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Provo City Cemetery

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The Provo City Cemetery page has a new look. Because of the increasing number of headstones that this page will accommodate, the names are now listed in a table and you can click on the name to see the photo.

A February View of the Provo Cemetery, facing eastThe Provo City Cemetery is located in Provo, Utah County, Utah, and can be found at the south end of 900 E. (about 300 S.) at State Street. There are over 27,000 burials in the Provo Cemetery, and so you can probably guess that all of those photos are not on my website. Some of the unique features of the Provo Cemetery are BabyLand (a section of cemetery devoted to infants), the Provo War Memorial, listing names of soldiers from Provo and Utah county and the war they fought in, and historic sections of the cemetery where such people as Jesse Knight, Dan W. Jones, Luana Hart Beebe (wife of Orrin Porter Rockwell), Philo T. Farnsworth, and others are buried. It's a beautiful cemetery!

The Pioneer Burial Grounds Stone--close upOne additional part of this cemetery is the Pioneer Burial Grounds, an area of pioneer graves of people who were transported and reinterred in 1853 at the Provo City Cemetery from the Fort Field, Grandview, and Temple Hill Cemeteries. This stone was erected in 1964 by the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, a group who dedicates time to preserving the memory of their Utah pioneer heritage. The stone mentions a few of these burials: Matilda and George W. Haws, Harriet M. Turner, William Dayton, Joseph Higbee, Katherine Radford, Jessee McGarred, Jacob Oloward, Martha Wheeler, Jacob H. Barney, Matilda Park, Sarah and William McLane, Sally Norton, Joseph Ivy, Margarett Fausett, Emily Roberts, Louisa Follett, Abisha Ware, Joseph McEwan, and Mary D. Peay. Others are buried in the Provo Cemetery that are not listed on this stone. The stone is located on the right side of the main cemetery lane near the front gate, and is accompanied by a drinking fountain, also in marble, erected by the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. (Don't get your hopes up...the drinking fountain didn't work the last time I was there.)

Provo Cemetery Map and Tour

Note: Headstones are alphabetized by the surname listed on the stone. Headstones erected for two people are listed under both surnames, if both surnames are known.


Birth DateDeath DateRemarks

Allen, Amanda Inez Knight

8 Sep 18765 Jun 1937

Allen, Phyllis Sloan and Mark Knight Allen

22 Oct 190530 Jan 1996

Allen, Robert Eugene

21 Dec 187727 Apr 1967

Arnold, Melvin Earl and Amanda Ingram

3 Jan 18936 May 1980Submitted 21 Dec 2003

Arrowsmith, Sarah Bowen

14 May 18586 Jun 1941Submitted Oct 2004,

Aturlev, I.D. Lorean

25 Dec 18931894

Badura, Paul John [Back of the headstone]

4 Feb 19264 Jul 1990Children and grandchildren listed on back of stone

Bird, Beth Juanita

12 Jan 192421 Apr 1924

Bird, Daughter of Orson G. and Mary J.

10 Mar 191010 Mar 1910

Bird, Jasper T. and Eunice A.

11 Apr 184830 Mar 1901

Black, Myron Dale

11 Jul 195013 Jul 1950

Black, Randall Troy

24 Apr 195326 Apr 1953

Black, Verdell Davidson and Leona F. Johnston

2 Mar 192615 Mar 1998

Boren, Joseph S. and Martha Clinger

8 Feb 18456 Nov 1911

Bowen, Albert H. and Sarah Hunter

16 Oct 186014 Apr 1951Submitted Oct 2004,

Bowen, Albert Hastings [Historical Stone]

22 Jul 182619 Oct 1873Submitted Oct 2004,

Bowen, Catherine Stoker

14 Apr 18329 Jun 1929Submitted Oct 2004,

Bowen, Charlotte Louisa Durham

21 Mar 180730 Sep 1884Submitted Oct 2004,

Bowen, Mervyn

29 Apr 189125 May 1908Submitted Oct 2004,

Bowen, Minnie

22 Jun 190116 Aug 1925Submitted Oct 2004,

Bowen, Orlando and Martha

Submitted Oct 2004,

Bowen, Rosella

18971897Submitted Oct 2004,

Bowen, William P.

15 Sep 18639 Mar 1930Submitted Oct 2004,

Brimhall, Lucy Jane (Knight)

13 Dec 187531 Mar 1957In Knight family plot

Bunnell, Mary and Sidney W. Worsley [Full View]

18 Jun 184310 Jan 1893

Bunnell, Sallie H. Conrad and David E. [Full View]

25 Jun 18093 Jul 1865

Burrows, Gloria Mancum Miller

31 Jul 190631 Dec 1980

Carpenter, Vera M. and John Eastman

5 May 189829 Jul 1973

Carter, Marvel B.

24 Aug 19175 Jan 1919

Carter, Voilet Ella


Chappell, Charlotte M.

1 Mar 184722 Dec 1892

Chappell, George H.

18 Mar 184026 Jan 1911Private in the N.Y. Volunteer Infantry

Chappell, Mary (Milne)

27 Nov 186616 Jul 1903

Clinger, Martha and Joseph S. Boren

19 Nov 18463 Feb 1940

Conrad, Sallie H. and David E. Bunnell [Full View]

19 Sep 181023 Jul 1903

Daley, Graham L. and Sarah Jane S.

3 Apr 185927 Nov 1928

Durham, Charlotte Louisa (Bowen)

21 Mar 180730 Sep 1884Submitted Oct 2004,

Eastman, Vera M. Carpenter and John

18 May 189619 Jan 1968

Elliott, Bert Fleming and Laura Snelson

20 Mar 188214 Apr 1963

Elliott, Marjorie and Karl D. Kimber [Back of the headstone]

3 Feb 1938---Children listed on back of headstone

Elliott, Verl

9 Jan 19117 Oct 1953

Farley, L. Pearl and T. Frank Wentz

19 Jan 18828 May 1961

Farnsworth, Kenneth Q.

15 Jan 19316 Mar 1932

Farnsworth, Lewis E.

30 Jul 18658 Jan 1924

Farnsworth, Philo T. and Elma Gardner Farnsworth

19 Aug 190611 Mar 1971Father of television

Farnsworth, Philo T. Memorial Stone

------Memorial stone place by Brigham Young University

Fletcher, Charles E. and Elizabeth Miller

25 Jun 18499 Mar 1922

Forsyth, Jane B. and James C. Snyder

29 Apr 184224 Dec 1928

Gardner, Elma and Philo T. Farnsworth

25 Feb 1908---

Graves, Daniel Robert

17 Apr 184726 Apr 1871Beautiful headstone!

Gurr, Sarah E. and William Pierce

24 Apr 19024 Jul 1981

Halladay, Abraham and Mary Ann Ellen R.

25 Aug 182412 May 1906

Harris, Morris

15 Jun 187314 Apr 1874Son of Jacob and Josephine Harris

Hasler, Ada B.

12 Feb 18767 May 1963

Hasler, Walter H.

31 Jan 187527 Jan 1955Utah--1st Lieutenant Medical Corps, WWI

Hearne, James Andrew

16 Aug 192720 Jul 1950Utah CM3 USNR World War II

Henry, George C.


Henry, J. Boon

7 Apr 188114 Mar 1904

Hick, Elizabeth Styles

18 Dec 18077 Jul 1888Born Stoke Prior, England

Holdaway, Lydia Illa

1 May 190213 Apr 1933Daughter of Andrew M. and Lydia A. Holdaway

Hoover, John W. and Margret N. Park

2 Dec 185713 Sep 1922

Hoover, Joseph Roy

5 Jul 189024 Feb 1907Buried with parents John W. and Margret N. Park Hoover

Hoover, Mary E. and John Whitmer Hoover

13 Nov 183427 May 1902Born in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania

Hunter, Sarah and Albert H. Bowen

23 Mar 18579 Feb 1950Submitted Oct 2004,

Ingram, Amanda and Melvin Earl Arnold

Nov 1892Feb 1953Submitted 21 Dec 2003

Johnston, Leona F. and Verdell Davidson Black

28 Apr 1929---

Jones, Ann Whomsley

1 Dec 181618 Feb 1905

Jones, Lawrence W.

26 Aug 189815 Aug 1954

Jones, Samuel H.

19 Dec 18857 Sep 1889Stone hard to read

Jones, Thomas A.


Jordan, Addie Iona Knight

18 Dec 18917 May 1937

Kimber, Karl D. and Marjorie Elliott  [Back of the headstone]

3 Feb 1938---

King, Myra Spencer and Thomas Arthur

8 Jan 188910 Jan 1958

Knight, Addie Iona (Jones)

18 Dec 18917 May 1937

Knight, Amanda Inez (Allen)

8 Sep 18765 Jun 1937

Knight, Amanda M. McEwan

13 Nov 185115 Dec 1932In Knight family plot

Knight, Jennie (Mangum)

7 Nov 188512 Mar 1973In Knight family plot

Knight, Jesse

8 Sep 184514 Mar 1921In Knight family plot

Knight, Jesse William

20 Aug 187411 Mar 1958In Knight family plot

Knight, Lucy Jane Brimhall

13 Dec 187531 Mar 1957In Knight family plot

Knight, Lydia M.

19 May 187029 Dec 1887In Knight family plot

Knight, Richard

9 Jun 191110 Jan 1995In Knight family plot

Langstaff, Margaret and Robert [Full view]

22 Oct 18511 May 1900

Lowe, Grant

30 Jul 190416 May 1905Son of S.W. and Eva Lowe

Mangum, Jennie Knight

7 Nov 188512 Mar 1973In Knight family plot

Mangum, Willis Lester

27 Nov 187324 Jun 1949In Knight family plot

Mansfield, Christan Johnson

6 Jan 188523 Dec 1972

Mansfield, El Zada [Full View]

25 Nov 18626 Nov 1896

Mansfield, Mathew

------No dates listed on headstone

Mansfield, Thomas Mathew

9 May 188324 Jun 1946

Mendenhall, Glen T.

7 Aug 19124 Aug 1913

Mendenhall, Jesse and wife Margaret M. Terry

3 May 18844 Feb 1922

Mickelsen, Alva McKay

5 Jul 191524 Dec 1979

Miller, Alice


Miller, Charles D.


Miller, Elizabeth and Charles E. Fletcher

18769 Mar 1922

Miller, Richard Lynn

11 Sep 193023 May 1958Utah 1st Lieutenant, US Air Force

Miller, Uriah Lynn

12 Dec 190221 Jan 1946

Milne, Mary Chappell

27 Nov 186616 Jul 1903Wife of Robert Milne

Noble, Irene and Charles Elliot Rowan

2 Feb 189221 Sep 1962

Parcell, Charles Gardner

28 Mar 190427 Dec 1961

Parcell, Lewis Clifton and Polly Jane

19 Sep 188213 Apr 1952

Park, Margret N. and John W. Hoover

13 May 185827 Mar 1945

Peay, Edward and wives Amanda Melvina and Rebecca Ann

22 May 182925 Apr 1900

Peck, Eugene

no date listedno date listed

Pierce, Willard and Sarah E. Gurr

30 Oct 189331 May 1970

Pollard, Thomas J.

18 Apr 187230 Jun 1916

Powelson, Powel George

26 Jan 186824 Apr 1929

Preater, Susanna and James Joyce Talmage

12 Jul 18362 Jun 1906Born at Lanbourne, Berkshire, England

Quinney, Mary Ann [Inscription at base of stone]

22 Jul 18181 Nov 1893

Randall, William H.

20 Jan 184128 Aug 1890

Riddle, Julia Franzina

17 May 186311 Nov 1911Daughter of Isaac and Mary Riddle

Robinson, Lavirda and Alvis Henry Stuehser

24 May 190712 Apr 1987

Rowan, Colleen

14 May 19241 Oct 1973

Rowan, Gaylon B.

7 Oct 192611 Jan 1984

Rowan, Irene Noble and Charles Elliot

18 Oct 18855 May 1963

Seamount, Iona Zina

4 Feb 18967 Mar 1896

Searle, William B. and Rosalina M.


Sloan, Phyllis (Allen) and Mark Knight Allen

14 Apr 1908---

Smith, Hannah Isabelle

26 Nov 186923 Sep 1906Wife of Raymond Knight

Snelson, Laura and Bert Fleming Elliott

8 Oct 188314 Nov 1956

Snow, D.C.

22 Jan 184217 Nov 1897

Snyder, James C. and Jane B. Forsyth

8 Jan 18201 Aug 1906

Snyder, James Clyde

15 Oct 19023 Sep 1903Son of John F. and Rozetta Snyder

Snyder, Simon F.

13 Jun 186915 Nov 1915

Spencer, Myra and Thomas Arthur King

14 Feb 18899 Feb 1974

Stoker, Catherine (Bowen)

14 Apr 18329 Jun 1929Submitted Oct 2004,

Stubbs, Joseph A.

4 Oct 187112 Sep 1911

Stubbs, Richard and Ellender Wyer

30 Jul 182325 Jul 1902Born in Northwich, Cheshire, England

Stuehser, Lavirda Robinson and Alvis Henry

26 May 190019 Jan 1985

Talmage, Albert M. and Sara Whalen

16 Oct 186711 Jan 1955

Talmage, Heber Charles and Martha Maude

6 Sep 187118 Nov 1877Born at Hungerford, Berkshire, England

Talmage, James Joyce and Susanna Preater

3 Jun 184631 Oct 1908Born at Ramsbury, Wiltshire, England

Talmage, Susa Amelia

11 Feb 18796 Apr 1908

Terry, Margaret M. and husband Jesse Mendenhall

30 Apr 188617 Aug 1977

Ware, Abisha

5 Sep 179125 Oct 1853

Ware, Delilah

11 Jan 178624 Nov 1876

Wentz, L. Pearl Farley and T. Frank

11 Dec 187817 Aug 1953

Whalen, Sara and Albert M. Talmage

17 May 186223 Dec 1932Born in New York

Whomsley, Ann (Jones)

1 Dec 181618 Feb 1905

Worsley, Daniel K.

4 Jun 187325 Apr 1874

Worsley, Sidney W. and Mary Bunnell [Full View]

27 Aug 183717 Feb 1915

Worsley, Samuel H. [Additional Stone]

7 Nov 18171 Mar 1868Son of S.W. and M.A. Worsley

Worsley, Stephen H.

12 Apr 188112 Apr 1883

Wyer, Ellender and Richard Stubbs

1 Dec 182514 Jan 1898Born in Jones Run, Harrison, West Virginia

Young, Hickory W. [Full View]

12 Feb 184624 Apr 1906

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