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1848 TO 1935

Transcribed and kindly sent to us by Pam Mulley


Date Name Age Cond Occupation Address Father's Name Father's Occ
28 Sep 1848 George Crowther 29 B Labourer Wood Bottom Philip Crowther Weaver
  Matty Newall 27 S Weaver Heys James Newall Weaver
  GC x, MN x     Wit: James Lucy, Jno Hunter    
6 Jan 1849 Joseph Crowther 23 B Weaver Walsden Joseph Crowther Wisket Maker
  Mary Ann Wood 27 S Weaver Walsden William Wood Weaver
  JC, MAW x     Wit: Abraham Howorth, Sarah Wood x    
17 Apr 1851 John Travis 28 B Book keeper Woodbottom Joseph Travis Chandler
  Jane Crowther 27 S Weaver Strines Barn Joseph Crowther Farmer
  JT, JC x     Wit: Thomas Lord, Sarah Crowther x    
24 Jan 1853 Richard Crowther 60 W Shoemaker Todmorden John Crowther Farmer
  Betty Crowther 51 W   Knowlwood Joshua Stevenson Weaver
  RC, BC x     Wit: Hannah Law, Moses Dawson    
19 Jul 1856 William Woodhead 23 B Roller Turner Moverley John Woodhead Weaver
  Susan Crowther 22 S   Bottomley George Crowther Labourer
  WW, SC x     Wit: John Crossley, Hannah Howorth x    
27 Apr 1857 John Howorth 25 B Excavator Square John Howorth Contractor
  Sarah Ann Crowther 25 S Weaver Wood Bottom Philip Crowther Weaver
  JH, SAC     Wit: Abraham Howorth, Fielden Fielden    
1 Jan 1859 William Crowther 21 B Scutcher Bottomley Joseph Crowther Labourer
  Alice Jackson 22 S Winder   John Jackson Labourer
  WC, AJ x     Wit: Samuel Jackson, Grace Taylor x    
2 Apr 1859 Abraham Crossley 20 B Hindsman (Rails) Railway Cottage Samuel Crossley Plate Layer
  Betty Crowther 22 S Winder Nicklety Eli Crowther Labourer
  AC, BC     Wit: William Crowther, Ann Crowther x    
2 Jun 1860 James Crowther 19 B Carder Bottomley George Crowther Labourer
  Mary Mills 22 S Winder Lumbutts Thomas Mills Weaver
  JC x, MM     Wit: James Mills, Edward Ely, Caroline Repler?    
30 May 1863 Richard Pearson 23 B Coalminer Moorcock Richard Pearson Labourer
  Alice Crowther 21 S Winder Thorns Grease William Crowther Coalminer
  RP x, AC     Wit: William Crowther, Martha Scholfield x    
17 Sep 1866 Barker Crowther 22 B Coal Miner Thorns Grease William Crowther Labourer
  Ann Stott 20 S       --- Nicklety John Stott Weaver
  BC x, AS     Wit: William Newall x, Grace Crowther    
8 Dec 1866 Abraham Crowther 20 B Weaver Bottomley George Crowther Labourer
  Mary Howorth 19 S Weaver Meadow Bottom James Howorth Quarry Man
  AC, MH x     Wit: Alice Howorth, William Schofield    
23 Feb 1867 James Crowther 23 B Mechanic Inchfield Lane John Crowther Mechanic
  Margaret Neill 21 S Mill Hand Trent Holme William Neill Farmer
  JC, MN     Wit: William Ma…, illegible    
10 Jun 1867 William Crowther 29 B Weaver Bottomley George Crowther Labourer
  Sarah Ann Sutcliffe 27 S Weaver Lane Bottom Robert Sutcliffe New…?
  WC x, SAS x     Wit: Edmund Woodhead, James Lord    
12 Mar 1870 William Marshall 26 B Weaver Hollingworth Gate Thomas Marshall Labourer
  Mary Crowther 25 S Weaver Clough John Crowther Mechanic
  WM, MC     Wit: William Schofield, Mary Ashworth    
26 Mar 1870 John Haigh 24 B Farmer Brown Roads John Haigh Farmer
  Mary Crowther 19 S Mill Hand Ditches William Crowther Farmer
  JH, MC x     Wit: James Harrison, Hannah Harrison x    
25 Jun 1870 Richard Crowther 25 B Signal Man on Railway Cannon Street Shade Barker Crowther Shoe…..
  Mary Williamson 25 S Factory Hand Brook Street Todmorden John Williamson Railway Porter
  RC, MW     Wit: Jas Williamson, Ellen Williamson x    
27 Jun 1871 George David Lamb 26 B Book Keeper Travis Holm Robert Lamb Mechanic
  Martha Crowther 25 S Mill Hand Clough Eli Crowther Labourer
  GDL, MC     Wit: James Robertshaw, Alce/Alse Lambe    
1 Feb 1872 John William Crowther 23 B Moulder Moulright Walsden John Crowther Guchan……
  Hannah Fielden 24 S Tenter? Clough Samuel Fielden Coal ….
  JWC, HF     Wit: Matty Fielden, James Crowther    
12 May 1872 Joseph Crowther 20 B Joiner Cross Keys Walsden James Crowther Publican
  Maria Campion 20 S Domestic Servant Birks Street Walsden Patrick Campion Farmer
  JC, MC     Wit: Susan Campion, Fielden Fielden    
10 Aug 1872 James Keen 21 B Mill Hand Garibaldi St Walsden Thomas Keen Labourer
  Betsy Crowther 19 S Mill Hand Lower Dyches William Crowther Farmer
  JK x, BC x     Wit: Charles Keen, Ann Garrod    
2 Apr 1874 John Schofield 22 B Weaver Glen View Walsden Robert Schofield Weaver
  Grace Crowther 24 S Weaver Thornsgreece William Crowther Collier
  JS, GC     Wit: Tom Scholfield, Robet Stansfield    
20 Mar 1875 James Crowther 31 B Weaver Wood Bottom          ---       ---
  Mary Jane Stenhouse 25 S   Hollins Turn John Stenhouse Coachman
  JC, MJS     Wit: John Stenhouse, Alice Ashworth    



20 Mar 1875 John Craven 26 B Cotton Warper Bottoms Samuel Craven Stripper & Grinder
  Mary Crowther 27 S          --- Throstle Hall   Farmer
  JC, MC     Wit: Sutcliffe Greenwood, Sarah Ellen S…utson    
1 Apr 1875 Edwin Crowther 22 B Mechanic Industry Street John Crowther Mechanic
  Caroline Jemima Crick 19 S   Henshaw Cottage David Crick Labourer
  EC, CJC     Wit: John Fielden, Susannah Crick    
6 Jan 1877 Reuben Crowther 21 B Picker Maker Nicklety Joseph Crowther Picker Maker
  Susey Ellen Hoyle 21 S         --- Stoneley Barn William Hoyle Mule Spinner
  RC, SEH x     Wit: Miles Bamford, Susey Bamford    
29 Mar 1877 Reuben Crowther 23 B Carter Lower Ditches William Crowther Farmer
  Elizabeth Ann Pearson 24 S   Clough James Pearson Platelayer
  RC x, EAP x     Wit: Susey Bamford, Miles Bamford    
5 Jun 1879 Fielden Fletcher Jackson 25 B Shoemaker Littleborough Eli Fletcher Shoemaker
  Hannah Crowther 28 S        --- Throstle Hall John Crowther Labourer
  FFJ, HC     Wit: James Whitaker x, Martha Whitaker x    
11 Nov 1880 Joseph Crowther 27 W Joiner Bottoms James Crowther Gentleman
  Elizabeth Hudson 36 S   Todmorden John Hudson Gentleman
  JC, EH     Wit: Thomas Horsfall, Robert Crossley    
6 Jan 1883 James Crowther 64 W Labourer Bottoms Joseph Crowther Boot Maker
  Hannah Bond 60 W   Bottoms James Howorth Spinner
  JC x, HB x     Wit: Robert Crossley, Joseph Jobley    
5 Sep 1885 Albert Greenwood 19 B Cotton-piecer Walsden Robert Greenwood Ginger-beer Manufacturer
  Annie Crowther 19 S         --- Walsden James Crowther Weaver
  AG, AC     Wit: John Greenwood, Lilly Ann Greenwood    
20 Aug 1887 John William Crowther 22 B Relayman at Railway Henshaw Cott Walsden Samuel Crowther Railway Cent…..
  Annie Heyworth 23 S              --- Henshaw Barn John Heyworth Farmer
  JWC, AH     Wit: Richard Pilling, Ellen Pilling    
12 May 1888 Frank Arthur Simpson 21 B Spinner Walsden Samuel Simpson Warper
  Mary Crowther 24 S     --- St Stephens Par Burnley George Crowther Loom Overlooker
  FAS, MC     Wit: Albert Greenwood, Sarah Crowther    
8 Jun 1889 John William Crowther 22 B Collier Fair View Walsden Barker Crowther Collier
  Betsy Barker 24 S   Nicklety Walsden James Barker Collier
  JWC, BB     Wit: Reuben Crowther, Annie Jackson    
6 Oct 1890 William Stott 28 B Weaver Wood Bottom John Stott Carver
  Sarah Crowther 28 S     --- Hollins Turn George Crowther Weaver
  WS, SC     Wit: John Helliwell, Betsy Crowther x    
2 Dec 1891 Fielden Crowther 21 B Woodman Stones Terrace James Crowther Weaver
  Mary Elizabeth Woodhead 21 S Weaver Back Terrace John Woodhead Lamplighter
  FC, MEW     Wit: Alexander Robinson, Hannah Robinson    
3 Sep 1892 Fred Crowther 31 B Weaver Little Knowl Terrace James Crowther Weaver
  Mally Fielden 29 S Carder Butcher Hill Joseph Fielden (dec) Quarryman
  FC, MF     Wit: Albert Greenwood, Annie Greenwood    
1 Jul 1893 Joshua Crowther 28 B Overlooker 663 Sq Walsden James Crowther Quarryman
  Christiana Fielden 27 S       --- Glen View Walsden James Fielden Labourer
  JC, CF     Wit: John Fielden, Nancy Hettie Fielden    
17 Mar 1894 John Helliwell 30 B Weaver Henshaw Road Walsden William Helliwell  
  Betsy Crowther 39 S Winder Hollins Turn Walsden    
  JH, BC x     Wit: William Stott, Sarah Stott    
30 Jan 1897 James Crowther 23 B Warehouseman 12 Prince St Cobden John Crowther Publican
  Mary Stansfield 24 S Weaver 289 Rochdale Road Thomas Stansfield  
  JC, MS     Wit: Walter Sutcliffe, Robert Lord, Sarah Stansfield, Sarah Emily White     
20 Dec 1899 Thomas Stansfield 24 B Shuttle-Maker 4 Knott Road John Stansfield Iron-Moulder
  Alice Crowther 22 S   9 Calf Hey Terrace          ---       ---
  TS, AC     Wit: Walter Halstead, Ruth Sunderland     
15 Aug 1901 Edwin Crowther 26 B Weaver Kiln Road Walsden Edwin Crowther Mechanic?
  Harriet Augusta Lester 22 S   Henry Place Walsden Phil Lester (dec) Traveller
  EC, HAL     Wit: Samuel Stuttard, Martha Maria Crowther     
30 Aug 1902 Sam Robertshaw 23 B Weaver Todmorden Abraham Robertshaw Loom Overlooker
  Susannah Crowther 23 S   Hollins Road Walsden Edwin Crowther Mechanic?
  SR, SC     Wit: Herbert Barker, Barbara Ann Robertshaw     
25 Oct 1902 Samuel Stuttard 23 B Weaver 13 Bacup Rd Tod Thomas Stuttard (dec) Sayr
  Martha Maria Crowther 25 S   Hollins Road Walsden Edwin Crowther Mechanic?
  SS, MMC     Wit: Matthew Stuttard, Jemima Emma Crowther     
21 Dec 1907 Ernest Richard Wilkinson 29 B Warper 5 Alma Street Walsden Richard Wilkinson Club...taker
  Betsy Crowther 42 W Winder 17 Melbourne Rd Walsden James Barker Weaver
  ERW, BC     Wit: Thomas Law, Olive Law     
08 May 1909 Herbert Crowther 24 B Weaver 7 Strines Street Walsden Edwin Crowther Mechanic
  Esther Stansfield 25 S Weaver Rough Bank Walsden James Stansfield Deceased
  HC, ES     Wit: Arthur Crowther, Annie Howarth    
10 Jul 1915 Gilbert Needham 23 B Joiner 17 Merrybents St Todmord John Needham Insurance Agent
  Agnes Ann Crowther 21 S Cotton Weaver 754 Rochdale Rd Walsden Reuben Crowther Grocer
  GN, AAC     Wit: Crossley Crowther, Mary Helliwell     
19 Apr 1930 Herbert Crowther 29 B Warehouseman 12 Newall Street John Crowther (dec) Engineer
  Elizabeth Jane Taylor 25 S Weaver 31 Lumbutts Road John George Taylor Engineer
  HC, EJT      Wit: Frederick Proffitt, Elsie Alice Taylor