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Robert Hunt of the Parishe of Heathfield in the Countye of Sussex, Clerke, Vicar of the said parishe.

Dated 20 Nov.1606 Proved 14 July 14 1608

To grace Kyne, my nowe Servant and to Elizabeth my Late servant 10s eatch.

To Elizabeth my daughter 30 pounds to be paide to her when she shall come to 18 yeares.

Also one tenement with 5 acres of lande late being part of the waste or common called Highdoune in Heathfeilde, which I bought of Thomas Parkerst' nowe or late of Retherfield.

To my sonne Thomas 10 pounds to be paide him at the age of one and twenty. Also one tenement and 12 acres of land being in the parish of Warbleton and belonging unto Thomas Pellam his Mannor of Burwashe which Coppyhold Tenement and Landes I bought of William Stace of Heathfield.

Residuary Legatee and Sole Executrix: Elizabeth my wife.

Overseer Mt Tristram Siclemore.

Provided alwies yf Elizabeth my said wife shall committ the act of inconotinency of shalbe defamed or suspected of anye suche acte, during my life or after my death before proving of my will she statie and abide in the same house or other place whatsoever together with John Taylorthe eldest sonne of John Taylor of the parish of Heathfeild. then she shall be exclude from being my Executrix and shall loose all other benfitt of this my will and in her place I appoint Elizabeth, my daughter to the reisdue of my Goods etc. And I then make my Brother Steven Hunt, now or late Reculver,co Kent, yeoman the onelie Overseer of trust.

Thomas Boreman, Roe?, Noe Taylor, Witness Proved July 14, 1608.

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English Origins of American Colonists, p. English Origins of AMERICAN

Deare wife and well beloved, with all our deare and sweet children, I (RICHARD HUNT) waiting daylie for my change and dissolucon am willing to leave with you this my last will and testament, (having) written it with my owne hande in the time of my health, least the omitting of it should trouble me at the howre of death when thoughts of other things wilbe more needful?And touching my bodie, I commit it to the earth whence it came, but if otherwise the Lord hath disposed of me, his holy will bee fullfilled. According to the custom of this honourable Cittie I devyde my estate into three parts, whereof I bequeath one part to my wife Jane, which I hope will amount to 1800 besides her jewells and rings; also I bequeath unto her my great silver bason and ewer with two faire flaggon potts and the lease of my house in Hackney parish. One other third part I bequeath amongst my children, vizt., to my eldest sonne Josia Hunt 800 at 21, to my eldest daughter Sarah Hunt 500 at 21 or marriage, to my daughter Katherine 500 in like manner, to my young son Nathaniel 500 at 21, to my son Richard 500 at 21, and if my wife be with child, to such child 400. To my brother John Hunt 60, and to my brother William Hunt 20 for the use of their children. To my sister Ellen's children, vizt., William Thompson 10, George Thompson 20, Richard Thompson 10, Thomas Thompson, if he returnes from the warres, and setts up trade, 10, and to the other two in the country 5 apeece. To my sisters Jane, Elizabeth and Anne, for their children 40 apiece. To my brother John Watkin 40s, and to my sister 20s. Tobias and Arthur Watkin 5 each. Brother Richard Kent 5. My master Capt. Edward Ditchfield, one of the best friendes that [p.14] ever I had in the world, 10. Mr William Greenhill my deare friend 5. Mr Feake, lecturer of Wolchurch, 3. Ten other ministers, Mr Trebitt and Mr Rawlinson being two, 30. Mrs Mary Gray and Mrs Catherine Midleton 30s. each. Mr Hugan Hovill, Mr Hooper and Mr Wilson 20s. each. Mr Isaac Knight and Mr John Carter 3 each. Mrs Alice Allen 20s., Thomas Stivers the elder 40s., Joseph Mordocke 20s., William Sawyer 3, and Edward Hiller if he serve his time out 40s. Mrs Katherine Exelby 5, Richard Pierson 20s., and Mrs Jane Laney 20s. The Artillerie Company 20. Poor of Mary Wolchurch 20 nobles. Sibill Jones 5. I give the land I adventured for in Ireland, if it be gained, to my eldest son Josias. To my deare wife 1000. To my brother John's children 300 if they be Protestants. To my brother William's child 200 upon the like terms. To Ralph Hunt my brother William's son 50, Item to New England towards a library twentie poundes. Residuary legatee and executrix, my deare wife. Overseers, Capt. Edward Ditchfield, Mr Hugan Howell and Mr Thomas Wood. Dated 22 Aug., 1643. Witnesses: William Medley, John Peace. Proved 30 Jan., 1643-4, by the executrix. (Commissary of London, vol. xxix, fo. 213.)

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