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1}  Hughe Borrow was born abt 1545 in England. He was married twice. His 1st marriage was to Agnes Echard on 1/26/1566. He married 2nd, Thomasine Barryford on 9/10/1573. Children of Hughe Borrow and his 1st wife Agnes Echard Borrow: Christopher, born abt 8/11/1568, Edward, born abt 1/28/1569-70, Dionys, born abt 9/30/1572 and died in infancy.  Children of Hughe and Thomasine Barryford Borrow: John, christened 5/31/1574 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England,  Ralf, christened 1/4/1575 in Great Yarmouth, England,  Hughe, christened 2/20/1577 in Great Yarmouth, England,  Dyones, she was christened 2/20/1577 in Great Yarmouth, England,  Jone, she was christened 10/20/1580 in Great Yarmouth, England,  Alyce, christened 10/20/1580 in Great Yarmouth, England.

2}  Ralf Borrowe, son of Hugh and Thomasine Barryford Borrowe, was christened on 1/4/1575 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. He married Audrey Deye on 11/17/1600 in Great Yarmouth, England. Audrey was the daughter of John and Margaret Peke Deye. She was christened on 10/10/1575.  Audrey Deye Borrowe died on 6/22/1610. Ralfe married 2nd, Alice Cramme on 9/2/1610. Children of Ralf and Audrey Deye Borrowe: Hughe, christened 10/16/1601 in Great Yarmouth, England, Diones, born abt 12/11/1603,  Rose, christened 9/11/1605 in Great Yarmouth, England, Rebecca, christened 10/25/1607 in Great Yarmouth, England, John, born 9/16/1609 in Great Yarmouth, England. Children of Ralf Borrowe and his 2nd wife, Alice Cramme Borrowe:  Xpofer, born abt 8/22/1612,  Xpofer, born abt 9/13/1615, Xpofer, born abt 6/15/1617, Abigail, born abt 8/22/1619,Joseph, born abt 11/11/1621.

 3}  John Barrowe, son of Ralf and and Audrey Deye Borrowe, was born 9/16/1609 in Great Yarmouth, England. He married Anne Thompson, daughter of Anthony and Margaret Thompson of Great Yarmouth, England, on 8/31/1634. Anne was christened 9/24/1598. According to the Maine Historical and Geneology Recorder and according to Ship Passenger Lists and the Rolls Office in London, John  Borrowe, aged 26, sailed for Virginia 5/15/1635 on the Plain Joan, R. Buchman, Master. If this is the same John Barrowe, he might have returned to England for his wife Anne. It is believed that John and Anne Barrowe sailed from London, England and according to the following record  shows” the examination of John Borrowe of Yarmouth, a Cooper, aged 28 years and Anne, his wife, aged 40 years—desirous to pass to Salem in New England, there to inhabit”.   John and Anne sailed to Salem, Ma., probably on the ship Mary  Ann, William Goose, Master, on 6/20/1637. John was 28 years old and Anne 40 years old at this time. John was given a land grant of 15 acres in Salem, Ma., once known as Naumkaug.( the Salem records dated 8/14/1637 state “Jno. Barows is received an inhabitant of Salem and is allowed 5 acres of land”. He was allowed another 10 acres at the Town Meeting of 11/8/1637 and at a meeting 6/30/1640 he was allotted an additional 2 acres) There, their son Robert was born on 5/11/1639. It is believed that Robert was the only living child of John and Anne Barrowe. There are Church records showing the birth of a daughter named Dionys, born in Great Yarmouth, England, but she died shortly after birth. Anne Thompson Barrowe died in Salem, Ma. sometime prior to 1667. John married a 2nd time, to a much younger woman, abt 1667. He married Deborah Doten/Doty, who was born abt 1650. John and his 2nd wife lived in Plymouth, Ma. There are records showing that on 3/6/1666 John was fined 10 shillings in Plymouth because of his refusal to give evidence in connection with the Grand Inquest. The Treasury Accounts for 6/8/1666 shows under the category “Debts due by fines and otherwise to the country--John Barrow, 00:10:00”. (Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, Plymouth County Records, Pg.116)  The list of Plymouth townsmen dated 2/15/1668 included John and a 6/16/1668 list of those entitled to vote included John Barow and Robert Barrows. John was granted land there and on June 15, 1674 a grant of land to him was excepted with certain rules. On April 9, 1684, at South Meadows, 10 upland acres were laid out to John, next to his meadow land on the northwest side of the river. On November 24, 1684 he was granted 30 acres of land. John and Deborah had five children. Children of John and Deborah Barrowe: Deborah, born abt 1667 in Plymouth, Ma. Deborah was married to  Nathan Fish .{ Children of Deborah and Nathan Fish: Nathan, Maria, Bartholomew, John, Ebenezer, Samuel, Thankful, Rebecca, Rowland, and Elizabeth}. Mary, born 12/20/1673 in Plymouth, Ma., and married John Wormall on 1/9/1698 in Duxbury, Ma. John Wormall died a soldier in 1711 in Annapolis Royal. {Children of Mary and  John Wormall: John, Joseph, Mary, Sarah and Deliverance}. Joshua, born abt 1680, and married Deliverance Wedge abt.1720. {Children of Joshua and Deliverance: John, Hannah, Joshua, Benajah, Thomas, Ebenezer and Samuel}. Benajah, born abt 1683 in Attleboro, Ma. and married Lydia Bucklin, daughter of Joseph and Deborah Allen Bucklin, on 8/13/1706. {Children of Benajah and Lydia: John, Deborah, Joseph, Nehemiah, Benjamin Murch, Elijah, Lydia and Ichabod}. Ebenezer, born 3/29/1685 and married Elizabeth Lyon, daughter of Ebenezer Lyon, on 10/8/1712. {Children of Ebenezer and Elizabeth: Ebenezer Jr., Abraham, Elizabeth, Bathsheba, Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah and Sarah}. John Barrowe died 2/18/1692 in Plymouth, Ma. at age 82. On April 6, 1692, his will was proved before William Bradford, Deputy Governor, and Epheaim Morton, Assistant. The will had been signed, sealed and declared to be his last will and testament in the presence of John Gray and was signed with the mark of Robert Barrows and the Mark of John Barrows. The inventory of the estate, made by John Gray and John Sturtevant, included 14 lbs of cotton yarn, 2 cows, 3 swine, books and 17 shillings in silver money. The 30 acres of land at Monponset {Plympton} was valued at 5 lbs and the house and land at home and all the meadow at Carver belonging to it valued 25 lbs. In his will, he left his son Robert, all of his land, providing that Johns’ wife Deborah be allowed use of the land as long as she remained his widow. Robert was also to give his brother Benajah, 20 shillings when he became of age. Johns’ daughters were each bequeathed 10 shillings each. The rest was to go to his widow.

 4}  Robert Barrows, son of John Barrowe and his 1st wife Anne, was born 5/11/1639 in Salem, Ma. he married 1st, Ruth Bonum, daughter of George and Sarah Morton Bonum, on 11/28/1666 in Plymouth, Ma. In a deed, dated 6/30/1669, Robert received considerable good land from his father-in-law. One of these properties, known as the Sparrow House on Summer Street in Plymouth, Ma., still stands today. It is owned by the Preservation Society. Part of the home is used as a pottery shop and the rest of the home is open to the public for viewing. It is one of the oldest standing homes in Plymouth, Ma.  Robert had six children by his 1st wife Ruth Bonum: John, born 11/28/1667 and died 10/7/1720 in Plymouth, Ma. John married 1st Hannah Briggs in 1698 in Plymouth, Ma., and married 2nd Bethia King on 10/10/1720 in Plymouth, Ma.  Eleizer, born 9/15/1669 in Plymouth, Ma. and died 12/13/1669 in Plymouth.  George, born in 1670 and died 3/23/1758. George married 1st, Patience Simmons on 2/14/1694. Patience Simmons Barrows died 10/30/1723. George married 2nd, Anna Dunham Ransom on 6/25/1724. George married 3rd, Hannah Robinson Jackson, widow of Eleizer Jackson on12/20/1736. Hannah died on 3/30/1758 in Carver, Ma.   Samuel,{Deacon} born 1672 and died 12/30/1755 in Middleborogh, Ma. Samuel was married 1st to Mercy Coombs, 2nd to Johanna Smith on 3/24/1719.  Mehitable, born 1674 in Plymouth, Ma.. Mehitable married 1st Joshua Smith and 2nd Adam Wright. {Children of Mehitable and Adam Wright: Samuel, Moses, James, Nathan}. Mehitable married 3rd, John Washburn.  Ruth, born 1680, married John Briggs on 12/23/1703.  After the death of his 1st wife Ruth Bonum, Robert married 2nd, Lydia Dunham, daughter of John and Abigail Dunham, in 3/1684 at Plymouth, Ma. Lydia Dunham was born in 1650 in Barnstable, Ma. and died 1/2/1717 in Plymouth, Ma. Robert Barrows doed 12/19/1707 in Plymouth, Ma. Robert Barrows and his 2nd wife , Lydia, had six children: Elisha, born 3/16/1686 and died 1/19/1689,  Robert Jr. Born 11/8/1689 and married Bethia Ford on 4/25/1711,  Thankful, born 12/8/1692 in Plymouth, Ma. and married Isaac King on 2/11/1713. {Children of Thankful and Isaac King: Isaac, born 1714, Lydia, born 1716 and married Gershom Holmes, Mercy, born 1717, Martin, born 1719, Johnathan, born 1721, Samuel, born 1723}  Elisha, born 6/16/1695 and died 11/9/1767 in Rochester, Ma. Elisha married 1st Thankful Howland in 1728 . Thankful Howland Barrows died 3/10/1757.Elisha married 2nd Nell Eldridge Lambert on 4/24/1760.  Thomas, born 2/14/1697 in Plymouth, Ma. and died 10/28/1776 in Mansfield, Ct. Thomas married Esther Hall on 6/14/1721 in Mansfield, Ct. Lydia, born 3/19/1699 and married Thomas Branch in Plymouth, Ma. on 10/11/1720 and made their home in Plymouth, Ma {Children of Lydia and Thomas Branch: Lydia, born 8/26/1721 and married Nathaniel Shurtleff-having 10 children: Nathaniel, Lydia, Thomas, Mary, Thankful, Nathaniel, William, Sarah, Mary and Patience.  Mercy, born 1773, John, born 1725, Thankful, born 1727, Thomas, born 1729, Experience, born 1732}.

5}   Robert Barrows Jr., son of Robert Barrows and his 2nd wife Lydia Dunham, married Bethia Ford, daughter of Michael and Bethia Hatch Ford, at Plymouth, Ma. on 4/25/1711. They later settled in Mansfield, Tolland Co., Ct. abt 1720. On 1/21/1724, Robert purchased land in Mansfield, just north of the Willimantic River. The home is still standing and is very much in it’s original state. The home and land remained in the family for three generation before being sold 2/17/1832.  Robert Barrows Jr. died 8/17/1779. His wife, Bethia, was born in Plymouth, Ma. in 1691 and died 11/12/1773 at age 83.  Children of Robert Barrows Jr. and his wife Bethia: Jabez, born 10/11/1711 in Plymouth, Ma. and died 5/ 18/1792 at Mansfield, Ct. Jabez was married to Sybil Hall, daughter of Isaac and Sarah Reed Hall, on 5/20/1736.  Lemuel, born 3/25/1714 and married Jemmima Eldridge on 2/18/1745, Lemuel was named a tavern keeper in Mansfield in 1760 by the Selectmen.  Thomas, born 9/13/1716 at Plymouth, Ma. and died 7/16/1802 in Mansfield, Ct. Thomas married Mehitable Porter on 4/30/1741. Amos, born 12/16/1722 in Mansfield, Ct. and died 12/5/1772. Amos married 1st, Mary Ticknor on 10/14/1748 and 2nd Mary Bailey on 5/21/1752. Elisha, born in Mansfield, Ct .was baptized 7/26/1724 and died in infancy. Lydia, born 7/26/1726 at Mansfield, Ct.. Lydia married Jonathon Terwilliger Sprague, son of John and Lydia Sprague, on 2/13/1746. {Children of Jonathan and Lydia Sprague: John, who married Mary Babcock, Elizabeth, who married William Isaac Chamberlin}.  David Daniel, born 8/11/1728 and died 1/6/1815. David married Lydia Spofford on 2/6/1754.  Elisha, born 4/13/1730 in Mansfield, Ct. and died 3/10/1814. Elisha married Hanna Mayo.

 6}   Elisha Barrows, son of Robert Barrows Jr. and his wife Bethia, was born 4/13/1730 in Mansfield, Ct. He married Hanna Mayo, daughter of John and Susan Mayo, on 11/20/1752. Elisha was 22 years of age. Elisha Barrows died 3/10/1814 at age 83. Hannah Barrows, his wife, died on 10/7/1812 at the age of 84. Children of Elisha and Hanna Barrows: Bethia, born 10/29/1753 and died 5/30/1761. Nathan, born 3/14/1755 and drowned on 7/10/1773,  John, born 6/18/1757 and was killed in the Battle of Stamford on 10/22/1776,  Elisha, born 2/19/1761 and married 1st,Mary Hall, daughter of Barnabas Hall, on 5/23/1782 and married 2nd Hannah Walker on 12/24/1809 . Elisha Jr. served as Selectman of the town of Mansfield 1809 and 1810.{Children of Elisha Jr. and his 2nd wife Hannah: Austin S., born 8/25/1810, Bushrod Washington, born 6/14/1812, Mary Hall, born 4/16/1814, Almira, born 7/21/1816 and died 4/4/1819, Almira, born 11/17/1818 and married Origin Hall}, Bethia, born 5/4/1764 and married Steven Martin on 3/2/1782 at the age of 17. Samuel, born 8/5/1768.

7}   Samuel Barrows of Mansfield, Ct. son of Elisha and Hannah Mayo Barrows, was born 8/5/1768. He married Sarah/Sally Slate, daughter of Ezekial and Mehitable Hall Slate, on 4/2/178. Samuel served as Selectman for the town of Mansfield  1820, 1821 and 1825. Samuel Barrows died on 5/5/1845 at age 77. His wife, Sarah was born 8/14/1766 in Mansfield, Ct. and died 7/26/1844 at age 78. She was also known as Elsey and is so named on her gravestone in the Spring Hill Cemetery, Mansfield, Ct.  On 8/23/1844 Elsie Barrows left a bequest of 99 acres, 108 rods of land with dwelling houses and other buildings, appraised a $1,594.80 to the Baptist Church of Spring Hill. Children of Samuel and Sarah Barrows: Nathan, born 10/26/1790, John, born 12/5/1792 and died 4/5/1796, Samuel, born 10/17/1795 and married Laura Parker on 12/25/1817,  Sally, born 8/25/1797 and married  Ebenezer Bennett on 3/22/1818 . Mary, born 1/21/1803. Mary married 1st David Babcock of Coventry, Ct. on 11/11/1821 and married 2nd, Justin Edgerton of Coventry, Ct.  James Madison, born 10/19/1809. James had a silversmith shop in Tolland, Ct. His works are presently on display at the Tolland Historical Society in Tolland, Ct.

 8}   Samuel Barrows Jr. {Deacon}, son of Samuel and Sarah Slate Barrows, was born 10/17/1795 in Mansfield, Ct. He married 1st, Laura Parker, daughter of Reuben and Chloe Parker, on 12/25/1817. Lora Parker Barrows died on 6/17/1859 at age 64. Samuel married 2nd, Eunice Church Mowery, on 11/23/1862. Eunice Barrows died on 6/11/1892 at age 89 and is buried in Mansfield beside her 1st husband, Charles Mowery. Deacon Samuel Barrows died 5/27/1868 at age 72 and is buried at the Hillside Cemetery, Spring Hill, Mansfield, Ct. beside his 1st wife Laura. Samuel Barrows Jr. served as Selectman for the town of Mansfield 1841, 1844, 1846. Children of Deacon Samuel and his wife Laura Barrows: Reuben Parker, born 4/16/1819 and married 1st Lydia Edgerton and 2nd Maria Brown, Leonard, born 11/24/1821 and married Emma Palmer on 6/6/1850. {Children of Leonard and Emma Barrows: Ellen Salome, born 4/11/1852 and married Hiram M. Proverse on 5/23/1869, Herbert Palmer, born 7/8/1853 and married 1st Emma Railback, 2nd Orie Ganda,3rd Mary Gray,  Flora Belle, born 3/6/1856 and married 1st Nelson Bailey, 2nd James Hale Collins, 3rd John Henry Brown on 10/15/1885,  Martin, born 9/26/1823 and married Louisa G. Shepard, daughter of Chester Shepard of East Haddam, Ct. on 7/1/1852. {Children of Martin and Louisa Barrows: Samuel Chester, born 4/30/1853, Ira Martin, born 1/26/1858, Ida Estelle, born 9/8/1867}. Albert, born 6/27/1825. Albert married 1st Mary Jane Slate on 1/20/1848. Mary Jane Slate Barrows died 9/3/1849 at age 22.Albert married 2nd, Angeline Martha Slate on 3/24/1850. Angeline died 6/2/1883 at age 52. His 1st and 2nd wives were his 2nd cousins and daughters of Deacon Needham Slate and his wife Fanny Burnaham Slate. Albert married a third time to Fannie M Case on 6/2/1888. { Children of Albert and Mary Jane Barrows: Mary Jane, born 10/31/1848. Children of Albert and his 2nd wife Angeline: Gertrude Francis, born 6/22/1852, Charles Albert, born 9/20/1860, George Needham, born 1/25/1860, Fanny Burnham, born 5/20/1862}. Henry Fitch, born 9/22/1829 and married Mary E. Whipple, daughter of Joseph Whipple of Ashford, Ct., on 4/30/1855. {Children of Henry and Mary Barrows: Arthur Adelbert, born 4/7/1856 and married Jennie M. Burt of Rockville, Ct. on 9/17/1879.Arthur died 2/25/1923 at age 67,  Ethelbert, born 4/7/1856 and died 4/16/1856, Frank, born 5/20/1859 and died 8/20/1860, Charles Henry, born 11/23/1861 and married 1st Emma M. Bennett on 7/22/1885 and 2nd Alice Jordan on 10/27/1894, Edwin Stillman, born 1/9/1868 and married Emma Rice on 6/1/1905}.

9}   Reuben Parker Barrows, son of Deacon Samuel Barrows and his 1st wife Laura Parker Barrows, was born 4/16/1819 in Mansfield, Ct.  He married 1st, Lydia Edgerton, daughter of Hezekiah Edgerton of South Coventry, Ct., on 3/16/1841. Lydia Barrows died 7/11/1872 at age 55. Reuben married 2nd, Mrs Maria Brown of South Coventry. Ct., on 1/2/1877. They were divorced in December of the same year. Reuben Parker Barrows died on 6/26/1894 at age 74. He and his 1st wife Lydia are buried in the Willimantic Cemetery, Willimantic, Ct.  Children of Reuben Parker Barrows and his wife Lydia: Monroe Slate, born 1/6/1842 at Norwich, Ct. and married Irene M. Fox on 12/11/1865. {Children of Monroe and Irene Barrows: Fredrick Edgerton, born 4/20/1867. Arthur Bruce, born 1/13/1870 and died 9/21/1887, Clarence Ellsworth, born 9/28/1872}  Laura Ann, born 5/14/1843 in Norwich, Ct. and married Erwin H. Griswold on 9/15/1872. {Children of Lora and Erwin Griswold: Emma Louise, born 4/8/1874, Leland Monroe, born 5/2/1875, Bertha Barrows, born 6/12/1878, Robert Roger, born 6/26/1880, Lewellyn Erwin, born 4/28/1886}.  Charlotte Elizabeth, born 11/13/1851 in South Coventry, Ct. and married Albert E. Gurley on 8/9/1876. {Children of Charlotte and Albert Gurley: Grace Barrows, born 2/28/1878, Flora Belle, born 9/15/1882, Nellie May, born 7/13/1884, George Harrison, born 2/26/1889}.

10}   Monroe S. Barrows, son of Reuben Parker Barrows and his 1st wife Laura, was born 1/6/1842 in Mansfield, Ct. He married Irene M. Fox of Manchester, Ct. on 12/11/1865.
They moved to Hickoryport, Missourie and to Missourie Valley, Iowa.  Monroe Barrows was a farmer. While living in Missourie Valley, Iowa, he was found dead in his stable by his wife Irene. He was lying near one of his horses. He had probably been kicked by the horse, as foot prints of the horse could be seen on his clothing, near the area of his heart. He was buried in Missourie Valley, Iowa. The date of his death was 3/24/1877. He was 35 years of age. After his death, his wife married Wilbur White of Winsted, Ct. Irene Barrows White died on 9/28/1894 at the age of 50. She is buried in Winsted, Ct. Children of Monroe and Irene Barrows: Fredrick Edgerton, born 4/20/1867 and married Minnie M. Renfree on 10/28/1894, Arthur Bruce, born 1/13/1870 and died 9/21/1888, Clarence Ellsworth, born 9/29/1872 and married Jennie Louisa Wells on 3/31/1892. {Children of Clarence and Jennie Barrows: Fredrick Herman, born 6/234/1893 and died 9/23/1893, Alice Louisa, born 1/23/1895 and died 8/2/1895, Mabel Belle, born 8/12/1896 and married William Jarvis of Main on 9/19/1918, Raymond Eric, born 10/10/103, Charlotte May, born 4/22/1905 and married Lewis Ehrhardt on 7/20/1921, Gladys Louisa, born 4/2/1907 and died 6/11/1908.

11}   Fredrick Edgerton Barrows , son of Monroe Slate Barrows and his wife Irene, was born 4/20/1867. He married Minnie M. Renfree, daughter of William G. and Catherine Albright Renfree, of Winsted, Ct. on 10/28/1891. Fredrick Barrows was born in Hickoryport, Grundy County, Illinois. He died on 11/21/1939 at age 72. Minnie Renfree Barrows was born in Thompson, Carroll County, Illinois on 3/22/1871. {William G. Renfree, father of Minnie, was born abt 1842 in Connecticut. He served in the Grand Old Army of the Republic during the War of the Rebellion as a Cavalry soldier. Minnie Renfrees’ mother, Catherine Albright was born in Argusville, NY.} Fredrick and Minnie Barrows are both buried in Pine Grove Cemetery in Ansonia, Ct. Children of Fredrick and Minnie Renfree Barrows: Alice Louise, born 12/6/184 and married Walter A.Hawks of Ansonia, Ct on 8/22/1913. {Children of Alice and Walter Hawks: Marjorie Eleanor, born 4/8/1915, Donald Lewis, born 9/22/1917, Floyd Erwin, born 4/3/1921, Theodore William, born 8//1923, Kenneth, born 4/13/1926, Evelyn May, born 9/2/1928, Warren Leon, born 6/6/1931, Gerold Roger, born 10/20/1937}  Clarence William, born 10/23/1896 .

12}   Clarence William Barrows, son of Fredrick Edgerton Barrows and his wife Minnie, was born 10/23/1896. He married 1st, Anna Dorthy Eheman, daughter of Fredrick and Christine Mitchell Eheman, on 8/10/1918. Anna Barrows died 5/31/1929. Clarence married 2nd, Marion Davidson of Ansonia, Ct. on 9/10/1931. Marion Davidson Barrows died 3/1982. Clarence Barrows died 9/13/1963 at age 66. Clarence is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery in Ansoni, Ct. with his 1st wife Anna and his 2nd wife Marion. Children of Clarence and Anna Eheman Barrows: Arthur Walter, born 7/13/1919 and married Florence M, Beatrice on 7/4/1942, Clarence William Jr., born 2/2/1921 and died 1/10/1923.

13}   Arthur Walter Barrows, son of Clarence William Barrows and his 1st wife, Anna, was born 7/13/1919 in Derby, Ct. He married Florence M. Beatrice, daughter of Angello and Mary Bozzi Beatrice, on 7/4/1942, in St. Josephs’ church, Shelton, Ct. Florence Beatrice was born in Shelton, Ct. on 5/13/1917. Arthur Walter Barrows died on 1/8/1991 and is buried in Mt. St. Peters’ Cemetery in Derby, Ct. Children of Arthur Walter Barrows and his wife Florence: Sharon Judith, born 5/28/1944 in Derby, Ct.

!4}   Sharon Judith Barrows, daughter of Arthur Walter Barrows and his wife Florence Beatrice Barrows, was born 5/28/1944 in Derby, Ct. Sharon married Joseph John Sanzo, son of Achille and Stella Sedor Sanzo of Seymour, Ct., on 9/10/1960 in St’ Augustines’ Church in Seymour, Ct.  Joseph J. Sanzo was born 8/16/1942 in Derby, Ct. Children of Sharon and Joseph Sanzo: Mark Joseph, born 2/26/1961 in Derby, Ct., Jeffrey John, born 11/11/1962 in Derby, Ct., Richard David, born 2/28/1963 in Derby, Ct.