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John Thorneycroft of Blisworth †††† Laborer†††† 22 Feb 1851

I am now about 26 years of age and was born at Floore in this County of parents legally settled there1. My Fathers name was John Thorneycraft, he died when I was a Child. I do not remember him. My mother married again when I was about 5 years old, Isaac Wickens of Stoke Bruern Laborer2. He is since dead3. He belonged to Stoke. My mother has since married Thomas Williams of Stoke Bruern Legger4. I donít think he belongs to Stoke, he has lived there for about five years, or six perhaps. I have never done anything to gain a settlement in my own right. I was lawfully married about 5 years ago in the parish Church of Blisworth to Mary my present wife5 by whom I have two Children born in wedlock, William aged 4 years and Sarah Jane aged 2 years or thereabouts6. I have been living at Blisworth about 4 Ĺ years. I am now destitute and require relief. I am ablebodied. My Mother has told me she had relief for us whilst we were young. I have lived at Blisworth five years next Easter.


Orders of Removal granted to Floore

Maria Williams††† wife of Thomas Williams of Stoke Bruern Legger 24 Feb 1851


The above named John Thorneycroft is my Son. He was born in Wedlock at Floore in this County. My then husband John Thorneycroft and I belonged to Floore. I was married at Floore7, my husband was transported for life when my son was about 12 months old8. I then went to service for about 5 years. My two Children William & John were left with my mother (Elizabeth Roddis), Weedon Beck and Floore parish allowed them 2s 6d each per week. At the end of the 5 yrs I was married to Isaac Wickens of Stoke Laborer2. I then had my 2 Children to live with me at Stoke and recd from Floore Parish for their support 5s per week for about 3 yrs and 4s 6d per week for about 1 Ĺ years





[1]Flore PR

1825††† 29 Jun ††††††††††† John s John & Maria Thorneycroft


2 Isaac WICKINSotp Maria†† THORNEYCRAFT††††† otp ††††† 1830††† 26-JulNorthampton St. Giles


3 Stoke Bruerne PR

1845††† 27 Sep Isaac Wickens††††††††††† Northampton†† aged 51


4 Thomas †††††† WILLIAMS†††††† otp, widower, full age, legger, f. Thomas, labourer ††

Maria WICKENS†††††† otp, widow, full age, f. William Roddis, labourer †††††††

1846††† 5-Oct†† Stoke Bruerne


5 John THORNEYCROFT†††† otp, bachelor, full age, labourer, f. John, labourer ††††

Mary †† PEASNALL††††† otp, spinster, full age, f. James, brickmaker

1846††† 19-May††††††††††† Blisworth


61851 Census

Daventry Workhouse

John††††††††††††††† Thornicroft†††††† PauperM†† 25†† Agricultural Labourer††††††††††† Flore

Mary††††††††††††††† Thornicroft†††††† PauperM†† 26†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Flore

William††††††††††† Thornicroft†††††† Pauper††††††††††† 4†† Scholar†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Flore

Sarah Jane †††† Thornicroft†††††† Pauper†††††††† 2†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Flore


John, Mary and their children emigrated to Australia on the ship Confiance in 1853 as Assisted Immigrants.


7 JohnTHORNEYCROFT†††† otp, bachelor†† Maria†† RODDIS††††††††† of Weedon, spinster†† 1822††† 24-Nov†† Flore


8 NSW Convict Indents †††††††††


Arrived: Marquis of Hastings (2) Sydney 31 July 1827

Age: 21 years††††††††††††† Religion: Protestant††††††††††††††† Education: Nil

Family: 2 children††††††† ††††††††††† Native Place: Northampton

Trade: Farmers manOffence: House breaking

Where Tried: Northampton†††† Date: 3 July 1826

Sentence: 14 years†††††††††††††††† Former convictions: ---

Description: Height 5' 1" / Complexion: Ruddy, freckles / Hair Red to sandy; Eyes: brown / right foot truncated

1828 Census records him as aged 22, a government servant working as a labourer for John Tucker, jnr. of Pattersons Plains


He was given his ticket of leave in 1841. It is not known whether he returned to England,


Maria was buried in Stoke Bruerne 28 May 1862.