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Howell Letters
from Southern Family of Howell by Clark Howell

Cisco, Murray Co., GA
March 17, 1889

To Wm. H. (William Harrison) Howell
Dallas, TX

My dear Nephew:

Yours of March 2nd is to hand, and I am glad to hear from you once more, and in this letter I will give you the desired information as far as I am able. I got the following statement from my grandfather, Joseph Howell, during his life time. During the persecutions of the Protestants by the Catholics in Wales, the Howells, being Baptists and therefore Protestants, they with many others were forced from their homes, and were compelled to hide in caves and secret places for safety from their enemies. John Howell, the father of my Grandfather, Joseph Howell, immigrated to America and settled in Virginia, where he finally died.

Of the sons of John Howell, one moved to South Carolina, two to Tennessee, two to Kentucky, one (Henry) remained in Virginia, and Joseph, my grandfather moved to Cabarrus Co., North Carolina previous to the Revolutionary War. He brought his mother with him and she lived to be about a hundred years old. I saw her buried from the Haines Meeting House in Cabarrus when a boy.

Joseph Howell, my grandfather, married Margaret Eleanor Garmon, a German woman. John Howell, the eldest son of Joseph married Escena Osborn of Irish descent who died in Haywood Co., North Carolina, age 82. The next son, Joseph, Jr., married Silva Robbins (Robinson?). He died in Cabarrus, age 123 (sic) years. The next was a girl, Elizabeth. Her first husband was Eli Green, and her second husband was Jacob Smith. She died in Jackson County, Alabama, age 95. Henry Howell, my father, married Mary Miller of German descent. Father died in Hayward County, North Carolina, age 91. The next son, Eli Howell, married Nancy Love of Irish descent. He died in Randolph County, Alabama, over 90 years of age. Next a daughter, Margaret married Edmond Smith. She died in Gordon County, Georgia, age 95. The next son, William Howell, married Elizabeth Sides. He died age 35 or 40. The next son, Isaac Howell, married Margaret Tucker of German Descent. He died in Cobb County, Ga., age 76. The next son, Evan Howell, was married five times; first Mary Elliott. She died. Then Jane Brooks. She died. Then Harriett Owens. He died in Gwinnett County, Ga., age 89. The next son, Michael Howell, married Mary Freeman. He died in Montgomery County, Arkansas, age 75. Eleanor Howell married John Kiser. She died in Campbell Co., GA., age 70. My grandfather, Joseph Howell, was 102 years of age when he died in DeKalb County, Ga. I was born February 19, 1803.

Now, I have given you the desired information according to my best recollection. I would be glad if I could give you more information about our family, but I have no record to refresh my memory. This leaves me and all my family in this county well.

Hoping to hear from you again soon,

Your Uncle, etc.,

/s/ Evan Shelby Howell
(s/o Henry (1775-1865) & Mary Miller Howell)

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Laughbridge, Georgia
January 9, 1892

To Wm. Harrison Howell
Dallas, Texas

Dear Cousin William:

Some time in October I received a letter from you and for my negligence in answering I beg your pardon.

Well, I have been talking to father about our family, and he says he can't give any further information about the members of the family. He says he used to hear his grandfather, Joseph Howell, speak of Wales, and how his father was persecuted, and lay out in caves to avoid his persecutors, and that his father finally left Wales and immigrated to Virginia, and that he left his landed estate and other property, which he supposed was confiscated. Joseph, it seems was 12 years old when he left Wales. Father says he can't recollect the names of the sons of his grandfather, John Howell, who came from Wales and settled in Virginia nor the place of settlement.

Truly yours,

/s/ C.C. Howell (Cicero? Howell)

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Marietta, Georgia

8 Apr 1895

To William H.(Harrison) Howell
Dallas, TX

Your letter dated March 8th and mailed on the 31st was received April 2nd, and read with pleasure. You desire to know something about our ancestors. I am sorry to inform you that my knowledge of our forefathers is about equal to your statement in your letter.

Joseph Howell, my grandfather, lived in Cabarrus County, NC. Don't know what year he came there. He reared a family of seven sons, viz: John, Henry, Joseph, Eli, Isaac, Evan and Michael. Also Margaret, who married Smith, Eleanor who married Kiser.

All removed to Georgia about 1820, except John, Henry and Joseph, who remained in NC and died there.

My father, Evan, and Isaac died in Georgia. Smith and Fiser also died in Georgia. You are correct about my father living on the Chattahoochee River in Gwinnett Co.,(GA) about 20 miles from Atlanta, was 86 when he died. Your father I have never had the pleasure of seeing, but his brother you alluded to, who lives in Murray Co., this state, is named Evan for my father. I have seen him often before he was married, and liked him very much. I was in Chattanooga about a month since, and saw a young man who lives a neighbor to him and said he was 92 years old, and could ride hourse back to Spring Place County site equal to a young man.

I will be 81 if I should live to see the 5th day of next June. My grandfather, Joseph was 101 yrs old when he died and his wife 99. Evan Howell, my nephew, who is principal proprietor of the Atlanta Constitution, a leading newspaper of this state, got information from some source that my grandfather and two brothers came over from England and located somewhere in Virginia in the early part of the 17th Century, and when they left Virginia, Joseph came to NC. The two other brothers located in some of the Northern states, and since then cannot trace the two other brothers any further. I recollect distinctly hearing my grandfather (Joseph) say that he was an Englishman and grandmother was a Welsh lady. I recollect them both very distinctly, but was too young to ask questions that I would now be glad to know and could impart to you. I recollect also that he was a man of astonishing memory and could recite whole chapters in the Bible and Testament. He removed to and died in GA, near my father. The Howells are a very numerous family now in GA.

I have been married twice. My wives were sisters. The first had four; the second eleven children, all living when last heard from except one, a son. There are now living eight sons and six daughters. If my recollection is correct both you and your wife have been married twice, and at your last marriage you were a widowed Methodist minister, and your wife, widow of a Methodist minister. I remember meeting you and your wife, and also your brother Robert and wife in Waynesville, NC, and formed an excellent opinion of all. I have been there once since, and spent a night at the hotel, and dook dinner the next day with your brother Alden, and was pleased with both himself and family. With much love to yourself and wife.


/s/ A. Howell
(Archibald Howell, s/o Evan (1781NC-1868GA) & Mary Elliott Howell)

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