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Bail o Dhia ort  (God's blessing on you!)

Dedicated to my parents, Gus and Catherine (McGuire) Gerhardt

Wedding Picture of Gus 
     and Catherine Gerhardt (1934).   Gus was born November 20, 1903, in Cokedale, Montana. Catherine was born November 14, 1907, in Butte, Montana. They were married June 1, 1934. Gus, after working many years at Mouat Chrome Mill near Nye, Montana, started a paint contracting business in Red Lodge, Montana. My father never lost his love for learning and his great desire was to be a writer. He enjoyed gardening, fishing and camping.
   Catherine graduated from Western Montana College, majoring in Elementary Education. She taught over 50 years in the rural schools in Montana. Her first school was a small log structure with 10 students. In those days, the teacher was also the janitor and in my mother's case, also the "bus" driver. The district bought a Model A Ford, which she drove picking up her students and bringing them to and from school. Mom said her first tasks on a winter morning were to start a fire in the wood stove that heated the school and break the ice off of the water bucket.

My Family names include:

Farran(Fearns), Garr, Gerhardt, Gerke, Kelly
Maguire, McDade, McGurk, McLaughlin, Quinn

Family Crests

Gerhardt coat of arms.
Maguire/McGuire coat of arms.
McDade coat of arms.
McLaughlin coat of arms.
Quinn coat of arms.
Kelly coat of arms.