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New Jersey

New York City Wills, 1708-1728

Page 487.--EDWARD HUNT. In the name of God, Amen. I, Edward Hunt, of Newtown, in Queens County, gentleman, being sick. I leave to my wife Elizabeth, 1/3 of all movable estate, and the portion left to her by her father, which is in the hands of her brothers, Thomas and James Haggard, and she is to have the use of my estate in Newtown, during her widowhood, or until my sons Thomas and Jonathan come of age. Legacies to daughters Martha and Elizabeth. I make my wife executor, and John Hunt and Thomas Haggard overseers. I leave to my son Edward the land he now dwelleth on, in the County of Hunterdon, and #4, and a small iron kettle for his birth right. I leave to my son Richard, the land that he dwelleth on in the County of Hunterdon, in New Jersey. I leave to my son
Thomas my house and land that I now dwell on, as it is divided between him and his brother Jonathan, in the presence of James Renne and Nathaniel Haggard. Also a piece of salt meadow as it is divided, in presence of Benjamin Laurence, James Burroughs, and Benjamin Comfurth. Also a piece of land lying near the house of Thomas Robinson. He paying to his mother, Elizabeth, #30. I also leave him 1/2 of my purchase rights. I leave to my son Jonathan the land that Samuel Wright liveth on, as it is divided, And a piece of salt meadow, as divided, And a piece of land lying before the door of Abraham Bass, with the appurtenances. Also 10 acres on the west side of Juniper Swamp. I leave to my son Ralph Hunt, #1, to be paid out of the bond due to me from my brother, Ralph Hunt, with what he hath already received. I leave to my daughter, Sarah Titus, #18, to my daughter, Martha, #30. I leave to my daughters, Hannah and Abigail, all that land and house lot that was formerly Isaac Grays, and 12 acres of land in Juniper Swamp, And a piece of salt meadow by the meadow of their brothers, Thomas and Jonathan, when they are of age. I leave to my grand child, Sarah Reede, #2.

Dated, January 15, 17 15/16. Witnesses, Samuel Haight, Caleb Merill, James Burroughs. Proved, February 29, 1716, at a special meeting of John Jackson, Chief Judge of Court of Common Pleas, in Queens County, and Joseph Sackett, and James Hunt, Justices.

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These are the Hunt will summaries found on p. 256 of _Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, First Series, Vol. XXX, Calendar of Wills, Administrations, etc. Vol. II, 1730-1750_, A. Van Doven Honeyman, ed. 1918

1741, Sept 12. Hunt, Edward, "son of Ralph Hunt of Maidenhead," Hunterdon Co., deceased; will of. Brother, John Hunt, 150 acres in Hopewell, in possession of Thomas Shaw and John Duglis, tenants. Brother, Ralph Hunt, to take said land until Brother John is aged twenty. Residue of estate to rest of testator's brothers and sisters. Executor -- father-in-law, Phillip Phillips. Witnesses -- Samuel Hunt, Abner Phillips, Alexr. Biles. Proved Jan. 16, 1741-2. Lib. 4, p. 319. 1741-2, Jan 6. Inventory, 27.16.6.; made by Theo Phillips and Samuel Hunt.

1740-1, Feb 11. Hunt, John, of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co.; will of. Eldest son, Wilson, a negro slave "Peet," and an account due testator from Daniel Coxe. Second son, Jonathan, plantation. Wife, Margaret, negro wench Dinah. Two daughters, Johannah and Charity. Sons, John and Noah, plantation where Richard Hudnut lived, adjoining George Smith. Executors -- wife, and sons Willson and Jonathan. Witnesses -- William Cornell, Gershom Moore and Rueben Armitage. Proved Oct. 1, 1748 Lib. 6, p. 82 1748, Oct 1. Inventory (434.5.4) includes Bible, 28 cheeses (2.6.8), negro wench Dinah (60), two guns, 12 hives of bees, negro man Peet, (30). Made by Andrew Smith, Esquire and Vinson Runyon.

1732, Nov. 5. Hunt, Captain Ralph, of Maidenhead,"
Hunterdon Co.; will of. Wife, Elizabeth. Eldest son, Edward, 150 acres of land in Hopewell, a gun, etc. Second son, Ralph, a minor, part of plantation above the King's road leading from Trenton to Brunswick, 5 acres of meadow between Samuel Hunt's widow and Powell Huff's, 4 acres of meadow at lower end of lot in great meadow; Ralph to pay legacies to testator's eldest daughter, Jemima Hunt, daughter Kezia, and son John. Third son, Samuel, part of plantation below the King's Road leading from Trenton to Brunswick, Samuel to pay legacies to testator's daughter, Elizabeth Hunt, when Samuel is aged 25 years and to fourth son, John, when John is aged 30 years. Executors -- wife Elizabeth, Major Alexander Lockhart, of Hopewell, Esquire, and Theo. Phillips, Esquire. Witnesses -- John Anderson, Abraham Anderson, Jr., and James McKinley. Proved February 9, 1732-3 Lib 3, p. 279 1732-3, Jan 20. Theophilis Phillips, of Maidenhead, renounces as executor. Witnesses -- Joshua Anderson and Jas. McKinly. 1733, Jun 25. Inventory (326.04.7-1/2) includes a servant, Laurence Lareu. Made by Charles Cook and Nathaniel Moore. Elizabeth Phillips, late Elizabeth Hunt, executrix, testifies to inventory. Octoger 24, 1734

(this ones starts on p. 256)
1741, August 15. Hunt, Ralph, of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co.; will of. Wife provided for, not named. Eldest son, Azariah, plantation, when of age, paying his brother, Nathan, 50. Youngest son, Nathan, plantation bought of testator's brother, John Hunt. Wife's sister, Charity
(p. 257)
Furman. Two daughters, Charity and Mary. Executors -- wife and Reuben Armitage. Witnesses -- Jno. Guild, Ephraim Titus, Benjamin Drake. Proved Dec. 9, 1741. Lib 4, p. 320 1741, Oct. 29. Inventory, 212.10.0; made by Nathaniel Moore and Benjamin Drake.

1727, April 10. Hunt, William, of Manington Precinct, Salem Co., husbandman; will of. Son, John, home farm of 300 acres, "he to pay 150 to his mother and the rest of my children as they come to their respective ages," sons at 21, daughters at 18. If John dies during their minority, son William shall have aforesaid plantation. In case of his death , if shall belong to my youngest son, Thomas. Wife, Sarah, one-third of the personal; rest to my six children, viz. Ann, Sarah, John, Elizabeth, William and Thomas. Executors to sell 240 of upland joining my new dwelling plantation and that of John Vance, and 60 acres of marsh on the N. side of Vickery's Creek joining Haynes marsh at Manington. Legacies to friends, John Smith and John Goodin, whom I appoint executors.
Witnesses -- Wm. Smith, Joseph Crass, Junior, Alexr. Simpson.
Proved 14 Feb, 1740
Lib 4, p. 300
1740, Feb 14. Renunciation. "Whereas John Goodwin (since deceased) and John Smith of the same place and county (now being absent) executors thereof, I, John Hunt, eldest son of William Hunt, renounce my right and pray that letters of administration may be granted to Clement Hall of Salem, Esq." Witness - Chas. O Neill. Clement Hall thereupon appointed administrator. Bondsmen
-- William Frazier, Obadiah Loyd, all of Salem. Witnesses -- John Powell, Danl. Mestayer. 1740, Jany. 15. Inventory 197.17.8; made by Clmt. Hall, John Smith.

1733, June 4. Hunt, William, of Somerset Co., Int. Adm. of estate grated to William Plumstead. 1733 June 12. Inventory (18.14.0) includes Bible. Made by William Spader (Speeder), Burgon Bird, William Plumstead. Lib B, p. 444