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1:: David Johnson, Born abt. 1700 in Ireland. He came to south Sarolina with Roger Gordon and about forty others and went up Black River to the Kings Tree and established a community known as Williamsburg. I have no other information on him other than he was with Marion's troups. and he is listed in the Pee Dee. According to Calvin Lane he is the father of 2:: David Johnson Born 1739 in SC.
1. Martha B. 1754
2. Isaac B. 1756
3. Isham B. 1758
4: James B. 1760
5. John B. 17
6. David B. 1765
7. William B. 1763
8 Elizabeth B. 17
All the above were born in SC.

3:: David Johnson Born in SC. 1765, Married Martha Hardeman, daughter of Thomas Hardeman.
1: Ricey Johnson B. 1790 M. William Register, of Georgia D. 1848 Ga.
2: John A Johnson B. 1793 M. Nancy Stillin of Leon County, Fl. D. 1839 Leon county Fl.
3: Young A. Johnson B. 1795 Married unknown Died 1845 in Bib County, Ga.
4: Martha Johnson B. 1796 M. Benjamin Sirmans (1St Cousin) D. 1856 in Clinch County Buried in Fender Cemetery Lanier County Ga.
5: Amelia Johnson B. 1800 Married Jessie Wilks Died 1833 in Montgomery County, Ga.
6: Lavinia (Viney) Johnson B. 1802 M. Thomas Mosley Died 1888 in Montgomery County, Ga.
7: David Johnson. B. 1804 Married Nancy Burnett, Died sept 4, 1881 Clinch County, Ga. Buried Fender Cemetery Lanier County Ga.
8: Isham Johnsaon B.1806 Never married, Died Oct 7, 1829 ( he was throne from a horse he was riding and killed.)
9: Elizabeth Johnson B: 1807 Married Daniel E. Rich, Died 1865 in Emmanuel County Ga.
10: Mary(Poly) Johnson B. 1809 Married John Jones (First Cousin on the Hardeman side) 2Nd. Simon Wilson. Death 1875 Clinch County, Ga. Buried at Mud Creek Cemetery Lanier County Ga, There is some question as to the date of her death.
11: General Joseph Burton Johnson B.1811 Married Patience Ponder Died 1874 in freestone County, Texas. He and wife are burried on the home place in Texas.
All the Children of David and Martha were born in Emmanuel County Georgia.

4:: General David Johnson. Born 1804 in Emmanuel County Ga. Married Nancy Burnett Daughter of John RS.
1: Rowan Burnett B. 1830 M 1St Alief Tomlinson Dau. Of John 2Nd. He Married Caroline Floyed, 3Rd. He married Emaline Dame Clifton and 4Th. He married Carrie Day. She preceded hinm in death. He died Jan 19 1904 and is buried at Prospect Cemetery Clinch Count, Ga.Captian CSA.
2: Joseph Burton Johnson B, 1833 Never Married. Died December 10, 1881 Buried at Prospect Cemetery Clinch County Ga. Private CSA.
3: David Hardeman Johnson B. Jan 30, 1835 Married Rebecca Tomlinson the daughter of Harris Tomlinson Born 1808 ( My grand daddy and grand mother)
4: Bryant A. Johnson B. Dec. 9, 1837. Died March 11, 1862 He died of Measels and Pneumonia in the CSA Gen. Hospital in Savanah during the War. He was brought back to Prospect for burial
5: William S. Johnson, B. 1842 Killed in action May 22, 1864 in Va. Burrial unknown.
6: Martha B. 1839 Drowned in childhood.
7: Cassandria (Sassi) Johnson B, November 1854 M. Guilford Stalvey Died Buried.
8: Lavinia Johnson B. 1849 Married Harris Sirmans Death Burrial.
9: Eliza Johnson B. 1854 Married Joseph Jones Died 1905 Buried at Fender Cemetery Lanier County, Ga.
All of the above were born in Clinch County Georgia

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