. and Margaret FOGGO, and grandson of the above,
who died 18th January 1905 aged 7 months,
If love or care could death prevent,
Thy days would not so soon be spent.
Life was desired, but God did see
Eternal life was best for thee.
Grave nos. 280 & 281 - no grave stone.
Grave Number 282
In Loving Memory of
Alexander, the beloved son of Clement and Eliza RUSSELL,
who died 27th March 1887, aged 2 years and 6 months.
"Suffer little children to come unto me."
Also James, son of the above
who died 9th Jany 1893, aged 11 years and 7 months.
The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away.
Also Clement RUSSELL, who fell asleep 2nd July 1915,
aged 64 years.
"For ever with the Lord."
Also of George, son of the above,
who fell asleep in Jesus 5th Nov. 1918, aged 31 years.
"I am the Resurrection and the Life." John XI.23.
Also of Eliza, widow of Clement RUSSELL,
who fell asleep 3rd June 1923, aged 71 years.
"Whosoever liveth and believe in me shall never die.
Grave Number 283
In Loving Memory of
died 13th March 1897, aged 58.
Robert WOODHEAD, son of the above,
died 3rd August 1930, aged 79.
Grave Number 311
15th February 1919,
Aged 34 years.
Grave Number 312
In loving memory of William James,
beloved eldest son of Captain John and Winifred MOULTON,
who died 3rd May 1892, aged 23 years.
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
Also John Richard MOULTON (Jack), master mariner,
who was drowned in Shanghai Harbour,
14th April 1907, aged 38 years.
"He was loved by all."
Also Winifred, (Freda), beloved eldest daughter of the above,
who died 22nd December 1918.
"God lent us one of the best. Then took her home to a well earned rest."
Also John MOULTON, master mariner, our beloved father,
who died 2nd June 1920, aged 82 years.
"His life an example."
And Winifred Hughes MOULTON, our devoted mother, beloved wife of the above,
who died 6th June 1920, aged 78 years.
"In death not divided."
Lastly, Lucy, beloved daughter of the above,
died 27th Jan. 1940.
Grave no. 313 - no grave stone.
Grave Number 314
In loving memory of
John Richard, the beloved husband of Fanny JONES,
who died 7th November 1928, aged 78 years.
Also, Fanny, the beloved wife of the above,
died 15th June 1936, aged 83 years.
Grave Number 315
In Affectionate Remembrance of
Isabella JACKSON
Home(?) call 15th Nov 1925, aged 78 years.
Within the pearly gates forever
Glory Hallelujah.
Grave nos. 316 & 317 - no grave stone.
Grave Number 318
In loving memory of
Ishmeal, the beloved husband of Sarah JONES,
died 21st March 1895, aged 74 years.
Also Jane, wife of the above,
died 14th March 1857.
Also Jane, daughter of the above,
died 21st January 1858, aged 5 years.
Also Annie, daughter of the above,
died October 1862, aged 3 months.
Also Sarah, beloved wife of David WATERHOUSE,
and niece of the above,
died 9th June 1899, aged 46 years.  
Grave Number 319
In loving memory of
Ann, the beloved wife of Robert ROBERTS,
who died 13th February 1895, aged 56 years.
Loved, esteemed and cherished by all who knew her.
Also Ellen, wife of the above,
who departed this life 18th April 1899, aged 48 years.
"Thy will be done"
Also Robert ROBERTS, husband of the above,
who died 20th November 1902, aged 68 years.
Grave nos. 320 & 321 - no grave stone.
Grave Number 322
In loving memory of
my dear husband, Richard JONES,
who died 10th May 1892, in her 58th year.
"Mark the ... man and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace."
Also, Elizabeth, wife of the above,
who died 3rd September 1912, aged 78 years.
"Dysgwylr wyf ar hyd yr hirnos. Dysgwyl am y boreu ddydd."
Also Philip Edward SAMUELL, son-in-law of the above
who died 30th January 1945, aged 66 years.
Grave nos. 323 & 324 - no grave stone.
Grave Number 325
Sacred to the memory of
William THOMPSON, who died 26th May 1904,
aged 83 years.
"The memory of the just is blessed."
Also of William John, elder son of the above,
who died 18th June 1899, aged 37 years.
"To live in hearts we love is not to die."
Also of Anne, wife and mother of the above,
who entered into rest 13th April 1909, aged 84 years.
"Her children arise up and call her blessed."
Grave Number 326
In loving memory of,
Mary, wife of John SUTHERLAND,
who died 19th January 1900, aged 80 years.
Also Thomas WILLIAMSON, nephew of the above
who died 30th December 1890, aged 21 years.
Grave Number 451A
"Thy Will Be Done"
In Loving Memory of
Ethel Maud, beloved wife of Harlen CREBBIN,
died Feb 13th 1919 aged 36 years.
"At rest"
In Loving Memory of Harlen CREBBIN,
beloved husband of Lillian,
& beloved husband of above,
died Sep 9th 1960, aged 80 years.
Peace, Perfect Peace.
Also Lillian M. CREBBIN,
died 20th Nov 1965, aged 78 years.
Grave Number 500
355943 C. Serjt. Major
The Kings Liverpool Regt.
13th December 1918.
Grave Number 501
In Loving Memory of
George, the beloved husband of Jane REED,
who died 2nd Decr 1918, aged 74 years.
Also Jane, wife of the above,
who died 8th Novr 1931, in her 87th year.
Grave no. 502 - no grave stone.
Grave Number 503
In Treasured Memory of
my dear husband, Edward DAVIES,
died 23rd Aug 1938, aged 69 years.
Also Mary, our beloved youngest daughter,
died 31st Jan1905 aged 5 years.
Grave Number 504
In Loving Memory of
Ann Rankin, native of Oban,
wife of Capt. John GRAY,
who died 19th April 1900, aged 78 years.
At Rest.
Also Mary, grand-daughter of the above,
and dearly beloved daughter of Hugh & Annie GRAY,
who died 3rd April 1905, aged 11 years
"Safe in the arms of Jesus."
Also Capt. J. GRAY, beloved husband of the above,
died 18th November 1909, aged 82 years.
Also William B. GRAY, 1 / 6th K. L. R.
Dearly loved husband of Gladys GRAY
and devoted grandson and brother of the above
died (this section has worn away)  aged 23 years.
Grave Number 607
(This grave inscription in in Welsh and has partly worn away. These are just the names and dates recorded on the stone.)
John HUGHES, 7 Feb 1926
Margaret, 8 Feb 1925
Griffith, 23 Aug 1913
Jane, 1945
Grave Number 608
In Loving Memory of
Mabel, born 13th March 1897, died 8th Jan 1898.
Sidney, born 1st Oct 1898, died 13th July 1899.
The beloved children of James and Jeannie SMITH.
Also in loving memory of James,
their eldest son, who died at Perth W.A.,
19th Nov 1914, aged 27 years,
interred at Karrahatta Cemetery.
Also James SMITH, father of the above,
died 31st March 1930, aged 73 years.
"At rest."
Also Jeannie, wife of the above,
died 22nd December 1940, aged 73 years.
Grave Number 609
Ceb. 21 April 1895 in Hessen Cassell
Gest 15 May 1897
Dem Auge Fern
Dem Herzen ..........
Grave Number 610
In Loving Memory of
who departed this life 11th March 1897, aged 70 years.
Also of Mary WATSON,
who died 17th July 1898, aged 73 years.
"How sweet is the slumber wherewith
the King causeth the weary to rest."
Grave Number 611
Er coffadwriaeth serc?og
Elizabeth Jane , anwyl briod
Robert H. JONES, 48 Selborne Street,
yn hom a fu farw ighawr 10ed 1897,
yn 28 mlwydd oed.
"Hyn a allodd hon, hi ai gwnaeth."  
Hefyd Robert Henry , unig fas yr nohod,
a fu farw di clwyfau ag a glandwyd ym
mynwent Longuenesse St Omer medi 30. 1916.
Grave Number 612
In Loving Memory of
Freddy Hampton,
the beloved son of Joseph and Emma TAGGART,
who died 12th November 1896, aged 7 years.
Short was our little darling's stay,
He came but as a guest,
He tasted life, then fled away,
To his eternal rest.
Grave Number 613
In Loving Memory of
Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Thomas ROBERTS,
who departed this life 11th Oct 1896, aged 59 years.
Free from suffering free from pain,
Cease to weep for tears are vain,
Calm the tumult of your breast,
For she who suffered is at rest.
Also Trevor Thomas,
the beloved child of Thomas & Catherine A. ROBERTS,
who died 11th February 1901, aged 10 months.
"Safe in the arms of Jesus."
Grave Number 614
In Loving Memory of
John Pryce, the beloved husband of Jane HUGHES,
who died 13th September 1896 aged 26 years.
"I will not leave you comfortless;
I will come to you."
Grave Number 688
In Fond and Loving Memory of
our dear mother Frances, wife of William Walker WAINE,
of Leamington and Liverpool,
who departed this life  
3rd February 1917, aged aged 72 years.
She lived to please her God
and will never be forgotten
by her daughters Annie and Louie.
Also in Affectionate Memory of  
Annie (Nance)  the devoted wife of A. E. PERKINS,
and eldest daughter of the above
who passed away 24th March 1937, aged 71 years.
"At rest."
Grave Number 689
In Loving Memory of
Our darling little Les, Ernest Leslie,
youngest son of W. J. and C. THOMPSON,
who died 6th December 1908, aged 5 years.
"There's a home for little children
Above the bright blue sky."
Grave Number Unknown
In Loving Memory of Captain James BROWN,
who lost his life through the torpedoing of his ship
21st July 1917, aged 47 years.
Also Andrina, beloved wife of the above,
who died 2nd February 1958, aged 76 years.
"The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want."
Also James, son of the above
who died 1st April 1912 aged 4 years.
Also Maurice, beloved husband of Maureen,
son of James and Andrina.
(There is more written under this but its unreadable now due to the stone sinking.)
With thanks to John Hale for providing the previous inscription.
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