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The Mill on Beaver Creek 1800 - 1930's

aka Council  * Prince * Hackney * Coward Mill

Coward Mill Road Knox County, Tennessee  * Karns/Ball Camp Community
First owner Council family 1795 - 1835  
  The property was first purchased by Jesse Council, of Wilkes Co., NC from Moses Poor in 1795.  Jesse and his sons built the first mill on Beaver Creek and operated the mill for 30 years.  Upon his death in 1831son Isaac sold 235 ac, of the original 400 to Edward Prince, from Anderson Co., in 1835. The deed stated to include the whole of the mill and mill dam.
Second owner Prince family 1835 - 1858  
  Edward Price moved from Rutherford Co., NC in the early 1800's.  He lived near Old Edgemore Rd and married the daughter of David Hall.  He and wife Josepha had seven known children.  After his wife's death he and son Joseph moved to Beaver Ridge purchased and ran the mill for 20 year.
  Third owner Rufus Stephens 1859 - 1862  
  Rufus Stephens lived and owned land on Emory Rd.  The mill may have been operated by a family member or Edward's son Joseph.  The property was tied up in legal issues and the courts awarded the property to James Cox Jr. and he sold 200 ac to Rufus Stephens.  Rufus died in 1862 and his estate sold 300 ac to H W & J A Hackney. The deed stated the 300 ac known as the Prince Farm, including the mill and mill dam on Beaver Creek.
Forth owner Hackney brothers 1862 - 1879  
  Hiram W and brother James A were born in Quaker community, Friendsville, Blount Co.  The Hackney family came to this area in the early 1800's from Wilmington, DE and helped establish the Friendsville community  The men were millers by trade.  They owned and operated several mills in Blount Co. and surrounding areas. During the 18 years operating that Hiram operated the mill on Beaver Creek, James and brother Joseph also operated a mill in Solway and the old Cobb's Ferry crossing on the Clinch River. At the age of 55 Hiram sold 15 ac including the house, mill and mill dam to William Coward. Hiram and his wife Sarah Castell with their seven children continued to live on the farm.  The Hackney family still owns and lives on the remainder of this property today.
Fifth and final owner Coward family 1879 - 1930's  
William Coward was born in the Edgemoore area of Anderson Co.  His parents were William and Sarah Farmer Coward.  Both died when William was 3 years old and he was raised by his grand parents, John and Sarah Yarnell Coward.  He married Laura Cox in 1873, she is the daughter of Joseph and Dela May Cox of Beaver Ridge.  William ran the mill until his untimely death in 1883. Records show that son George Henry purchased his brother's share of the estate and ran the mill and operated a store on the property.  He married Stella Casteel, niece to Sarah Castell Hackney in 1904. They had two children both died without marring.  Henry and wife Stella ran the mill and store until the late 1930's.

Research of land records and documentation researched by Barbara Guinn