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Pre 1840 Land Owners the majority of the surnames listed as OWNER left this area before 1840 I have marked the few surnames that continued to lived in Dist 9/19 Knox Co and Dist 4 Anderson Co in Green The families that purchased the land at least 80% continued to live here until after 1850.

If you see a surname and have information as to what happened to the family please contact me I would like to include this history in my book.  I have the land records and can assist anyone wanting to know where in the above districts the land was located and how many acres they owned. Barbara Guinn

John Allred 1835 Tandy Monday
John Allred 1836 John York
Martin Armstrong estate 1795 Aquilla Lowe
Josiah Armstrong 1825 Richard Chinowrth
James Armstrong 1853 James Callaway
Joseph Ashworth 1817 John Clark
Joseph Ayers 1799 William Standifer
Isaac Baker 1840 Frances Baker he purchased land 1796 from Stockley Donaldson
Hiram Baker 

1834 James Courtney

Ezekiel Baldwin 1835 Austin Albert Fox
John Bird 1830 Frances Bird he purchased land 1795 from Stockley Donaldson
Isaac Brazelton 1803 David Hall
Jacob Butler 1834 John Hardin
Michael Byerly 1832 William Dunlap
James Byerly 1841 Alexander Brown
James Byerly 1832 William Dunlap
James Byerly 1832 Robert McBath
William Chamberlin 18?? John Callaway
Cuthbert Shelton 1811 John Callaway
Joseph Couch 1811 John Callaway
Terance Campbell 1818 Jacob Reed
Terance Campbell 1823 Richard Chenworth
Terance   Campbell estate 1820 Amos Hardin
John Campbell 1817 Abner Ellis
William Campbell 1799 Ezekiel England
George Campbell 1803 David Hall
Patrick Campbell estate 1796 James Thompson
John Carver 1776 Aquilla Lowe
Joseph Catchem Edward 365
William Chamberlain 1855 Thomas Cox
WC Charlton sold 1862 Joseph Cox
John Clark 1821 John Tillery
John Clark 1835 Samuel Alexander
George Coff 1869 Elijah Padget
Thomas  Cole 1854 Solomon Garrison
Charles Conway 1818 Aaron Gentry
James Cormiell 1807 Morgan Hendrix
Isaac Council 1835 Edward Prince
James Courtney 1838 Nathaniel Bird
Andrew Morris estate 1816 Joseph Couch
James Davis 1810 James Reagan
Abraham Devalt 1849 Michael May
Hugh Dowlen sold 1849 Joseph Cox
Lane Duiton 1801 Thomas Yarnell
Eva Duncan 1856 Nineon Steel
Moses Dunlap 1837 Robert McBath  
Bartlett Eddler 1841 Solomon Standsberry
Abner Ellis 1835 Samuel Dickey
John Evertt 1832 Robert Raby
John Grayson 1803 David Farmer
George Gallaher  1834 George Gallaher
Jeremiah Gamble sold 1839 Hugh Clark
John Gammon 1817 Aaron Gentry
John Garner 1803 David Hall
James  Garner 1840 William Tarwater
Emery German 1830 Samuel York
Archibald  Gray estate 1823 Richard Chenworth
John Grayson 1843 Thomas Yarnell
Plesant Grills 1843 Tandy Monday
John Haggard 1846 Abraham Cox
Amos Hardin 1807 Benjamin Wilkins
Amos Hardin 1807 Abner Ellis
Gibson Hardin 1809 William Gallaher he orginal purchased 1800 Stockley Donaldson
Joseph Hardin 1803 Ezekiel England
Joseph Hardin 1803 Amos Hardin
Joseph Hardin 1796 Nineon Steel
James Haire 1807 Benjamin Wilkins
Samuel Hall 1806 Palatiah Sheldon
Benjamin Hambright 1838 Thomas Dickey
John Hanson 1834 Benjamin Pyatt
Luke  Hendrix 1816 James Reagan
John Henson 1834 Benjamin Pyatt
Adam Hodges 1865 Robert Gray
Jacob Hufstutler 1827 Isaac Coward
Stark Jett 1842 Abraham Cox
Samuel Kelly 1846 Samuel Kelley
Luke  Lea 1800 Culbert Shelton
Samuel Lea 1816 Russell Smallwood
William Lea 1795 Robert Harper
Purmit Lea 1816 Russell Smallwood
Robert Love estate 1834 Aaron Gideon
Aquilla Lowe 1795 Robert Harper
Aquilla Lowe 1776 John Carver
Caleb Lowe 1845 Archibald Cobb
Elijah Lowe 1827 Austin Albert Fox
Isaac Lowe 1825 John Cross
Alexander Lowery 1824 Thomas May
Robert Lucas 1819 Aaron Gentry
Daniel Lyons 1858 Amos Trotter
Joseph Marby 1826 Hugh Clark
Joseph Marby 1826 James Cox
Robert Marley 1813 Andrew Morris
John Marley 1806 Ezekiel England
David Maxwell 1806 Ezekiel England
Andrew McBath 1829 Robert McBath
William McCall 1837 William Reagan
Mary McCleskey 1851 Zachariah Holloway
Dan McCollom 1846 John Callaway
Dan McCollom 1845 Wm Callaway
Dan McCollom 1845 Joseph Fox
Isaac McLane 1849 Michael May
Stephen McLanin 1845 Wm Callaway 8th dist
John Meneffee 1795 Mitchell Childress
William Messinore 1826 Joseph Ayers
Ruben Monday 1818 Joseph Morris
Joshua Moore 1842 Jesse Ayers 
Orman Morgan 1798 Aquilla Lowe
Andrew Morrow 1805 Aquilla Lowe
David Neeson 1845 Wm Callaway  
Soloman  Norman 1803 David Hall
James Norris 1817 James Callaway
Daniel  Ogg  1807 Aaron Gentry
Charles Oliver 1848 Rufus Stephens
William Pgatt 1852 James Callaway
Soloman  Pierce 1814 William Morris
Soloman  Pierce 1817 Jacob Reed
Edward Prince 1836 David Hall
Benjamin Powell 1818 David Thompson
Frances Ramsey 1805 Joseph Ashworth
Thomas  Reed 1846 Samuel Cobb
Felp Reed 1835 Robert Good
Jacob Reed 1818 Terrance Campbell
Jacob Reed 1809 James Reagan
William Reed 1814 Ezekiel England
George Rolen 1853 Nineon Steel
Wm Runnels 1845 John Dickey
James Scott 1818 John Tillery
James Scott 1819 Caleb White
Russell Smallwood 1824 Archibald Cobb
David Smith 1818 Ezekiel England
Jessee  Smith 1839 Aaron Gideons
Jacob Spohre 1830 Thomas Collier
William Standifer 1799 Joseph Ayers
Ninian Steel 1817 Amos Hardin
Robert Stephens 1821 Jesse Smith
George Stormer 1836 Isaac Coward
James Taylor 1825 Aaron Gentry
James Taylor 1818 John Tillery
John  Tell 1819 David Gallaher
David Thompson 1831 Joseph Morris
David Thompson 1853 Holland Osborne
Robert Tunnell estate 1825 Abner Ellis
Robert Tunnell 1828 Amos Hardin
Robert Tunnell 1829 Shadrack Callaway
Hiram Turner 1844 Thomas Cox
John Vance estate 1801 John Yokam
Archibald  Walker 1838 Barney Smith 
Ruben Walker 1825 Archibald Cobb
Eduen Walsh 1818 William Dunlap
Timothy  Weaver sold 1844 Thomas Cox
George Weaver 1874 Tarlington Hendrix
John Wells 1859 Thomas Cox
John Wells 1844 John Smith
Mark  Whitaker 1081 Aquilla Lowe
Edward Wiett 1809 Purmitt Lea
Wm Wilkins 1839 David Dickey
Zebeden Wood 1819 Aquilla Lowe
Simon Wood 1836 Tandy Monday
John  York 1836 Daniel Lyons
Samuel York 1832 Aaron Gentry
John Yokum 1811 Morgan Hendrix

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