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Fountain Green City Cemetery

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Fountain Green Elementary SchoolFountain Green is located about 85 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah in Sanpete County. It is now a town of a few hundred people. The cemetery is located on 400 N. to the east of Main Street (i.e. turn left on 400 N. while traveling south - towards St. George - on Main Street.

Historic Fountain Green Main StreetA Utah State University website described the city of Fountain Green saying "both the sight and site of Fountain Green must have contributed to its settlement. It was a popular campground for Salt Creek and San Pitch travelers during the 1850s before Johnsons and other families from Santaquin in Utah Valley, settled it. Lying just below the Divide (and Mt. Nebo), it had a green fountain second to no other spring in Sanpete. Any tour of Fountain Green (incorporated in 1886) ought to include a stop at the Unitah Springs (Big Springs) which gush out of the mountains two miles northwest of town to form Silver Creek -- the source of the town's greenness. Pictures of both Fountain Green's elementary school in the 1800's and historic Main Street of Fountain Green are pictured.

I took pictures of a large amount of headstones in the Fountain Green City Cemetery in March 2001. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger photo of the headstone. Headstones that are for two people are listed after both surnames, if both surnames are known. Because of the type fo stone used on some headstones, and factors such as weathering and workmanship, some headstone photos are difficult to read, unless you know what you're reading. I have included a "caption" with these headstone photos to help you know what is written on the stone.

I've noticed that Fountain Green isn't very green in March, eh?


Birth DateDeath DateRemarks

Bardell, Sarah

---1 Aug 1894Wife of John Hunt, difficult to read

Coombs, Frances M.

6 Sep 185812 Oct 1928Second Wife of Joshua Coombs

Coombs, Joshua and Sarah Lane Huggins

4 Feb 18418 Nov 1924Private, Utah Militia, Indian War

Hanson, Kjersten

unreadableunreadableThis photo is currently unavailable

Huggins, Christena

29 Oct 187023 Sep 1916Difficult to read

Huggins, Eliza Adams

6 Oct 1847 22 Jan 1913

Huggins, Emeline Aker

11 May 18161899Wife of W. [William] Huggins

Huggins, Emma J.

8 Oct 187331 Aug 1945

Huggins, Franklin Dee

7 Dec 18732 Jun 1941

Huggins, George Aker

5 Apr 18392 Nov 1893

Huggins, George Ezra

13 Jun 189016 Dec 1892

Huggins, George W.

23 Oct 186614 May 1932

Huggins, Joshua

18 Jul 18819 Jul 1881Son of George A. and Eliza Huggins

Huggins, Maryann and Robert H. Johnson

24 Aug 184710 Sep 1905

Huggins, Reuel Leon

28 Jul 190131 Jan 1906Son of George W. and Christena Huggins

Huggins, Sarah Lane and Joshua Coombs

2 Jul 18515 Aug 1899

Huggins, Violet and Glen LeRoy Shepherd

28 Sep 19096 Mar 1989Marriage date included on stone

Huggins, William

2 Jun 18115 Jan 18792nd Lieutenant, Utah Militia, Indian War

Jensen, Carline (Caroline)

28 Nov 184128 Jan 1903Wife of Jens M. Jensen, born in Denmark

Jensen, Jens Martinus

3 May 183814 Mar 1912

Johnson, Polly Ann Huggins

11 Jul 18293 Oct 1912

Johnson, Robert H.

15 Sep 18475 oct 1903Private, Utah Territorial Militia, Indian Wars

Johnson, Robert H. and Maryann Huggins

15 Sep 18475 Oct 1903

Johnson, Robert L.

17 Aug 181913 Jun 1901Private, Utah Militia, Indian War

Shepherd, Glen LeRoy and Violet Huggins

3 Dec 190716 Sep 1972Marriage date included on stone

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