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Coming Home : Our Töllner Genealogy"





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Brief History

expbul1a.gif (699 bytes)      This Töllner family originated in Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

expbul1a.gif (699 bytes)      They were farmers and stayed mainly in the Rostock, Goldewin, Goldenitz, Wieck and Wiek area.

expbul1a.gif (699 bytes)      Traced back to the early 1700's, however the first ancestor has not been confirmed as being born in Germany.



We are looking for living descendants of the Germany family which may still be in the area.
Please contact us if you believe you may be connected.

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for the decendants of

Johann Friedrich Joachim Carl Töllner
(known as Fritz)

& his wife

Catharina Maria Dorothea Sophia Schmidt
(known as Dorothea)

who left Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany
and came to Australia in 1848


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