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Grave Number 741
In Loving Memory of my dear parents,
Elizabeth BLAKE, wife of Joseph BLAKE of Edge Hill,
who died 4th May 1876, aged 43 years.
Nothing in my hand I bring
Simply to thy cross I cling.
Also of the above Joseph BLAKE,
who was killed in Byrom St. Cutting, L & N W R,
1st November 1878, aged 48 years.
"In the midst of life we are in death."
Also Thomas James, youngest son of the above,
who died 13th March 1909, aged 41 years.
(Interred at Anfield)
"He giveth His beloved sleep."
Grave Number 742
In Affectionate Remembrance of Rachel,
wife of Malcolm MACDONALD,
who died 26th April 1876, aged 66 years.
My times are in thy hand.
Also the above Malcolm MACDONALD,
who died 15th August 1877, aged 71 years.
Also Margaret, youngest daughter of the above,
and widow of James GRAY,
who died 19th July 1900, aged 50 years.
Grave Number 743
In Affectionate Remembrance of George,
Infant son of George & Alice TRUMAN,
who died 7th April 1876, aged 9 months.
Safe in the arms of Jesus.
Also Alice, dearly beloved and affectionate wife of
George TRUMAN,
who died 15th January 1877, aged 35 years.
(A faded quote, 4 lines long follows)
Also Daniel, son of the above, who died in infancy.
Also George TRUMAN, the above,  
who died May 21st 1879, aged 28 years.
Also Mary DAVIES, daughter of the above,
who died 25th July 1958, aged 85 years.
Grave Number 744
In Loving Remembrance of Clara,
daughter of William & Eleanor LOWE,
who fell asleep in Jesus 29th March 1876, aged 27 years.
And her brother George Henry,
who died 17th Decr 1878, aged 31 years.
His end was peace.
Also her sister Caroline,
who died 13th Decr 1879, aged 20 years.
"Thy will  be done."
Also the above named William LOWE, solicitor, Liverpool,
who died 12th June 1891, aged 73.
Grave Number 749
Sacred to the Memory of Mary BRUCE,
who died 7th March 1876, aged 76 years.
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."
Also John MOORE, died 12th Aug 1902, aged 72 years.
Father in Thy gracious keeping,
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping.
Also David Inman MOORE, son of the above,
died 13th October 1902, aged 49 years.
"They were lovely and pleasant in their lives
and in death they are not divided."
Also Charlotte Frances,  
beloved wife of the above John MOORE,
who died 3rd August 1908, aged 78 years.
"Her end was peace."
Grave no. 750 - no grave stone.
Grave Number 751
In Affectionate Remembrance of Sarah,
daughter of John & Sarah BOWDLER,
who died 23rd February 1876, aged 35 years.
"Thy will be done."
Also the above John BOWDLER,
who died 29th March 1877, aged 69 years.
Also Sarah BOWDLER, wife of the above,
Who died 26th Oct 1884, in her 84th year.
For ever with the Lord.
Also of Louisa, daughter of the above named
John and Sarah BOWDLER,
who died 23rd July 1914, aged 78 years.
"With Christ which is far better."
Grave nos. 752 & 753 - no grave stone.
Grave Number 754
In Loving Remembrance of Thomas WILLIAMS,
Who died on the 15th Feb 1876, aged 42 years.
Also of Edward, only son of the above,
who died on the 29th Dec 1878, aged 19 years.
"Thy will be done."
Also of Catharine, wife of the above,
wh died 6th August 1898, aged 66 years.
"Until the day break and the shadows flee away."
Grave nos. 755 & 756 - no grave stone.
Grave Number 757
In Affectionate Remembrance of Mary,
the beloved wife of John HOCKENHULL,
who departed this life 18th Jan 1876, aged 27 years.
She has gone from a world of trouble and ....
Where sickness and sorrows abound;
She has gone to that home that Jesus prepared,
Where all true believers at last will be found.
Also John Wm HOCKENHULL, son of the above,
who died 13th Feby 1871, aged 2 years.
Grave no. 758 - no grave stone.
Grave Number 759
Er serehns gol am Thomas MORGAN,
cedhadwr trefol mewn cysylitiad ac
eglwys Chatham Street, am 13 mlynedd
a hun??? yn yr Iesu, hydref 30, 1875 yn 76 oed.
"By ffyddlawn hyd an???."
David Henry MILLS, died 25 Feby 1895, aged 63 years,
Sarah, his wife, died 6 Febt 1890, aged 58 years.
James Henry, son, died 30 March 186?, aged 4 years.
Eliezer, son, died 7 Aug 1873, aged 8 months.
Mary Elizabeth, daughter, died 19 March 1887, aged 21 years.
Elizabeth, wife of the above named Thomas MORGAN,
died 29th June 1???, aged ?? years.
Grave no. 760 - no grave stone.
Grave Number 761
In Affectionate Remembrance of Sarah Jane,
our beloved mother, and devoted wife of John S. BEWS,
who died 25th January 1916, aged 56 years.
"Peace perfect peace."
Also Lilian SINCLAIR, youngest daughter,
who died 3rd January 1920, aged 25 years.
Always remembered.
Also John Sutherland BEWS,
the beloved husband of Sarah Jane BEWS,
who died 15th November 1934, aged 73 years.
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