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Vine Bluff Cemetery,
Nephi, Juab, Utah

Scenic NephiThe Vine Bluff Cemetery is located in Nephi, Juab County, Utah. Nephi is about 100 miles south of Salt Lake City. The cemetery is rather hard to find if you don't know what you are looking for. It is on the northeast end of town, but still likely out of the city limits. If I remember right, you are able to drive north on 400 East until you reach the cemetery. These pictures were taken by my sister and I in March 2000. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the headstone.

A Utah State University website sets forth some history on the city of Nephi. "In 1851, when the first settlers of our valley selected the area on the Salt Creek as their community site, they also started a tradition which even today stands as a beacon to the travelers... they established hospitality and a spirit of friendliness. This same feeling exists today, as we welcome visitors from throughout the state of Utah and elsewhere to our community. Nephi is the "Friendly City at the Crossroad of Utah," not in slogan only, but in reality, for it stands indeed at the crossroads. Highway I-15 passes through the East side of Nephi and Highway U-132 is the east-west highway which crosses I-15 at Nephi. From Nephi, all areas of the state are accessible. Nephi's utilities include an abundance of natural gas and plentiful electricity, and mountain spring water is in more than adequate supply throughout the year. The recent addition of two hydroelectric plants, a new water supply line, and a new sewer lagoon system help ensure available utilities for new businesses or industries. City officials and citizens invite friends and visitors to return to our city often, to enjoy the park, golf course, pool and other recreational facilities, and if they are seeking business or retirement locations, to consider all the advantages of location, climate, accessibility to improved highways, utilities and highly productive work force."

Headstones that are for two people are listed after both surnames, if both surnames are known.


Birth DateDeath DateRemarks

Brooks, Hazel Orme

30 Nov 189824 Apr 1937

Christensen, Esther and George Tolley

10 Oct 18699 Jan 1934

Christensen, Melvina and Charles Tolley

1 Dec 186219 Apr 1948

Cromwell, Anna and Lee Tolley

12 Aug 189630 Jan 1980Marriage date included on stone

Gadd, Eliza Chapman

13 Mar 181524 Jan 1892

Orme, Hazel (Brooks)

30 Nov 190024 Apr 1937

Picton, James

6 May 189025 Apr 1955

Picton, Sarah J.

17 Feb 185211 Nov 1913

Sperry, Sarah Sadie and Charles Roscoe Tolley

17 Jun 188124 Jul 1966Marriage date included on stone

Sperry, William S. and Julia J.

2 Apr 185012 Dec 1912

Tolley, Baby

21 Mar 194421 Mar 1944Daughter of Ray D. and Elda S. Tolley

Tolley, Charles and Melvina

7 Dec 18572 Jun 1931

Tolley, Charles and Sarah

22 Mar 188317 Feb 1966Marriage date included on stone

Tolley, Daughter of Hyrum and Bessie

29 Dec 191329 Dec 1913

Tolley, Eugene Murl

7 Mar 189427 Feb 1982US Army, World War I

Tolley, Frank and Lamone [Back of headstone]

6 Sep 190922 Jun 1983Marriage date included on stone; Children listed on back of stone

Tolley, George and Esther Christensen

3 Sep 186030 Dec 1935

Tolley, Homer Maurice


Tolley, Hyrum and Bessie


Tolley, John Floyd "Jack"

11 Sep 18995 Oct 1970

Tolley, Leah Elizabeth

15 Jan 18852 Feb 1885

Tolley, Lee Douglas and Anna Cromwell

3 Oct 18943 Apr 1966

Tolley, Ray D. and Elda S. [Back of headstone]

1 Sep 19187 Oct 1985"Bill"; Marriage date included on stone

Tolley, Samuel

20 Jun 184910 Jan 1921

Tolley, Thelma Ardell

23 Aug 19039 Jun 1904

Tolley, William and Kathryn

10 Mar 190521 Aug 1988

Tolley, William Fisher

3 Nov 182313 Feb 1906

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