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Grave Number 50
In Loving Memory of Jesse C TOMKINSON,
died 7th May 1914 aged 64 years.
Also Margaret, beloved wife of the above,
died 20th April 1907, aged 52 years.
"Peace, perfect peace."
Also Dorothy Margaret,
daughter of Edward and Isabella TOMKINSON,
who fell asleep on Easter Sunday,
23rd April 1916 aged 3 years.
And with the morn her angel face will smile
which we have loved and lost awhile.
Grave Number 103
In Loving Memory of Edwin RIGBY,
who died at Liverpool May 27th 1905, aged 58 years.
Also of Jane SHEPHERD, wife of the above,
who died Feb 26th 1938, aged 92 years.
Grave Number 300
In Loving Memory of Albert BRAMHALL,
who departed this life 13th March 1902, aged 25 years.
Grave Number 385
In Loving Memory of Sarah Ann,
the beloved wife of Thomas WILLIAMS,
who died 27th February 1902, aged 38 years.
Grave Number 443
In Loving Memory of my dear father,
William Henry BRERETON,
who entered into rest 7th March 1898, in his 76th year.
Also Jessie, wife of the above,
who died 28th Nov 1900, in her 88th year.
"Peace perfect peace."
Also Archibald, drowned 6th Feb 1881.
Edward Nimmo, died 26th Jan 1883.
Sons of the above.
Leonard S. BRERETON, killed 12th Oct 1916.
Grandson of the above.
Grave no. 444 - no grave stone.
Grave Number 445
In Loving Memory of Rebecca Jane,
the eldest and beloved daughter of  
William Richard and Jane COOMBE,
who departed this life 22nd March 1898, aged 23 years.
The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away.
Also Jane, mother of the above,
and beloved wife of William Richard COOMBE,
who departed this life 19th August 1902, aged 51 years.
"Thy will be done."
Also William Richard COOMBE,  
beloved husband and father of the above,
who departed this life 14th July 1929, aged 77 years.
"At rest."
Grave Number 449
In Loving Memory of Barbara Ellen HUESTON,
who died Good Friday, 8th April 1898, aged 75 years.
Father in thy gracious keeping,
Leave we now our loved one sleeping.
Also Jane Harriet, eldest daughter of the above,
died 7th November 1936, aged 86 years.
Grave Number 452
In Loving Memory of Private J. FRY (of Canada),
11th Batt. Manchester Regiment,
who died 18th November 1916,
as the result of wounds received in action in France,
aged 21 years.
"Duty nobly done."
Also Marie, beloved wife of Claude S. KERSHAW,
who died 20th April 1898, aged 31 years.
Erected as a mark of esteem by the staff of Toxteth Park Auxiliary Military Hospital.
Grave Number 464
In Loving Memory of Susan Ann,
the dearly beloved wife of Thomas Craven TAYLOR,
of _enbury, South .....,
who departed this life 10th August 1902, aged 38 years.
She hath done what she could.
Also Susan Florence, daughter of the above,
who died 23rd September 1931, aged 29 years.
Grave Number 481
In Loving Memory of John NICHOLSON,
who died 3rd August 1901, aged 59 years.
Also Mary NICHOLSON, wife of the above,
who died 14th December 1906, aged 73 years.
"Peace Perfect Peace."
Also Leonard, died on active service at Devlali, India,
Nov. 26. 1916, aged 20 years.
"Thy will be done."
Also Ralph C. NICHOLSON, grandson of the above,
died 24th Aug 1928, aged 23 months.
Also Jacob NICHOLSON, who died 5th Oct 1938,
aged 60 years.
Grave Number 500
In Loving Memory of my dear wife,
Ann Jane BOWYER,
who died 6th June 1933, aged 65 years.
Also our dear girl Florence,
who died 8th May 1901, in her 6th year.
Also Alfred John BOWYER, beloved husband of the above,
who died 9th March 1934, aged 69 years.
Grave Number 506
In Loving Memory of Abraham PRIEST,
(late of Ulverston),
born March 1st 1819, died June 10th 1903.
Also Alice PRIEST, widow of the above,
who died 1st April 1911, aged 80 years.
Grave Number 518
In Loving Memory of William Latham (Willie),
the beloved and only son of William & Elizabeth VARLEY,
who departed this life 28th Dec. 1901, in his 10th year.
Also of William, the beloved husband of Elizabeth VARLEY,
who departed this life 23rd December 1907, aged 54 years.
"Peace perfect peace."
Grave Number 526
In loving memory of my husband,
John Edward WARNER,  
who died 17 April 1902, aged 29 years.
Also Abraham THOMPSON,  
who died 17 October 1906, aged 64 years.
Grave Number 534
In loving memory of dear mother, Hannah COVENTRY,
died 12th May 1902, aged 58.
And of her daughters,
Sarah, died 20th Aug 1921, aged 43.
And Annie HORNBY, died 11th July 1922, aged 46.
Also of Ada, the beloved wife and companion of
Alfred COVENTRY, died 19th Dec 1926, aged 49.
Grave Number 544
In Loving Memory of Thomas BROADY,
who departed this life June 19th 1902, aged 67 years.
He has gone to his Lord who redeemed him
From night to the splendour of day.
Also Elizabeth Hannah, daughter of the above,
who departed this life June 22nd 1902, aged 30 years.
Be my last thought how sweet to rest,
Forever on my Saviour's breast.
Grave Number 638
In Loving Memory of my beloved husband,
Otto Tyndale COOCH,
who died 15th December 1908, aged 63 years.
Also Gerard Tyndale, son of the above,
who died 25th July 1902, aged 27 years.
Also Edith Estella, the beloved wife of
Octavius Tyndale COOCH,
who died 3rd July 1926, aged 76 years.
Grave Number 711
Sacred to the memory of James HOOD,
who died 3rd March 1909, aged 70 years.
Also in Loving Memory of Emma, widow of the above,
who died 11th Feby 1912, aged 78 years.
Also William Henry, only son of the above,
who died 7th May 192_, aged 54 years.
Also Isabella Jane, beloved wife of Jas. E. JONES,
and daughter of the above,
who died 21st Nov. 1949, aged 84 years.
Grave Number 713
In Loving Memory of my dear Mary Elizabeth SHERMAN,
who died 13th Feb 1909, aged 46 years.
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