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Grave Number 96
In loving memory of John James WHALLEY,
who died 11th Aug 1904, aged 47 years.
Also Eleanor, beloved daughter of the above,
who died 14th Feb 1914, aged 30 years.
Also Doreen, grand-daughter of the above,
who died 17th Dec 1924, aged 5 years.
"Thy will be done."
Also Maud W. JONES,
who died 12th November 1945, aged 79 years.
"At Rest."
Also William Richard WHALLEY, son of the above
who died 18th June 1953, aged 58 years.
"Worthy of Remembrance."
Grave Number 171
In Loving Memory of my dear wife Harriet HUGHES,
who died 3rd April 1917 aged 48 years.
Also Mary NAYLOR, sister of the above,
who died 11th June 1906, aged 19 years.
Grave nos. 172, 173 & 174 - no grave stone.
Grave Number 175
In loving memory of Thomas William,
the dearly loved husband of Annie MORLAND,
who died 28th Sep 1929, aged 64 years.
"Life's work well done."
Also Florence, their daughter,
who died 9th May 1906, aged 11 months.
"Rest in peace."
Also Annie Maynard MORLAND,
beloved wife of the above,
who died 8th July 1949, aged 81 years.
Grave Number 220
Erected to the memory of my beloved husband,
Owen Thomas LONGDON,
who departed this life 24th June 1905, aged 64 years.
"Thy will be done."
Also Hannah, wife of the above,
who died 19th November 1906, aged 68 years.
"Gone to sleep."
Also Charles Llewellyn, beloved husband of Emma WILLIAMS
and son-in-law of the above,
died 25th November 1934 aged 65 years.
"Life's work well done."
Also Emma Eliza, beloved wife of the above
who was reunited with her loved ones
3rd October 1959 in her 89th year.
Grave Number 223
In Loving Memory of Wynne DEAN,
who died 2nd May 1905, aged 26 years.
"In whose spirit there was no guile."
Grave Number 229
In loving memory of Jane,
the beloved wife of Thomas B. SHARPLES,
who died 19th February 1907, aged 39 years.
Also William Henry, beloved son of the above,
Quartermaster on "Empress of Ireland"
which was lost in the River St. Laurence  
29th May 1914, aged 21 years.
"Peace perfect peace."
Also Thomas B. SHARPLES, husband of the above,
who died 20th February 1944, aged 77 years.
Grave Number 270
In Loving Memory of Stephen,  
the dear husband of Martha VALENTINE,
who passed away Dec 15th 1928, aged 72 years.
Also Martha, his beloved wife,
who passed away Sept 17th 1939, aged 77 years.
Grave Number 272
In memory of Annie Delia, beloved wife of F. G. THOMAS,
who died 1st April 1905, aged 33 years.
"It is the Lord : let him do what seemeth him good."
1 Samuel 3:18
Also Mary DOYLE, beloved sister of the above,
who died 26th July 1929, aged 61 years.
Also Frederick George, beloved husband of the above
Annie Delia THOMAS,
who died 14th Jan 1939, aged 63 years.
Grave Number 319
In loving memory of Emily WILLIAMS,
who died 6th January 1909 aged 15 years.
Also John Meredith WILLIAMS,
who died 23rd September 1909, aged 22 years.
Only son and daughter of John and Jane WILLIAMS.
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