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Daniel H. Delaney

U.S. Bureau of Pensions document for Daniel H. Delaney

What little I originally knew about Daniel H. Delaney came from my grandmother: That he lived in Rockwood, TN, and had married a girl named Manerva Alexander. Grandma also gave me a copy of the marriage lines for their daughter Mary Jane, witnessed by Manerva.

Difficulty in locating Daniel in the earlier censuses made me stop and consider the time period, circa the Civil War, and I started to look for service records. Fortunately for me, he did in fact serve in the Union Army, and he lived long enough to collect a pension. His wife lived even longer, collecting a widow's pension.

Much of the information I collected on Daniel and Manerva is a result of those pension records. Some was gleaned from finally-located census records.

See Daniel and Manerva.

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