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Jacob & Martha (Register) Hacker

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Jacob's Will
Jacob & Martha's Children

Jacob Hacker was probably born between 1770-1777, based on the fact that his first-born son James was born in 1794 and he paid poll tax in 1798 in Greene Co. TN in Captain William Crawfords’s Company. [Alexis’ note: The Tennessee age for paying poll taxes was between the age of 20 and 50.] Both the 1830 Greene Co. Census and the 1840 Monroe Co. Census show Jacob to be born between 1760-1770. However, he does not appear in the Sullivan Co. 1796 tax list with his father and brothers John and Julius. So it is possible that we will never know an exact birth date for sure.

Several of Jacob's children were still alive for the 1880 census, which indicated that the father of those three was born in Tennessee. Since Jacob was dead by 1880 and this information is a secondary source at best, it is possible that they were wrong. But if Jacob was not born in Tennessee, he would have been born in Virginia. Again, we'll probably never know for sure.

All of the tax lists do not exist, but Jacob Sr. rolled off the poll tax lists by 1828 when in the Green Co., Tax List, Capt. Roberts Co., he showed 50 acres but did not pay a white poll. Since a man did not have to pay a poll after age 50, this means that he was born no later than 1777.

Based on the age of his first son, Jacob probably married his wife Martha no later than 1793. A vanity-type publication, History of Tennessee and Tennesseans Vol IV, (1913 Lewis Pub. Co) includes a biography of the Hon. Judge Newton Hacker of Greene & Washington Counties, TN. Judge Hacker gave his parents as Jacob Hacker and Sarah Lloyd and paternal grandparents as Jacob Hacker and Martha Register. Personal records of other researchers indicate that she was probably the daughter of James Register, who was born in MD. Jacob and Martha's children who were still alive for the 1880 census gave varying places of birth for Martha Register Hacker as Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Notice that Jacob and his wife named one child Francis and one child Register.

Jacob lived for a number of years in Green County, although he did appear for a short while on the Claiborne County tax lists with brother John.

In the 1830 Green Co. Tax list, Jacob Sr.'s land location was listed as Clear Creek; in 1831, as Limestone Fork. He was in Capt. Hays' company in both lists.

By 1834, Jacob purchased land in Monroe Co. from William Carson on 10 March: "160 acres...on the waters of fourmile branch... East of the Meridian Hiwasee...Witnesses: Henderson and Upton." This is the same land jointly left to four of his sons in his will "after the deaths" of his wife and son Register." See below.

Also in 1834 on 6 Sept. in Washington, Co., TN, a Jacob Hacker witnessed the will of FRANCIS REGISTER, a neighbor who was in the Capt. Hays Co. tax list of 1830 along with Jacob Sr., James Hacker, and Jacob Jr. Hacker. Francis mentioned his wife Jamima, sons, James, Archibald, Gregory; and daughters Lucinda, Sarah, Hannah Elizabeth, and the only one who appeared to be of age, Deborah Martin. Jacob and his wife name one child Francis and one child Register; was Francis Register a brother of Martha?

In 1835, these Hackers were also living at Four Mile Branch PO in Monroe County. The names appeared on the ledger of Cunningham and Ranken store there as published in the book Tennessee Cousins: - James Hacker (Jacob's son) - Peggy Hacker (a nickname for Margaret, Jacob's daughter's name) - Claiborn Hacker (possibly Isaac C. Hacker, another of Jacob's sons)

In the 1836 Monroe Tax List, Jacob was listed with his 160 acres in Dist. 9, which was bounded by the Tennessee and Tellico Rivers. Son James is in the 12 Dist with 226 acres, which probably would not have been too far away since it shared the Tellico River boundary with Dist. 9.

Jacob's Will

Jacob last appeared in the 1840 Monroe Co. census; and in 1844 in Monroe Co. he wrote a will dated 29 April:

I bequeath to wife Martha tract of land on which I reside for the support of her and my son Register. At the time of their deaths to be equally divided between my four sons. To wit: Isaac Hacker, James Hacker, Jacob Hacker and Francis Hacker. Wills stock and furniture to wife Martha with the exception of two beds and furniture which he wills to dau Margaret. To dau Debora Rean one dollar. to dau Elizabeth Cole one bed and furniture and spinning wheel. At the death of wife Martha bequeaths to dau Margaret the house and six acres, it being the cabin where Washington Cole formerly resided. Martha Hacker Exec'rx Wit., William Upton Saml Lusk

Some people misread this will to say that Jacob and Martha had only 4 sons, but that is not what the will says. It says that Jacob left the land to his wife for her support and for that of his son Register. AND when they both died, to go to 4 (remaining) sons. I have not located any evidence supporting the theory that either son James R. Hacker or Francis R Hacker had the middle name of Register. The will is clear that the land would only go to the 4 remaining sons when Martha and Register were dead.

By provision of the will, Martha and Register both had to be dead by 1847 when this is recorded in the Monroe Deed Book, Book O, pg.37:

"I Francis Hacker for hundred dollars in hand paid...sold unto James Hacker all my part and interest...on the waters of the four mile branch...east of the Meridian Hiwassie District left by will of Jacob Hacker our father to James Hacker, Isaac Hacker, Jacob Hacker Jr., Francis R. Hacker jointly..." Signed 7 Dec. 1847 Attested to by Thomas White and John Rust. Proved in 1848.

In 1858, James Hacker appears to have sold this piece of property plus some additional to a Joseph Peeler, no doubt a Beeler relative.

Jacob and Martha's Children

  • JAMES R. HACKER, m. Sabra Cole d. IL.
  • ISAAC C. HACKER, m. Mary "Polly" Henry d. Washington Co., Tennessee.
  • JACOB HACKER, m. Sarah Lloyd d. Greene Co., Tennessee.
  • DEBORA HACKER, m. Robert Ryan d. in prob. MO.
  • ELIZABETH HACKER, m. George W. Cole, d. prob. AR.
  • FRANCIS R. HACKER m. Elizabeth S. Ringer d. prob. AL
  • MARGARET HACKER, never married, d. prob. Monroe Co.TN.
  • REGISTER HACKER, never married, d. Monroe Co. TN

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