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Provo Cemetery Map and Tour

Provo Cemetery Map

A. Jesse Knight Family Plot (700 East & Main). During his lifetime Jesse Knight was the wealthiest entrepreneur in Provo whose generosity matched his wealth.
B. Harriett Marie Turner (500 East & Main). Original Pioneer. One of the 1st eight deaths in the valley. Burial relocated from Fort Field Cemetery.
C. Pioneer Memorial Drinking Fountain (200 East & 200 Main). In 1964 the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers erected this fountain, honoring original pioneers who were believed to be in the Provo City Cemetery.
D. Matilda Haws Original pioneer buried in the first Fort Field Cemetery. Relocated to Provo City Cemetery.
E. Hannah Knight Libby Carter (Center & Main). Back East and in ill health, she met the LDS missionaries, had a blessing and a miraculous recovery. Joined the LDS church, left her husband back east and brought her children to Utah with the pioneers. Burial relocated form Grandview Hill Cemetery.
F. Andrew Hunter Scott (100 West 200 South). 5th mayor of Provo. Burial relocated from Temple Hill. More information on his monument.
G. Jacob Cloward (200 West & Main). 2nd burial in Temple Hill. (see note)
H. Abraham Owen Smoot I (200 West 100 South). Major financial backer of BYU, Mayor of Salt Lake City.
I. Burials relocated from Temple Hill (400 West 500 South). The original burial book gives no indication when these burials were relocated. Our map shows this large area as "Bodies Removed from Temple Hill."
J. Captain Dan Jones (200 West 200 North). River-boat captain, bodyguard to Joseph Smith, and the first mayor of Manti. Additional information on the back of his headstone.
K. Luana Beebe Rockwell Cutler Perry Baldwin (400 West 200 North). Wife of Orin Porter Rockwell, died at the O.P. Rockwell ranch in West Tintic, Utah.
L. Reed Smoot (500 North 300 West). LDS Apostle & U.S. Senator who was monogamous (one wife) and still had opposition in the Senate due to polygamy; finally in 1907 a two-thirds vote of the Senate allowed him to take his seat. He served until 1932.
M. Babyland (South East corner). Memorials: Bench to Baby Jane & Knights of Columbus "To All Unborn." This area has secret service rendered to it all year long (i.e. decorated eggs at Easter, Pink Rose on Memorial Day, yearly clean-up by a youth group from Lehi, etc.)
N. Veterans Monument (East of Babyland). Monument honoring all Veterans who are buried in Provo City Cemetery or who are from Provo and Missing in Action.
O. Silver Maple Tree (20th South 200 East). Largest in the State of Utah. 257 inches in circumference, 77 feet high, and a crown spread of 96 feet).

Note: The Karl G. Maeser Building (southwest corner) on BYU campus is sitting on the original site of the Temple Hill Cemetery.

The information on this page, including the map, was provided by a informational "Sesquicentennial Tour 1849-1999" paper provided at the Provo City Cemetery Office, sheet last updated 27 April 1999.