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  The name Lloyd is of Welsh origin. Our earliest Lloyd ancestor of whom something is known is Thomas Lloyd.

  Thomas Lloyd was born July 19, 1773, the son of John and Lucretia Lloyd; according to the census mortality schedule he was born in Georgia. Thomas also had a brother named John. Thomas apparently moved to Stokes County, NC shortly after 1800, for on December 22, 1803 he married Nancy Ledford there. (She was the daughter of John and Grizella Ledford). On October 27, 1804 Thomas and Nancy Lloyd had a daughter, Elizabeth White Lloyd, born in Stokes County. The Lloyd family appear on the 1810 Stokes census, Yadkin District; there are one 10-16 age male and one 16-26 female in the household whose identities are unknown- these may be children from some earlier marriage. Thomas Lloyd may have fathered a son- Thomas Brown Lloyd- with a Ms. Brown; it is unclear whether this was in an earlier marriage or if this was an illegitimate child. This possible son of Thomas later lived in Yancey and Madison counties. 
  On the 1820 census the Lloyd family were in Buncombe county (after 1833 part of Yancey) with only one child in the household (i.e. daughter Elizabeth). On May 9, 1822 Elizabeth White Lloyd married George Young, son of Strawbridge Young, and the couple lived in what would become Yancey County. Thomas Lloyd's name appears on 1825 and 1827 petitions to create a new county (Yancey); he lived near son-in-law George Young.
  Thomas Lloyd worked as a self-taught doctor. In 1844 he treated members of George Young's family who were suffering from typhoid fever; his treatment was not successful and another doctor was hired. (See Dr. Jobe's account.) In January 1844 he submitted a doctor bill to Henry Rowland, and in January 1845 he billed the estate of William Allen for medicine and doctor visits.
  On April 12, 1845 he appointed his son-in-law George Young and Young's son-in-law Jackson Gardner to represent him and go to Roane County, TN to recover any claims due him from the estate of his deceased brother John Lloyd.
  Thomas died on November 17, 1849. His death was reported on the mortality schedule of the 1850 Yancey census, which states that he was born in Georgia, died suddenly, and had worked as a saddler. His wife Nancy Ledford Lloyd survived him, and lived with her daughter and son-in-law, Elizabeth and George Young, until her death on August 24, 1863.
  Thomas and Nancy Lloyd are perhaps buried in unmarked graves near their daughter Elizabeth in Strawbridge Young Cemetery.