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Grave Number 152
In Memory of William,
the beloved husband of Roseanna THOMPSON
who departed this life August 8th 1897, aged 46? years.
Oh how I loved him when on earth he did dwell,
and now how I miss him no tongue can tell,
God grant me the blessing that I may prepare,
to meet him in heaven there's no parting there.
Also Roseanna, dearly beloved wife of the above,
who died January 4th 1932, aged 75 years.
Grave Number 153
In Loving Memory of Thomas Ralph
the dearly beloved son of John T. & Martha CLAXTON.
(of Park Road)
who died 14th August 1897, aged 6 years & 8 months.
"With Christ which is far better."
Also Martha CLAXTON,
who passed on 30th November 1932, in her 68th year.
"Underneath are the Everlasting Arms."
Also John T. CLAXTON,
who passed on 5th November 1933, in his 70th year.
Grave Number 154
In Loving Memory of Ann,
the beloved wife of William HUGHES,
who died 17th August 1897, aged 63 years.
"Nearer my God to thee." Also William HUGHES,
beloved husband of the above,
who died 3rd July 1919, aged 79 years.
"Forever with the Lord."
Grave Number 155
Er Cof Am
Morgan ELLIS, anwyl blentyn,
J.A.B. MASON, 17 Head St,
Yr Hwn A Hunodd, Awst 30ain 1897,
Yn Flwydd a Chwe , Mis Oed.
Yn Araf, Araf Aeth O'r Byd
I Wynfyd Llawn y "Canaan Clyd."
Ag Am Arthur MASON,
A Fu Farw Tach 22ain 1904, yn 3 Mis Oed.
Yma Hefyd, Ebrill y 4 yo? 1911,
Y Dodwyd Gwedillion Barbara,
Anwyl Briod y J. MASON uchod, yn 44 ain oed.
Hefyd yr Uchod John MASON
Hunodd Rhagfyr 16 1942 yn 79 mlwydd oed.
"Gwyn eu Byd."
Grave Number 156
In Memory of John James CALLISTER,
late of Jurey, Isle of Man,
who departed this life 10th September 1897, aged 66 years.
Also in Loving Memory of Christina,
dearly beloved wife of Arthur ARTHURSON,
who departed this life 16th May 1909, aged 70 years.
"At Rest."
Also of the above Arthur ARTHURSON,
who died 17th Oct 1916, aged 75 years.
"Peace after pain."
Also John James ARTHURSON,
dearly beloved husband of Georgina ARTHURSON,
who died 10th March 1929, aged 54 years.
"Rest at Last."
Also the above Georgina ARTHURSON,
who died 22nd May 1958? aged 73 years.
"Until we meet again."
Grave no. 157  - no grave stone.
Grave Number 158
In Loving Memory of Mary Jane,
the dearly loved wife of William HICHENS,
who died 23rd September 1897, aged 64 years.
Also William B. HICHENS, husband of the above,
who died 2nd February 1901, aged 68 years.
Also Frank B. POLLARD, grandson of the above,
who died 16th November 1897, aged 3 months.
Also Mary Jane, beloved wife of William H. POLLARD,
and mother of the above,
who died 17th May 1916, aged 46 years.
Also William Henry POLLARD,
who died 11th December 1943, aged 81 years.
Grave Number 159
In Loving Remembrance of Edith TOMLINSON,
died Sept 28th 1897, aged 5 years.
died Feb 10th 1926, aged 26 years.
Also Jane Graham TOMLINSON,
died Oct 25th 1932, aged 42 years.
Also Mary TOMLINSON, beloved wife of Zenas TOMLINSON,
Died 18th Dec 1956?, aged 72 years.
A faithful wife, a mother dear.
Grave Number 160
In Loving Memory of my dear wife Catherine FOXLEY,
who died 26th Sept 1932, aged 74? years.
Also her dear husband Samuel FOXLEY,
who died 17th Octr 1936, aged ??
Grave Number 161
In Loving Memory of Joseph,
the beloved husband of Catherine HUTCHISON,
who died 8th Novr 1897, aged 33 years.
Also Jessie, daughter of the above,
who died 17th Decr 1890, aged 5 months.
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I
Also Catherine HUTCHISON,
our dear mother and wife of the above
who departed this life 25th August 1919, aged 54 years.
Also John DAVIES, father of the above
who died 2nd Novr 1907, aged 79 years.
"Peace, perfect peace."
Also Edward George PRITCHARD,
grandson of the above J & C HUTCHISON,
who died 16th May 1932, aged 7 years.
"He adorneth God's garden."
Erected by his wife.
Grave Number 162
In Loving Memory of Lieut. Edward IRELAND R.A.F.,
the dearly loved second son of  
James and Annie IRELAND,
who was killed at Cranwell,
31st July 1919, aged 19 years.
And their beloved and only daughter Ethel,
who died 11th November 1897, aged 5 years.
Also of James, father of the above,
and beloved husband of Annie IRELAND,
who died 17th Nov 1922, aged 61 years.
Also of the above Annie IRELAND
who passed away 28(9?)th Aug. 1934, aged 67 years
"Life's work complete."
Grave Number 163
In Loving Memory of George Henderson,
the dearly beloved son of the late
James Watt & Mary THOMSON,
who died 18th November 1897, aged 12 years.
And Jesus called him to heaven's perfect peace.
Grave Number 164
In Loving Memory of Sarah Varley BOTTOMS (Cissie),
who died 3rd Decr 1897, in her 14th year.
Entered into the joy and sunshine of the presence of God.
Also my dear husband Mark BOTTOMS,
died 9th November 1917, aged 65 years.
Grave no. 165  - no grave stone.
Grave Number 166
"To fall asleep is not to die."
Sacred to the memory of Henry Mitchell STORER,
who suddenly fell asleep, 16th Dec 1897, aged 70 years.
Also in loving memory of Elizabeth EALING,
wife of the above,
died 11th February 1903, aged 75 years.
"To dwell with Christ is better life."
Grave Number 539
Isabella, the beloved wife of Samuel P FRY,
who died May 16th 1906 in her 60th year.
Also the above Samuel P FRY,
died November 24th 1906, aged 71 years.
"Here the weary are at rest"
The previous inscription was provided by Martin Young. (
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