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Joseph & Priscilla (Haggerty) Hacker

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Joseph Property Court Case
Which Julius was the Son?
Joseph & Priscilla's Children

According to the 1850 Roane Co. TN census, Joseph Hacker was born in 1775 in (what would become) Tennessee. This birth date is corroborated by the fact that beginning in 1826/27, he did not pay poll tax anymore. The Tennessee age for paying poll taxes was between the age of 20 and 50. He probably was born in the current-day Bristol VA-TN-NC area, where I located his father Julius Hacker in the North of Holston area by 1777. Here on the banks of Beaver Creek, he had settled with his presumed in-laws the Beelers and neighbors the Shelbys, among others.

By 1798, Julius Hacker purchased 200 acres of land on the Clinch River in then Knox Co., later Roane, where it appears that Joseph finally married Priscilla Haggerty in 1810. But there also is an early marriage bond in 1802 in Roane Co. TN for Joseph Hacker and Priscilla Haggerty. That must be an interesting story. Perhaps they quarreled or business intervened. Who knows. In the meantime, the two of them had 2 children aft/abt.1807 before the final marriage bond on 14 July 1810.

[Alexis's notes: Marriage bonds were not proof of marriage nor did they come into play if a marriage did not take place. They simply were a way of certifying that there was no legal barrier to a marriage. The ultimate purpose was to defray the costs of litigation in the event the marriage was nullified. According to The Source, a Guidebook of American Genealogy, bonds were "posted by the groom alone or with a second person, usually the father or the brother of the bride."]

I have to wonder if Joseph was a bit of a fiddlefoot in the old days, perhaps even a long hunter. Maybe he just wasn't ready to settle down. Although I found his brother Julius in the Roane Co. Militia records in the early 1800s, Joseph did not appear until later. Instead, I found him in Russell Co, VA between 1806 and 1807 (which was formerly Washington County) with his brother-in-law Jacob Peters (who married Catherine Hacker).

After marrying Priscilla, Joseph began appearing in the Roane Court records by 1812; and in 1812, he also enlisted in the War of 1812, where he was inducted and discharged as a private and served in Brown's Regiment, East Tennessee Vols, along with another brother-in-law Allen Sneed (who married Susan Hacker.) It was interesting to note that Joseph was paid more for the use of his horse during the War of 1812 than for his own service!

After that war, he then began an active life in the court and census records, as well as buying and selling different pieces of property, until he finally appears to have settled down on a piece of property in the area that became known as Sugar Grove Valley in Roane County.

A woman of the right age to have been Priscilla, age 50-60 or born mid-range of 1775, appeared in the 1830 Roane Co. Census in Joseph's household; but she apparently died before 1840 as she did not appear in the 1840 or subsequent census.

Joseph eventually accumulated property amounting to about 175 acres and sold a little over half of the property to his son Joel a couple of years before he died in 1859. Joel as the only son remaining at home was named administrator of the estate.

"A motion of Joel Hacker--  he is the court appointed administrator of the estate of Joseph Hacker who  died at his residence in Roane County on the 6th day of February 1859  Whereupon the said Hacker entered into bond with Security in the  words and  figures to wit...."
 6th day of June 1859

Because Joseph died intestate, without a will, the following court case and petition serves to identify his children and some of his grandchildren.

Roane County 1860, Joel Hacker & Others vs. Julius Hacker & Others

Extracted by Alexis Hacker Scholz, direct descendent of Julius> Joseph> Joel> Joseph H. Hacker.

This lawsuit, brought by JOEL HACKER and his sisters MARGARET HACKER and ELIZABETH HACKER, essentially petitioned the court to sell the property left by JOSEPH HACKER when he died in testate in 1859 and distribute the proceeds to the heirs. Joel and his sisters contend in papers that the property “owing to the small number of of [sic] acres and the large number of heirs said land is not susceptible of satisfactory division and that to divide the said land into so many shares would greatly lessen the value of the whole tract but that it would manifestly be to the advantage of all persons concerned to have a sale of the land and a distribution of the proceeds….”

 “State of Tennessee

To the County Court of Roane County at Kingston Sitting"

           Joel Hacker, Margaret Hacker & Elizabeth Hacker residents of the County of Roane and State aforesaid bring this their petition against Julius Hacker who is a citizen of the State of Mifsouri and the children of John Hacker deceased who are minors and residents of the state of Mifsouri and whose names and ages are to your petitioners unknown and who have no known regular guardian also against Joel Hacker Julius Hacker William Hacker George Hacker who are minor children and heirs at law of George Hacker deceased and William Holloway their guardian who are residents of the County of Grainger and State of Tennefsee, and thereupon your petitions would show to the court that they and defendants with the exception of William Holloway guardian of the minor children of George Hacker deceased are the heirs at law of Joseph Hacker deceased who died seized and pofsefsed of a certain tract of land lying in Roane County…and containing about one hundred acres.”

And should there be any lingering questions about whether or not Margaret and Elizabeth were daughters, this appears in another document, 25th Day of October 1861:

“To Margaret Hacker, Elizabeth Hacker children and heirs at law of Joseph Hacker decd…”

In a somewhat tardy court appearance, Joseph Hacker and Julius Hacker, children of George arrive on 23 May 1863 and attest to being “two of the children of and heirs at law of George Hacker deceased who was a Son of Joseph Hacker late of Roane County Tennefsee, say that their Father departed this life something near twenty years ago in Graineger County Tennefsee leaving them the same Joseph, Julius and William Hacker and George Hacker his children and heirs at law…”

The father, George, was the George Hacker of Grainger County who married Rebecca Hollingsworth.

Which Julius Hacker was the Son?

There were several Julius Hackers; and for the purposes of discovering which was Joseph’s son (as named in the court case to disperse his property), the questions is how to distinguish between them.

In particular, there were two Julius Hackers in this section of Tennessee in close to the same timeframe, both of whom went on to Missouri. One was Julius C. Hacker, born about 1807 who eventualy migrated to St. Clair, MO; and the other was a Julius "Pete" James Hacker, born in 1815, who migrated to Cedar County, MO, with his inlaws the Hembrees.

A Julius Hacker aged between 20-30, with a median birthdate of 1805, appeared in Claiborne Co. in the 1830 census one household away from a John Hacker and shortly thereafter in the Grainger Co. court record (Claiborne and Grainger were neighboring counties.) Evidence for this Julius being the son of Joseph lies first in the naming conventions used for Julius's children.

This Julius was still in Grainger Co. in 1850, where the census showed him to have children named Persilla (his mother's name) and Joseph (his father's name) along with Margaret (his sister's name). Daniel Beeler was his wife's father's name, and there is a son named Daniel as well.

According to the biography for Daniel Hacker in the United Daughters of the Confederacy book 1991, Julius moved his family to Roscoe, St. Clair, MO about 1857. They then moved to Chariton Co. with the advent of the Civil War to be near Southern supporters.

Second, circumstantial evidence which also points to this Julius being the son of Joseph includes the fact that George Hacker, another son of Joseph Hacker, also lived in Grainger during this timeframe and died there circa 1843. George married Rebecca Hollingsworth, and road records show that Julius's neighbors in Grainger included the Hollingworths.

Third, there are two males 15<20 in the 1830 census household of Joseph Hacker - and those slots go to Joseph's sons Joel Hacker, b. abt. 1814, and George Hacker, b. 1815-1819.

Conclusion: Given the information above, it is Julius C. Hacker who is the son of Joseph Hacker.

Joseph and Priscilla's Children

  • John Hacker m. Cynthia Beeler d. MO
  • Julius C. Hacker m. Elizabeth Beeler d. MO
  • Joel Hacker m. Sarah "Sally" Clark d. during the Civil War in a Nashville hospital
  • George W. Hacker m. Rebecca Hollingsworth d. Grainger CO., TN
  • Margaret Hacker, never married, d. prob. Roane Co., TN
  • Elizabeth Hacker, never married, d. prob. Roane Co. TN

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