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Our Cate Genealogy

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Seventh Generation

DANIEL TOWER CATE(61) was born 15 Aug 1831 in Franklin, NH. He married first to Mary Gage , daughter of Daniel N. and Anna Morrison Haley Gage of Franklin. He had second a common-law-marriage to SARAH ELIZABETH DAVIES, daughter of William and Jemima Rogers Daniels Davies. Her last name is also listed as Cotton. I believe this is because she was raised by her stepfather.William was a tailor. Jemima married second to Simon Cotton. Jemima was from Littleton, England. Sarah was born 17 Aug 1853 in Brooklyn, NY. Sarah had red hair. Daniel was a tinsmith and served in the Civil War. He died 5 May 1907 in Laconia, NH. Sarah died 27 May 1908 in Laconia. They are both buried at Union Cemetery in Laconia, Belknap Co, NH.
Children of Daniel and Mary Cate

70. Hattie Ella Cate
71. Daniel Cate b. 8 Aug 1854, d.1863
72. Ellen Sumner Cate b. 27 Oct 1856, m. Wlliam Everett Rogers

Children of Daniel and Sarah Cate

all children born in Laconia

73. Edith Hilda Cate b. 4 Sep 1874, m. Oct 1917 Joseph Ranlett Chase, d. Jan 1945 Laconia
74. Annie May Tower Cate b. 19 Apr 1876, d. 24 Dec 1942 Laconia, unmarried
75. Katherine Florence Cate b. 9 Dec 1878 (9 Apr 1878), d. 15 Jan 1947 Laconia
77. Grace Maud Cate b. 14 Sep 1883, m. 24 Sep 1906 Aurther Monroe Gray (b. 12 Dec 1882 Calais, NH, d. 6 Feb 1962 Lowell, Mass), d. 28 Aug 1953 Chelmsford, Mass (Pine Ridge Cem)
78. Beulah Josephine Cate b. 26 Apr 1885, m. Aug 1907 Harris Breeden
79. Elsie Rogers Cate b. 29 Nov 1888, m. 21 Aug 1919 Lewis Pope Murray, d. 8 Apr 1970 Berlin, NH (City Cem)
80. Karl Daniel Cate b. 17 Jul 1890, m. Jun 1934 Ada English (from England), d. 5 May 1935, no children

Eighth Generation

CHARLES JAMES CATE(76) was born 9 May 1881 in Laconia. He married 2 Sep 1907 in Laconia to MARY EVANGELINE SEBRA, daughter of Napoleon Francis and Rosemarie Menard Sebra. Mary was born 19 May 1883 in Penacook, NH. Charles was an electrical engineer. Dynamos large and small were his specialty. He was chief engineer (operator) at the Lochmere, NH power station from the first it was built in 1911 until his death. Mary was a needlemaker for Huse Needle Shop in Laconia. When Mary was a little girl her father was caretaker of Daniel Websters birthplace. Charles died 6 Sep 1943 in Laconia. Mary moved to Ca in 1951. She died in San Diego 14 Nov 1974 and is buried in Laconia.
Children of Charles and Mary Cate

81. Hilda Katherine Cate b. 25 Mar 1909 Lakeport, NH, Hilda had a B.E. degree from Plymouth Normal (1932). She taught math at New Boston and Littleton, N.H. high schools. In 1951 she moved to California. Hilda loved reading, making beautiful quilts and afghans and working on our family history. Hilda said she never married because she never found a man that was as interesting as a good book! d. 16 Mar 1981 Vista, Ca, bu. Laconia, unmarried
83. Elsie Rose Cate b. 15 Jun 1915 Lohmere, m. 12 Sep 1939 Frederick Arnold Hisdale (d. 6 Oct 1989), d. 17 Jun 1972 Los Angelos,>84. stillborn twin of Elsie b. 15 Jun 1915 Lochmere, d. 15 Jun 1915
85. Doris Josephine Cate b. 17 Apr 1917 Lochmere, m.2 20 Jul 1946 Las Vegas, Nv John Adried Floyd, d. 19 Apr 1984 La Mesa, Ca (ashes scattered over ocean)
86. Anna Frances Cate b. 14 Mar 1919 Lochmere, m. 10 Jan 1944 Gunter Field, Montgomery, Ala to Harry Alex Papagikos, d. 27 Jan 1963 Hawthorne, Ca

Ninth Generation

ARBA DANIEL CATE(82) was born 15 Oct 1911 in Lochmere, NH. He married 15 May 1936 in Laconia to FRANCES RAE CHURCHILL, daughter of Leland Thorton and Edith Jewett Clark Churchill. She was born 19 Jan 1913. Arba worked for Coca Cola and D. Whittemore, a florist, in Laconia. Frances was a foster grandmother in her area. Arba died 20 Dec 1968 in Laconia. Frances died 13 Aug 1994. They are both buried at Union Cem in Laconia.
Children of Arba and Frances Cate

88. Private

Tenth Generation

DAVID RICHARD CATE(87) was born 21 Jan 1938 in Laconia, NH. He married 2 Mar 1957 in Holly Springs, Miss to FREEDA MAE BURTCHER, daughter of Edgar Edward and Eva Evelyn Moffett Burtcher. David was retired from the Navy as electronics tech. He recieved AA degree in English and a BA in English. He died 12 Nov 1983 in San Diego, Ca and buried at Union Cem in Laconia.
Children of David and Freeda Cate

89. Private
90. Private
91. Private


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