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1895 District Map Knoxville Tennessee 

Until 1850 Dist 9 and 19 was a combined area.
Dist 9 area in square miles 3,696 population in 1895 992
Dist 19 area in square miles 8,182 population in 1865 1,257
Knoxville area in square miles 612,080 polulation in 1865 24,856,000
First meeting house established by the Baptist 1815 located near the corner of present day Copper Ridge Rd and Emory.
First Post Office established in 1835 called Beaver Ridge.  First Post Master James England.  He and his father Ezekiel ran a general store.
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This map is part of the Knoxville County Map 
Listing land owners dated 1895. 
Published by Vance, Coffee and Pill  


Library of Congress Digital Map Collection

Though most of the roads did not carry names, on old land records it may refer to the old wagon road or Indian road. Some referred to designations the road to Campbell Station or Clinton.  Emory Road was found in very old land records.  It ran through Beaver Ridge district 19 crossed over to Anderson County near present day Copper Ridge Road.  The road that continued west into Solway was called by different names, depending on the owner of the ferry crossing located near the present day Clinch River Bridge [Hwy 62] For the better part of the early years it was know as Cobb's Ferry.  The main road know know as Oak Ridge Hwy was called Beaver Ridge Road and it dead ended into Emory near Copper Ridge Rd and was called the road to Clinton.  The main road through Hardin Valley was called Buttermilk Road, present day Hardin Valley Road and ended at Ball Camp. The road continued on into Knoxville, and carried the name Ball Camp Road, present day Middlebrook Pike.  Old Solway Road, dividing line for the two districts, was called the Great Wagon Road and extended through the gap at Ball Camp to Campbell Station and the new town of Concord.   


Using today's roads from:
Ball Camp to Concord six miles.  The farmers would go to Concord to the river boats, before the rail road came through. 
          This area was the major crossing, by ferry, to Blount County.
Ball Camp to old Edgemore Rd six miles, that is where David Hall had his tavern.
Ball Camp to Knoxville approximately 15 miles
Ball Camp to Clinton, using the old Emory Road crossing at Bull Run Creek approximately 15 miles.


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