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Year Date Names Address Witnesses Notes
1822 30-Sep Samuel Fielden Knowlwood Thomas Fielden  
    Sally Farrow x tp James Farrow  
1822 21-Oct James Holt x Dyke Abraham Barker  
    Betty Stansfield x Stones John Shackleton  
1823 13-Feb John Fielden Square Ogden Mitchell  
    Sarah Crossley x Henshaw William Rigg  
1823 13-Feb John Sutcliffe Stoney Brink John Fielden  
    Ann Bottomley x Inchfield Fold Daniel Sutcliffe  
1823 19-May Robert Schofield x Gauxholme Wm Greenwood  
    Hannah Helliwell x Stones Wood Bottom Unreadable  
1823 20-May James Earnshaw x Holden Gate William Crabtree  
    Mary Heyworth x Banks James Jackson  
1823 29-Sep Samuel Law x Frithswood Bottom James Ogden  
    Ann Marshall x Hanging Ditch John Law ?  
1823 29-Sep John Dawson x High Barn Jimmy (Jeremy)? Mitchell  
    Peggy Earnshaw x Todmorden Edge Abm Earnshaw x  
1823 17-Nov John Smith Gauxholme Wm Greenwood  
    Mary Ogden x Gauxholme William Ogden  
1823 28-Dec John Mills Hollas Pell Timothy Cheetham x  
    Betty Barrot x Hollas Pell Wm Chapman  
1823 30-Dec John Midgley x Inchfield John Rigg  
    Susan Fielden x Warland G Cowell  
1824 18-Jan James Crabtree Walsden Geo Crowther x  
    Lydia Mitchell x Todmorden James Matthews x  
1824 22-Feb Edmund Howard Hundersfield Robert Howard  
    Ann Hartley x Hundersfield Thomas Dean  
1824 01-Mar Abraham Barker x Butcher Hill Wm Greenwood  
    Ann Ogden x Knowlwood Thomas Lord  
1824 24-Mar George Taylor x Lane side John Haley?  
    Alice Holt x Lane side John Enesington x ?  
1824 15-Apr William Sutcliffe x Gauxholme Wm Craven  
    Margaret Sellers x Butcher Hill John Shackleton  
1824 05-Jul John Chadwick x Hollin Hall James ???  
    Ann Stott x Shaw Lane Abm Fielding  
1825 21-Mar Joseph Howarth x Bottoms Benjamin Clegg x  
    Sarah Fielden x tp ???? Law  
1825 04-Jul John Kershaw x Saunder Clough Luke Earnshaw  
    Mary Howarth x Clough House in Newchurch Ely Fielden  
1825 10-Aug William Ramsden Greetland in Halifax Philip Crowther x  
    Peggy Heyworth Knowlwood John Shackleton  
1826 02-Jan John Lord x Saunderclough Abm Eastwood  
    Betty Pilling x Sharneyford William Earnshaw  
1826 02-Jan Samuel Lord Holden Pasture Abm Eastwood  
    Betty Pilling x Sharneyford John Lord  
1826 16-Feb John Lord Newchurch James Lord  
    Mary Lord x Holden Pasture James Lord  
1826 23-Feb Thomas Ratcliffe Clinton John Ratcliffe  
    Jenny Lord x Doles in Newchurch Joseph Ratcliffe x  
1826 23-Apr James Ogden Shade George Needham  
    Hannah Sutcliffe x Gate Bottom Thomas Ogden  
1826 23-Nov John Fielden x Butcher Hill John Sutcliffe  
    Alice Fielden x Butcher Hill Edm Howarth  
1827 26-May James Newell Walton Millwood Abm Walton lic
    Ann Whitehead Todmorden Jn Hill  
1828 19-Feb Thomas Crabtree x tp Thomas Barker  
    Hannah Law x Stansfield John Law  
1828 04-Jun John Lord South Grain John Lord  
    Jane Pilling x Sharneyford Christopher Eastwood  
1830 09-May Humphrey Waddington Padiham Robert R…. lic
    Ann Heap Walsden John Waddington  
1830 19-Aug Henry Wood Windy Bank tp Jn Fielden lic
    Mary Crossley York St. p o Halifax Hannah Crossley  
1830 26-Aug John Hill Bamford Gauxholme Rt Sutcliffe lic
    Grace Sutcliffe Gauxholme James Crossley  
1833 31-Oct Thomas Nash Millwood Thos Barlow lic
    Elizabeth Scholfield Todmorden Jn Blomley & Susan Scholfield  
1834 27-Sep John Crossley Esq. Scaitcliffe 7 witnesses hard to read lic with consent of parents
    Mary Ramsbotham Centre Vale tp    
1835 05-Jan Ashton Stansfield Ewood tp Jane Boyce & Thos Fielden lic
    Mary Boyce Waterside James, John & Stansfield  
1835 15-Sep William Foster x tp Jas Brooks lic
    Mary Smith x Gauxholme James Smith x  
1835 09-Nov Thomas Marshall Lower Naze Bottom p of Halifax William & John Whitworth  
    Betty Eastwood x tp    
1837 20-Apr James Ramsbotham Centre Vale tp numerous witnesses lic
    Jane Fielden Waterside    
1837 20-Apr William Midgley x Keb -Cote Edmund Blomley? lic
    Betty Fielden x Henshaw James Butterworth  


Year Date Name Address Spouse Witnesses
1802 16-Nov Mary FIRTH x btp John Crossley James Dawson John Atkinson
1802 08-Jun Henry FIRTH x Halifax Betty Barker John Ratcliff John Stansfield
1803 17-Mar Sarah FIRTH x btp Charles Eastwood Robt Greenwood Wm Barker
1814 08-Sep Joseph FIRTH   Grace Nash  
1815 20-Aug Hannah FIRTH   James Hardman  


Year Date Name Spouse Parish Witnesses
1786 18-Apr John CRYER x Mary x Ingham btp Thomas Taylor James Schofield
1797 12-Sep John CRYER x Betty x Brearley btp John Fitton William Butterworth
1811 17-Feb Thomas CRYER x Sarah x Howard btp John Howard Thomas Kershaw
1813 12-Sep Robert CRYER Rachel Kershaw    
1816 11-Apr William CRYER Sally Heyworth    
1822 17-Nov Ann CRYER of Dog Load John Lord of New House    


Year Date Names Age   occupation Address Father Occ Witnesses
1839 21-May George Nelson minor bach cabinet maker Hilton St. Manchester William cabinet maker Thomas & Christopher Crossley
    Elizabeth Ann Crossley minor sp   Knowlwood Bottom William manuf'r  
1840 19-Jan James Law x 19 bach shoemaker Spring Mill Samuel manuf'r James Crossley x John Hardwick x
    Elizabeth Butterworth x 19 sp   Mount Gilead Thomas stone getter banns
1840 16-Mar Robert Jackson x full wid farmer Thornsgreece Samuel farmer William Crossley x John Midgley
    Betty Cudworth x full wid   Winterbottom Ambrose Greenwood weaver banns
1840 24-Aug John Heyworth x full wid stone cutter Moverley Jeremiah mason James Newell William Morgan
    Betty Dawson x full wid   Bottoms James Scholfield farmer  
1841 23-May Abraham Crossley full wid weaver Ramsden Wood Abraham labourer William Crossley x Sally Jackson
    Martha Jackson x full sp   Stoney Barn Thomas weaver banns
1843 25-Oct James Pearson x full bach collier Moorcock Richard labourer Joseph Haigh James Newell
    Hannah Jackson x 18 sp   Potoven John collier banns