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complete from 1669 to 1837


Year Date Name Address Spouse Address Witnesses
1733 26-Mar John   Susan Crossley    
1734 12-Nov Mary   John Crossley    
1740 30-Dec Betty   Edmund Crossley    
1744 26-Mar William Walsden Susan Crossley Walsden  
1744 06-Sep Thomas Walsden Mary Crossley Walsden  
1748 16-Jun Martha   John Crossley    
1751 26-Dec Ann   John Rudman    
1754 15-Sep John Walsden Alice Tattersall Walsden Eli Fielden & John Crossley
1769 31-Aug Ann   Thomas Holt   Daniel Sutcliffe & John Holt
1776 09-Apr Sarah   Thomas Harrison   Abraham Crabtree, John Jackson & Luke Law
1780 14-Aug Ann   Samuel Baron   Charles Lord & John Shackleton


Year Date Name Parish Spouse Parish Witnesses
1781 27-Dec James tp Mary Roberts tp

John Sutcliffe

William Barker

1782 10-Feb Mary tp William Whitaker tp

John Shackleton

John Dearden

1782 19-Sep Betty tp William Sutcliffe tp

Eli Sutcliffe

John Mitchell

1782 24-Oct Betty tp John Dearden tp

Thomas Dawson

John Highley

1783 29-Apr Thomas tp Sarah Wadsworth tp

John Kershaw

Joshua Armitage

1784 31-May Hannah tp Benjamin Woodhead tp

Thomas Dawson

Abram Fielden

1786 26-Oct Matthew Heptonstall Mary Stansfield tp

William Greenwood

John Butterworth

1788 16-Oct Jane tp James Earnshaw tp

James Butterworth

Thomas Dawson

1789 24-Feb William tp Mally Farrer tp

Thomas Taylor

James Butterworth

1792 27-Dec Ann tp John Jackson tp

Sam Fitzgerald

Abram Fielden

1793 28-Aug John tp Betty Hoyle tp

John Milne

Abram Fielden

1795 10-May William tp Ann Pearson tp

John Helliwell

Robert Clegg

1795 29-Nov Alice tp Robert Haworth tp


Richard Clegg

1796 25-Sep Mary tp Edmund Clegg tp

John Atkinson

John Shackleton

1797 12-Apr Thomas tp Martha Howarth tp

John Shackleton

John Howarth

1797 14-Sep Susan tp Abraham Fielden tp

John Fielden

Alice Fielden

1797 17-Oct Edmund tp Margaret Lord tp

Richard Pilling

James Wild

1797 28-Dec Sampson tp Ann Crossley tp

John Crossley

James Greenwood

1798 23-Jul James tp Betty Shore tp

Thomas Holt

John Shackleton

1798 30-Dec James tp Ann Blomley tp

William Greenwood

John Shackleton

1799 05-Feb Betty tp Robert Healey tp

John Butterworth

John Shackleton

1800 03-Aug Mary tp Richard Rhodes tp

Nicholas Fielden

John Shackleton

1800 28-Aug Sarah tp Richard Midgley tp

John Butterworth

John Sutcliffe

1800 25-Nov Edmund tp Elizabeth Ransley tp

Richard Lord

Lawrence Kenyon

1802 06-May Susan Langfield Thomas Dawson Todmorden

John Barker

John Stansfield

1803 30-Jan John tp Sarah Kershaw tp

Abraham Whittles

John Shackleton

1803 12-Jun John tp Susan Walton tp

Thomas Greenwood

John Shackleton

1803 06-Nov Martha tp Richard Holden tp

Edmund Butterworth

John Shackleton

1804 26-Jun Susan tp John Law tp

Thomas Law

John Shackleton

1804 19-Nov John tp Ann Butterworth tp

James Butterworth

John Shackleton

1804 19-Nov Ann tp John Butterworth tp

James Butterworth

John Shackleton

1807 31-Dec Martha tp Samuel Farrer tp

George Hollows

Jonathan Southwell

1809 21-May Hannah tp Benjamin Stansfield tp

Peter Davis

John Lord

1810 25-Oct Hannah tp Abram Sutcliffe tp

John Stansfield

William Horsfall

1811 12-Aug Betty tp John Taylor tp

James Bamford

Thomas Ormerod

1812 07-Sep Mally tp John Earnshaw tp

Thomas Stansfield

Thomas Ratcliffe

1812 28-Sep John tp Betty Holt tp

John Taylor

John Stott

1812 28-Sep Mary tp John Chadwick tp

John Cooper

John Shackleton


Year Date Name Parish Spouse Parish Witnesses
1813 12-Aug Mary x tp Thomas Mills x tp George Hardman x & John Shackleton
1815 25-Mar Betty x tp Samuel Walker tp Luke Horsfall & Abram ? Kershaw
1817 23-Jan Alice x tp James Greenwood tp John Law & John Shackleton
1819 11-Mar Edmund tp Rhoda Place tp John Buckley & George Williamson
1820 13-Feb William tp Mary Holt x tp John Shackleton & James Shackleton x
1826 05-Aug Martha x tp Abraham Sutcliffe tp James Greenhalgh & John Sutcliffe
1827 15-Jan William x tp Mary Ingham x tp John Nuttall & Elias Butterworth
1830 31-Jan William tp Betty Standering x tp John Butterworth & James Tattersall x
1830 25-Apr Elizabeth x tp William Nield tp Thomas Pearson & John Shackleton
1830 18-Oct James tp Martha Ashworth x tp Thomas Royds & Samuel Barnish
1830 11-Nov Jonathon Littleborough Ann Sladen Littleborough Isaac Taylor & Robert Marsden
1831 01-May Jamesx tp Mary Clegg x tp Thos Lord x & John Shackleton
1831 06-Nov John tp Sarah Mills x tp John Milnes & Mary Clegg x
1832 11-Mar Martha tp Joshua Jackson tp James Leach & Robert Sutcliffe
1832 02-Sep James tp Maria Crabtree x tp Abraham Crabtree & John Shackleton
1832 14-Oct Mary x tp Thomas Simpson x tp John Royds x & Mary Royds & J? Richards?
1833 07-Aug Ellen x tp Edmund Holt tp Edmund Crossley & Richard Cockcroft
1833 12-Dec John x tp Ann Lord x tp Ely Fielden & John Shackleton
1834 16-Mar Isabella x tp James Taylor tp John Lord & John Cirker ?
1834 06-Jul Martha x tp William Lord tp John Stott & Wm. Shackleton
1834 07-Sep John x tp Mary Clegg x tp Samuel Clegg & James Bamford
1834 09-Sep Robert tp Hannah Lord x tp John Butterworth & John Lord & Betty Lord x
1834 12-Oct Robert tp Hannah Smith x tp John Shackleton & Ely Fielden
1834 19-Oct Hannah x tp Samuel Hall tp James Hall & Edmund Stephenson
1834 18-Nov Mary x tp John Unsworth tp Eli Unsworth & Richard Unsworth
1834 28-Dec James x tp Ellen Royds x tp Thomas Eastwood & Betty Royds x
1835 11-Jan Hannah x tp Charles Wild tp James Whitworth & John Whitehead
1835 24-Dec Sarah tp David Dyson tp James Butterworth & James Dyson
1836 18-Apr Mary x tp John Brearley tp Rich. Whitworth & John Lord
1836 14-Nov Charles tp Sarah Stott x tp Thomas H… & Mary Cunliffe x
1837 06-Feb Nancy x tp William Brearley tp John H?? & John Howarth