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Updated 5 Jul 2003

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dot-red.gif - 405 Bytes    Tomlinson Family History - William Tomlinson born about 1720 in .....

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Notice: These photos are privately owned, and may not be extracted for commercial purposes or to place on any other public forum, without the written permission of the owner.

If you would like me to remove or place your family photo on this website, please contact me so we can discuss it. I strive to keep your privacy in mind when I place the photos on line. It is difficult to know in some instances the age of the person(s) in the photos. E-mail me

Some photos I have put names with, others I am hoping some kind kinfolk will supply names for.
If you are a descendant, and would like to have a photo for your personal collection, you are welcome to down load them to your computer.
This is done by right-click, select "Save As" and put it on a floppy, or place it on your hard disk.

Tomlinson Photos

Stone - Rebecca Lucretia
(Hardeman) Tomlinson

Harris Tomlinson (1808-1887)

Wm. Jasper Tomlinson, Jr.

Enoch E. Tomlinson

Jonas Tomlinson

Stone-Jonas Tomlinson

Stone-Elizabeth (Roberts)


Children Of John Tomlinson
Mary (Stalvey) Tomlinson

#0AB John & Mary Tomlinson

#0Ba Mary Stalvey & Lyman?

#0Bb Mary Stalvey & fam

#008-9 Mollie (Tomlinson) Hunt
Texas (Tomlinson) Register

#009 Texas (Tomlinson) Register fam

Children of Benjamin Stalvey Tomlinson, Sr.
Rachel Luther (Howell) Tomlinson

#0AB Ben & Rachel

#0ABa Ben & Rachel
Tomlinson fam

#0ABc Ben & Rachel
Tomlinson fam

#0Ba Rachel & Eletha
Tomlinson (sisters)

#002 Isbin & Elouise

#002a Isbin & Elouise
Tomlinson Tombstone

#003 Sherman Tomlinson

#003a Sherman & Narcissa

#004 Perman Tomlinson

#008 L.M. Tomlinson

#009 Wilson Tomlinson

#011 Magruder Tomlinson

#011a Magruder Tomlinson

#011b Magruder Tomlinson

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dot-red.gif - 405 Bytes     Charts

Anc. Rachel Mavis Tomlinson
1934 - Living
Descendant Chart

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dot-red.gif - 405 Bytes    Family Group Sheets.

(Parents Name)
(Parents Name)
(Parents Name)
(Parents Name)

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dot-red.gif - 405 Bytes    Documents

DAR Stub Indents
Estate of William Tomlinson
Estate Sales of John Tomlinson
Tomlinson Land Records
Tomlinson Marriage Notices

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