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John Howell was born Bef. 1600 in England/Wales, and died in VA.

From the Southern Family of Howell - Genealogy of the Southern Line of the Family of Howell, from the original progenitor of the line in America, John Howell, VA Colonist by Clark Howell - Atlanta GA, 1930.

The exact date of his coming to the US, or from whence he sailed or where he landed has not been determined. The official record of his land grant was dated 10 Jan 1639. "To all whom these presents shall come, I, Sir John Harvey, Knight Governor Esq. now know yee, that I with the consent of the Council of State do give and grant unto John Howell One Hundred and fifty acres of land by and for the transportation of three persons into the colony of VA, whose names are affixed, dated 10 Jan 1639" The grant was signed by John Fletcher, Thomas Gibson and Jane Price. A further grant, made to Lt. John Howell, evidently the same man to whom the above grant was made, reads as follows: "To all and whereas, now know yee, that I, Sir William Berkeley Knight Governor Esq. give and grant unto Lt. John Howell 212 acres of land lying on the south side of the Appomattox River in the Parish of Bristol, to have and to hold. Dated 25 Mar 1663" The two grants were of land lying in Henrico Co. There is also a land grant made to Hopkin Howell, recorded, which reads as follows: "To all whom it may concern, know yee, that I, Sir Culpepper, Knight Govenor, grant unto Hopkin Howell, 110 acres of land on the branches of the Chuckatuck in the Isle of Wight Co., VA for the transportation of three persons, as follows: Thomas Hayward, Elizabeth Conway, Mary, a negress. Dated 29 May 1683.

John Howell, Jr. was born Bef. 1674 in Wales or England, and died in VA. He married Elizabeth Unk Howell. She was born Bef. 1693.

(See Document: Letter dated 17 Mar 1889 from C.C. Howell)

William Howell

GGGGG-Grandfather of Rachel Mavis Tomlinson-Mims

William Howell was born Bef. 1720 in VA. He married 09 Jan 1758 in VA, Hannah Wyche . She was born Abt. 1738, the daughter of George Wyche, dec'd.
(Compiler believes he is the s/o John who moved to SC. If this is indeed the case, it ties the compiler's lines into the John Howell, progenitor of GA Howells.)

Joseph Howell, RS was born 1753 in Colleton Co., SC, and died 12 Oct 1836 in Barnwell Dist., S.C. It is not know who he married.
Joseph Howell and Hardy Howell were listed in South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine Vol III, July, 1902 No. 3 PAPERS OF THE FIRST COUNCIL OF SAFETY OF THE REVOLUTIONARY PARTY IN SOUTH CAROLINA, JUNE - NOVEMBER, 1775 (pg 127) First Council of Safety of the Revolutionary Party

(Questions: Is he the same Joseph that m. Nancy Allen, b. abt. 1771? Did he marry a Green (middle name of child)? Is Hezekiah his child?)

Isham Howell was born 1787 in Barnwell Dist., SC, and died 1846 in Lowndes Co., GA, married Nellie Penelope (Unknown) Abt. 1808, born 1790 in Barnwell Dist., S.C., and died in Lowndes Co., GA.
Isham Howell, his wife and some of their children moved to Lowndes Co. Ga., about 1831-32.

Henry Hardy Howell (Isham5, Joseph4, William3, John2, John1) was born 17 Dec 1819 in Barnwell Dist., S.C., and died 31 Oct 1887 in Echols Co., GA. He married Rachel Marcella Copeland 1843 in Lowndes Co. Ga., daughter of Lott Copeland and Susannah Guess. She was born 09 Feb 1825 in Barnwell Dist., S.C., and died 19 Feb 1901 in Echols Co., GA.
Henry came with his parents to Lowndes County from Barnwell District, S.C., in 1832 or 1833. His home and plantation was in that portion of Lowndes cut in Echols County in 1858. He served in the Indian War, serving as 4th Corporal under Capt. Samuel E. Swilley, 2nd Regiment Florida Militia, June 16 to Dec. 16, 1837, and as a private in 1838 under Capt. Jesse Carter in the Lowndes County Militia.
He was a member of Macedonia Baptist Curch.
He was buried at Wayfare (Cow Creek) Primitive Baptist Church near his home.
He was thought to be Henry Caswell Howell.
His home place consisted of 100 acres of land lot 477, 11 dist. of Echols Co., lying on the west side of the Alapaha River. No administration of his estate was had until after his widow's death in 1901, then Charles S. Touchton, a son-in-law was appointed admin. in Nov 1901, and sold the property at public sale soon thereafter.
The Henry Hardy Howell family lived in a house on the north side of Alapaha River, where the Tom Moore family lives now (1960)

William Riley Howell (Henry Hardy6, Isham5, Joseph4, William3, John2, John1) was born 1851 in Lowndes Co. Ga., and died Abt. 1884 in Echols Co., GA. He married Laura V. Prine Abt. 1878, daughter of Robert Prine and Hester Miller. She was born Apr 1859 in Echols Co., GA, and died Dec 1925 in Smoaks, SC.
Where is William Riley Howell Buried, and what is the exact death date?
William went rabbit hunting with his rifle, and was accidentally killed when the rifle discharged as he was climbing a fence.
See Prine Family History

Rachel Luther Howell, born 29 Mar 1882 in Echols Co., GA; died 10 Feb 1930 in Echols Co., GA. She married Benjamin Stalvey "Ben" Tomlinson, Sr., gf 17 Mar 1900 in Echols Co., GA; born 16 Jan 1882 in Echols Co., GA; died 27 Apr 1968 in Lanier Co., GA.

When Rachel Luther Howell was a baby, her father accidently shot himself & died. Her mother remarried D.M. Jones, and she moved with the family moved to SC. The two older children were raised by their uncle, Benjamin Prine in Echols Co., GA.
When Rachel Luther was 17 yrs old, she returned to Echols Co., FL for a visit to her older sister, Eletha, where she met & married Benjamin Stalvey Tomlinson, who was 18 yrs. old.
Rachel Luther was almost never seen without a bonnet. She was a small petite woman with beautiful blue eyes, which were inherited by some of the children.

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