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Jane Johnson      Towcester  wife Joseph Johnson late of Towcester wheelwright now under sentence of Transportation for 7 years    (no date) 1851


I am now about 32 yrs of age and was born at Yelvertoft. My maiden name was Cave. I was married in the parish Church of Yelvertoft to my present husband about 10 years ago1, by whom I have 2 children born in wedlock, Job aged 9 and William aged 42,3. We have not lived in Towcester 5 years (not quite 4). I have heard my husband say he was born at and belonged Long Buckby, that his parents belonged there, that he never gained a settlement in his own right. My husband is abt 37 yrs old. He never was apprenticed. He learned his trade of Wheelwright at Moreton Pinckney, his brother taught him. My husband is now under sentence of Transportation for 7 years4. I am destitute. I received relief from Towcester Parish on Saturday last and again on Wednesday last. 4s in kind. I have an Order for the Workhouse. 4 yrs ago this Christmas my husband was ill, we were then living in Yelvertoft and my husbands mother Mary Johnstone of Long Buckby widow applied to Mr Judkin  relieving officer for Buckby, Daventry Union, for the gift money and I heard her say he gave her 1s 6d. She forwarded it to me. Yelvertoft is in the Rugby Union.


Settlement Long Buckby




[1] Marriages Dec 1840

CAVE  Jane     Rugby  16 579  

JOHNSON  Joseph     Rugby  16 579


2 1841 Census, Yelvertoft      

Joseph Johnson     27             Born in County

Jane  Johnson        23             Born in County

Job  Johnson          4 M           Born in County


3 1851 Census Towcester, Malting Yard       

Jane    Johnson          H   M    32        Sempstress    Yelverstoft

Job      Johnson          S          10        Scholar            Yelverstoft

William Johnson         S          5          Scholar            Byfield


4 1851 Census

Millbank Prison, Westminster

Joseph Johnson   Convict    M    37    Wheelwright    Long Buckby


Every male and female convict sentenced to transportation in Great Britain was sent to Millbank previous to the sentence being executed, where they remained about three months. With good conduct, a convict serving a 7 year term usually qualified for a Ticket of Leave after 4 or 5 years. Those who failed to qualify for a pardon were entitled to a Certificate of Freedom on the completion of their term which was calculated from their original trial date.


Joseph returned to Towcester after his sentence was over, and settled down once again with Jane. They lived in Towcester until their deaths in 1887 and 1890 respectively.