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Susan Hacker & Allen Sneed

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Where Did They Go?
The Sneed Family
Possible Children

The source for the marriage between Allen Sneed and Susan Hacker, daughter of Julius Hacker Sr, is The Biography of Jasper Co, Missouri, a Vanity-style publication printed in 1901. The informant was a William R. Hacker, grandson of Jacob and Martha (Register) Hacker and great-grandson of Julius Hacker Sr.

Roane County, TN, has its marriage bonds and returns intact, but shows no marriage for Allen Sneed and Susan Hacker. Therefore, it is likely that the marriage occurred before Roane County was formed in 1801 or even before the Hackers and Sneed moved into the area. We know that the families likely were acquainted by 1799 and it could have been earlier.

An Alin Snead was one of the signers of the 1799 Petition to form Roane County, signing the third of four signed petitions, along with Samuel Eblen. Recorded as Allen Sneed, he also signed the petition of 1801 to form Roane County, as did a brother-in-law John Hacker. The Eblen name is significant because the Eblens were neighbors of the HACKERS, so he appeared to be living in the same general area. An EDWARD SNEED also was listed on the second petition.

"Petition to the General Assembly of Tennessee for the Division of Knox County"

To the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee

We the subscribers living in Knox County below the mouth of Turkey Creek or north of Clinch petition that Knox County may be divided so as to leave the same a constitutional County and that a new County be formed so as to contain therein a part of the tract of country lying between the Rivers Holston and Clinch next above South West Point and a part of that tract of country lying North of Clinch and we as in duty bound will ever pray. July 15, 1799"

Allen appeared in Capt. Hugh FRANCE's Militia Company 1802 of the Roane County 1802 Tax List. He was listed in the Roane Co. Court Martials records of 1809 on the rolls of the First Battalion of the Roane Co. Militia, and in 1812 he appeared as a juror along with Joseph Hacker, his brother-in-law. He also served in the War of 1812 as a pvt., with Col. John Brown, Captain James McKamey's Company, E. TN. Mtd Gunmen. This was the same unit in which Joseph Hacker served.

In the Roane Co. Minute Book for the, Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Allen Sneed appeared as a juror for the April 21, 1812 session. Also on the jury were John E. Nelson and Joseph Hacker.

In 1813, he appeared in 5 land surveys for Rebecca Holley, and in one as a sworn chain carrier. Generally, chain carriers were related in some way or were neighbors to the person having the property surveyed. Rebecca appears to have been Rebecca Ferrill, dau of William & Jane Ferrall(sic). She married William Halley, son of Francis & Ann Halley/Holley on 12 Dec. 1785 in Bedford Co. VA., according to the Holley List on Rootsweb. Possibly, BEDFORD VA could be a clue for the Sneeds. The Senters/Centers who also were neighbors in the area came out of Bedford via Grainger TN.

He was on the 1817 Roane Co. Tax List, with 50 acres and paid 1 white poll, the same tax list as John E. Nelson and several HARTS. On 6 Feb 1819, Allen was bondsman for the marriage bond of James Brown, who was marrying Betsey Hacker, the sister of Allen's wife Susan.

In 1820, he was security for a Nancy Hart, widow of Archibald Hart, to obtain letters of administration for Hart's estate. In 1821, Hartwell Hart and Nancy Hart assigned plats and certificates to Allen Sneed. After the mid 1820s, Allen Sneed disappeared from the Roane records.

Where Did They Go?

Finding Allen Sneed took time, and when I finally did, it was obvious why. In 1843, Allen Sneed submitted a Revolutionary War pension application, indicating that he served from North Carolina.

The pension was rejected due to lack of evidence. But embedded down in the document was the information I almost overlooked. Sneed testified that during the late war with Great Britain he served a term of "four months in Capt. McCamy's Company of Volunteers in the Regiment commanded by Col. John Brown against the Nation of Creek Indians, that he was present and participated in the memorable Battle fought in March 1814 by Genl Jackson with the Creek Indians at the Horseshoe...."

This is the evidence that proves he is "my" Allen Sneed. The War of 1812 Volunteers from the Roane area of Tennessee are well documented; and an Allen Sneed is documented with McCamy's Company in Brown's Regiment. Indeed, this is the same regiment in which Sneed's brother-in-law Joseph Hacker served. I had my man.

After reading of Sneed's travels, it was easy for me to figure out why he had no evidence for his pension application and why it was hard for me to find him. First, he was an old man who wasn't even born in North Carolina - he was born in Halifax, VA, had been orphaned and farmed out to a widow. After escaping from that predicament, he moved to Orange Co., North Carolina, and joined up in Hillsboro.

After the Revolutionary War, he at some point in time, moved to the Knox and Roane areas, then on to Bedford County, then to Shelby Co., AL, and then to Tishomingo, Mississippi, and then to Marion Co., Tn, where he filed a pension application. At his age, he probably had outlived most of the men he had served with and wasn't even living close enough to his former homes in NC or TN to look for folks who could testify on his behalf.

I did find Allen Sneed in 1830 Shelby, AL, and there is an 1839 BLM land grant for an Allen Sneed. Another researcher indicates that he located a late 1830s Tishomingo, Mississippi, land transaction. In 1840 Allen Sneed appeared in the Marion Co., TN census.

The Sneed Family

So what about family? The older woman in 1830 Shelby, AL, and in the 1840 Marion, TN, census is consistent in age - born between 1770-1779. Supposedly, Susan Hacker Sneed was born after her brothers. If this is the same woman, that would place her age in the late 1770s, a fit with her brother's ages.

The two censuses back up what Allen Sneed said - that he didn't really know his own age because the widow had kept it from him. (Alexis' note: There really was a reason why an unscrupulous person would keep the age from a bound-out child - that child had to stay with them and work generally until the age of 21. At age 21, the caretaker owed them clothes, sometimes money, occasionally tools, and they were FREE to leave.)

Both the 1830 and 1840 census indicate a man between 60-70. If you believe the 1830 census, then this makes him born between 1760-69; or if the 1840 census, then he was born between 1770-79; or if the pension application, it indicated he was about 96, or b. abt. 1847. My personal opinion is that the age 96 was a total guesstimate on the part of the lawyer helping Allen Sneed with his application; because Sneed stated twice that he didn't know when he was born. I do think it possible that he may have been born around 1765-66; because he paid a poll tax in Roane in 1817 but not afterwards. That puts his birthdate in the 1765-66 timeframe, based on rolling off the rolls after age 50.

In the 1830 Shelby, AL, census, the Sneeds have three young men in their household, 1 m 20<30, 1 m 15<20, and 1 m 10<15. There also is a young woman 15<20.

Also in Shelby, AL, there is a a Julius Sneed 20<30 (b.1801-1810) with 2 females under 5, no adult female. I believe that this man is a son, named for Susan's father Julius. Basis for this conclusion is that in the 1820 Roane TN land assignments from Hartwell Hart to Allen Sneed, Allen turned around and assigned them to a Julius Sneed. Based on this finding, it appears that Allen and Julius moved together at least as far as Shelby, AL.

By 1840, Allen had moved on to Marion, TN; BUT there was a G.W. Sneed, age 30 under 40, living in Shelby, AL. Is this the George Washington Sneed named as a son by the Biography of Jasper Co., MO? I believe this is probably the case, for in 1816 Roane court minutes, a George Sneed is the subject of a court case "The State of Tennessee v. George Sneed." George was fined 50 cents by the Roane court, and the court minutes recorded that "Allen Sneed comes into court and confesses judgement for the fine and costs." Then the court ordered that costs were to be recovered "against the defendant and Allen Sneed."

Basically, Allen admitted that George was guilty and without further action required on the part of the court, agreed to pay the fines and costs. This indicates a very close relationship to me;, and since Allen stated in his pension deposition that he was orphaned in Virginia, the relationship seems likely to be that of father and son. For more information and definition of "confessed judgement," see The Free Dictionary at this link.

There was a J. Sneed in 1840 Dallas, AL, not far from Shelby Co. Is this Julius Sneed? I have not yet proven a connection, but it seems possible. He was the right age, 30 under 40, with 1 female 15<20.

In 1840, Allen Sneed's household in Marion Co., TN showed Allen, a male 20<30, a female 20<30, and the older woman. Allen died before 5 Aug. 1844, when his will was proved by the oaths of Stephen Hicky and B.F. Grayson in Marion Co. Unfortunately, the wills and probate documents of Marion Co. TN were destroyed by fire.

Possible Children or Relatives

So many questions remain: What happened to the family? What were the names of the other children? What happened to Susan Hacker Sneed? Are they related to Allen Sneed of Maury Co., TN who also has roots in Halifax, VA?

The trail has run cold. If you can help with this mystery, please contact me.

Probable children

  • Julius Sneed, 1821 Roane TN and 1830 Shelby AL
  • George Sneed, 1816 Roane TN and 1840 Shelby AL (as G.W. Snead); named in Biography of Jasper Co., MO

Potential children

  • John Sneed, named in Biography of Jasper Co., MO
  • unnamed female, b. abt. 1813

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