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Ambrose Tinney and Margaret McCoy

Pioneer Families of Missouri

        Margaret McCoy was a daughter of Daniel McCoy and Rachel Zumwalt, according to a history of early Missouri published in 1876.
        Pioneer Families of Missouri by Bryan and Rose gives a synopsis of the history of the McCoy family which settled in St. Charles County, Missouri: Daniel McCoy, for whom McCoy's creek is named, came to Missouri, or Upper Louisiana, in 1797, in company with his brother, John and Joseph, and his father-in-law, Henry Zumwalt. In 1804 Mr. McCoy was commissioned Lieutenant of a company of militia in St. Charles district, and served until the close of the Indian war in 1815, when he was discharged. His discharge papers were signed by Capt. Bailey, who was First Lieutenant in Capt. Callaway's company before the death of the latter.
        Mr. McCoy married Rachel Zumwalt, by whom he had eight children -- John, Frances, Sarah, Nancy, Elizabeth, Mahala, Margaret, and Joseph. John died single. Frances married her cousin, William McCoy, a son of James McCoy, who settled in St. Charles county in 1814. They had ten children -- Nathan, Rachel, Susan, Lucinda, John, Elizabeth, Mary, William, James M. and Frances. Sarah McCoy married Fred Keishler, who settled in Lincoln county. Nancy married John Cain, who settled in St. Charles county. Elizabeth married Phillip Cannon, of St. Charles county. Mahala married James Cain, of St. Charles county. Margaret married James [s.i.c. should be Ambrose] Tenney, of St. Charles county. Joseph died a bachelor, in St. Charles county, in 1849.
        (Children of James McCoy, Sr.) James, Jr., came to Missouri with his father in 1814. He married Rachel Doty, and settled in Lincoln county.
        Four of his brothers, John, Martin,Benjamin, and David, also settled in that county.
        John McCoy, St., brother of Daniel, had four sons -- David, John, Joseph, and Timothy. David and John settled in Texas. Timothy, usually called Tim, was an original character, and we give some anecdotes of him elsewhere He married Sarah Van Burkleo, daughter of William Van Burkleo.

Birth, Marriage

        Margaret McCoy was born about 1810. Her age varies in census reports,so this is an estimation. In the 1830 census of Missouri, her age is shown as between 15 and 20. Margaret was married in St. Charles County, Missouri, on Oct. 30, 1828, to Ambrose Tinney. [See Marriage records of St. Charles County, Missouri, Vol. 1 p 25, Ambrose Tena and Peggy McCoy.]
        The Certificates of Reception in the Spanish Archives of the General Land Office of Texas give the date each settler arrived in DeWitt's Colony. Those records show that Ambrose Tinney arrived on 20 March 1830, that he was married and the family included four persons. His petition for land says he had two male children.
        Ambrose and Margaret's oldest known child was John, who was reportedly born 14 March 1830. Thus he was probably born on the trip to Texas. If Ambrose had two male children when they arrived in Texas, then there was a son older than John. John was born less than seventeen months after Ambrose married Margaret. The first son was probably "early".

Tinney Family in Texas

        Margaret and Ambrose Tinney were among the early settlers from Missouri who took up land in DeWitt's Colony. Ambrose Tinney received a headright on Tinney Creek.
        A sketch of the history of the McMahan community in the Caldwell County history book states that "The settlement of McMahan dates back as early as 1831. At that time Ambrose Tinney (the father of Grift Tinney) left Germany and came to Texas...[buying] a league of land...The highway 713 is the northern boundary of the league, and it extends three miles south....The original deed was written in Spanish."
        Tinney's family may have come to this country from Germany, but Ambrose and Margaret came to Texas from Missouri with her parents, her brother Joseph and her sister Sarah with her own husband and five children.
        The Archives show that March 20, 1830, was also the date of the arrival of Joseph McCoy (single); of Daniel McCoy, married; and of Frederick Kiesler, "married, five children, two of them males".
        Ambrose Tinney died in Gonzales County in November 1844. Since that was before the creation of Caldwell County, he was probably in what is now Caldwell County, but the jurisdiction then was Gonzales, so that is where his estate records are located.
        In November 1845 Margaret, as administrator of his estate in Gonzales County, sold Isaac Campbell 530 acres off the "northeast corner of the league granted Ambrose Tinney on Plum Creek." Jeremiah Campbell sold Henry Long his interest, as an heir, in Isaac Campbell's estate. After Campbell's death, Henry Long was granted nearly 170 acres of the Tinney land, which he sold to John Tinney on 26 Feb. 1859.

Tinney Children

        Ambrose Tinney and Margaret "Peggy" McCoy are said to have had five children. Four are known by name.
"first son" b abt 1829 d before 1850
John Lewis TINNEY b 14 March 1830 d October 1, 1867m Martha Ann TRAINER 29 June 1851
Griffin TINNEY b 23 Sept 1834d aft 1880m Serena JEFFREY 20 June 1855
Addison B TINNEY b abt 1837 d 1 Sept 1867m Elizabeth RAY 18 May 1857
Jacobb abt 1841d ?m Emily ? before 1870

Margaret Marries Again

        Margaret Tinney married Alexander Morris in Gonzales County, Texas on 16 March 1848. Alexander Morris was born 5 Aug 1824 and died 6 June 1888. He was less than six years older than John Tinney, Margaret's oldest son.
        On page 595 of Deed Book A for Caldwell County is a "Schedule of property of Margaret Morris separate from A. Morris:
1] 530 acres in Gonzales County on Plumb Creek, portion of the headright of Daniel McCoy, father of said Margaret Morris
2] 1229 acres on Tinney's Creek in Caldwell County, portion of headright of A. Tinney, former husband of said Margaret Morris
3] 320 acres on Grave's Creek in Robertson County, bounty granted by the Republic of Texas to former husband of Margaret Morris, A. Tinney
4] 125 head of cattle branded on hip with letter A which range about Tinney's Creek; 7 sheep, 2 horses, 25 hogs
5] All house and kitchen furniture, farming utensils and implements of homestead of Margaret Morris in Tinney's Creek
                25 February 1851
        The implication of this separation of property is that the marriage was on shaky ground. Margaret wanted to be sure she did not lose the considerable property she had held before her marriage to Alexander Morris should there be a divorce.
        Her precautions were well taken.
        On Thursday, October 30, 1851, a jury in the district court of Caldwell County heard a suit for divorce, Alexander Morris vs. Margaret Morris. "Allegations of abusive language [were] proved in favor of plaintiff... In response to the allegations in the defendants answer--we the jury find for the defendant and all the allegations set forth proved--divorce decreed in favor of said defendant and against said plaintiff..." Each party was to retain their respective separate property. The children mentioned in the defendants' answer were to be committed to her custody. The jurors included G. D. Gilliland, E. M. Fuller and G. B. Gilliland. Henry Long was called to testify.
        Alexander Morris, Sr. married again, because at his death he left a widow named Elizabeth Morris. In Gonzales County, Texas, Alexander Morris married Elizabeth Holcum on 17 August 1853. Alexander had seven children in all, leaving one eighth of his estate each to:
        Elizabeth Morris
        G. W. Morris
        Alexander Morris Jr
        William Morris
        James Morris
        Charles Morris
        Thomas Morris
        the minor heirs of Isabella Morris Ridout, deceased.

1850 Census

    The 1850 census of Caldwell County, Texas, shows the Tinney/Morris family before the divorce.
        #45 Caldwell County, Texas
Alexander MORRIS28Pa
Austin [Addison]13Tx
George W. MORRIS 2Tx
[Margaret] Isabella6/12Tx

Morris Children

        Alexander Morris and Margaret McCoy Morris had three children.
George W. MORRIS b 13 September 1848d 24 Feb 1941m Margaret LONG June 20, 1867
Isabella MORRIS b about April 1850 d 26 Feb 1883m Horace Ridout 26 May 1869
Alexander Morris, Jr. b 10 May 1853d 8 Feb 1938m Winnie Ellen West 22 August 1878

Bounty Land

        In Caldwell County, Deed Book H, on page 176, is recorded the transfer from "John McCoy of St. Charles County, Missouri, to Margaret Morris of Caldwell County, Texas, "all right to a land certificate of 320 acres of Bounty land belonging to Daniel McCoy deceased which has never been laid or located due to said Daniel McCoy for services rendered in the State of Texas being certificate #3441 dated 18 May 1838. "My right title claim and interest in and to the said certificate is the shears and interests of Fanny McCoy, Mahala Cain, Nancy Cain, Sarah Keisler, and Elizabeth Connor all of them heirs and daughters of the said Daniel McCoy. The said interests hereby conveyed is 5/6 of the said certificate." This transaction was dated July 7, 1856.
        On page 177 is recorded the grant to the heirs of Daniel McCoy deceased, of 162 acres on the Sandy fork of Peach Creek about 15 miles S 60 E from Lockhart ... by virtue of Bounty warrant No. 3441 for 320 acres issued... on 18 May 1838. That patent was issued 5 December 1859.
        On January 4, 1860, a deed was recorded on page 178 wherein Margaret Morris sold Henry Long 158 acres of the above tract for $300. Margaret must have retained about four acres, perhaps the land on which she was living at that time.
        The service of Daniel McCoy has not been investigated.

Mystery Picture

        This picture may be from some branch of the Tinney/Morris family, but the subjects have not been identified. It was taken in Coleman County in Santa Anna, Texas. If anyone can identify the man and woman, please contact me.

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