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Gerhardt Family Origins


Gerhardt Family Crest
Gerhardt is a surname which is found primarily in Germany. The name can be traced back to the ancient territories of Germany between the 11th and 12th centuries. The earliest known record of the Gerhardt name is in ancient medieval records in Bohemia dating back in history to the year 1473.

The Gerhardt name is of Slavic origin. Gerhardts gained a significant reputation for their contribution to the emerging mediaeval society. From very early on the Gerhardt family not only held lands and estates in Germany but were also actively allied with other influential families.

The Gerhardt Family Coat of Arms was carried into battle with honor and chivalry to defend family, allies, King and country. Spelling variations include: Gerhardt, Gearhart, Gearhardt, Gerhart, Gearhard, Gerhard, Gerheart, Gearheart, Gerard and many more. The gold in the coat of arms represents generosity and elevation of mind.

The first record of Gerhardts in America is 1709. My Gerhardt ancenstors emigrated from Prussia to the United States in 1853. View their Gerhardt Descendants.