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The book The Boone Connection by Debra Webb Rogers is the best source of information on the Boones of Yancey and Mitchell Counties. In her book, Mrs. Rogers traces this branch of the Boone family to Israel Boone, the elder brother of pioneer Daniel Boone.
  Israel Boone (May 9, 1726- June 26, 1756) was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and moved to North Carolina with the rest of the Boone family. He died at age 30 and is buried in the Boone family cemetery in Mocksville.
 Jonathan Boone (Nov. 21, 1750- Nov. 1826) was the son of Israel Boone. He was orphaned at an early age and was raised by his grandparents, Squire and Sarah Boone. As an adult, Jonathan lived in present-day Caldwell County in what is now Boone Fork Recreation Area, and may have later moved to Watagua County. He and his wife Susannah Nixon are buried in Kincaid Cemetery on the Old Morganton Road near Lenoir.
  Thomas Boone (Nov. 22, 1774- ca. 1855) was the eldest son of Jonathan and Susannah Boone.  On the 1850 census he is listed twice, for in August he was staying with son Samuel in Caldwell County, whereas in October he was with son Jeremiah in Burnsville.

  ROBERT BOONE (June 27, 1823- March 15, 1907)

  Robert Boone was perhaps the son of Thomas Boone. However, it seems more likely that Robert was Thomas Boone's grandson and that Robert was the son of either Jeremiah Boone or another member of the family. In any case, Robert was a full-brother of Joseph Boone who married Delilah Howell.
 In The Boone Connection Mrs. Rogers publishes several interesting documents concerning Robert Boone, and this is the source of the following information.
Robert Boone was born June 27, 1823 at either Boonford on the North Toe River or at Cane River. About 1845 in Yancey County he was married to Naomi Howell by Isaac Wilson. On January 25, 1847 he enrolled in Co. D. 1st NC Volunteers at Burnsville, and on Feb.15, 1847 the regiment was mustered in at Wilmington, NC, and boarded ship for Mexico. The regiment's service record was as follows:
April 30, 1847- Carmago, Mexico
June 30, 1847- Buena Vista, Mexico
December 31, 1847- Arishas Mills, Saltillo, Mexico
Feb. 29, 1848- Saltillo, Mexico
April 30, 1848- Pap Gallos, Mexico, en route for Seralvo.
 On August 7, 1848, Robert Boone and the rest of the company were mustered out in Smithville, NC.

  During the Civil War, the roster of Co. E, 6th NC Regiment lists J. Robert Boone from Mitchell County who enlisted in Alamance County on June 17, 1861. He was captured near Petersburg, VA, on March 25, 1865.
 After the war he lived in Yancey and Mitchell Counties, primarily at Boonford, and worked as a blacksmith. He was 6 feet tall, with blue eyes, sandy hair, and a fair complexion.
  Robert Boone died on March 15, 1907; he was survived by his wife Naomi, but she presumably died shortly thereafter. According to family tradition, Robert and Naomi were originally buried at Boonford, but railroad construction forced reburial at Squawly (Mitchell County). The graves, marked with field stones, lie in the woods behind a mobile home. The name "Joseph Boone" (Robert's brother) is crudely scratched on one of the stones, and Robert Boone is said to be buried directly in front of his brother.

 Robert and Naomi Howell Boone had 10 children, but 7 of these died before 1901; only 3 sons (Samuel, 'Jute', and Jackson) were alive in 1901.

1. SAMUEL BOONE (July 28, 1848- Jan. 22, 1930) m.1st Elizabeth Tolley m. 2nd Lula Davis. (If Samuel's date of  birth is correct, then he was conceived and born while Robert Boone was in Mexico. Family tradition claims that Samuel's father was actually Phagan McDaniel Young, son of George Young.)
2. MARY 'POLLY' BOONE (b. ca. 1852) m. John C. Ramsey
3. JANE AMANDA BOONE (b. ca. 1854) m. Jesse Wilson
4. JAMES BOONE (b. ca. 1856) m. Mary A. Tolley
5. JOSEPH 'JUTE' BOONE (March 4, 1853- Feb. 7, 1925) m. 1st Harriett Gurley m. 2nd Sarah Sparks
6. DELILAH BOONE (b. ca. 1863)
7. STONEWALL JACKSON BOONE (July 8, 1866- June 18, 1920) m. Fannie Sparks
8. MARY BELLE BOONE (b. ca. 1871)
9. ELIZABETH BOONE (b. ca. 1872) m. William Ray

(NOTE: Although there are discrepancies in all census records and other documents, these discrepancies are particularly noticeable in the case of the Boone family. The ages given for Robert and Naomi Boone and their children vary greatly from census to census.)

'Jute' Boone and his second wife, Sarah Sparks.

 JOSEPH 'JUTE' BOONE, the son of Robert Boone, was a Baptist preacher and blacksmith who lived near Estatoe. He was married twice: first to Harriett Gurley, and the second time to Sarah Sparks. He is buried next to Sarah Sparks Boone in Crabtree Cemetery, Rabbit Hop Road, Mitchell County. His tombstone reads: “Joseph R. Boone. March 4, 1853- Feb. 7, 1925”.



  Harriett Gurley moved to the Toe River Valley area from elsewhere; her background and family history are unknown. She was born in the 1850's.
 There is a Gurley family with a daughter Harriett listed on the 1860 McDowell census: Household # 48 lists James 'Gurly', age 43, his wife Mary, age 35, and children George (11), Harriett (8), Heny[?] (6), and William (1).  This is perhaps the Harriett Gurley who later moved to Mitchell County, but this is by no means certain.
  According to a marriage record, William F. Davis married Harriett Gurley on Oct. 29, 1873 in Mitchell County, NC. Other documents list Tom Davis (presumably the same person as “William F. Davis”) and Harriett Gurley as the parents of two children.
1. EDDIE DAVIS b. @1875
2. QUEENIE DAVIS (Dec. 16, 1876- July 27, 1932) married Jessie Bud Sparks. Buried in Liberty Hill Cemetery,  Mitchell County.

Harriett Gurley and Tom Davis separated, and the two children were placed in the custody of their grandfather, Allen Davis. According to family tradition, Harriett Gurley may have remarried more than once.

No marriage record for Joseph “Jute” Boone and Harriett Gurley has been found. They are probably listed together on the 1880 Mitchell census: the entry from Snow Creek Township is nearly illegible, but shows a J. P. [R?] Boone, age 19, his wife Harriett, age 24, and a young daughter who would be Ida. However, if this entry does refer to “Jute” Boone, then he would be listed on the census twice, for he also appears with his parents, Robert and Naomi Boone.


1. IDA BOONE (March 9, 1879- Nov. 24, 1953) m. Newton Young on Sept. 13, 1903.
2. JOHN NATHAN “BUD” BOONE (May 25, 1881- Aug. 14, 1963) (Known as Bud Boone, probably to
distinguish him from his first cousin, also named John Nathan Boone. Bud Boone moved to Colorado about 1916, but he eventually returned to Mitchell County and is buried at Grassy Creek Cemetery.)
3. MALLIE [?] BOONE b. ca.1884.

Harriett Gurley probably died in the 1880’s. She may have been buried in an unmarked grave. (According to a 1940 cemetery survey, there was a grave in Big Crabtree Cemetery of "Elizabeth Boone~ Dec. 24, 1850-Dec. 12, 1885". This grave, apparently no longer marked, was perhaps that of Jute's wife; 'Harriett Elizabeth' was a quite common combination of names, and the dates of birth and death would reasonably fit with the little that is known of Harriett Gurley.)


Joseph “Jute” Boone married Sarah Sparks (1873- 1949) on Aug. 24, 1893 in Mitchell County, NC. She was the daughter of Lewis Sparks.


1. LEWIS ROBERT BOONE (July 11, 1894- Dec. 28, 1943) Not married. Drowned at Estatoe.
2. GENEVA BOONE b. ca. 1896 m. ___ Thomas.
3. PLEXIE BOONE b. ca. 1900
4. JAMES B. BOONE b. ca. 1902. Moved to Steinman, VA.
5. CHARLIE BANNER BOONE (Jan. 6,1910- June 10, 1962)