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James S Long and Eliza Jane Cummings

    James S. Long was the sixth child of Henry Long and Rachel Anderson. He was born in Tennessee, about 1826, according to the 1850 census. He was married on April 11, 1847, to Eliza Cummings. Eliza was born about 1834, and therefore was only 14 or 15 years old at their marriage. The ceremony was performed by James' brother, Sam Long, J.P. In August of 1846, Samuel Long took the oath of office as Justice of the Peace for the county of Lavaca. As J.P., he performed one of the earliest marriages in Lavaca County, before the county marriage records were even being kept. Eliza was the eldest daughter of Robert Cummings and Elizabeth Ann McFarlin. Robert Cummings died in Dawson's Massacre in 1842.

    The records of Caldwell County show that James S. Long died about January 1856, leaving a widow, Eliza J. Long, and minor children under the age of fourteen years: Thomas, Joseph and Lucretia Ann Long. On 7 August 1857, Sam applied for letters of guardianship of the children, asserting that the widow Eliza had, since James' death, illegally cohabited with one John W. Huey and pretended to have married him. Sam claimed that said John W. Huey had a wife living whom he had never divorced and that Huey had "left said county for Mexico or parts unknown". Sam Long claimed that the widow Eliza was planning to sell the 70 acres his brother had owned in Caldwell County, and take the money and children to Mexico to meet Huey. The court granted guardianship of the children to their mother.

    The marriage records of Caldwell County show a license applied for by John W. Huey and Eliza J. Long on 18 March, 1857. The marriage was performed by L. C. Simms. Also of record is a marriage of an Eliza J. Long and E. W. Allsup on 25 January 1859.

    In the 1860 census, Liza Long (age 25) is listed with her children Thomas (9), Joseph (7) and Lucretia (4) back in Lavaca County. They are shown in the household of Elizabeth Robinson, who was Liza's mother, along with other Cummings children: Granville (21), William (20), Mary (18), and Susan Hicks (16).

    Liza (Eliza Jane), James S. Long's widow, is named in the final division of the estate of her father, Robert Cummings, on January 20, 1870, as Eliza J. McDonald. Caldwell County marriages list John McDonald and Eliza Cummins on 25 April 1869. Elizabeth and John McDonald are family #126 in the 1880 census of Guadalupe County, Texas, with their children Idora, Mollie, Louis and Alexander. They are listed just after Eliza's daughter Lucretia Ann Long and her husband, L.A. Smith.

    The Long Family Record from Enid Long Barker names four children of James Long and Liza Cummings. They are Tom, Lu, Joe and "one daughter m. Andy Smith their sons live in Austin, Texas". The daughter who married Andy Smith is "Lu" or Lucretia. There were only three children at the time of James' death. If there was a daughter besides Lucretia, she died before 1850 or between 1850 and 1860.


    Thomas Long was born about 1851. He married Lumilla Robbins in Caldwell County, Texas, on 31 Oct. 1872. Lumilla was the daughter of Alson Robbins and Elizabeth L. Pendley.

    Thomas H. Long paid personal taxes in Caldwell County in 1873, indicating they continued to live in Caldwell County.

    He and his family are in the 1880 Caldwell County census as:

Long, Thomas H		28	farmer		Tx Tenn Ken
	Lumilla E	24			Tx      Ala
	Louisa	 	 4			Tx  Tx  Tx
	Jane E	 	 3			"   "   "
	Allie	 	 1			"   "   "
        Caldwell County marriages show the following:

Louisa LongmWilliam Nolen21 July 1892
Allie LongmGeorge Ballard21 Sept 1897
Jennie LongmJasper F. Boggus 3 Nov 1897
    A daughter of Jennie Ellen Long Boggus told her daughter that Lu was 7, Jennie 5 and Allie 3 when their mother died during the birth of their little red headed brother who was stillborn. Their dad had died earlier. Tom and Lumilla Long are believed buried on a farm in the Stairtown or Martindale area.

    The story continues, "When Lumilla and the boy died, they buried them in the hills as it was a severe bitter cold winter with the ground frozen solid. When their mother died, the three girls were placed in different family members' homes."

    A marriage record in Caldwell County for Mill Long and Harry/Harvey Hamby on 11 June 1883 has been thought to have been Lumilla Robbins Long as a widow. If the story above is accurate, Lumilla died about two years after the census was taken in June of 1880. If Hamby married the widow Lumilla in June of 1883 and fathered a child who died the following winter, say in the pregnancy's eighth month, it would have been about February 1884. That makes the three girls older than their remembered ages at their mother's death. This does not disallow the Long/Hamby marriage, but makes it less likely.


    The only evidence of the fate of this Joseph Long may be in the Caldwell County Probate Minute Book B on page 553. On 7 October 1865, a jury of inquest returned the following verdict, "We find that Joseph Long is not of sound mind and that he should be placed under restraint". He was ordered sent to "the Lunatic Asylum at Austin, Texas for safe keeping". No indication is given as to this person's age or marital status. It could be James and Eliza's son, who would have been about 12 years old at that time. By that age, a handicapped child might have been more than a widow with two other children could handle. No other possibilities have been discovered.

    The 1860 census of Caldwell County does show another Joseph Long, age 46, with Ellena 49 and John 30, all born Tennessee. They are not in the 1870 census of Caldwell County either, so that could be the Joseph Long who was sent to the Lunatic Asylum.


    Lucretia Ann Long was known by her descendants as "Lue". She married L. Anderson Smith 3 November 1872 in Caldwell County, Texas, three days after her brother Thomas married Lumilla Robbins there.

    L. Anderson Smith was a son of Moses Howell Smith and Cynthia Jones of Fayette County, Alabama. They came to Luling about 1853 and settled at Highsmith Creek, about 2 miles west of Luling, just within the Guadalupe County line instead of Caldwell County.

    Moses Smith's wife died about 1859. His neighbor Jane E. Pendley Daniell lost her husband in 1862. They married in 1863. The Smith families were members of the San Marcos Primitive Baptist Church. Jane Pendley Daniell Smith was a sister of Elizabeth Pendley Robbins, mother of Lumilla Robbins, Lucretia Long's sister-in-law. Lumilla Robbins' sister Mary Ann married a brother of L. Andy Smith.

    Lue and Andy Smith had six children:
Louis Collins Smith b 12 Sept 1873 d 22 March 1952 m Emma Bell 14 Feb 1895
Eugene Smith b 10 Nov 1879 d 27 Dec 1939 m Millie Belle Satterwhite
Lillie May Smith b 26 Feb 1884 d 13 May 1927
Annie Lee Smith b 5 July 1885 d 27 Feb 1916
Dee Owen Smith b 10 July 1887 d 20 Aug 1941
Robert Van Smith b 12 June 1892 d 25 Jan 1922

1880 CENSUS Guadalupe County Texas
Smith, L A	w	m	25
      Louisa	w	f	22	Wife	
    Louis C	w	m	6	Son
   Jno R/B	w	m	2	Son	
        	w  	f 	7/12	Daughter   
McDonald, Jno	 w	m	35
 Elizabeth	 w	f	45	Wife
   Idora	 w	f	12	Daughter
  Mollie	 w	f	9	Daughter
   Louis	 w	m	6	Son
 Alexander	 w	m	3	Son	
    The family next door to Lue and L Anderson Smith was that of Lue Long Smith's mother and her last husband, with half brothers and half sisters of Lue's.

    One picture of the Smith family includes three of their children and a girl, about 10 years old, said to be Lue's sister. It is not clear which half sister she might be.

    Lue Long Smith died 21 October 1914, at her home in Austin, Texas. She and L Anderson Smith, her husband, lived at 1104 East 1st Street. L. A. Smith was a vegetable dealer.

    Eugene Smith had a son named Landis Eugene Smith. He kept scrapbooks of his family and searched for years for his Grandmother Lue's relatives. Sadly, he died before this history was compiled, without knowing the hundreds of relatives who lived all around him. His scrapbooks are in the Texas State Genealogy Library in Austin, Texas. They are in the Oversize section.

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