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Compiled/Researched By: Bourgeois, Chamberlain, Cornish, Deifendorf, Moye, Nicklaw

Written By: Nancy D. Chamberlain (Date: May 2000)

Edited By: Thelma D. Moye

Jeffrey Nicklaw

Carolyn (Vincent) Bourgeois

Eleanor Cornish


Since this was written we have found new information and updates that need to be added. Also some corrections are to be made. To make it easier to find I will add the information red and make a note if it is a correction or new information. This way there won't be any misunderstandings in the future.

Below are listed the individuals who were involved in the manuscript to follow: “Vincent Descendants”, a genealogy study of the William Vincent line...starting in England, and coming down to present day Vincents and descendants.

(1) Carolyn Marie (Vincent) Bourgeois

(2) Nancy Margaret (Dickinson) Chamberlain

(3) Eleanor Mae (Bevens) Boyce Cornish

(4) Randall A. Deifendorf

(5) Thelma Ruth (Dickinson) Moye

(6) Jeffrey Nicklaw


In appreciation to Carolyn Bourgeois for research information and data obtained on field trips to Russia, Herkimer County, N.Y.; Town Of Clayton Cemeteries; Libraries in Watertown, Clayton, Chaumont; and data she received from Jefferson County Courthouse searches. Additionally, a special thanks is extended to Betty Giles of Poland, N.Y. (a volunteer of the Herkimer Historical Society); and to Norm Wagner, the current historian for the Town/Village of Clayton, N.Y.

The members of this Vincent research team would like to thank Jeff Nicklaw for his extensive internet searches; for Eleanor Mae Cornish for the family information and interest she has given us; and the caring editing time Thelma Moye and Carolyn Bourgeois have donated to making this project a success; Also, a thank you is in order to Randall Deifendorf for his interest, and the contribution of the Mary Johnson and Joy Family information. Also, a thank you goes to Sheridan Vincent ( for his vast collection of ‘Vincent Data’ files, which we were allowed into on occasion; and, a thank you to Nan Dixon ( for her assistance and support.

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Chapter 1........Origin of William Vincent (1638-1696)..........Pages 1 - 3

Chapter 2........Nicholas, I and Elizabeth (Reynolds) Vincent..........Pages 4 - 8

Chapter 3........Nicholas, II and Mary (Earle) Vincent..........Pages 9 - 10

Chapter 4........Benjamin and Polly (Frier/Frar/Freer) Vincent..........Pages 11 - 15

Chapter 5........Samuel Wilbur Vincent..........Pages 16

Chapter 6........Samuel Wilbur’s Son.....Jenks Vincent……..Pages 17 - 18

Chapter 7........Samuel Wilbur’s Son.....Nicoll P. (C.) Vincent……..Pages 19 - 20

Chapter 8........Abram and Eleanor (O’Connor) Vincent..........Pages 21

Chapter 9........Marcellus and Garfieldie (Rickett) Vincent..........Pages 22

Chapter 10......Leonard and First Wife, Mary (Johnson) Vincent..........Pages 23 - 24

Chapter 11......Leonard and Second Wife, Clarissa (Ross) Vincent..........Pages 25

Chapter 12......Children Of Eleanor (Vincent) and Merritt Littlefield..........Pages 26 - 29

Chapter 13......Further Information On Children Of Leonard and Clara Vincent.....Pages 30

Chapter 14......Leonard and Clara’s son-Arthur Ward Vincent..........Pages 31 - 38

Chapter 15......Leonard and Clara (Ross) Vincent’s Children..........Page 39 to Conclusion.

Page 1


The Descendants of William Vincent (1638-1696)

WILLIAM VINCENT, Christened 17 June 1638 in Amesbury, Wiltshire, England. He was the son of Nicholas (Thomas) Vincent (Dean (B. ca. 1610 D. 1680-E-Mail data-23 Dec. 1999-Jeff Nicklaw) who resided in Of, Nettlecomb, Somerset, England and FRITTISWEED (Fridgesmith/Fridgewith/Fridgesweet) CARPENTER, (B. bef. 1625-one source says ‘1609’, which sounds plausible; Still another source-’1616’) in Of, Nettlecomb, Somersetshire, England. D. aft. 1671-bef. 1696 in Amesbury); Frittisweed (name according to William’s christening church documents [Source: Rosalind Briggs]) was the daughter of Richard Carpenter (B. ca. 1575; Died: Amesbury, England in Sept. 1625 at age 50); Also, Frittisweed (Probably more simply-’Bridget’) was sister of William Carpenter (more on next page), who first came to America with Roger Williams; William’s father-Nicholas (Thomas) Vincent was son of: Nicholas Vincent (B. ca. 1539) who married Mary (Rokesby) (B. ca. 1571); Nicholas was son of: Edward Vincent (B. ca. 1510 in Peckleton, Leeds, England; Died: aft. 1537) who married ca. 1535 to Margaret (Babington) (B. ca. 1518 in Crossington, Leeds, England; Died: aft. 1538). (Data by Ellie Cornish/Thelma Moye) (Added Data by Jeff Nicklaw-LDS Files...’This Nicholas and Mary (Rokesby) had two sons: John and Thomas Vincent’).

(Note by Jeff Nicklaw: Three Children noted for Thomas (B. ca. 1610) & Frittisweed (Carpenter) Vincent: Joan (Jane) (B. 1632-Data by Jeffrey Nicklaw-E-Mail dated, 23 Dec. 1999) D. 1708 in Providence, R.I.); Thomas (Baptised-18 Oct. 1635 in Amesbury, England); William (Baptised-17 June 1638 in Amesbury, England). (Data: Rev. A.W. Phelps, Rector of the Church at Amesbury, Wiltshire, England copied baptismal data for Thomas & William in a letter dated, 25 Oct. 1900 for ‘Vincent entries’...recorded in ‘The Carpenter Family In America’ by Daniel H. Carpenter).

WILLIAM arrived in America at age 21, first settling in Greenwich, R.I., with his sister JOAN (Jane) (D. 1708) in 1659 (who married JOHN SHELDON (a tanner by trade) ca. April 1660 because wedding banns were published on the 6th of preceding month); Both William and Joan settled first, in Pawtuxet, (a town on Narraganset Bay, 6 miles south of Providence), Rhode Island. William Vincent was a farmer and a cooper. William died between 31 Dec. 1695-when he signed his second Will with an ‘X’, and the 3rd of March 1696-when his Will was submitted for court records; His brother-in-law John Sheldon witnessed the Will signing. (William Vincent died in Pawtuxet, Providence, R.I.; Buried in Providence County, R.I. (Jeff Nicklaw/ ‘Vincent Journal’ records: Died: Jan. 1696).

(Data: John Sheldon of Providence, R.I. (B. ca. 1630). Joan (Vincent) & John Sheldon had 5 children: (1) Timothy M. (1) ? ; (2) Sarah Balcom; (2) John M. Patience Thornton; (3) Mary M. Stephen Arnold; (4) Nicholas M. Abigail Tillinghast; (5) Nehemiah M. Rachel Mann.)

(Sources: Austin’s ‘Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island’; Arnold’s ‘Vital Records of R.I.’; Providence & Cranston Records: ‘The Arnold Memorial’ by Elisha Stephen Arnold.)

William Vincent (1638-1696) married (1) PRISCILLA CARPENTER on 31 May 1670 in Providence, R.I. She was born 1643 in Providence, R.I. Died, 1 Jan. 1685 (or 1687). Priscilla was daughter of: William Carpenter (B. 1605-7 D. 7 Sept. 1685) and Elizabeth (Arnold) (B. 23 Nov. 1611 in Cheesekbourne, Dorsetshire, England and Died, 1685 or 87); (Elizabeth Arnold was daughter of William Arnold). William Carpenter was the last surviving member of the Thirteen Proprietors of Providence Plantations. William Carpenter came from Amesbury, Wiltshire, England with Roger Williams, (Founder Of R.I), and he settled in Providence, R.I. in 1636. (The Carpenters, Arnolds, and Roger Williams (and others) arrived in America aboard the ‘Lyon’ at Salem Massachusetts Bay Colony on 5 February 1631. {More on the ship ‘Lyon’ at conclusion of manuscript.) (This is MA. Bay records-Kull, Irving S. and Nell Encyclopedia Of American History, Page 29 by Rosalind Briggs). (Additional Data: Priscilla was niece of her mother-in-law, Frittisweed Carpenter.)

William Vincent married (2) JEMIMA BENNETT...some sources say, “about 1691 or 92”; one source states ‘after 15 Nov. 1670 in Providence, R.I.’, (“New England Marriages Prior to 1700” by Clarence Alman Torrey; researched by Jeff Nicklaw), and they settled in Providence R.I. Jemima was Born 1667 in Providence, Town of Westerly, Washington County, R.I. After William’s death Jemima married (2) Robert John Reynolds of North Kingston, R.I. (Vincent Journal Records: Jeff Nicklaw and for source on Jemima’s last name.)

Page 2


(1) NICHOLAS, I (Born: ca. 1675 Died, May 1749). Shoemaker; Lived in Westerly, R.I. (More Following on the line of Nicholas, I).

(2) THOMAS, II (Born: ca. 1672 Died: (LDS Files-read in ‘Town Of Westerly, R. I.’) (Made a freeman in Providence, R.I. in 1722.)

(3) WILLIAM, II (Born: (Questionable-LDS File reads: 21 Dec. 1695. This would make him son of William & Jemima) Died: after 1734 in R.I. (Made a freeman in Warwick, R.I. in 1729. William, like his brother Nicholas, was a shoemaker. In 1726 he sold his property in Providence, R.I.)

(The Carpenter Family In America, by Daniel H. Carpenter, reads, “ 1695 he (Wm. Vincent) made a Will giving to his wife, Jemima, his farm of 103 acres during her life, and at her decease to go to his four sons, Jonas, Thomas, Nicholas, and William. A second Will (excerpts printed below), dated 21 Dec. 1695 (our sources say, 31 Dec. 1695), was probated 3 March 1696, and mentions three sons and wife Jemima. (Additional Data: This same book states...”a suit of law resulted in 1707, and it was decided that Joseph Carpenter of Musketa Cove on Long Island was her (Priscillia {Carpenter} legal heir.” )

William Vincent’s second Will concerning his children, an excerpt reads:

“...For all my worldly estate I give as followeth: To my wife, Jemima, that tract of land lying at east end of Lichotonconelt hill by a cedar swamp containing ninety-eight acres of land, also a half right of commons within the seven mile line, and five acres of meadow east of the new dwelling which I bought of Abraham Mann, all of which lieth within the township of Providence, and after the decease of my wife Jemima, to be divided amongst my three sons-Thomas, Nicholas, and the youngest. Also my son, William, to dwell with my wife until he comes of age, in my dwelling house, with all my movables, only I give out of my estate unto my son William, the second best bedd with such poore coverings and bolster as there are. Also a heifer calf, five sheep, and my shortest gun. All my tools between William and Thomas.”

More than one source says, William and Jemima had a child Jonas about 1693; The Second William Vincent Will doesn’t mention Jonas but, Jemima has been directed to keep William under her roof until he comes of age; Also, this would suggest Nicholas and Thomas were old enough to board away from home. One detailed source (LDS Files) states that William was the son of William, Sr., with his second wife, Jemima, and a birth date is given for William as being 21 Dec. 1695 (ironic, but same date given in one case for writing of Wm. Vincent’s second Will), which would be shortly before William, Sr. died. It’s possible, but it seems unlikely that he would be interested in dividing his tools between ‘William and Thomas’, it would seem more likely he divide the tools between ‘Thomas and Nicholas’ if this were the case. (Note: Another source plainly writes William (the youngest) in referring to William Vincent’s children.)

The case against all four children being Jemima’s (as sources sometimes suggest, i.e. ‘The Carpenter’s In America’ records this data) Jemima would have had to have them all between 1691 (or) 92 (and after 15 Nov. 1670), and 1695...and if she was directed by Wm. Sr.’s second Will to ‘take care of the youngest (William, Jr.) until he’s of age’...what was she suppose to do for the other children whose ages would have been months apart from young William?

(Important to note: Several sources, through the lineage of ‘Carpenters’ mention a William Vincent in the same vicinity of England, in this same time frame, who married a Susanna Browning, and they lived in Mass.; This is also echoed through the LDS Files. That’s why we are brought to believe our William Vincent married to Priscilla (Carpenter) had a counterpart in his era, but we do believe there were two, and they were not one of the same.)

Data given on CHILDREN OF WILLIAM and PRISCILLA (CARPENTER) VINCENT: (A possibility: William, II may have been son of William, Sr. & second wife, Jemima)

(1) NICHOLAS, I (2) - {William (1)}; (Born ca. 1675 Died: May 1749). (More information-next page).

(2) THOMAS (2)- {William (1)}; (Born ca. 1672) No Further Information Found.

(3) WILLIAM (2) - {William (1)}; Born: (LDS File reads: B. 21 Dec. 1695 in Providence, R.I.; Son of William and Jemima; While Bessie Lansing Vincent’s reunion booklet of 1912 states William was son of William and Priscilla (Carpenter), on the other hand, Bessie doesn’t offer a birth date for William). William died after 1734 in Rhode Island. He married ELIZABETH (BENNETT) (Born: 1703 in Warwick, R.I. on 22 October 1724 in Providence, R.I.

Page 3

Children of William, II and Elizabeth (Bennett) Vincent: (According to findings on by Jeffrey Nicklaw:)

(1) ABRIGAIL-(Born: 1725 in Providence, R.I.; Died: 4 Dec. 1822 (?) in Providence, R.I.)

(2) THOMAS-(Born: 9 Sept. 1725 in Providence, R.I.)

(3) CALEB- (Born: 1726 in Gloucester, R.I. Died: 4 Dec. 1822 (date same as sister Abrigail’s). Married Abrigail (Smith) on 11 Sept. 1747. Caleb & Abrigail had 5 children. Their daughter Elizabeth (B. 1799 in R.I.) Married Jacob Bridges. Elizabeth & Jacob lived in Vincent, Washington, Ohio; they had seven children. (E-Mail-12 March state: Caleb’s grandparent’s believed to be William Sr. (1638-1696) & 2nd wife, Jemima. There is a story connected with Caleb & his brother John who made the Vincent rifle. They are on display in a museum in Washington, Ohio. (By N. Chamberlain) (Vincent Rifle Story follows).

(4) WILLIAM, III- (Born: 1728 in Glouchester,

R.I.) Married: Elizabeth (Earle). They had eight children.

(5) SARAH- (Born: 1729 in Providence, R.I.)

(6) NICHOLAS- (Born: 1732 in Glouchester, R.I.)

(7) PARDON- (Born: 1734 in Glouchester, R.I.)

(8) NOEL- (Born: 1736 in Glouchester, R.I.)

Page 4

Chapter 2

(E-Mail by on 17 Nov. 1999. Story of the Vincent Rifle)

“John Vincent made rifles 1844-1898, and John Caleb Vincent made rifles from 1882-1898. Some of the rifles are in the museum in Marietta, Ohio. They are called the ‘Vincent Rifle’, and they now sell for about $1,000.00 they are muzzle-loading rifles. The tools and samples for their workmanship are preserved at the Ohio State Museum in Columbus, Ohio. John was an apprentice to Aman Ford. Ford made 111 rifles to order during the period from June 1849 to July 1859; His account books are at the library of the Ohio Historical Society, which also records many repair jobs. The book about the ‘Vincent Rifle’ is called, “Muskingum Valley Gunsmiths” by Norris F. Schneider.”


(1) NICHOLAS, I (Born about 1675 in Westerly, Washington Co., R.I. Died: May 1749). He was a shoemaker and farmer; and, he married Elizabeth (Reynolds) (B. 1699 in N. Kingston, Washington Co., R.I.-Died, 1791 @ age 93, in Town Of Westerly, Wash. Co., R.I.) in 1721, in North Kingston, R.I. who was daughter of Francis and second wife-Elizabeth (Berry) Reynolds. (Many sources suggest, father was: Robert John Reynolds (or Robert Reynolds, or John Reynolds). Nicholas and Elizabeth settled in Westerly, R.I. They had 10 children.


(Noted in Will of Elizabeth Reynolds (Dated: 21 Oct. 1787/pvd: 28 Nov. 1791/mpr: 31 Dec.1750), Watertown, N.Y. Library-NC/TM). Also, (Noted in Will of Nicholas, I; Dated 25 Feb. 1748-proved, 25 April 1749. JN):

(1) ELIZABETH (3); {Nicholas I (2); William (1)} (Born: 1721. Died: after 1787). Married Oliver Lewis.

(2) NICHOLAS, II (3); {Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: either 1722 or 23 in Westerly, Wash. Co., R.I. Died: aft 1810 in Poland, N.Y.) Married: MARY EARLE (More Info Follows)

(3) JEMIMA (3); {Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 1724. Died: after 1787). Married: in 1749 to William Clark in Stephentown, N.Y.

(4) HANNAH (3); {Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} Born: 1725. Died: after 1787). Married: Elijah Hinckley. This Elijah would most likely be brother to sister Mary’s second husband- Samuel Hinckley, 5th.

(5) JOSHUA (3) ; {Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 1727. Died young).

(6) WILLIAM (3) (DR. WILLIAM VINCENT) {Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 31 March 1729 in Westerly, (Washington Co.,) R.I. Died: either 19 March 1807, or, 19 July 1807 in Plainfield, VT). Dr. Vincent was a surgeon in Col. Joseph Noye’s Regiment. R.I. Militia. It was said (one source) “He lived and died in Westerly, R.I.). Dr. Vincent married: Zeruiah (Rudd) in 1758; Zeruiah died after 1787. Sons: Nicholas, William, Thomas & Joseph mentioned in Will, Dated: 30 Aug. 1807). (More follows on this line).

(7) MERCY/MOLLY (3); {Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 1730 Died: 28 Sept. 1806+). Married Elisha Freeman.

(8) MARY (3); {Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 1734 in N. Kingston, R.I. Died: 28 Nov. 1787 in Stephentown, N.Y.) Married: Samuel Hinckley, 5th. (More info follows on this line).

(9) JOSEPH (3); {Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 1737 Died: 2 Feb. 1823). Married Anna Dunbar.

(10) DEBORAH (3); {Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. ca. 1740 Died 6 June 1815). Married Nicholas Gardiner, Jr. (More information to follow).

(Genealogies Of Rhode Island Families, Vol. #11 (+ V. #4) N-W. New England Historical & Genealogical Register/1988/Alden G. Beaman, (Pg. 149/189-90/245/326); Data by Jeff Nicklaw)

(Further Information on the Children of Nicholas, I and Elizabeth (Reynolds) Vincent):

Page 5

Dr. William Vincent and Zeruiah (Rudd) Vincent had two daughters-Sarah and Zeruiah Sarviah:

(1) SARAH (Sally) (Vincent) (4); {Dr. William (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 7 May 1770 in Westerly, Washington, R.I. D. 28 Dec. 1808 @ age 39 years in Town Of Russia, Herkimer Co., N.Y. Buried: Gravesville Cemetery, Town Of Russia). (Source: Orlando, Florida Library TDM/NDC...‘History Of Herkimer County, N.Y.’, by F.W. Beers, 1879, reproduced 1980, records this: Elijah Hinckley married daughter of Dr. Wm. & Zeruiah (Rudd) Vincent-Sarah (Sally) first, then after Sally’s death, he married second-her sister, Zeruiah (Vincent) (B. 16 June 1776 D. 8 June 1847 @ age 71).

Quote-Page 522...”One of the ten children of Nicholas and Elizabeth (Reynolds) Vincent was Mary, who married Samuel Hinckley, 5th, the father of Elijah Hinckley; and another was Dr. William Vincent, Sr. of Westerly, R.I. who was the father of Sally, who married Elijah Hinckley. Elijah and Sally, his wife, settled in what is now called The Town Of Russia in 1796 or 1797. They soon built a good frame house and acquired a comfortable estate. They had several children, of whom only two-Samuel, 7th (B. 1801), and Gardner, 2nd (B. 2 Oct. 1808) survived their infancy. Sally Hinckley died in Dec. 1808, and for his second wife, Elijah Hinckley married (2) ZERUIAH SARVIAH (Vincent), his sister-in-law. Zeruiah had no children. Elijah was an invalid for many years, and lived quietly on his farm, much respected for his integrity. Elijah died 29 March 1822 @ age 58. Zeruiah Hinckley died at the homestead 8 June 1847.”

Children of Sarah (Sally) (Vincent) and Elijah Hinckley were, Samuel, 7th and Gardner, 2nd:

(1) SAMUEL, 7th (5) Hinckley: {Sarah (4); Dr. William (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 11 March 1801 in Russia, N.Y. D. 2 Oct. 1873 in Town Of Russia). Married in 2 January 1840 in Piseco, Hamilton County, N.Y.). Mary S. Atwood, (Born: 5 Mar. 1820 in Floyd, N.Y. Died: 11 (or 14th) March 1875 in Town Of Russia, Herkimer Co., N.Y. in 1875). She was the daughter of : Esek & Margaret (Sackrider) Atwood). Samuel, 7th , in his early years, worked as Superintendent of railroad building; he was associated with his friend, Charles Case; But in failing health, he bough the home farm in Russia from his brother, and the family lived there until his death in 1873. Samuel 7th & Mary (Atwood) had one son: Elijah Gardner Hinckley (B. 1842 D. 12 April 1869 @ 26 yr. old). Their son-Elijah Gardner Hinckley married Martha (Johnson) of Williston, Vt. Elijah and Martha had two children: Anson Johnson Hinckley (Who died @ age 14); and, Mary Agnes (Hinckley) ?. (Source: ‘The History Of Herkimer County, N.Y. by F.W. Beers, 1879/1980 ”; Page 522.)

(2) GARDNER, 2nd (5) Hinckley; {Sarah (4); Dr. William (3): Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 2 Oct. 1808 in Russia, N.Y. D. 15 March 1875). Quote: Gardner, 2nd “...inherited a delicate constitution. He lived at home on the farm until the death of his father in 29 Mar. 1822. He was 14 yr. old. He chose William Graves, of Gravesville, for a guardian, and he spent some time with him, and attended school. At age 16, he bought his brother’s share of the farm, and went into business for himself. He had limited opportunity for education in his younger years, but he loved to read, and study, and continued to do so all through his life. In September 1829 he married ELIZABETH (ATWOOD) of Florence, N.Y. (B. 7 Aug. 1810 D. 12 Sept. 1874) (Daughter of Esek & Margaret (Sackrider) Atwood). His father-in-law, Esek Atwood, was born not far from Burlington, Vt.; He was well educated and a teacher. His first wife, mother of Elizabeth Hinckley, was born of Quaker Parentage in Upper Canada. In 1843 Esquire Atwood moved to the Town Of Wilmurt, lived there several years, and held several offices. He died at the home of his son in New Rochelle, N.Y. about 1862.” (“History Of Herkimer County”-by Beers; Page 522)

(Note: Russia Union Church History, Part 3-5; Also found on GenWeb page link to Russia, Herkimer County, N.Y. Families. E-Mail from Carolyn Bourgeois, dated 10 Aug. 1999-Subject: Hinckley/Joy-Russia.)

Children of Sarah (Sally) and Elijah Hinckley:

Gardner, 2nd and Elizabeth (Atwood) Hinckley had six Children (2 who died in infancy) (Elijah Gardner (B. 12 Dec. 1830 D. 29 Dec. 1830) and Emma Josephine (B. 15 Oct. 1846 D. 28 Feb. 1848) (Both buried: Gravesville cemetery. Town Of Russia).

Page 6

The surviving children were:

(1) Samuel Gardner Hinckley (Resided in Hinckley, N.Y.) (B. 5 Aug. 1832 D. 27 May 1921). Married Sarah Fern (B. 1835-D. 1919) of Montgomery County. Samuel & Sarah Fern had 5 Children: Emma Josephine, Elijah Gardner, Edward Fern, Samuel, and Theodore Ballou.

(2) Caroline Dyer (Mrs. John W. Stanton of Hinckley, N.Y.) (B. 20 Oct. 1834 D. 25 Nov. 1912). John W. Stanton (B. 1814 D. 1896). Poss. a son- William H. (1843-1913).

(3) Mary Elizabeth (Hinckley) (Resided in Hinckley, N.Y.) (B. 8 Nov. 1840 D. 15 Mar. 1929).

(4) Sarah Helen/Ellen (Hinckley) (Resided in Hinckley, N.Y.). (B. 1 Oct. 1843 D. 17 Aug. 1918).

(Note: Five of the six children (plus spouses & children) with the exception of Sarah Helen/Ellen are listed on the Gravesville Cemetery list.

Quote: “About 1837, Gardner 2nd left the farm and became agent & business manager for A.K. Morehouse, who owned tracts of land in Herkimer & Hamilton Counties. In 1840, he moved to Wilmurt, and built a saw mill & planing mill on the West Canadian Creek near ‘Hinckley’ Bridge. He lived in Wilmurt until 1854, when he moved to a place now called ‘Hinckley’. He was Supervisor of Wilmurt for several terms; Held other town offices; Member of the State Legislature (1853-1854). Then in 1848, while in partnership with Theodore P. Ballou of Utica, he built 2 water powered saw mills on West Canadian Creek, which-in 1891-this small settlement was named in his memory- “Hinckley’. He continued in the saw mill business until his death. Gardner Hinckley was a Methodist; A temperate man (following the conscientiousness of his ancestors). He was Democrat until the formulation of the Republican Party, then he went Republican. He has been recorded as having many good qualities: Agreeable address, good temperament, strict integrity, kind and generous, sincere in manner, dignified, deliberate in judgment, keen mental facilities, and, strong (but tolerant) ideals. During the fifty years in business, he never had a lawsuit come to trial; He was beloved and respected by all-friends & relatives, the young and old alike. “ (Note: Above information copied from “The History Of Herkimer County, N.Y. by F.W. Beers”; Page 522 & 523- concerning the Hinckley’s of Herkimer Co. NDC/TDM)

Second wife of Elijah Hinckley ; {This Elijah’s Parents were: Samuel 5th & Mary (Vincent) (Born: 25 March 1765 Died: 29 March 1822)...Continued:

(2) ZERUIAH SARVIAH (Vincent) Hinckley (4); {Dr. William (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 16 June 1776 in Westerly, Washington Co., R.I. Died: 8 June 1847 in Town Of Russia, N.Y. Buried: Gravesville Cemetery, Town Of Russia, Herkimer Co., N.Y.).

(8) MARY (3); {Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 1734 in North Kingston, Wash., R.I. Died: 28 Nov. 1787 in Stephentown, Rensselaer, N.Y. Buried: Stephentown, Rensselaer, N.Y.) Mary married first on 20 Feb. 1754 in Pomfret, CT.: (1) Ephraim Bacon (D. 3 July 1755). Mary & Ephraim had a son: Ephraim Bacon, Jr. Mary married second on 13 Dec. 1761: (2) Samuel Hinckley 5th (B. ca. 1734 (similar to wife Mary Vincent?) in Pomfret, Windham, CT. D. 29 March 1822).

(Note of Hinckley’s beginnings in America: History of Herkimer County, Pg. 521 NC/TM A Brief Story On “The Hinckley Family”). Quote: “Elijah Hinckley (B. 25 March 1765), and Gardner Hinckley, 1st (B. 19 Oct. 1766) were the sons of Samuel Hinckley, 5th, and his wife, Mary (Vincent) Hinckley. They boys were born in Pomfret, CT. They were descended from Samuel Hinckley, 1st, who, according to old records, ‘Emigrated from England in the latter part of March 1635, in the ship ‘Hercules’. 200 tons, from Pemberton, County Kent, not far from London. He first settled in Scituate, Mass. where he continued to reside until 1639, when he, together with the larger part of Minister Lathrop’s congregation, removed to Barnstable, Cape Cod, within the limits of Plymouth Colony. One of his sons, was for many years, Governor of Plymouth Colony.

The original two Hinckley brothers, Elijah and Gardner, 1st, were taught the carpenter’s trade. They came to the Town Of Russia, then a part of Norway, to what was then called “Kingsland’, an part of the Royal Grant, about 1796. On 8 Oct. 1796, Elijah Hinckley and Elisha Poole bought 400 acres of land of John Pettit, near what is now called the Town Of Gravesville in Herkimer County. Gardner Hinckley finally bought Elisha Poole out, and the land was divided between the two brothers, Elijah and Gardner 1st. The brothers cleared land then returned to R.I. to be married. In 1842, Gardner, 1st died of the ‘scourge that swept the region, called black tongue’. His wife died in 1826; Gardner 1st and spouse didn’t have children.

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Elijah Hinckley married Sarah (Sally) (Vincent) (daughter of Dr. William & Zeruiah (Rudd) Vincent, who was born in 1770 in Westerly, R.I. The Vincent families trace their descent from William Vincent 1st, who emigrated from England about 1660. William Vincent settled in Greenwich, R.I. One of his sons, Nicholas, I married his stepsister, Elizabeth (Reynolds). One of the ten children of Nicholas, I and Elizabeth (Reynolds) Vincent was Mary (Vincent) (B. 1734), who married Samuel Hinckley 5th (B. probably ca. 1734), the father of Elijah Hinckley (B. 25 March 1765), who married Mary’s brother, Dr. William Vincent’s two daughter’s-First Sarah (Sally) and when she passed away, Elijah married Sally’s sister, Zeruiah Sarviah (Vincent).” (Note: Information extracted from ‘The History Of Herkimer County, N.Y.’, by F.W. Beers; Pages 521-523).


(1) Mary (B. 3 June 1762). Married Jonathan Greenman; They were residents of Stephentown, N.Y. Three children listed: Gardner, Lydia, and Samuel ‘of Russia’, N.Y.

(2) Samuel (B. 13 Nov. 1763 D. 27 Jan. 1768).

(3) Elijah (4); {Mary Vincent (3); Nicholas, I (2): William (1)} (B. 15 March 1765 in Pomfret, Conn. D. 29 March 1822). Elijah married first: Sarah (Sally) Vincent Second (upon Sally’s death) her sister: (2) Zuriah Sarviah (Vincent). (Sarah/Sally and Zuriah Sarviah Vincent were daughters of Dr. William (3) Vincent; {Nicholas, I (2); William (1)}

(4) Gardner I (4); {Mary (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 19 Oct. 1766 in Pomfret, Windham, CT. D. 10 April 1842 in Town Of Russia, Herkimer Co., N.Y. Buried: Gravesville Cemetery, Town Of Russia). (Note: Story above-”The Hinckley Family” offers additional information on Gardner and his brother Elijah. NDC). Carpenter by trade; He married about 1791: Polly/Mary (Randall) (B. 1771 D. 19 Jan. 1826 in the Town Of Russia, Herkimer Co., N.Y.) (Polly was the daughter of: Benjamin Randall). Noted in the Gravesville Cemetery-CMB in Aug. 10, 1999 e-mail: Polly (Randall) Hinckley-sister of Charles Randall (D. 1811 in Russia, N.Y.); Polly was also an “Aunt of Benjamin Collins of Russia.”; Mary/Polly and brother Charles Randall were noted in the original Russia Free Communion Baptist Church as members. George Collins (B. 9 Jan. 1777 D. 25 Sept. 1852) (Father of Benjamin?); Zurviah (sic) Randall (?) (B. ca, 1787 D. 13 Oct. 1850) Assumed wife of George...Zuviah-a sister of Polly Randall (?); Benjamin R. Collins (B. 25 March 1801 D. 9 Dec. 1873); Almira w/o Benjamin, (B. ca. 17 Dec. 1809 D. 17 Aug. 1885). (It is noted that Zuviah transcribed in biblical terms might be, Zeruiah. Also, Zuruiah.)

(5) Lucy (B. 21 Jan. 1768 D. 19 Jan. 1826). Married Stephen Sheldon; Lived in Stephentown, N.Y.

(6) Elizabeth (B. 25 Aug. 1769) Married Nathaniel Crumb; They settled in Stephentown, N.Y. Later in Plainfield, Oswsego County, N.Y.


Further Information on the Children Of Nicholas, I and Elizabeth (Reynolds) Vincent...Continued:)

(10) DEBORAH (3); {Nicholas I (2); William (1)} (Born Ca. 1740 D. 23 May 1813 @ age 73). She married Nicholas Gardiner, Jr. (B. ca. 1738 D. 6 June 1815 @ age 78) in 1762 in Exeter, R.I. Nicholas Gardiner, Jr. married 3 times: (1) Beriah Brown (1740-1760) (2) Deborah Vincent (1740-1813) (3) Ruth Tillinghst. He was son of Nicholas and Martha (Havens) Gardiner (Note: 6 Dec. 1710-9 June 1800; s/o Nicholas (1680-1743) & Mary (Eldred) h/o Martha Havens, h/o Dorcas Gardiner) {Exeter Cemetery data-NDC}; and, Nicholas, Jr., was a Rev. War Veteran. Nicholas Gardiner, Jr. was buried first (#139) on the Squire Nicholas Gardiner lot in Exeter Historical Cem., (R.I.), later moved to Elm Grove Cem., N. Kingston, R.I.

(Note: “History Of Herkimer County, N.Y.” by F.W. Beers; Page 522, gives extended particulars on the family.)

(Research controversy surrounding Nicholas, I first wife, Elizabeth (Reynolds) Vincent):

“The Greene’s Of Rhode Island” compiled by Louise Brownell Clarke offers this convincing data of Elizabeth (Reynolds) parents: Elizabeth Greene (3) {James (2); John (1)}) Born: 17 Oct. 1668 Died: 1722); Married to Francis (3) Reynolds {James (2); William (1)} (B. 22 Oct. 1662 D. in North Kingstown, R.I.), brother to her two sister’s husbands; They had 4 sons-Francis (B. 1689), Peter (B. 1691), James (B. 1693), Jabez (B. 1695).

FRANCIS REYNOLDS married our ancestor second (2) ELIZABETH (BERRY). They had four girls, one being Elizabeth (Reynolds) Born: 1699....and, Mary (B. 1705), Susannah (B. 1717 D. 1811), Deborah (B. 1719). NOTE-What makes this background most convincing: A witness of Elizabeth (Reynolds) Vincent’s Will dated: 28 Nov. 1787) was Richard Berry. If this Elizabeth (Reynolds) (B. 1699) is the correct wife of Nicholas, I...then, her parents were (Source: ‘The Carpenter Family Of R.I. by Daniel Carpenter) the above... Elizabeth (Berry) and Francis Reynolds...and, Richard Berry would then be a maternal descendant.)

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Nevertheless, many sources have made claim her father was (Robert) John Reynolds.) (1) (LDS File-{JN}: Elizabeth Reynolds, B. ca. 1698. Parents: John Reynolds & Rebecca Coggelshall.) (2) (NDC & TDM, Orlando, Florida Library, ‘Boston Transcripts. 30 Aug. 1930. No. 7053 Microfiche)...”Elizabeth Reynolds, her father said to be John Reynolds”. (3) (TDM) source calls Elizabeth’s father-Robert John Reynolds. (4) Elizabeth’s parents: John Reynolds and Deborah. (5) EBC listed: John Reynolds-Born: 12 October 1648 in Plymouth, R.I. Married in R.I.; Died: 24 June 1675 in North Kingston, Washington, R.I. For a second wife, this John Reynolds married William Vincent’s (1638-1696) widow Jemima.

(Controversy surrounding Elizabeth (Reynolds) Parents...Continued:)

(6) Also, there is a theory her father was: Judge Robert Reynolds of England who presided over the Condemnation Trail Of King Charles, I, who on the death of Oliver Cromwell, came to America “With a number of other judges, and settled in North Kingston, now called Exeter, R.I. (Herkimer County History, Page 522 by Beers) This Reynolds may have been a relative, but it’s unlikely he’d be a candidate as her father.

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NICHOLAS (3) VINCENT, II {Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} Born: 1722 or 23 in Westerly, Washington County, R.I. He was the son of Nicholas, I and Elizabeth (Reynolds) Vincent. Nicholas, II died after 1810 in Poland, Town Of Russia, Herkimer County, N.Y. He married (ca. 1755) MARY EARLE (B. 11 August 1725 in Westerly, Wash., R.I.). Nicholas, II was a weaver by trade; a Constable in R.I.-Presented for freemanship in June 1748, chosen constable in 1748; A Farmer in Stephentown, N.Y. Property: 24 Feb. 1748-two parcels for 400 pounds consisting of 30 acres...20 with appurtenances, privileges and commodities. Feb. 1757, bought half - 20 acres from Joseph Crumb for 50 pounds. Moved to Stephentown, N.Y. between 1770 & the time (1800) Stephentown took census. In 1814, Nicholas, II bought land and settled in as farmer. Neighbors were his sister Mary (Vincent) and husband, Samuel Hinckley, 5th. (Source: Bessie Lansing Vincent’s Reunion booklet of 1912; Carolyn Bourgeois’s e-mail-16 Jan. 2000).

Mary Earle was the daughter of: William Earle (Born: ca. 1693 in Ma. or R.I.) and, Mehitable Brayton (Born: 12 Jan. 1693, Portsmouth, R.I. Died: 1742). William Earle was son of: Thomas (B. D. 28 April 1727 and, Mary (Tabor) Earle (B. 1670 (?)-1759); Thomas, son of Ralph.

CHILDREN of NICHOLAS, II and MARY (EARLE) VINCENT: (1) Elizabeth; (2) Esther; (3) Benjamin; (4) Joshua; (5) John Earle; (6) Joseph; (7) Wilbur.

(Note: an age is listed with each child. It is believed to be mother’s age at time of birth.

(1) ELIZABETH (4) {Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 1756 in Westerly, R.I.) (when mother was age 31)

(2) ESTHER (4) {Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born 1758 in Westerly, R.I.) (when mother was 33).

(3) BENJAMIN (4); {Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born 1760 in Westerly, R.I. (when mother was 35). Benjamin Died: 1839 in Clayton, N.Y.) Married POLLY (Mary or Maria) FRIER (or Freer) in 1786 in Troy, Rensselaer, N.Y. (One source says, ‘Polly or Mary/Maria Freer- Dutch-Born ca. 1766 in Schenectady, N. Y., or, second source-Bessie Lansing Vincent’s 1912 Vincent family Reunion booklet reads, “Polly Frier was ‘right off the boat from Germany...and refused to talk German with her children’). The couple removed to Town Of Russia, Herkimer Co., N.Y. around 1800. (More information follows on this line)

(4) JOSHUA (4) {Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 11 Sept. 1762 in Westerly, R.I. (mother was 36). (LDS Files says this Joshua Died in 1841)

(5) JOHN EARLE (4); {Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 1765 in Westerly, R.I. (Died: 19 March 1839 in Stephentown, N.Y.) (mother was 40). Married in CT. ca. 1790 to Sally ? (B. 1770). They had one son: Joseph Earle Vincent (B. 1804 in Stephentown, N.Y. D. in Town Of Granby, Oswego, N.Y.) Married Aurice Perry.

(6) JOSEPH (4) {Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 1767 in Westerly, R.I. (Mother’s age was

(7) WILBUR (4) {Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 1770 in Westerly, R.I. (when Mother was age 45). Wilbur died in Clayton, Jefferson County, N.Y.

(Note: Benjamin and Polly (Frier/Freer) Vincent also had a Wilbur (S. Wilbur or Samuel Wilbur Vincent (B. 1794 and who died: 14 Jan. 1875 @ age 81. He would be this Wilbur’s nephew. )

(Note: The following information may relate to # (4) Joshua (B. 11 Sept. 1762, Westerly, R.I.)

(Additional Data: Genealogies Of R.I. Families state: “1782 Muster & Size Roll For Town Of Gloucester, R.I. Each town had a quota assigned to it; These men enlisted, and they were stationed at Ft. Ticonderoga, N.Y. Pg. 246, Thomas Reynolds, Joshua Vincent. Pg. 53, Pardon Vincent, recruit from Gloucester, 1782. Private in Capt. Allen’s Co., & Col. John Cooke’s Regiment, 25 Sept. 1776, doing duty on R.I.” NDC) (Abstract Note: Pardon Vincent (B. 1734 in Glouchester, R.I.). s/o William (2); {William (1)} and Elizabeth (Bennett). This may be Father to this Pardon-recruit from Glouchester, 1782.) (Soldiers Of The American Revolution, SAR Patriot Index/1999edition/Progeny Publishing House): Joshua Vincent (B. 1764 in Rhode Island; D. 24 August 1837 in New York). Also: Spouse: Susannah (Millard); Children: (1) Catherine (Vincent) (2) Esther (Vincent). Descendant: Raymond Anan ANC # 075963 (Data from JN).

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Genealogical Abstracts Of Revolutionary War; Pension Files III, N-Z; By Virgil D. White VINCENT, Joshua, R.I. Line. Susannah, W20107, Sol appl 30 Sept. 1818 in Albany Co., N.Y. Soldier lived in Glouchester, R.I. at enlistment. Soldier was age 69 in Sept. 1833, a resident of Bern, N.Y. and soldier was there 24 Aug. 1837 & his widow appl there 7 July 1843, age 79. Soldier had married Susannah (Millard) in June 1788. Soldier’s brother, Thomas Vincent made aff’dt 11 July 1842 in Albany, N.Y. and stated his brother Joshua & wife were married 4 years prior to his marriage when he was age of 26...that he was age 76 in 1842; Soldier & widow’s son, Paul H. Vincent, age 40, made aff’dt in 1842 at Albany, N.Y. where he stated he was the 7th child of his parents, and that the oldest was John, who was 13 yrs. older than he.

(The above Joshua Vincent, ‘1782 Muster & Size Roll For Town Of Glouchester, R.I.” supposingly went to Ft. Ticonderoga w/cousin, Thomas Reynolds...not brother Thomas Vincent.)

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(7) BENJAMIN (4) VINCENT {Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} Born about 1755 in Westerly, R.I. According to ‘Boston Transcripts, Jan. 13, 1930 microfiche No.# 9537...” Benjamin Vincent had a brother Wilbur (S. Wilbur, or Samuel Wilbur), who were sons of Nicholas & Mary (Earle) Vincent of Westerly, R.I., who moved to Stephentown, N.Y. in 1774. He was the son of Nicholas Vincent, II and Mary (Earle). (Discovered in the Orlando, Florida Library by TDM/NDC-1999).

Boston Newspaper Transcripts-August 30, 1933-Microfiche No. #7053 reads:

Wanted: FREER, VINCENT. Polly Freer (or Frier), who married Benjamin Vincent of Stephentown, N.Y. about 1786. She was Dutch. They moved to Russia (Herkimer Co., N.Y. NC) before 1800. (Researched in the Orlando, Florida Library by TDM/NDC-1999).

Bessie Lansing Vincent’s 1912 Vincent Family Reunion booklet states, “Benjamin married Polly Frier as soon as she landed from Germany. We are told she refused to talk German with her children, probably not to interfere with their English accent. Their home was in Herkimer Co., and their children were Gardner, Hinckley, Wilbur (S. Wilbur), Nicholas, Abram, Freeman, Washington, Polly, Charles, and Enos, whose immediate descendants are represented in the reunions held yearly by the Vincent Association.” (Note: From this last sentence, we must determine that Benjamin and Polly’s ‘immediate descendants’ might have been grandchildren who were attending these reunions; In fact, further on in the 1912 Vincent booklet we find 3 families emanating from the lines of Gardner and Nicholas who attended the reunions...and, seemingly, they would have known if their grandparent Polly had come from Germany...more so than we genealogist researching nearly one hundred years later. It is possible, however, that this ‘German’ language might have been ‘German origin (or early N.Y. State German, or Palatine), or a mixture of Dutch’. Ironically, ‘Frier’ becomes ‘Freer’ by changing one letter...and, the surname ‘Freer’ can be found in the St. John’s Reformed Church, St. Johnsville, N.Y. records dated 29 January 1834...of Moses Freer...the footnote indicates the father of Mary (Polly or Maria) was ‘Abraham Frair’, and this Mary Frair’s mother was Jannetje (Jane) Hetschel; Abraham’s parents were: Hugo Abraham and Marytjen (Maria) (Dewitt) Freer. (Note: It would suggest to reason why one of Benjamin & Polly’s sons was named ‘Abram’ too, it would have been his grandfather’s name. NMDC) This Mary (Polly/Maria) was born 1766 in Schenectady, N.Y.

(Carolyn Bourgeois-Added Note on grandmother Polly (Fier/Frair): {Abstract of Wills, Index, Page 103, Rensselear County, N.Y.} Abraham Greenbush Frair, wife Jane...Children: John, Samuel (the eldest), daughter, Hannah Carpenter, wife of Frederick (I would assume Frederick Carpenter), Mary Vincen (t) wife of Benjamin (once again, I assume Benjamin Vincent)...grandson, John Airls (?) Exec. Mattice Younghouse; son, John, John Myers. Witnesses: John Myers; Meletiah Capron; John Leifheit. Dates: Nov. 1802...20 March 1805.) (Note spelling: 16 Nov. 1827, Index page 223-Probate 24 Sept. 1828...Cornelius J. Schermerhorn Schodeck, daughters: Sarah, w/o Joseph Freyer.)

(Rosalind Briggs (Carpenter Family Historian-Zephyrhills, Fl {Apr. 2000}) in her study of the Early N.Y. Palatines states, “During the ‘500 Year War’ in Germany, (1) many people fled the country of Germany; Also, (2) William Penn made two trips into Germany and brought many survivors to England, then to America, to help colonization in Colonial America. There were ‘Low Dutch’ people from Holland; and ‘High Dutch’ people from Germany who came under Penn’s policies.” {Reference: ‘Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration’ by Walter Allen Knittle, Ph.D Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, Md. (1982)}. In Rosalind’s research of the ‘Ross’ line, she came up with the following genealogy: “John Whiting who married Elizabeth FRAR/FRIER is the father of a Jacob Whiting. Claverack Reformed Church Records the baptism of son Jacob Whiting 11 November 1798 as a son of John and Elizabeth (Frar/Frier) Whiting, and a baptism of Peter Whiting to the same parents 7 December 1800. ‘Historical and Statistical Gazetteer of New York State’- Pages 241 & 243. The family came to Claverack ca. 1756-modern Columbia Co. N.Y. William B. Whiting built a mill on the outlet of Whiting Pond at Queechy in the Town Of Canaan. Grain was stored at the mill. During the Rev. War, the Tories burned the mill...William B. Whiting 7 October 1777 became a member of the Committee of Safety in the Town of Dover Dutchess County, N.Y.)

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE WHITING REFERENCE: Benjamin Vincent’s wife, Polly Frier/Frar/Freer (Married 1786 in Stephentown), which would be the same generation of the above Elizabeth Frier/Frar (her first child baptized, 1798 in Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., N.Y.) who married the above John Whiting. I was surprised to see the similar identification for Elizabeth Frier/Frar as we have noted for Polly Frier/Frar/Freer. (Nancy (Dickinson) Chamberlain)

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Children of BENJAMIN and POLLY (Mary/Maria) (Frier/Freer/Frair) VINCENT were:

(1) GARDNER O. (5); {Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 14 May 1789 D. 25 Feb. 1862). (More to follow on this line).

(2) HINCKLEY (5); {Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. ca. 1802 in Town Of Russia, Herkimer County, N.Y. Died: ). (Film # 1985375 IGI Records. Jeff Nicklaw).

(3) NICHOLAS III (5); {Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas I (2); William (1)} (B. 1791 D. 14 March 1878).

(4) S. (SAMUEL) WILBUR (5); {Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 1794 D. 1875). (There is more information to follow on Samuel Wilbur’s line).

(5) FREEMAN (5); {Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 1797 D. after 1823).

(6) ABRAM (5); {Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 1799 D. 17 Feb. 1886). (There is more to follow on Abram’s line).

(7) ENOS (5); {Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 1801 D. 24 Dec. 1883). (More on the lineage of Enos Vincent)

(8) POLLY (5); {Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3; Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 7 May 1804 D. 8 Oct. 1863 (or) 1889). Married James Plumb (1794-1879). James Plumb was a Supervisor of the Town of Clayton, 1848-1853. Both are buried in Depauville Cemetery.

(9) WASHINGTON (5); {Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 1815 Died: ca. 1858 in Arthur, Oswego, N.Y.). Married: ca 1837 in Theresa, N.Y. to Belinda (Graves) of Clayton (B. 5 Dec. 1815). Belinda married second: (2) Stephen Gardner, and she is buried with Gardner in Mexico, Oswego, N.Y.. They had one son: Nicholas.

(10) CHARLES (5); {Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. ca. 1819).

Further Information on Children of Benjamin and Polly (Frier/Frar/freer) Vincent:

(7) ENOS (5); {Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born about 1801 in Poland, Herkimer County, N.Y. Died: 24 Dec. 1883 in Whitelaw, Madison, N.Y.). (Florence Vincent’s Notes, via Carolyn Bourgeois states: Whitelaw is near SE border of Oneida Lake, N.Y.) Enos was a “Class leader. He attended Methodist-Episcopal Church, ‘having experienced religion at Lee, Oneida co., N.Y.’, he later moved to Little Falls.” (Lee is 10 miles northwest of Rome, N.Y.). Married {Polly (Willoughby) Hinckley (B. 1807-D. 1885). Enos and Polly made their residence in Clayton, N.Y. between 1825-1850. Then they moved to Whitelaw, Lennox TWP Madison County, N.Y. in 1860. In 1868, they moved to Verona,. N.Y. Enos and Polly had five children: Abbie, Palmer, Clarissa, Morris, and James.

(1) ABBIE ANN (VINCENT) (B. 20 Oct. 1824 D. 12 Dec. 1858 in Whitelaw, N.Y.). She married Sylvester Beebee.

(2) PALMER (B. 1826 in Clayton, N.Y. D. 26 Jan. 1875 (of measles) in Verona, N.Y.). Palmer, in 1851, married Mary (Case). Mary was the daughter of: David Merritt Case and Polly (Beebee) (B. 1825 in Poland, N.Y. D. 1915 in Rome, N.Y. Buried: Rome Cemetery, Rome, N.Y.).

Palmer and Mary (Case) Vincent had 2 children:

(1) ? Permelia (Millie) (B. 12 May 1856 in Little Falls, N.Y. D. 4 Feb. 1920 (of flu) in Rome, N.Y.) She married first cousin: Major Horace Beebee Case (B. 11 Aug. 1854 in Florence D. 22 June 1921 in Rome, N.Y.). (They are both buried in Verona Cemetery).

(2) Ralph Waterman (B. 7 Feb. 1868 in Newport, N.Y. D. March ? in East Orange, N.J.). Married in 1896 to Margarueite (Kaeckers) of Philadelphia, Pa. (She was born: 3 March 1868 D. 19 April 1954 in N.Y. City). She was the daughter of: Fred & Elizabeth (Landis) Overholser of PA.). Ralph and Margarueite are buried: Kentsville Cemetery, NJ.

(3) CLARISSA (VINCENT) (B. in Clayton, NY. D. after 1883). Married ? Beebee. Their residence was in South Richland, N.Y.

(4) MORRIS (B. 1835 in Clayton, N.Y. D. 9 Dec. 1898 in Poland, NY). He was married twice. Morris is buried: Swezey Cemetery, Town Of Russia, Herkimer County.

(5) JAMES AVERILL (B. 1845 in Clayton, NY. D. 1931). Married in Whitelaw, Lennox, Madison County, NY to Harriet (Barney) (B. 1846 D. 1925).

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(Further Information on the Children of Benjamin and Polly (Frier/Frar/Freer) Vincent...Continued:

(1) GARDNER O. (5): {Benjamin (4): Nicholas, II (3): Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 14 May 1789 in Herkimer Co., N.Y. Died: 25 Feb. 1862 in Clayton, (Buried: Clayton Center) Jefferson Co., N.Y.). He married MABEL BRADLEY (B. 1804 in Town Of Russia, Herkimer Co., N.Y. D. 12 April 1836 in Jeff. Co., Buried: Clayton Center) about 1824 in Town Of Russia, Herkimer Co., N.Y. THEIR CHILDREN WERE: (1) Benjamin (B. ca. 1814 in Town Of Norway, Herkimer, Co.) (2) Sarah Ann (B. ca. 1825 in Town Of Norway) (3) Caroline (B. 1826 in Town Of Norway). Caroline married Henry H. Benjamin (B. ca,. 1817 in Town Of Norway, Herkimer Co., N.Y. He was the son of: Jonathan & Nancy (McCarty) Benjamin). Caroline & Henry lived in the State of Ohio. (Note: There is verification of a baptismal certificate in St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Clayton, N.Y for a Michael Jenks Vincent (B. 24 Aug. 1817 Bapt. 29 Sept. 1883) and whose father was Gardner O. Vincent. Therefore, Michael would be the fourth child born between Benjamin (B. 1814) & Sarah Ann (B. 1825. Data discovered in field research done by Carolyn M. Bourgeois-Summer 1999).

(Data, E-Mail, Dated 22 Nov. 1999-Randall Deifendorf to Carolyn Bourgeois. Town Of Clayton, 1850 Census shows: Gardner, age 60; Almira, age 43 (B. ca, 1807); Letitia, age 16; Gardner H., age 14; Althea, age 8 (B. ca, 1842). Bartlett’s and Rogers Town Of Clayton Cemetery inscriptions show:

Vincent, Allethe, d/o G. & Almira 12 Mar 1839 ae 7 (ergo, B. ca,. 1832)

Vincent, Allethe, d/o S. & Almira 1 Feb. 1842 ae 2 (ergo, B. ca. 1840)

Vincent, Almira, adopted d/o G. & A 4 April 1872 ae 5 (ergo B. ca. 1867)

Vincent, Cynthia A. d/o G. & Almira 24 April 1843 ae 2 (ergo, B. ca. 1846)

Vincent, Mabel w/o Gardner, 1804-1836. (Bradley)

(R. Deifendorf asks the question...”Does it seem plausible that Gardner married (1) Mabel Bradley and (2) Almira?”)

(Note: Bessie L. Vincent stated in the 1912 Vincent Reunion booklet: “Gardner Vincent is represented through his daughter, Mrs. Althea Getman, who has been instrumental in tracing Vincent genealogy; her daughter, Mrs. Ames is a member of the Vincent Association too”.)

(Note: Wouldn’t you suspect if Althea’s grandmother Polly Frier had not alighted from the boat, straight from Germany, this family genealogist, would have corrected the other Vincent genealogist Bessie L. Vincent? NDC)

(2) NICHOLAS (5) (Son of Benjamin & Polly (Frier) Vincent); {Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 1791 in Town Of Danube, Herkimer Co., N.Y. Died: 14 March 1878 in Town Of Dexter, Buried: Dexter Cemetery, Dexter Jefferson Co., N.Y.). There is reference to Nicholas in Judge Hardin (of Little Falls, N.Y.) book, “Historical Sketch Of Lewis County”. Bessie L. Vincent has this to say about this Nicholas Vincent: “Among the people attracted to the Brown Tract by Herreoschoff’s Developments was Nicholas Vincent, who came from Town Of Russia. Nicholas was by trade a nail maker. He opened a nail shop on the Brown Tract (Old Forge, N.Y.). Nicholas married ELIZABETH JOY (B. 1797 in Brattleboro, Windham, Vt. D. 12 Jan. 1879 @ age 82-Town Of Dexter, Burial: Dexter Cemetery), daughter of Major Abiathar and Elizabeth (Burt) Joy. The Nicholas and Elizabeth Vincent nuptials were the first held on the Brown tract. Vincent was said to be ‘a great hunter and fisherman’, and the beautiful lake called ‘Nick’s Lake’ was named after him. The Joys and Vincent’s kept up their Brown Tract homes for many years.”

This Nicholas Vincent (Son of Benjamin and Polly (Frier) Vincent) and the Nicholas Stoner story which has been passed down for generations is this:

(Note from Nancy D. Chamberlain. March 2000. Nick’s Lake at Old Forge (Mt. McCauley) was named for Nick Vincent originally; but I asked a Park Officer at McCauley Ski Lift (ca. mid 1970’s while we were on a camping trip), and he told me it was named for ‘Nick Stoner’. The truth is this: Stoner jumped the Vincent claim, thus, recording Nick’s Lake as his own; Vincent, a peace loving man, as well as a hunter and fisherman, finally moved in to Old Forge to run his nail shop, and, he became very popular with the townspeople, who knew all too well of the claim jumping incident. Meanwhile, Nick Vincent’s father-in-law, Major Abiathar Joy purchased all the land surrounding Nick’s Lake; Consequently, all the roadways around the Lake are named for the Vincent/Joy families, not Nick Stoner. You can bet that Major Joy made it very difficult for Stoner to get in and out of his lake property, and eventually Stoner was forced to buy road rights from the Joys”. NDC).

(Note: Nicholas’s Will-dated, September 1878- located by Carolyn Bourgeois lists wife & Children.)

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NICHOLAS and ELIZABETH (JOY) VINCENT had 6 children: (1) Elizabeth; (2) Horace; (3) Seymour Joy; (4) Lewis; (5) Abigail; (6) Burton.

(1) ELIZABETH Born: 11 Jan. 1818 in Town Of Dexter, Jefferson Co., N.Y. She married: JOSEPH TERRY of Town Of Russia, N.Y. In 1896 she was living in Ovid, Erie County, N.Y. At time of Father’s Will (Sept. 1878) she lived in Wayne, Pa.).

(2) HORACE Born: 29 April 1819 in Town Of Dexter, N.Y. Died: in or after 1894 in Wisconsin). (At time of Father’s Will (Sept 1878) he lived in Waseco, Minn.). He married: (MATILDA FORD); They had a son, Charles.

(3) SEYMOUR JOY Born: 4 Sept. 1824 in Town Of Dexter, N.Y. Died: after 1910 in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. He married about 1855: MATILDA MARIE (CURTIS) (B. ca. 1834) from Georgetown, a.k.a. Halton Hills. They had a son: Clinton Joy (B. 10 Feb. 1857 in Lafargeville, Jeff. Co., N.Y. Died: 11 April 1942, Hamilton, Ravalli, Mt., Buried: Riverview Cemetery, Hamilton, Mt.). Clinton married 18 Aug. 1889 in Anaconda, Deerlodge, MT.- Jennie (Stevens) (B. 1 June 1865 in Alder Gulch, Madison, Mt. D. 17 June 1959 in Hamilton, Ravalli, Mt.). Two Children of Clinton & Jennie Vincent were, Frank & Geneva: (1) Frank Seymour Vincent (B. 14 Sept. 1891 in Anaconda, Deerlodge, Mt. D. 7 May 1936, Hamilton, Ravalli, Mt.) (Frank married on 9 Nov. 1918 in Missoula, Mt.-Flossie Jewel (Pyle); They had a son-Donald Nicholas Vincent (B. 4 Dec. 1924 in Hamilton, Ravalli, Mt. D. 29 Jan. 1927). (2) Geneva (Vincent) (B. 2 March 1894 in Anaconda, Deerlodge, Mt.).

(4) LEWIS Born: 29 Jan. 1829 Town Of Dexter, N.Y. Died, after 1896 in Lafargeville, N.Y. He married: MARTHA (HODGKINS), a daughter, Lucy (B. 1852 D. 1852) Buried in Clayton center, Jeff. Co., N.Y.

(5) ABIGAIL Born: 9 July 1832 in Town Of Dexter, Jeff. Co., N.Y. She died: after 1896 in Dexter, N.Y. She married EDWIN S. CLARK in Dexter, 1855. They had 4 children: (1) Emma (2) Brayton (3) Herbert (4) Frank (Note: No children listed in Dexter Cemetery records.)

(6) BURTON Born: 29 May 1836 in Town Of Dexter, N.Y. He died: after 1896 in Anaconda, Deer, Mt. He was married: EMMA (PLUMB) in Anaconda, Mt.

(Additional Data Concerning ‘The Joys’. E-Mail from Carolyn Bourgeois, dated-10 Aug. 1999.)

David Joy (B. 16 Dec. 1724 in Rehoboth, Mass. D. 26 Jan. 1811 in Russia, N.Y.); Married 1 Dec. 1747 in Bristol, R.I. to Elizabeth (Allen) of Rehoboth, Mass. (B. 1725 D. 13 Oct. 1822 in Russia, N.Y.). David Joy removed to Guilford, Vt. about 1766. He took part in the French and Indian War. Then during the American Revolutionary War, he was platoon officer under General Ruggles. He was at the ‘taking of Ticonderoga’ in 1775. He was known as ‘David Joy, Esquire.

The Children of David and Elizabeth (Allen) Joy were: (1) John; (2) Abel; (3) Sarah; (4) David; (5) Comfort; (6) Elizabeth, 1st.; (7) Jesse; (8) Abiather; (9) Lewis; (10) Benjamin; (11) Elizabeth, 2nd.

Abiather Joy (Son of David & Elizabeth (Allen) Joy) (B. 20 March 1762 in Rehoboth, Mass. D. 31 July 1851 in LaFargeville, N.Y.) Married 11 July 1789 to Elizabeth (Burt) (B. 17 July 1765. Daughter of Ebenezer and Abigail (Bartlett) Burt). Abiather Joy lived in Brattleboro, Vt. and LaFargeville, Jefferson County, N.Y. after his marriage. Abiather served in the American Revolutionary War; when he entered the service, he resided in Guilford, Vt. He enlisted in April 1778, for 7 months under Captain Blakeley, and Col. Samuel Fletcher, and he was stationed at Castleton, Vt. near the head of Lake Champlain. He scouted along the Lake Champlain shoreline for 30 or 40 miles; Sometime in July or August the scouts were all killed (or taken by the Indians) except one man by the name of Swift, who made his escape. Abiather Joy was one of the party, with Captain Fish, who, with a flag of truce, went to the British shipping about 20 miles north of Crown Point after the return of the British Express from Quebec; He returned to Castleton, Vt. during the War of 1812. Abiather acquired the title of ‘Major’. In Russia, N.Y,. He was affiliated with the Presbyterian Society.

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Major Abiather and Elizabeth (Burt) Joy’s Children:

(1) Fanny (B. D. 25 Oct. 1825 in the 37th year). Married Roderick Gillett.

(2) Abigail (B. 10 April 1791 D. 20 March 1832). Married ? Graves.

(3) Elizabeth (B. 10 April 1791 {twin of Abigail?} D. 12 Jan. 1879 in Town Of Dexter, Jefferson County, N.Y.). Married in 1817 to Nicholas Vincent (B. 1791); Their Children (already listed in family line previous to this) were: (1) Elizabeth; (2) Horace; (3) Seymour; (4) Lewis; (5) Abigail; (6) Burton.

(4) Milea (B. 13 April 1793 D. 24 Aug. 1824).

(5) (Rev.) David (B. 12 June 1795 D. 30 Oct. 1867 in LaFargeville, N.Y. and Carey, Ohio). David was a member of the Russia Episcopal Church. David and spouse had: (1) Martha (wife of Francis Barker); (2) Milea; (3) Seymour H.; (4) Harrison H.; (5) Abiather; (6) David.

(6) Abiather (B. 2 Oct. 1799 D. 7 Dec. 1874 in Beaver Dams, Wisconsin).

(7) Susanna (B. 19 June 1802 D. 11 June 1833). Married ? Tuttle.

(8) Ebenezer (B. 28 April 1804). (9) Lewis (B. 12 Oct. 1807 D. ? ) Married Julia L. Garrett.

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(3) SAMUEL (5) WILBUR {Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} Born: 1794 in Herkimer Co., N.Y. Died: 14 January 1875, at age 81, in Clayton, Jefferson Co., N.Y. (Buried: Clayton Village Cemetery, Clayton, Jeff. Co., N.Y.) He was a farmer; He married twice: Married first wife, about 1818 (?) in Herkimer Co., (1) ESTHER SHELEY (B. April 1799 Died: 22 Feb. 1845, at age 44, in Clayton, Jeff. Co., N.Y).

Eleven Surviving children of Samuel Wilbur and Esther (Sheley) Vincent @ time of one of Samuel W. Vincent’s Recorded Wills-Dated: 6 April 1885-Jefferson Co., N.Y. Deed Book 240, Page 457) (Data via Jeff Nicklaw): (1) Jenks; (2) Luther (1823-1832); (3) Elijah; (4) Gardner; (5) Mabel Estes; (6) Cordelia; (7) Antoinette; (8) Samuel W. Jr.; (9) Josephine; (10) Nicoll P.; (11) Luther, II; (12) Frances.

Samuel Wilbur Vincent married secondly (@ age 51): Sometime after Feb. 1845:

(2) EMILY BISHOP (B. 1798 Died: 17 Oct. 1871 @ age 73). (Emily has a published Will dated, Jan. 1872 which lists, as survivors, only a son, John Luther Bishop (B. 1835 D. ) of Muratillan, Mexico (Occupation: Laborer) & Samuel W. her husband-Located by Carolyn Bourgeois).


(Note: Carolyn Bourgeois found Samuel Wilbur’s Will dated 9 Feb. 1876 the following data on daughter Frances.)

(Note: First Luther, Died as a child: B. July 1823 D. 27 March 1832).

(1) Jenks ((B. 24 Aug. 1817 Died: 22 June 1884) Occupation: farmer (Of Clayton, N.Y.)

(2) Elijah C. (B. 1824 D: ) Occupation: laborer (Of Clayton, N.Y.). Married: Electa B.

(3) Gardner G. (B. 1826 D. bef. 9 Feb. 1876 ) Occupation: laborer (Children listed in will)

(4) Mabel B. (Vincent) Estes (B. 1828 D: ) (Of Clayton, N.Y.)

(5) Cordelia C. (Vincent) Fournival (B. 1830 D: ) (Of Cleveland, Ohio)

(6) Antoinette (B. 1833 D: bef. 9 Feb. 1876 ) (Children listed in will)

(7) Samuel Wilbur, Jr. (B. 1835 D. ). Occupation: laborer (Of Pennsylvania). Married: Adelia A. (Middlesex, Mercer County, Pa.). Samuel, Jr. & Adelia of Toledo, Leoal County, Ohio-3 March 1885-Jefferson Co., N.Y. Deed Book 240, page 457; Data by Jeff Nicklaw).

(8) Josephine (B. 1837 D: ) Married: Sebra Howard. Moved to Mich., then Cleveland, Ohio) Two children: 1) Bert-Presbyterian Minister; (2) Belle.

(9) Nicoll P. (C.) (B. 1838-1905) (Of New Windsor, Canoll County, Md.)

(10) Luther E. (The Second) (B. 1842 D: )

(11) Frances (B. D. bef. 9 Feb. 1876 in Iowa). Married a Mr. Girard. Two Children: Luther and Esther. (Esther married a Mr. Warren).

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SAMUEL WILBUR’S son...Jenks Vincent


(1) JENKS VINCENT, (Born: ca. 1817 in Clayton, N.Y. Died: 22 June 1884) (This is the line of: Jeffrey M. Nicklaw, 107 Avery’s Creek Lane, Arden, N.C. 28704)

(2) NICOLL P. C. (Born: 1838 Died: 29 Nov. 1905 @ age 67)

(This is the line of: Carolyn Bourgeois, 1064 Helen St., Schenectady, N.Y. 12303)

(1) JENKS (6) VINCENT, {Samuel Wilbur (5), Benjamin (4), Nicholas II (3), Nicholas I (2), William (1)} Born: 24 August 1817 in Clayton, N.Y. Baptized: 29 Sept. 1817 in St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Clayton, N.Y. Died: 22 June 1884 in Clayton, N.Y. (Note by Carolyn Bourgeois-Jenks Vincent listed under: “Persons who died in the Town Of Clayton, but not found in Town Of Clayton Cemeteries.”) Jenks married about 1838: Polly Marie (Stevens) (B. 1819 in Jeff. Co., Died: Feb. 1865. Buried in Clayton Cem. VI, Clayton, N.Y.) Jenk’s Occupation: Farmer. (Note on Polly by Jeffrey Nicklaw). Jenks married on 16 May 1865 secondly: Mary (Second marriage recorded in a 1865 diary kept by Dorliska B. (Dean) Vincent. Note by Jeff Nicklaw).


CAPT. WILBUR JENKS (7) VINCENT {Jenks (6); Samuel Wilbur (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. April 1840 Town Of Clayton-D. 1923 in Clayton, N.Y. Buried: Clayton Village Cem., Clayton). Capt. Vincent was a Great Lakes Shipping Boat Captain of the ‘Belle Mitchell’ and the ‘Mary Copely’. He married ca. 1857 in Clayton, N.Y.- DORLISKA B. (DEAN) (B. June 1843 Died: 1923 or 24 in Town Of Clayton-Buried: Clayton Village Cem., Clayton). (Note by Jeff Nicklaw: “After retirement from being a Great Lakes shipping Captain, he was, for several years, a caretaker of “Castle Rest” on Pullman Island.”)

CAPT. WILBUR JENKS AND DORLISKA VINCENT’S children: (1) Wilton W.; (2) Nina B.; (3) Elmer Dean; (4) William Martin; (5) Carlton Wilbur; (6) Ina Belle; (7) Elihu.

(1) WILTON W. (B. ca. 1861 in Clayton, Died @ age 4 on the 5th of Dec. 1865 of what we would call today, Rheumatic Fever; Illness described in 1865 diary of Dorliska B. (Dean) Vincent. Noted by Jeff Nicklaw.)

(2) NINA B. (B. March 1860 in Clayton Died in infancy: 23 Jan. 1861

(3) ELMER DEAN (B. ca. 1864 Died: 18 July 1897) (e-mail 13 Apr. 2000 by Jeffrey Nicklaw). Notes Carolyn Bourgeois; “This Elmer Dean Vincent’s birth data is an estimate; his record not listed in CEM. It appears his record is confused with his nephew’s-son of William Martin Vincent-CEM.-T/C p. 109. Elmer Married 4 June 1886 to Jannette (or Jennette) Dodge, (B. 22 Jan. 1870 in Clayton, N.Y. Died: 1956 in Clayton, N.Y.). Jannette was daughter of Francis Dodge (B. 23 Dec. 1822-D. 15 Dec. 1902-buried in Three Mile Bay Cem. and Lucinda (or Lucina) (Thomas) Dodge (B. 10 June 1826-D. 11 March 1917- buried in Three-Mile Bay .) (Note from Jeff Nicklaw: Elmer Dean (1864-1897) died @ age 33 of ruptured appendix. Elmer & Jannette didn’t have children.) (Additional Data by Jeff Nicklaw: Elmer Dean and his brother, William Martin, in the spring of 1885 began the publication “FREE PRESS”, a newspaper in Clayton, N.Y. [Paper failed due to patronage]) (4) WILLIAM (8) MARTIN {Wilbur Jenks (7); Jenks (6); Samuel Wilbur (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 19 Aug. 1868 in Clayton Died: 24 Aug. 1930 Buried: Clayton Center Village Cem., Clayton, N.Y ) WILLIAM MARTIN married on 18 Dec. 1888- JEANNE EDITH (WILCOX) (B. 28 Dec. 1865 in Independence, Buchanan, Iowa. Died: 23 May 1946 in Clayton, N.Y. Buried: Clayton Center Village Cem., Clayton, N.Y.; Daughter of Charles H. and Sylvia O. (Hunt) Wilcox (Noted as Jennie E. (Wilcox) Vincent in CEM. by CMB) Married on 18 Dec. 1888 in Jefferson County, N.Y.

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(1) Ina (B. Feb. 1892 in Clayton, N.Y. Died: aft. 1946) Married: Hazen Carpenter

(2) CARLTON WILBUR (B. 11 Nov. 1895 in Clayton, N.Y. Died: 14 Jan.1982 in Schenectady, N.Y.) (Married: Mabel Anna (Staie) on 15 Dec. 1915).

(3) Dean Elmer (B. 3 Jan. 1910 Died: Oct. 1982). Last known residence was Woodville, Jefferson County, N.Y.) Dean E. Married Erma. (Data by Jeff Nicklaw)

(4) Groviene (B. 11 Feb. 1913 Died: 18 May 1999) (M) 29 Oct. 1931 in Carthage, N.Y. to Harold A. Kendall (son of Harry E. (1886-1973) & Charlotte (Potter) Kendall (1887-1965). Harold was born, Grindstone, N.Y. (Note: Carolyn Bourgeois. CEM-T/C, Pg. 62) (Data: Jeff M. Nicklaw)

CARLTON WILBUR (9) VINCENT {William Martin (8); Wilbur Jenks (7); Jenks (6); Samuel Wilbur (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas II (3); Nicholas I (2); William (1)} Born: 11 Nov. 1895 in Clayton, Jefferson Co., N.Y. Died: 14 Jan. 1982 in Schenectady, N.Y. (Buried in Schenectady, N.Y.) Married on 15 Dec. 1915 in Jefferson Co., N.Y: MABLE ANNA STAIE (B. 5 June 1896 in Carthage, N.Y. Died: 15 Jan. 1990 in Schenectady, N.Y. (Mabel was daughter of Frederick J. and Nellie E. (Reynolds) Staie) (Buried: Evergreen Memorial Park, Schenectady, N.Y.) (Data: CMB) Carlton Vincent’s occupation: Newspaper Editor (Boonville and Schenectady papers. Data by Jeff Nicklaw).


(1) JUNE ARLEEN (10) {Carlton Wilbur (9); William Martin (8); Wilbur Jenks (7); Jenks (6); Samuel Wilbur (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} B. 20 June 1917 in Carthage, N.Y. Married: 15 July 1932 to Frank Eugene Sasenbury, Jr. (son of Frank Eugene (B. 28 April 1912 in Oneida Co., N.Y. Died: Dec. 1978 in Boonville, N.Y.) and Sadie(Hogan) Sasenbury). Divorced: 1944 There were 3 children. Married (2): Emil Kopach (3) Thomas Angers (June Arleen (Vincent) Angers was Jeff Nicklaw’s grandmother.)

(2) MARJORIE ELEANOR B. 11 May 1919 in Boonville, N.Y. Died: Jan. 1980 in Boonville, N.Y. (Buried: Evergreen Memorial Park, Schenectady, N.Y.) (Data: CMB)

Children of Capt. Wilbur Jenks and Dorliska (Dean) Vincent...Continued:

(6) INA BELLE (B. 1882 in Clayton, N.Y. Died: 12 Nov. 1884)

(7) ELIHU (B. 16 Dec. 1884 Died: 9 Mar. 1885).

(Jeff Nicklaw notes: “I was going through some papers that my great Aunt Groviene (Vincent) Kendall wrote on the Vincent’s twenty years ago, and I found the following tidbits...”) (The above additional data (i.e. Dorliska (Dean) Vincent’s diary notations) are the result of what Jeff found. NDC).

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SAMUEL WILBUR’S son...Nicoll P. (C.) Vincent:

(2) NICOLL P. (C.) (6) VINCENT, {Samuel Wilbur (5), Benjamin (4), Nicholas, II (3), Nicholas, I (2), William (1)}, Born: 1839 in Town Of Clayton. Died: 29 Nov,. 1905 @ age 66, in Watertown, N.Y. Buried: 2 Dec. 1905 in Clayton Village Cem. Lot #304). He was a barber in Clayton & Watertown. (Data by Carolyn Bourgeois). Served in Civil War: At age 22, enlisted on 5 Sept. 1862 in Clayton, N.Y. Mustered in as Private Co. C Third Battalion Black River Artillery (later Co. K 10th Artillery) on 21 Nov. 1862 to serve 3 yrs. Mustered out with Detachment (10th NY Regiment HVY Arty. Vol.) Hon. Discharge 6 June 1865 in Frederick, Md. (Note: War info: TDM/NDC from mother-Grace (Vincent) Dickinson’s notes...collected from: ‘Gazetteer Of Jefferson County, N.Y.’ by Hamilton Childs, Syracuse, N.Y. July 1890. Also verified from LDS Files by Jeff Nicklaw.) (Data: “I have found references to two initials-P. & C.-for Nicoll Vincent, while researching information on him,” notes Carolyn Bourgeois)

NICOLL married: JANE WAGONER (B. 22 Feb. 1841/42 in Md. Died: 2 March 1924 (@ age 83) in Watertown, N.Y. Buried: Clayton Village Cemetery, Clayton, N.Y.) about 1864 in Baltimore, Md. Jane was the daughter of John and Mary (Marion) Wagoner. Jane grew up in Md., met Nicholl during the Civil War. She did relief work during many battles, and ‘scrapped lint’ following the Battle Of Gettysburg. Nicholl and Jane lived in Md. for awhile after marriage, then moved to Clayton, later, to Watertown, N.Y. (Note: Carolyn Bourgeois’s material) They had 7 children: Charles, William of Chicago in 1905, Bert Estes, Maude, Elizabeth, Daughter who married Allen Brown, and Jean.

The Seven Children (and descendants) of NICOLL P. (C.) AND JANE (WAGONER) VINCENT:

(1) CHARLES (B. 1867 in Md.)

(2) WILLIAM (B. 1869)

(3) BERT ESTES (7) {Nicolle P. (6); Samuel Wilbur (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 21 July 1871 in Town Of Clayton Died in Mercy Hosp. on 28 May 1953 in Watertown, N.Y. @ age 81. Buried: 29 May 1953 in St. Mary’s Cem., Clayton, N.Y.) Bert Estes Vincent learned the barber trade from his father, and from 1899 to 1919 had shops in Clayton and Watertown. Also, Bert worked at Taggert Bros. Paper Co., later, re-entered the barber business on Franklin St., Watertown, then retired in 1938. Bert Estes married 12 June 1895 in the St. Mary’s Rectory, Clayton, N.Y. (when he was age 33): MARY (MINNIE) ELIZABETH (MERCIER) (Born: 21 July 1874 in Town Of Clayton Minnie died: 8 Aug. 1957 in Ogdensburg, N.Y. @ age 83. Buried: St. Mary’s Cem. Clayton, N.Y.) on the 12 June 1895 in Clayton (Minnie’s parents: Wilfred W. Mercier and Mary Leyare (Laguerre). Minnie’s first language was French; her grandmother, Margaret Leyare, lived with them, and spoke only French. Minnie studied piano at the prestigious Kingston Conservatory Of Music, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She played many classical favorites, and ‘rag’ tunes with her own variations. She played piano up until a few months before her death in 1957. Minnie was sister of Eva Mercier, w/o Elmer ‘Doc’ MacGregor of Salt City, Syracuse.


(1) Wilford (B. 20 March 1896 Died: 19 Aug. 1896 in Clayton (Buried 21 Aug. 1896 on the Wilfred Mercier lot)

(2) Gardiner Estes (B. 13 Dec. 1898 in Clayton Died: 15 Sept. 1957 (@ age 58 in Samaritan Hosp., in Watertown). (Buried: Brookside Cem. Sect. 8, Watertown, N.Y.) Occupation: Office Mgr. at House Of Good Samaritan; Cost Accountant; Educated: Watertown High School and Northern Business College. Gardiner Estes was married (at age 24): on 25 Aug. 1923 in Rectory of Holy Family Church, Watertown, N.Y. to Gladys Ackerman (B. 24 Dec. 1892 in Watertown, N.Y. Died: at age 83 on 6 Nov. 1976). She was the daughter of Phillip J. Ackerman and Marian (Dailey). They had 2 children: (1) Gardiner Estes, Jr. (B.4 Feb. 1927 21 Aug. 1991 @ age 64. Buried” Brookside Cem. Sect 14) Occupation: Educator Education: Watertown High School (1946). Bachelor of Music Education Degree from Crane School Of Music. Gardinier Estes, Jr. age 22, on 20 Aug. 1949 married Arlene Francis (Steele) in Mayfield Methodist Church, Mayfield, N.J. (B. 1927). They had 3 children: Thomas, Robert, Martha Ellen (2) David Lee married Helen

(3) Robert Thomas (B. 6 Jan. 1903 in Watertown, N.Y. Died: 10 May 1986 in Rochester, N.Y. @ age 83. Buried: White Haven Memorial Park, Rochester, N.Y.) Occupation: Founder School For Dental Technicians, Rochester, N.Y. Educated in Watertown public schools, and, St. Mary’s School in Clayton, N.Y. Robert married: 25 Sept. 1928 at age 25, to Frances Marion Holmes (B. 28 April 1902 in Redwood, Jeff. Co., N.Y. Died: 1983 in Rochester, N.Y. at age 80. Frances was the daughter of Gilbert (N) McGregor Milnor Holmes and Florence N. Salisbury).

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(4) GREGOR WILFRED (8) {Bert Estes (7); Nicolle (6); Samuel Wilbur (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 14 May 1914 in Watertown, N.Y. Died: Buried: Depauville Cem.) Occupation: Mortician, Free-Lance Funeral Director. Education: Simmons School of Embalming, Syracuse, N.Y. Gregor married (@ age 24) on 15 Aug. 1938 to FLORENCE MINNIE JONES (B. 30 May 1911 in Depauville, Jefferson Co., Died: 29 April 1993 @ age 81 in Schenectady, N.Y.) Florence was daughter of Horace George Jones (a native Englishman) (B. 20 Aug. 1881 Died: 29 Dec. 1951) and Adelaide Salome (Patch) Jones (B. 4 Feb. 1883 Died: 24 Oct. 1976-buried :Depauville, N.Y.) Horace & Adelaide married: 20 Feb. 1906 in Town Of Clayton. (There is an additional information on William Patch; check with Carolyn Bourgeois for more lineage. NDC) (Note: This is part of 6 sheets of e-mail dated April 15, 1999 from Carolyn Bourgeois; Gregor Wilfred Vincent is her father).


(1) CAROLYN MARIE (8) (VINCENT) {Gregor Wilfred (7); Bert Estes (6); Samuel Wilbur (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} Born: 6 May 1943 in Watertown, N.Y. Occupation: Teacher Assistant. Education: Associates in Applied Science, Travel and Tourism. On the 24 July 1963, at age 20, Carolyn married ROBERT GIBSON BOURGEOIS (B. 2 Apr. 1943 in Washington, D.C. Son of Roland Louis Rudolphe Bourgeois, Sr. and Elizabeth Davis) in Holy Family Church, Watertown, N.Y. They were divorced on 30 Nov. 1982.


(1) Michele Christine (B. 10 Feb.1964 in Philedelphia, Pa. at the U.S. Naval Hospital). Occupation: Environmental Interior Designer Education: Bachelors Degree from Syracuse University. Michele (at age 28), on 5 April 1992, married Douglas Robert Land ((B. 25 July 1961 Douglas is son of Robert Joseph Land and Barbara (Danker) Land) at Canterbury House in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. They have 2 children: (1) Taylor Malcolm (B. 1992) (2) Connor Douglas (B. 1995).

(2) Jeannette Renee (B. 15 Nov. 1965 in Cherry Point, N.C. MCAS Hospital). Occupation: Office Manager in a Law Firm (retired. Presently, Jeanette is an at home Mom). Education: High School plus College Courses. Jeannette (at age 21) on 27 June 1987, married Steven Matthew Linderman (B. 10 June 1964) in Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel in Schenectady, N.Y. They have 2 children: (1) Alexander Gregor (B. 1992) (2) Kathryn Renee (B. 1995).

(3) James Joseph (B. 4 Aug. 1968 in Albany, N.Y. at St. Peter’s Hospital). Education: High School, plus. James (at age 25) on 21 May 1994, married Barbara Susan (Bacon) (B. 3 April 1966) in the First Reformed Church in Schenectady, N.Y. They have 2 children: (1) Jacquelyn Renee (B. 1995) (2) Julianna Nicole (B. 1997). (James and Barbara expect a third child September 2000.) NICOLL (6) {Samuel Wilbur (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} AND JANE (WAGONER) VINCENT’S CHILDREN...continued from Page 19:

(4) MAUDE (B. 1874 Died: 1954 @ age 80). Married: Louis LaFrance (B. 1873). Occupation: Photo Printer. Buried Clayton Protestant Cem. lot # 304 (Howland FH).

(5) ELIZABETH (BESSIE) LUCILLE (B. 25 Nov. 1881 in New Windsor, Md. Died: Bula Nursing Home, 314 Stone St. Watertown, N.,Y in 1953 @ age 71. Buried: Clayton Protestant Cem. lot # 304 (Howland FH). Bessie was a retail clerk in Watertown, at Empsall’s, J.C. Penney, Smith and Percy. She married (@ age 15): in 1897 to H.L. KNAPP (KNAUP) in New York. (H. L. died in 1928 in Cleveland, Ohio).


(7) JEAN (B. in Jefferson Co. Died: ca. 1960 in Boston, Mass.) Jean’s occupation: “Little Shop Of Ties”, Boston, Mass.) She married: BERT WHALEN.

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The 10 Children of BENJAMIN and POLLY (FRIER/FREER) VINCENT...continuing from (3) Samuel Wilbur Vincent: (4) FREEMAN (5); {Benjamin (4): Nicholas, I (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 1797 in Town Of Danube, Herkimer Co., N.Y. Died: after 1823 in Galesburg, Illinois). He married: SARAH WOODWARD (Huron, Ohio) on 4 Nov. 1832. (Note: This information is from Florentine Vincent’s report on the ‘Vincent Family’, 1 Oct. 1939. Postscript: Florentine wasn’t descendant from this particular Vincent line we are studying. Florentine was a ‘Swiss Vincent’, a Vincent branch, who Bessie L. Vincent devotes 3 pages to, in her 1912 Vincent Reunion booklet. NDC)

(5) ABRAM (5) VINCENT {Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)}; Born: 1799 in Poland, Herkimer Co., N.Y. Died: 19 Feb. 1886 in Town Of Clayton, Jeff. Co., N.Y. He left Herkimer Co., about 1820, as a young man, driving an oxen team, and forging a way to Northern N.Y., thus settling in the Depauville, Town Of Clayton area. Abram married ELEANOR (O’CONNOR) (B. ca. 1806 D. 19 Feb. 1886 @ age 80). Abram and Eleanor Vincent had sons who served in the Civil War.


(1) LEONARD (B. 1823 D. 1915) (Further Information on Leonard listed on pages following)

(2) MARCELLUS (B. 1835 D. CA. 1911) (Further listing for ‘Family of Marcellus and Graphelia (Rickett) Vincent’ follows.)


(4) EDGAR (B. 1825)

(5) DELIA (VINCENT) BRINTNELL (B. 1831 D. 1897) Married William E. Brintnell (B. 1824 D. 1877). Children: Cordelia (Brintnell) ? (Source: Thelma Moye).

(6) MARSHALL (B. 1 Dec. 1843 in N.Y. State D ? in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota (LDS File # 1903963 & 1985324 by Jeff Nicklaw). (At age 20, Marshall enlisted 31 August 1864 in Town Of Lyme: Mustered in as private with Co. M - Mustered out on 23 June 1865 in Petersburg, Va. (Military data by Grace (Vincent) Dickinson’s handwritten notes taken from the Gazetteer of Jefferson County, by Hamilton Child).

7) BERNARD (BERNEY/BERNIE/BERNE) (B. ca. 1845). (At age 19, enlisted 5 Sept. 1864 in Ellisburg, N.Y. Mustered in as Private Co. M - 6 Sept. 1864, to serve one year: Mustered out with Company on 23 June 1865 in Petersburg, Va. (Civil War Data located in Grace (Vincent’s) Dickinson’s notes taken from the Jeff. Co. Gazetteer).

(8) ELCENA M. (B. 1847 D. 1914 in Three Mile Bay, N.Y.) Married: John Northrup (B. 1843 D. 1916 buried in Three Mile Bay, N.Y.) Children: a son (1) LeRoy A. (B. 1 June 1882 in Town of Lyme D. Dec 1969 @ age 87). LeRoy married on 25 Sept. 1944 to addie (Conway) (B. ? D. 11 Sept. 1950). Elcena & John also had a daughter: (2) Louisa (Northrup) ?

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Further Information on the Children of Abram and Eleanor (O’Connor) Vincent:

(2) MARCELLUS (6); {Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 1835 in Town Of Lyme D. 1910 (Source: Sheridan Vincent’s Vincent Data Files). Marcellus married-about 1867-GARFIELDIE/GARPHELIA/GRAPHELIA (RICKETT) (B. 1845 D. 21 August 1881, Buried in Depauville Cemetery, Depauville, N.Y.) Marcellus and Garphelia had two children: Minnie and Marshall.

Their daughter, MINNIE (VINCENT) (B. ? D. 15 Sept. 1933 in Black River, N.Y.) Married on 4 Sept. 1889 in Depauville (Data from WDT articles/Nan Dixon research), Dr. George Elwin Sylvester (B. 5 Sept. 1864 in Clayton Died: 30 June 1956 @ age 90; Buried: Black River Cemetery). George Sylvester was first a teacher; Then, he graduated (1889) Bellevue Medical University, N.Y. City, and, he became a practicing Physician for over 50 years in Black River, N.Y., retiring in 1954. Dr. Sylvester’s parents were: Ira Sylvester (who came from Pittsfield, Vt. @ age 7; A native of Orleans, N.Y. Occupation: Sailor & a farmer) and, Achsha (Dixon). (Check for more data on Sylvester’s with Tony Sylvester ( or Nan Dixon-Clayton, N.Y.).


(1) BEULAH A. (B. 22 July 1890 D. ). Graduated St. Lawrence University in 1913; Living in 1956 (Father’s WDT obituary), Married Harvey M. Merriam. One son: Jack Merriam.

(2) LUNETTE G. (Nettie) (B. 15 July 1893 D. ). Graduated Potsdam Normal School; (Living in 1956). Married George Fitzsimmons. Two children: (1) Virginia (Fitzsimmons) Married William Oberly (2) George Fitzsimmons

(3) WILLIAM BOYD (B. 13 Nov. 1894 D. ). Veteran of WWII. Married Irene (Waful) (B. 6 June 1894 in Black River, N.Y. D. 27 Dec. 1996 in Watertown. Buried: Black River Cemetery). Irene was the daughter of : Fred and Chloe Jane (Dowdell) (Waful). Irene (Waful) Vincent was assistant librarian 50 years at Flower Memorial Library, Watertown, N.Y.

Their son, MARSHALL E. (MONTIE) VINCENT (B. 20 Dec. 1869 in Town Of Clayton, N.Y. D. 25 June 1942 @ age 72. Buried: Town Of Pamelia). Monte/Montie married 12 Dec. 1894 on Pillar Point to MAUDE E. (GARDNER) of Brownville (B. 11 August 1877 in LaFargeville, N.Y. D. 1951 in Watertown. Buried: Town Of Pamelia, N.Y.). Maude was daughter of: Willard and Maria (Wilder) Gardner. Monte Vincent, who was a woodworker, was Foreman of the Workshop of Bagely & Sewell Co., Watertown, for over 22 years. Monte and Maude had two sons: Karl and Glenn.

(1) KARL GEORGE VINCENT (B. 8 Dec. 1895 in Brownville, N.Y. D. 16 Jan. 1976 @ age 80). Karl was a WWII Veteran, and he served overseas; Retired Railroad Engineer (Detroit and The New York Central), married, and divorced many years ago. At the time of his WDT obituary in 1976, Karl had an Aunt Edith (Edward J.) Foley (1026 Gill St., Watertown), and four cousins: Mrs. Gladys Fowler (1026 Gill St.), Mrs. Jeanette Shaver & Carl Thomas of Alexander Bay, N.Y. and, Leon Thomas of Long Island, N.Y.

Monte and Maude’s other son: (2) GLENN DEWEY VINCENT (B. 1888 D. 1918)

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Further Information on the Children of Abram & Eleanor (O’Connor) Vincent...Continued:

(1) LEONARD (6); {Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 1823 in Clayton, N.Y. Died: 1915 ) Married first, CA. 1851 (1) Mary (Johnson) B. 3 Dec. 1826 in Herkimer Co., N.Y. Died: {complications of childbirth} on 29 Nov. 1871 Aft. 18 yrs. of marriage. TWO SURVIVING CHILDREN: Ida Mae (Vincent) Phillips B. CA. 1852 Died: Aft 1947) & Dr. Waterman Vincent (B. 1857 Died: 18 July 1935). Clippings from WDT Grace (Vincent) Dickinson’s scrapbook. ( Possible child, Celia (B. 1860) Died Young. Depauville Cem Records Search by Carolyn Bourgeois). Leonard married ca. 1872, second, (2) Clarissa/Clara/Carrie (Ross) Leonard & Clara had TEN CHILDREN: Blanche Mae, Eleanor Mae, Leonard Seaton, Arthur Ward, Bernard, Lansing Valentine, Grover Cleveland, Christina (Tiny), Otto, and Everett.

THE FAMILY OF LEONARD VINCENT and First Wife, MARY (JOHNSON) (Born, 3 December 1828 in Frankfort, Herkimer, Co., N.Y. She Died: 29 November 1871 in Clayton, N.Y.) (Mary was the daughter of: Waterman Johnson (Born & Christened on 8 Sept. 1803 in West Greenwich, Providence, R.I. Died on 19 Dec. 1883 in Clayton, N.Y. (Buried: Depauville Cem.) Waterman’s parents: James Johnson (1824-1900) & Anna Tanner (1780-1836). Waterman Johnson married Mary (Myers) (B. 7 Nov. 1805 in Herkimer, N.Y. Died: 20 April 1883 in Depauville, N.Y. (Buried: Depauville Cem.) on 13 April 1823 in Frankfort, Herkimer, N.Y. (Mary (Myers) parents: F.F. Myers (1783-1862) & Abigail (1785-1858). (Note: There are several more generations and charting completed of Mary (Johnson) lineage: Research prepared by Randall A. Deifendorf ( (NDC)


IDA MAE (VINCENT) PHILLIPS (Born Ca. 1852 in Jefferson Co., N.Y. Ida died after 1947). Married to ? Phillips. They had one child: Blanche (Phillips) Matteson Gotham. (B. 26 Dec. 1896 in Clayton, N.Y. Died: 1972 in Three-Mile Bay, N.Y. Buried: in St. Lawrence Union Cem. Cape Vincent, N.Y.) Blanche married first-in 1918, (1) George S. Matteson (Died: 16 May 1954). She married second-in 1955, (2) Ralph Uhl Gotham (B. 23 Feb. 1902 in Hounsfield, N.Y. (Jefferson Co.) Died: 31 Dec. 1964, Buried in Dexter Cem. He married on 14 June 1939: (1) Blanche E. Boratynski (B. 1910 D. 29 Oct. 1954) Next, on 22 August 1955: (2) Blanche Phillips Matteson of Three-Mile Bay). {Note: Data on Ida (Vincent) Phillips is from birth certificate of Grandfather Arthur W. Vincent received when he went to visit his half sister (Ida (Vincent) Phillips) to have her verify his birth date in order to get a birth certificate issued so he could enter Canada, and travel over the Alcan Highway to Anchorage, Alaska in 1947. NDC/TDM} {Note: Data on her daughter, Blanche (Vincent) was taken from her WDT obituary, and, also, ‘The Gotham History’, Pg. 164 by Charles Gotham, written & revised June 1993. NDC)

Children of Leonard Vincent and Mary (Johnson) Vincent...Continued:

DR. WATERMAN A. VINCENT (7); {Leonard (6); Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born 6 July 1857 in Jefferson Co., N.Y. Died: 18 July 1935 in Three Mile Bay, Jefferson Co., N.Y. Buried: Three Mile Bay Cem.). Married 30 April ? ca. 1883 to Anne Elizabeth (Bessie) (Lansing) (B. 1856 D. 30 Nov. 1944 in Three Mile Bay, N.Y.) Bessie was only daughter of: Henry & Maria (Guile) Lansing, and she was born on the tract of land (known as Long Carrying Place) conveyed to her Grandfather, Daniel Guile, by Vincent de LeRay Chaumont. She graduated Watertown High School on State Street (Watertown, N.Y.) in 1874. Bessie was a teacher by profession, and an apt ‘Vincent Family’ historian for years.

Dr. Waterman Vincent was born in Clayton, N.Y. While preparing for a medical career, he was employed as a clerk in the C.A. Ellis drug store in Clayton. He attended Ives Seminary at Antwerp & Belleville Academy, and Graduated Baltimore Medical College at age 25; (His uncle, G.W.Rickett) persuaded him to set up practice in Three Mile Bay). Dr. Waterman Vincent ran for Supervisor, Town Of Lyme, on 20 Oct. 1911, on the Democratic ticket, against George Lowe of Chaumont.

A family story goes: Dr. Waterman’s step mother, Clara (Ross) Vincent, used to save out of her ‘egg money’ on the farm to send Waterman extra funds while he was in Medical College in Baltimore. When Waterman completed his studies, he bought Clara a large set of dishes decorated with rosebuds: Clara saved the dishes through the years, and her daughter-in-law Marjorie (Halliday) Vincent said, “Grandma used to always get the set of dishes out for special family holiday dinners to serve on. It was a beautiful set of dishware; But, Art’s mother (Clara) was a good cook, and she could have served food on anything, and it would have still tasted good.”

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DR. WATERMAN and BESSIE (LANSING) VINCENT had TWO CHILDREN: Dr. Leonard Marshall Vincent (B. 21 Dec. 1890 D. 1971) and Harry Lansing Vincent (B. 1886 D. 3 Feb. 1961).

(1) DR LEONARD MARSHALL (8) VINCENT {Waterman (7); Leonard (6); Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)}. (Born: 21 Dec. 1890 Died: 1971 in Watertown, N.Y.) Graduated from Colgate University in 1912, and Colombia University New York City in 1917; he interned at St. Luke’s in N.Y.C. until entering the medical corp in WWI, stationed in Landes, France. In 1967, the N.Y. State Honor Medical Society awarded him a certificate for 50 years in practice. Dr. Vincent was president of the Jefferson County Medical Society in 1923-24. Dr. Vincent married first, on 21 July 1923 (1) Grace D. Cummings of Brushton, ‘The Town of Moira, near Brushton, Franklin Co., N.Y.’ (B. 22 Oct. 1890 D. 30 Nov. 1944 @ age 54) (Grace (Cummings) was the daughter of: Moses and Etta (Loveland) Cummings. She graduated Syracuse University and taught Civics & High School History for 10 yrs. in upstate schools.

DR. LEONARD M. and GRACE (CUMMINGS) VINCENT had FOUR CHILDREN and 14 GRANDCHILDREN (In 1971 at the time of WDT obituary for Dr. Vincent...Continued:

(1) Donald C. Pittsfield, Mass. Private in the Army in 1944, stationed at Ft. Dix, N.J. and Pittsfield, Mass.

(2) Grace Annette (Vincent) Click, Melbourne, Florida

(3) Marian Lansing (Vincent) Ellis Melbourne, Florida

(4) Helen Elizabeth (Vincent) Koehlinger, Rochester, N.Y.

Dr. LEONARD M. VINCENT married second: (2) FRANCES LINDLEY (B. ca. 1902 D. 8 Aug. 1969 @ age 67 in House Of Good Samaritan, Watertown, N.Y.) of Sackets Harbor, N.Y. (whose family name was ‘Woodhall’) on 29 Dec. 1947 at Newburgh, N.Y.

(2) HARRY LANSING (8); {Waterman (7); Leonard (6); Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1) } (Born: ca. 1886 Died: 3 Feb. 1961 in Syracuse, Onondago Co., N.Y. Buried: Three Mile Bay, Jefferson, Co., N.Y.) Married in Three Mile Bay, in 1909: RUTH FRANCES (SHELEY) (B. 10 July 1886 D. 1968 in Coults Adult Home, Watertown, N.Y. Ruth was daughter of: Wm. & Emma (Klock) Sheley-2 sister-Mrs. Elmer Poirier of Los Angeles, Ca. & Mrs. Winston Brown of Duluth, Minn. survived her in 1968). Harry Lansing Vincent was a Druggist and active in the Democrat Party. From 1920-1951, Harry Vincent represented the Parke Davis & Co., in the North Country, and lived in Watertown and lived and retired in Syracuse, N.Y. Ruth (Sheley) was a teacher in local schools many years.


(1) Leonard Sheley Vincent, Williamsburg, Virginia (B. 11 Sept. 1910 in Chaumont, N.Y. A 1932 graduate of Colgate University. He was in the Publishing Business. Died: 1994 in Crouse-Irving Hospital, Syracuse, N.Y.) Married: Martha (Schilling) (B. ? D. 1966) Leonard and Martha (Schilling) Vincent had 4 children: (1) Robert, Bloomsfield Hills, Mich.; (2) William, Vestal, N.Y.; (3) Harry, Orlando, Florida; (4) Elizabeth Vincent, Fayetteville, N.Y. (2) Harry L., Washington D.C., and Hinsdale, Illinois (3) Mrs. Carl Sutter, San Jose, California

(Note: Data for above material was from WDT-his brother Dr. L.M. Vincent’s obituary NDC/TDM). Also Cem-Town of Lyme, Page 57. Research work by Carolyn Bourgeois)

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THE FAMILY OF LEONARD VINCENT and Second Wife, (2) CLARISSA (ROSS) (Born: 17 May 1854 in Town Of Lyme (per son Arthur’s birth certificate of 1947) Died: 30 May 1934 in Town Of Clayton. Buried in Depauville Cemetery with Leonard, and Leonard’s first wife, Mary (Johnson). (Clara was the daughter of: William (1 Jan. 1818-4 Nov. 1898) and Clarissa (Whiting) (2 Feb. 1830 or 31-31 Jan. 1924) Ross-Clara’s siblings listed in back with ‘Added Associated Lineages’). Clarissa Ross married Leonard Vincent ca. 1872 . Clara and Leonard’s daughter (Ida Mae (Vincent) Phillips were friends; When Ida’s mother (Mary (Johnson) died from complications of childbirth in 1871, Ida being stout, found it harder to keep up with the chores and housework, so she pleaded with her father (Leonard) to let her friend Clarissa Ross come live with her, so she could help her with the work. Leonard gave in to his daughter’s plea, but first, he went to Clara’s parents and asked if he could marry Clara, so she could come live with them and help Ida with the housework. Clara’s parents agreed to the arrangement, as did young Clara, and they were married. Grandma Clara used to tell her daughter-in-law Marjorie (Halliday) Vincent ‘that she and Ida would hurry up with the work, so Ida’s father could take them to the dances on Saturday night’...Leonard would take the girls and drop them off, then come pick them up later. The friends at the dance would come in to tell them ‘that their father was here’, or they would tell Leonard, ‘your daughters’ will be ready soon’. Finally, Ida (Vincent) married ? Phillips, and moved away from home; Waterman started Medical School; and Clara was left at home to raise her family of what eventually became a total of ten children. Grandma Clara said people often asked her if it bothered her that there was 31 yrs. difference (Leonard being the older) in their ages; she would tell them, “I’d rather be an old man’s sweetheart, than a young man’s slave.” Leonard and Clarissa (Ross) had: Blanche Mae, Eleanor Mae, Leonard Seaton, Bernard, Arthur Ward, Lansing Valentine, Grover Cleveland, Christina (Tiny), Otto, and Everett.


(1) BLANCHE MAE (VINCENT) HAYES (7) {Leonard (6); Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 29 Aug. 1874 in Clayton, N.Y. D. 14 April 1956 outside Depauville, N.Y. at the ‘Hayes Homestead’ where she had lived, since 1915, with husband ERWIN HAYES (B. 1880 D. 1958 @ Lydia Zang’s & family). Blanche & Erwin were married: 12 Feb. 1912 in Clayton, N.Y. Erwin’s mother had always lived with them; she wore a sunbonnet & long dresses, and when I’d visit with my family, I’d see her walking with her hoe to work in her vegetable patch out back of their house. Old Mrs. Hayes lived to celebrate her 100th birthday. ‘Old Gramma Hayes’ (as Blanche called her) passed away a short time before Blanche. Blanche attended school in the Town of Clayton, she had been a store clerk in Depauville (possibly old man ‘Grabber’s’ store) for several years, and she was friendly, and well known in local ladies circles. She had a pantry/storage room off the living room where she had drawers to the ceiling, many holding new linens, and embroidered/crocheted articles she had been given as gifts over the years from her friends in these circles. Blanche was very thrifty; she saved string, and wrapping paper, and even cracker boxes, in case she needed them at a future date. After marriage to Erwin, she quit work at the Depauville store; she & old Gramma Hayes canned & dried foods for their own use, while Erwin took care of what little livestock they kept for their own livelihood. Erwin would ride his bicycle into Depauville from their upper bluff home, with eggs to trade in on what few staples they needed. They had a car, but this was a better way of conserving gas. Blanche grew very reclusive as she got older. She never left her bluff home, except to walk down the hill leading up to their small house, to pick up the mail each day, and to stop and talk with her friend, Mrs. Jondrow at the foot of their hill. Blanche and Erwin never had children.

(2) ELEANOR (ELLA) MAE (VINCENT) LITTLEFIELD (7) {Leonard (6); Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 30 Sept. 1876 D. April 1959) Married on 11 Nov. 1896 to MERRITT WALLACE LITTLEFIELD (B. 7 Nov. 1875 in Saginaw, Mich. D. 12 Nov. 1954 in Watertown, N.Y. His parents were: Wallace (B. 7 Dec. 1842 in Belleville, N.Y. s/o William & Polly (Scott) Littlefield.) & Susan Elinda (Lydia) (Lingenfelter) Littlefield). Merritt came to Clayton with his mother when he was 9 months old. ( Wallace & Lydia Littlefield had 3 children born in Saginaw, Michigan: William, Mae, and Merritt). (Both Merritt & Ella are buried: Depauville Cem.) Merritt was an employee of the New York Air Brake Company for many years, also, worked at Black River Traction Company. Ella lived in Watertown with her daughter and son-in-law (Bertha (‘Susie’) & Everett Martin) after Merritt died. The year before she passed on, she moved 4 or 5 miles outside of Chaumont, to live with a son, Warner V. (B. 4 Mar. 1899 D. 13 Nov. 1967), his wife Julia (Martin), and Ella’s brother, Otto (1892-1975), who had run a farm there several years. (Data on the Eleanor (Vincent) Littlefield Family was researched & organized by Eleanor (Bevens) Cornish, Granddaughter of Merritt and Ella Littlefield. Updated May 2000) (Note: Merritt had a sister, Mae Belle (Littlefield) Rogers -Mrs. Brayton G. Rogers, who died in Depauville on 23 Sept. 1913. Brayton Rogers, s/o Solon C. (B. 28 Nov. 1869 D. 21 Jan. 1955-both buried in Depauville, N.Y. Ellie M. Cornish-CEM-T/C, page 95).

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ELEANOR and MERRITT LITTLEFIELD had TWELVE CHILDREN...10 who survived to adults, twins who they lost at birth. Warner Vincent, Dora Elinda, William Arthur, Bertha Irene, Ione, Erwin, Foster E., Eirma, Brayton, and Harold G. Littlefield.

(1) Warner Vincent (B. 4 March 1899 in Clayton, N.Y. D. 13 Nov. 1967 in Chaumont, N.Y.) {1967 is tombstone date. His sister Bertha Martin says date is 1966; also, a WDT obituary piece for his sister Dora Bevens reads: “Warner Littlefield, Died, 13 Nov. 1966 at age 66}. Warner Littlefield was employed at Bagely Sewell (1921), Faichney Instruments (1924); He was a longtime farmer in the Chaumont area, and former school bus driver for the Town Of Clayton. (WDT obituary for wife Julia). Married on 28 April 1930, at the Bethany Methodist Church Parsonage, Watertown to Julia Elizabeth (Martin) (B. 29 April 1906 in Redwood, N.Y. (Daughter of: Lewis & Nellie (Cox) Martin) D. 1987 @ age 80, at her daughter’s-Esther (Littlefield) (Mrs. William Morrow) in Chaumont. Warner was the second person to contract polio in Watertown in a 1921 outbreak. Warner & Julia had 2 children: (1) Esther (Litllefield) Morrow (Born: 1937) (5 children) (2) Warner V. (Junior) (Born: 1930-Died: 1935 @ age 5).

(2) Dora Elinda (Littlefield) Bevens (B. 17 Nov. 1900 in Town Of Orleans, Clayton, N.Y. D. 13 Dec. 1969 in Watertown, N.Y.) Married on 19 June 1924 to Robert Roy Bevens (B. 19 Oct. 1900 in Long Point, Ontario, Canada Died: 1974 at age 73, in Watertown, N.Y. Parents: Edward Anthony & Bertha Elene (Bresee) Bevens). Roy Bevens was a construction foreman for a Redwood Co. when he met Dora; In 1935, they moved to Evans Mills, where Roy Bevens worked a farm in the township of Evans Mills, Gould Corners Road, near Pamelia, N.Y. for many years. (Also, Roy remained in construction work, as well as farming, until his retirement.)

Roy had 10 grandchildren at his death in 1974. (Burial for both Dora and Roy in the Evans Mills, N.Y. Cemetery.) Dora and Roy had 5 children:

(1) Bertha Ella (Bevens) M. John Spooner. He was in the Air Force and they traveled a lot, and retired in Lompoc, California.

(2) Doris (Bevens) B. 10 Sept. 1926 in Evans Mills, N.Y. M. Ray Narrow Evans Mills, N.Y. (WDT piece-dated July 1986. 40th Wedding Anniversary observed. NDC) Ray Narrow was son of George & Myrtle Narrow. Doris & Ray married 20 July 1946 in Theresa Episcopal Church Rectory, Rev. Carl Worden officiating. Doris has been employed at the Arcade Market, Watertown, & Biche’s Grocery Store, Jewett Insurance Agency; Ray Narrow served as Sgt. in the U.S. Army in France & Germany during WWII. He was employed by the Borden Co. for 20 yrs., U.S. Air Force for 18 yrs., and the Watertown Correctional Facility, Watertown, N.Y. The couple have two sons: (1) Ray D. Married Cindy (Drake) (2) ?

(3) Marian (Bevens) (B. 3 Oct. 1929 M. Ross Brimmer Evans Mills, N.Y.)

(4) Robert Bevens (B. 9 May 1932 in Town of Theresa D. 1976)

(5) John Bevens (B. 18 July 1936) John operated the ‘Bevens’ gas station on Main Street, Evans Mills, N.Y. for many years. Eventually, John sold his garage in Evans Mills, and he now owns ‘Don’s Auto Parts’ on the corner of State & Parker St. in Watertown, N,.Y. He married, and there were children.

(6) Carl Bevens (B. 23 May 1942) (NOTE:Carl died Feb. 8, 2008 after this was written..TM)

Children of Ella and Merritt (Vincent) Littlefield...continued:

(3) William Arthur Littlefield (B. 21 July 1902 D. 1983) ‘Uncle Bill’ disappeared several years. The family finally located him through his social security number when he was an old man. He was retired and living in a trailer park in Santa Monica, California. (Note by Eleanor Cornish.)

(4) Bertha Irene (Susie) (Littlefield) (B. 17 Feb. 1905 in Clayton, N.Y. D. 1 Feb. 1995) Married on 9 Sept. 1924 to first husband (1) Clarence Ray Bevens (B. 11 Jan. 1902 Jefferson Co., N.Y. D. 1946 in Syracuse, N.Y. Parents Edward Anthony Bevens and Bertha Elene (Bresee). Bertha and Ray (Dora’s husband Roy’s brother) divorced; They had one daughter-Eleanor Mae (Bevens) Boyce Cornish. Bertha married second (2) Everett Leon Martin

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Bertha divorced C. Ray Bevens for desertion on 1 Oct. 1939. She married Everett Leon Martin (B. 1895-D. 1978) from Massena, N.Y. shortly after the divorce became final. Bertha retired from Faichney Instrument Company where she worked as department Supervisor, for many years.

Bertha Littlefield’s Daughter & Grandchildren:

Eleanor Mae (Bevens) (B. 19 Oct. 1936 in Theresa, N.Y.) Married on 10 Sept. 1955- Jack Kenneth Boyce (B. 1933) in Asbury Methodist Church, Watertown, N.Y.) (Jack’s parents: Harold Bodine (D. 1995) & Leah Katherine (Cross) Boyce) Eleanor’s divorce to Jack Boyce was final 21 May 1984.

Eleanor and Jack K. Boyce’s 5 children: Stephen, Stanely, Brenda, Scott & Barbara:

(1) Stephen Archie (B. 28 June 1959 in Oswego, N.Y.-M. on 2 June 1984 in Rochester, N.Y. to Susan Felerski (B. 4 Sept. 1960 in Lackawana, N.Y.) Stephen & Susan have 2 children: Zachary Robert (B. 6 Jan. 1988); Jessica Anne (B. 14 June 1989). Steve & Sue were divorced Dec. 1999.

(2) Stanley Arthur (B. 4 Nov. 1960 in Oswego, N.Y. M. on 21 Mar. 1987 in Tampa, Florida to Deborah Ann (Llerena) (B. 21 Apr. 1962 in Tampa, Fl) Parents: Esipion & Alma Mae (Villarel) Llerena,II) Stanley & Deborah have 2 children: Emily Mae (B. 16 July 1991 in Tampa, Fl.) and Daniel (B. 17 Oct. 1996).

(3) Brenda Lynn (B. 29 Nov. 1961 in Oswego, N.Y.)

(4) Scott Everett (B. 25 Mar. 1963 in Oswego, N.Y. M. on 21 June 1986 to Kimberly Ann (Steive) (B. 22 Aug. 1959 in Watertown, N.Y. Her mother was: Margaret Steive (mnukn) Scott & Kim have 2 children: Jonathon Stieve (by another relationship) (B. 9 Sept. 1982 in Watertown, N.Y.) Scott Edward Boyce (B. 2 Oct. 1987 in Watertown, N.Y.)

(5) Barbara Louise (B. 7 Jan. 1965 in Brockport, N.Y. Graduated Monroe Comm. College, attended SUNY 2 yrs. for social work. She has been an IBM computer programmer. Just recently, she began work for Michael’s Art & Craft Shops: Her job is to fly all over the U.S. and Canada, as half a team of two, who set up the Company’s new stores.

Eleanor Married second: on 2 Aug. 1984 (2) William Granville Cornish (B. 31 Mar. 1920 in Rochester, N.Y. Died: Easter Night-16 April 1995). Parents: William Henry and Annis (Curtis) Cornish)

Eleanor and Merritt Littlefield’s children...continued.

(5) Ione M. (Littlefield) LaLonde (B. 18 Nov. 1906 in Orleans D. 8 May 1986) Married on 4 Oct. 1930 in Plattsburg, N.Y. to Harry C. LaLonde. (B. 20 April 1898 in Clayton, N.Y. D. 22 Dec. 1972 @ 74 ) ( Parents: Amos & Nellie (Pelow) LaLonde of Clayton). In Oct. 1970 they celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary. Harry LaLonde worked for the New York Telephone Co. (beginning as lineman going to installer/repairman) for 36 years...retiring in April 1963. Ione graduated from Syracuse Business School, and worked as telephone operator, bookkeeper, and, at the N.Y. Air Brake Co. in Watertown during WWII; They had Merton and Margaret. (1) Merton E. (B. bef. 1936) Stepchildren: Pam Wheeler, Adams, N.Y. & Gary Higgins of Adams Center, N.Y. (2) Mrs. William (Margaret) (LaLonde) Doney (B. bef. 1936) (A Watertown Daily Times employee) Their children: Joseph W. & Sean B. Doney (WDT obituary information. Grace (Vincent) Dickinson’s pieces. NDC)

(6) Erwin Rito (Tut) Littlefield (B. 13 Sept. 1908 in Clayton, N.Y. D. 12 June 1977 in California). Erwin served in the Medical Corp. in the South Pacific during WWII. One of the tales he’d tell was about a typhoon that hit...and he spent the next 2 days drifting in the ocean waters in what amounted to...a floatable soap box...before rescue. After the war, he worked in the Buffalo Veteran’s Hospital for awhile. This is where he met his wife Wanda. They moved to Palo Alto, California because she wore a brace from polio and the cold Buffalo winters were hard on her. Erwin didn’t have children.

(7) Foster E. Littlefield (8); {Eleanor (7); Leonard (6); Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 19 March 1910 D. 24 Jan. 1992 @ age 81 in the House Of The Good Samaritan, Watertown, N.Y.) Div. Doris L (Moore-stepfather of Patricia: Walter E. Moore who Died: 31 Oct. 1981) Married next on 5 Sept. 1947 in Elkton, Md.: Margaret J. Adamskovich (Parents : From Czechoslovakia) (B. 27 Jan. 1924 in Hazelton, Pa.) before 1949. Foster served with the U.S. Army during WWII; Retired from the New York Air Brake Co., he was machine shop supervisor for 20 years.


(1) Stanely P. (B. 25 Mar. 1949 in Watertown, N.Y. Presently of Raleigh, N.C.) Married Nancy Richards (Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Richards, Naugatuck, Conn.) in St. Anthonys Church, Prospect, Conn.: (Stanley’s Mother: Margaret Adamskovich).

(2) Thomas of Watertown, N.Y. (B. 11 Sept. 1954) (Mother: Margaret Adamskovich)

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(3) David of Washington. D.C. (B. 16 Nov. 1958) (Mother: Margaret Adamskovich).

(4) Raymond of Panama City, Florida (WDT piece-dated: June 1983. Graduated from the U.S. Air Force electronic warfare counter-measures specialist course at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi. He is earning a degree in Applied Science through the Air Force Community College. He is scheduled to serve with the 9th Avionics Maintenance Squadron at Beale Air Force Base, California. Raymond is a 1962 graduate of Watertown High School (B. 29 April 1964) (Raymond’s Mother: Margaret Adamskovich.

(5) Caroline/Carolyn (Mrs. Michael) Lariton of Rochester, N.Y. (B. 18 Feb. 1952) (Mother-Margaret Adamskovich); Caroline/Carolyn works at University of Rochester, and, Michael is an engineer.

(6) Patricia (Littlefield) Clement (Daughter of Doris) of Watertown (B. 9 July 1935 D. 30 Sept. 1993 @ age 58). Patricia, Married twice, both ended in divorce- had 4 daughters-Donna (Mrs. James B. Griffin) Lee Center; Denise (Mrs. Mark A. Long) Watertown; Dayle M. Clement, (deaf)-Watertown; Dawn (Mrs. Lee A. Frostad), Oak Grove, KY . (Also-six grandchildren, and her mother Doris L. Moore, surviving in 1993 according to her obituary. NDC)

Children of Ella (Vincent) and Merritt Littlefield...Continued:

(8) Eirma (Littlefield) Voohrhees (B. 30 July 1912 in Clayton Center D. 6 June 1973 @ age 61 in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania) Married on 16 Dec. 1943 to Charles Voohrhees (B. ? D. 31 Sept. 1965 in Schuylkill Haven, Pa.). Charles Voohrhees was employed with Aluminum Co. of America; Educated in Clayton Schools, Eirma Voohrshees was a practical nurse at the Pottsville, Pa. Hospital.

(9) Brayton F. (Barney) Littlefield (B. 4 Aug. 1914 in Clayton, N.Y. D. 30 Dec. 1983 in Georgia? ) Married Ruth (Alone) (B. ca. 1914). They had 2 children: Jack (B. ca. 1936) Married, lives in Poughkeepsie and he has children; and, Judy (B. aft. 1936) Married in St. Rook (?) She has children. “Barney and Judy lived in Georgia. Barney had polio as a boy, but he recovered much better than his brother Warner. He worked in the Veteran’s Hospital in Buffalo many years. After he and Ruth retired, they moved to Daytona Beach, Florida. Ruth eventually moved to Georgia, to an apartment at her daughter Judy’s, after Barney died. Incidentally, Judy has been battling cancer for a long time now, she has it in remission again, at present. Aunt Ruth is still with us.” (Data was recorded by Ellie Cornish).

(10) Harold G. (Shorty) Littlefield (B. 7 July 1916 D. aft. 4 Mar 1994 ). Married on 24 March 1934 to Anna MacDougal (B. ca. 1916) (Daughter of Charles & Grace MacDougal) in the Depauville, N.Y. Harold was a farmer for many years, also, a seasonal employee for the Thousand Island Bridge Authority at Collins Landing. (Update, April 2000: ”Anna Littlefield is in her 90’s now.” Noted by Ellie Cornish).


(1) Harold William, Great Falls, Montana (Bill has served in the U.S. Air Force) (WDT-article. M/Sgt. Harold W. Littlefield, Clayton, RFD 1, has been named one of North American Air Defense Command’s ‘Outstanding Airmen For 1974’. He is Command and Control Superintendent assigned to Malmstrom Air Base, Great Falls, Montana; and he is a 1951 graduate of Clayton Central School.” Harold, Jr. married to Valerie.

(2) Charles E. Chuckie served in the U.S. Air Force as Tech. Sgt. stationed at Griffiss Air Force Base, Rome, N.Y. (in ). When he retired he went to work in a Tampa, Florida post office, Tampa, Florida. Chuck married Joyce, They had: (1) Doug, age 10 (in 1972) (2) Lisa, age 7 (or 17) months (in 1972).

(3) Gerald (Jerry) E. (Jerry served in the U.S. Air Force at Hancock Field, Syracuse, N.Y. in 1972). (WDT-article. Master Sgt. Jerry E. Littlefield, Clayton Center, N.Y. was named ‘Man Of The Hour’ of the U.S. Air Force Lindsey Air Station, Germany, in June (year-?), His selection was for ‘Outstanding Performance’ as a non-operationally ready supply manager for the aerospace branch, deputy chief of USAFE tactical & support problems associated with aircraft fleets & data gathering techniques. Sgt. Littlefield, native of Clayton, entered the Air Force in 1954, & is currently on his 5th overseas assignment, with his wife, Eva (Schilling) (a native of Germany) and their children, (1) Rita, age 10 (in 1972) Born: ca, 1962 (2) Jerry, age 9 (in 1972) Born: ca. 1963 (3) Gary, age 7 (in 1972) Born: ca. 1965. Jerry & Eva live in Hainerberg Housing Area, Wiesbaden, Germany. (Note, Update: Jerry died just recently-March or April 2000 (I think it was March). Ellie Cornish)

(4) Mrs. Peter (Joyce) Papin, Alexander Bay/Lafargeville, N. Y. Peter & Joyce had: (1) Peter, Jr. age 5 in 1972 Born ca. 1967 (2) Jeffrey age 3 in 1972 Born ca. 1969 (3) Jamie Jon age 22 months in 1972 Born ca. 1970.

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(5) Mrs. Dale (Joanne) Bizinet, Earlville, N.Y. Dale & Joanne have; (1) Sherry Lynn, Born ca. 1966 (6 yrs. in 1972) (2) Terry Lynn Born ca. 1969 ( 3 yrs. in 1972) (3) Tammy Lynn, Born ca. 1971 (9 months in 1972).

(6) James (Joe) S. who operates a farm with his father.

(7) Daniel (Dan or Tuffy) G. Dan (or Tuffy) died in 1995 with cancer. He was Born 16 Oct. 1941 in Lyme; Graduated from Clayton High in 1959. In Nov. 1959 he entered the Army and served as a paratrooper with the 102nd Airborne Unit at Ft. Campbell, Ky, until his discharge in Nov. 1962. Dan was employed with the State Dept. of Transportation for 30 years. Married on 12 Sept. 1964 to Maureen E. (Maser). Dan and Maureen had two daughter: Mrs. Douglas M. (Michelle A. age 5 in 1972 Born ca. 1967) Sheley, Arlington, Va.; and Mrs. Kevin A. (Monica A. age 3 in 1972 Born ca. 1969) Carmichael, LeRoy. (WDT 1972 Littlefield reunion held at the Harold Littlefield home in Clayton Center, marking the time all 10 children had been home at the same time. NDC/TDM)

(Note: There is a WDT piece-dated 4 April 1984 concerning Monica Littlefield (daughter of Daniel and Maureen Littlefield), Thousand Island School (Taylor photo enclosed). “Hockey Team Places Third: Goaltender Monica Littlefield, age 14, is to be complimented for the contribution made to the Watertown Girl’s Midget Hockey Team at the New York State Tournament held in Lake Placid, on March 9, 10, 11th, 1984. Monica is a Freshman at Thousand Islands High School, daughter of Dan & Maureen Littlefield, she began her experience and 8 year goal tending position with the Clayton Minor Hockey Association; she has been a member of the JV Soccer team at the Thousand Island High School, as well as president of the Freshman class, and a member of the Junior National Honor Society. Girl’s National Hockey will be held in Watertown Apr. 5-8 and Monica will be playing in the National Competitions for the second time in her hockey career.” NDC)

(8) Ronald (In 1972 “lives at home, and is employed at the Thousand Islands Apiaries, Cape Vincent, N.Y.”)

(9) Terrence (Terry) K. (In 1972 was a sophomore at Thousand Island Central School in Clayton, N.Y.)

(10) Randy in 1972 he was a seventh grader at Thousand Islands High School in Clayton. A later WDT article (His mother & Dad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1984 reads: “Another son Randy, was killed in an accident 17 August 1980, while serving in the Air Force.)

(Note: In this same 50th Wedding Anniversary (1984) piece, it states Harold, Sr. and Anna had 15 grandchildren. Information for children found in WDT newspaper pieces Grace (Vincent) Dickinson had clipped and placed in her family scrapbook. NDC) (All other data on the Eleanor (Vincent) Family line is by her granddaughter (and namesake), Eleanor B. Cornish.)

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(3) LEONARD SEATON (SEAT) (7) {Leonard (6); Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 19 Aug. 1878 D. 3 Jan. 1965 @ age 87) Married in Brownville Methodist Parsonage on 5 July 1905 to Margaret J. (Thompson) (B. 28 Aug. 1881 in Westplain/Roblin, Ontario, Canada Died: 4 Oct. 1958 in Watertown, N.Y. @ age 78) (Margaret was daughter of: William & Mary Jane (Cornwall) Thompson. Maggie came to the states from Canada about 1899). Seat & Maggie observed their 50th Wedding Anniversery on 5 July 1955. For 27 years, Seat worked as security guard for The New York Air Brake Co., in Watertown. They had one surviving daughter, Sibyl. (There were 2 other children (a boy and a girl) who died early of pneumonia or consumption).


(1) Sibyl (Vincent) Guzewich (Born: 21 June 1906 in Town Of Lyme Died: 26 Oct. 1984 in Watertown, N.Y.) Married on 28 May 1927 in Adams to Glenn U. Guzewich (B. ? D. 4 June 1964). Sibyl was graduated from Watertown High School, and Watertown School Of Commerce, and she was employed with L.J. Brownell and Sons, Inc. at the time of her marriage in 1927. Glenn Guzewich was Fire Alarm Superintendent with the Watertown Fire Department at the time of his death. He worked in the Fire Dept. for 35 years.

Sibyl and Glenn had two children:

(1) Richard Guzewich (Des Moines, Iowa)

(2) (Mrs. John) Shirley (Guzewich) Humphrey of Binghamton/Elmira, N.Y. (Note: Sibyl had 4 grandchildren when she died in 1984.)

(4) BERNARD (BERNE/BERNIE) (7) {Leonard (6): Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2): William (1)} (B. 1880 D. 6 Nov. 1903). (Newspaper clipping from Lyme Heritage Library-Piece received from Carolyn Bourgeois) Berne Vincent. Berne Vincent, whose death notice appeared in the paper two weeks ago, was a young man of exemplary habits. He was employed at the Dewey House, one year ago this winter, where he endeared himself to the proprietor and his family, and the household in general, by his honest and courteous manner. he was a member of the young people’s dancing class, where he is missed by his many friends and acquaintances. last winter he contacted a severe cold, which settled on his lungs, and this was the cause of his death. He leaves a father, mother, brothers and sisters, who have the sympathy of many friends, in their sad bereavement. (Nov. 17, 1903)

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(5) ARTHUR WARD (7); {Leonard (6); Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, I I (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 11 Aug. 1883 Died: 28 Dec. 1966 in Orlando, Florida) Married on 14 June 1905 at the Halliday family home-the ‘Dawson Place’ on Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada to Margaret (Marjorie) Halliday (Born: 23 Nov. 1884 Died: 30 July 1976 in the Mercy Hospital, Watertown, N.Y. Daughter of Charles and Isabelle May (Bamford) Halliday of Wolfe Island). The ‘Dawson Place’ was the family homestead where Marjorie had grown up with 4 sisters and 2 brothers. Marjorie had learned the Dressmaking trade in Kingston, Canada from her Aunt Charlotte (Holliday) Gibson prior to marriage. Arthur had been working on his father’s farm,. and neighboring farms when he met Marjorie at her Uncle Will’s (Dixon) on the Clayton Road. (Both buried at Depauville Cemetery, Depauville, N.Y.) They had four children: Charles Lansing, Ross Arthur, Everett Laurence, and Grace Margaret.

(1) CHARLES LANSING VINCENT (B. 22 April 1906 in Town of Clayton D. 12 Oct. 1979 in Tucson, Arizona of Lou Gehig’s disease; His ashes were buried in Spruce Grove Cemetery, Kasilof, Alaska). Married on 23 April 1933, in Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Adams, N.Y. Rev. Cecile Taylor officiating, to ELIZABETH J. (BETTY) (GORDINIER) (of Dry Hill, N.Y.) (B. 14 Feb. 1915) (Daughter of Don & Marian (Snell) Gordinier) in Jefferson County. Betty graduated from Adams Center High School-Class of 1932; Member of the High School Orchestra. Charles graduated the Atlanta, Georgia Barber School in 1929. Charles and his brother Ross, worked for the War effort, on the Alcan Highway in civilian capacity, in the early 1940’s. Charles eventually returned to Jefferson Co., and moved his family to Seattle, Washington in 1944, where Charles worked in the Kaiser Shipyards briefly. He barely escaped an oil ship spill/accident (based on a ship which was anchored in the shipyards harbor), while he worked there, by swimming under the fire. Next, he moved his family to Anchorage, Alaska. Charles worked on the trans-Alaska pipeline (Dewline) in Pt. Barrow (Prudhoe Bay). He insulated pipes by being strapped to poles in order not to separate, by wind & snow, from the huts where he roomed. Charles and Betty had 5 Children: David, Peter, Risa, Lynn, & Stephen. (Both the Gordinier & Vincent Families were early settlers in Jefferson Co., N.Y.)

Children Of Charles and Betty (Gordinier) Vincent...continued:

(1) David Lansing Vincent (B. 25 August 1934 in Jefferson Co., N.Y. D. May 2000 in Anchorage, Alaska). (Licensed Fishing & Hunting Guide/Bush Pilot, Kenai, Alaska. Expert skier- Flyer/Jumper division (This was his forte-he often placed 1st in competitions), also placed in both ‘Downhill’ and ‘Cross Country’ competitions. Dave was an Army Patrolman- (3rd Battalion, 53rd Infantry Regiment, Fort Richardson, Anchorage, Alaska-Jan. 1956). (In High School, he was a member of the Anchorage High School band in instrument capacity of trumpet; Also, he was ski instructor in Boulder, Colorado while attending College, where he met 2nd wife, Glenda; Then both returned to Alaska.) (Data source-Anchorage Daily Times) Married first: (1) Barbara-1 daughter, Katherine Elizabeth (Vincent) (Born 24 Dec. 1954). Kathy moved to Va. at an early age with mother and stepfather. Kathy visits father from the states.

Married second: (2) Glenda, from Denver, Colorado. 2 children:

(1) Mark Lee who has taken over his father’s Guide business in Kenai, Alaska. Mark married on 3 March 1984, First Baptist Church, Anchorage, Alaska-Brenda Michelle (Llewellyn) (Daughter of: Wm. S. and Sharon Llewellyn). Mark & Brenda have 3 children: (1) Amber, and twins-(2) Aubrey and, (3) Brittany

[(2) Pamela NOTE::Not sure where Pamela fits in could be a type O..TM]

Married third: (3) Maureen-1 daughter, Michelle (Shelley), Shelley has a child.

(2) Peter Charles Vincent (B. 6 June 1936 in Jefferson Co., N.Y.) (City Engineer/Surveyor). Asbestos worker, he is now retired from career of City Engineer where he designed roads, airports and water systems in the state of Alaska where he has lived since the mid-1940’s. He has a BSCE degree (graduated 1959) from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks. Since retirement, he has pursued his hobby of writing, and, presently, he is authoring books under Vantage Press Publications (most recent material-a book of poems-”A Journey Through Time”).

Married first: On 20 Jan. 1962, in the Church Of God, Seward Highway, Donna Lee Bergquist (of Tacoma, Washington) (Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Connelly) (Donna attended Alaska Methodist University). (Source: Anchorage Daily Times-25 Jan. 1962). They had (1) Lance Pierre (B. 1963 D. April 1981) (2) Thor Allan ( Peter & Donna divorced ca. 1965.)

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Married second: Pamela, a dental hygienist. In Dec. 1973 (a Christmas card) Pam’s daughter Kimi (B. ca. 1965) was 7 1/2 yrs. old, and Pete’s daughter by Pamela, Molly (ca. 1967) was 6 1/2 yr. old. (In Jan. 2000, Peter had 7 grandchildren he mentioned in a letter: Tiffany-age 10, B. ca. 1990; Michael-age 16, B. ca. 1984; Joyce or Jose-age 7, B. ca. 1993; Christopher-age 9, B. ca. 1991; Danny-age 23, B. ca. 1977; Benji-age 16, B. ca. 1984-D. 1999, pill overdose. (Peter’s daughter, Molly, had a son, Ned Benjamin, Born on Sept. 1999.)

(3) Risa Lou (Vincent) Creech (B. 22 Dec. 1944 in Seattle, Washington). Presently she is manager of a Holiday Inn Restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska. (In a 1999 e-mail note, Ris mentions losing a granddaughter Amy, to medical problems.)

Married first: (1) Ron (?) Breckenridge. He had Indian heritage, and he was a drummer in a local band when he and Risa met. They had 2 children: (1) Ronald Breckinridge (4 children) (2) Russell Breckenridge Married Jackie, they have 2 girls- (1) Natasha (age 11 in Sept. 1999) (2) Megan. Russ has been in the Air Force for 17 yrs. Presently stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. (Ris and Ron (?) divorced.)

Married second: (2) Donald Smolinski, Polish extraction, his family came from Detroit, Michigan. Ris and Don had 1 daughter, Brandi Jay-born diabetic. Brandi attends College in Anchorge, Alaska. (Ris and Don divorced.)

Married third: (3) Steven Hammond, a sheriff in Tuscon, Arizona. The family moved back to Anchorage after marriage. Steven deserted and went back to the States with another woman. Divorced.

Married fourth: (4) Robert Creech, a High School friend. Robert works with the Alaskan Ski Patrol- the North Slope of the Alaska Pipeline. He has a daughter Ris helped raise, who has recently gone to live with her mother in Key West, Florida.

(4) Lynn Allan Vincent (B. 22 June 1948 in Providence Hospital, Anchorage, Alaska). Carpenter by trade; presently disabled. Married on April 1980 to Rosemary Elizabeth (Waters), (B. 22 Sept. 1948 in Seattle, Washington) (Her parents both of Irish extraction, County Cork). Lynn & Rosemary have been separated since 1987. Rosemary is an Art & Photography teacher; Graduated Western Florida University (1994), with a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education & Social Sciences; She teaches in Middle School, Pensacola, and belongs to Globe Missionary Evangelicalism. She has a twin brother in Brandon, Florida (and aunt & an uncle who are a Catholic nun & priest.) Rosemary met Lynn in Tuscon, Arizona; She was a missionary, ‘Potter’s Apprentice’ at an Apache Indian Reservation; Lynn was working as a trapper for the Mormon’s who had cattle needing protection.

Lynn & Rosemary have 3 girls:

(1) Nashisha Sky Blue Waters Marie (Vincent) Henderson. (B. 15 Feb. 1978); She works in the Department Environmental Services-Marine Science; Graduated College May 1999, Pensacola, Florida, with a degree in Biology. Married on 11 Dec. 1999 to Jonathon Henderson-he holds a degree in Business and is beginning studies for the Ministry. (Marie is Nashisha’s Catholic baptismal name; Waters is her mother’s maiden name.)

(2) Willow-Sarah (Vincent) (B. 24 Dec. 1980) Graduated High School, May 1999. Graduated Air Force Training at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas, March 2000. Willow is an Airman, and attending Air Force Tech. School, presently stationed in Alaska.

(3) Hannah (Vincent) (B. 30 Dec. 1984). High School student, she will soon accompany her missionary mother Rosemary, to Guatemala.

(5) Stephen Vincent (B. ca. 1952) Died within a month of birth from kidney birth defect.

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ROSS ARTHUR (8) VINCENT {Arthur (7); Leonard (6); Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II, (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} Born: 15 April 1908 in Cape Vincent, N.Y. Died: 16 Nov. 1971, @ age 63, in Greene Settlement, Adams Center, N.Y.). Ross was an Executive at the New York Airbrake Watertown, N.Y. many years; In fact, Ross began work at the Brake Shop, shortly after his return from civilian work on the Alcan Highway during WWII. (He retired April 1971). Ross & Geri moved to Greene Settlement in 1947. (He is buried in Depauville Cem. with his parents & young brother Everett, who was killed in an accident.) Ross married on 23 June 1935, in Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Adams, with Rev. Cecile Taylor officiating- MARY GERALDINE (JERRY/GERI) (GORDINIER) (Sister to Ross’s brother’s Charles’s wife, Betty) (Geri B. 6 Jan. 1912 in Town Of Rodman D. 26 Feb. 2000 in Sackets Harbor, N.Y.) (daughter of Donald & Mary (Snell) (Gordinier). Mary Geraldine was a 1931 graduate of Adams Center High School, and attended Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, Watertown, N.Y. Geri was a talented pianist, who performed with the Watertown Morning Muscales and at numerous variety shows. She was also an antique dealer for many years, operating at one time, The Country Shoppe in Adams, with Eleanor Illingworth. Geri was married briefly-second (after Ross’s death), to a widower friend, (2) John Illingworth; It ended in annulment. On 5 August 1979 Mary Geraldine married third: (3) JAMES F. O’HARA (Died: 28 Dec. 1988) in Watertown. Ross & Geri had 2 children- Richard & Jane.

Children of Ross and Mary Geraldine Vincent:

(1) Richard Charles Vincent (B. 29 May 1937). Graduated Adams Center High School (1954), employed, for years, as a farm machinery mechanic at Taylor Implements in Watertown, N.Y. He was a member of the National Guard, Watertown. Married first: (1) Catherine Ann (Drappo) of Gotham Street, Watertown (daughter of Howard & Marian (Shannon) Drappo) in July 1957, First Baptist Church of Watertown, Rev. Robert Fletcher Smith officiating. Catherine (Drappo) was Graduated from Watertown High School, June 1957. She was employed by Sears Roebuck at the time of marriage. She raised a family of four, then started a Nursing Education, resulting in a nursing career for many years.

(The four children of Richard & Cathy (Drappo) Vincent were: David Paul, Douglas Ross, Debra Jane, and Donald Howard...Data on them as follows:

Children of Richard & Cathy were:

(1) David Paul Vincent (B. 16 Aug. 1958 in Watertown, N.Y. D. 6 July 1998 at the Medical University in Charleston, while residing in Manning, S.C.). David was an Emergency Medical Technician and diesel mechanic, and a Level III Medic for Guilfoyle Ambulance, and the South Jefferson Rescue Squad and Captain of the Rodman Volunteer fire department. (WDT Staff Writer notes in an article titled, “Ex-Firefighter Now Fighting Leukemia”...the following, “He was always active; made significant contribution to the squad; He was a training officer, who always knew what to do”; Another co-worker said, “Dave pushed for new ideas...he encouraged others to attend training’s with him.”). He married April 1981-(1) Cheri A. Parsons (Divorced July 1996-recieved custody of the 2 girls); They had 2 daughters: (1) Desiree Nicole (B. 17 Dec. 1982); (2) Shannon Rae (B. 17 Feb. 1983); David married second: (2) Cindy (Drescher) Griffin (a nurse with the South Jefferson Rescue Squad). (At the time of death, he also had a stepdaughter, (3) Rhiannon Griffin (B. ca. 1990 age 6 in 1996.) Also, listed in the WDT obituary-a son: (4) Ian Vincent who was born and lives in Manning, S.C.

(2) Debra Jane (Vincent) (B. 17 Feb. 1961) Military Nurse. Lives in Laurel, Md.; no children in 1999. Married first on 9 May 1987 (1) Lawrence E. Gilbert, Jr. (divorced in 1988). Married second, (2) Michael Shillinger, divorced after a year. Debra graduated South Jefferson Central School (1979), Jefferson Vocational Technical Center, where she earned a B.S. in Nursing; and, a Bachelor’s & Masters Degree-Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, N.Y. (1987).

(3) Douglas Ross Vincent (B. 16 June 1959). Graduated South Jefferson Central School, where he was a skilled musician & a member of the High School band, and participated in the New York State Lion’s Club band. He became a Gourmet Chef, now owns his own restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. Unmarried, no children.

(4) Donald Howard Vincent (B. 25 Sept. 1962). Married on 17 August 1995 to Lorrie Lucas. Donald & Lorrie have (1) Megan Ruth (B. 30 Mar. 1991) (2) Rachel Ann (B. 30 Sept. 1994).

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Richard C. Vincent married second ca. 1982: (2) Dawn ? (When we visited in August 1996-Dick & Dawn had been married 14 years via their conversation). Dawn had: (1) Eric Morgan (B. 10 Sept. 1972). Eric is married to Tina, and they have (1) Julie Ann-Marie (B. 10 Nov. 1991).

Plus...Dawn & Richard’s son: Andrew Paul (B. 1 March 1978). Richard has a total of 6 children. Young Andy has dark hair like Dawn, but he is the picture of Dick, and he has the presence of mind and quiet, thinking nature similar as his father when he was a young man.

Children of Ross & Mary Geraldine Vincent...Continued:

(2) Jane Elizabeth (Vincent) Greene (B. 27 Jan. 1939). Graduated from Adams Center Central School, Adams Center, N.Y.; Worked at General Electric Co., in Huntsville, Alabama; Legal secretary at Twentieth Century Fox Film Studio, Los Angeles, California; Held 100 + wpm typist position at The New York Air Brake in Watertown, N.Y. In 22 Feb. 1950, an apt pianist, Jane received high ratings in the Eastern Ontario Rotary International Festival of Music held at Kingston, Canada; and, also, a $25.00 award from the Kingston Kiwanis Club as promising young pianist; She was awarded a Betty Crocker, Good Housekeeping Award in High School. Jane married first on the 14 May 1959: (1) Bertel Gunner Nelson of Van Nuys, California (Bert was of Swedish extraction, and held an Architectural degree from California Polytechnic Institute, serving with the U.S. Army at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama; Bert was son of Mr. & Mrs. Gunner N. Nelson of Van Nuys, California). The ceremony took place in the First Methodist Church of Huntsville, with Rev. Mr. Johnson, as pastor. Jane married second on 4 Jan. 1963 to Charles W. Greene (son of Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Greene, Early Settlers of Jefferson Co., and Dry Hill region) in the Adams Center Seventh Day Baptist Church, Rev. Loyal F. Hurley officiating. Charles Greene, a science teacher at Case High School in Watertown (for many years), graduated Adams Center Central School, and Harpur College, Binghamton, N.Y. with a degree in geology. (Data Source: WDT newspaper clippings)

Chuck and Jane (Vincent) Greene have 1 child, Mary Melissa:

(1) Mary Melissa Greene (B. 3 March 1965) A 1983 graduate of Immaculate Heart Central High School; Honors Graduate May 1988 from Russell-Sage University receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Arts Management; She took an independent tour of Europe after graduation. Melissa became Executive Director of the Tri-County Arts Council after returning from College to the North Country. (WDT articles, ‘Entertainment section, 24 July 1988)

Married first on 2 Sept. 1989: (1) Jon-Michael Roukeous. Melissa & Jon had Hannah Michelle Roukeous (B. 25 Jan. 1991). Missy divorced Jon 6 months later.

Married second 24 Dec. 1992: (2) ? Misercola. They have a daughter: Marina Ashely Misercola (B. 20 June 1994). and they live in Burrville, N.Y. Mary Melissa presently teaches children with reading disorders.


EVERETT LAURENCE (8) VINCENT {Arthur (7); Leonard (6); Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3): Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 3 August 1917 at Rice’s Station, Watertown, N.Y. Died: 6 Oct. 1929 in Poolville, Madison Co., N.Y.) News Item Reads: Grabs Live Wire, Boy, 12, Killed. Former Rice’s resident is electrocuted. Everett Vincent is the victim. Everett, with three other neighbor boys, were out shooting birds with one of the boys rifle. A sparrow was shot; it dropped to the roof of a building; the boys climbed to the top to retrieve it. two boys grabbed the wire but weren’t injured, Everett took hold of the wire with both hands and he was killed instantly. The Vincent Family lived in Evans Mills for some time before going to Florida in 1924. They went to Poolville upon returning to New York State. Everett is survived by his parents; 2 brothers-Charles, age 23; Ross, age 21; and a sister, Grace Margaret, age 6. Everett was buried in Poolville, then moved to the family lot in Depauville Cemetery, Depauville, N. Y. (Everett Laurence was named for a ‘Mrs. Laurence’, a caretaker-nurse who took care of Grandma when baby Everett was born. NDC)

(Article on Everett Vincent sent to me from Carolyn Bourgeois, Schenectady. This was one of the family obituary’s she located at the Lyme Heritage Library in Chaumont, N.Y. 1999).

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GRACE MARGARET (8) (VINCENT) DICKINSON {Arthur (7); Leonard (6); Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (Born: 26 August 1923 in Theresa, N.Y. Died: 5 April 1994 in Florida Hospital, Kissimmee, Florida). The year Grace was born (1923), Arthur & Marjorie Vincent lived in the big stone house called (in later years) the ‘Leon Wenk’ Place on the outskirts of Evans Mills, N.Y., on the road going toward The LeRay Mansion, and Fort Drum; (It was then called ‘Pine Plains’, and it was not an Army training ground back in 1923). The family lived there, until they left for Florida in 1924. Grace married on 24 September 1939, in the Episcopal Church in Fulton, N.Y., Leon Edward Dickinson (B. 15 August 1916 in Felts Mills, N.Y. D. 22 March 1992 in Orlando, Florida). Leon was Town Supervisor of Brownville, N.Y. for many years. He held the care & responsibility of all the sidewalks & streets in the little town, which meant getting up at 3 A.M. on snowy nights, measuring the new snowfall outside the bedroom window, and starting work at 3 if the walks & avenues needed cleaning for the Brownville residents to get to work without delay and inconvenience. Leon was also foreman of the Birch, Johnson and Lytle Construction crew in Anchorage, Alaska and worked in civilian capacity at Elmidorf Field, Ft. Richardson, Anchorage (One of his responsibilities was to carry the construction payroll to it’s place of distribution; it was like riding shotgun on a Wells Fargo stagecoach in olden days, but he did it with fortitude & aptness; He also operated, skillfully, heavy duty construction machinery). Leon (my Dad) was always friendly and well liked. Grace (my Mom), sold Avon for many years. She also worked part time in the Brownville Library (Brown Mansion)(where she & Dad lived as caretakers, while Dad worked for the Town Of Brownville), which was her forte, because I’ve known her to read 3 romantic/historic novels by English authors Barbara Cartland in one day; And she loved old local history.

Grace (Vincent) Dickinson’s spouse-Leon E. (6) Dickinson’s parents were Leon A. & Kittie B. (Howard)...Leon A. (5) Dickinson’s lineage was: {Leon Arthur (4); Burleigh (3); Elias (2); Paul (1)}; And, his wife- Kittie Bell (5) (Howard’s) lineage was: { Cyrus Edin (4); Albert Wayne (3); Jahaza (2); John (Both the Dickinsons (from Dummerston, Vt.) & the Howards (from Manchester, Vt.) were Early Settlers Of Jefferson Co., arriving in the Ellisburg/Belleville area in the very early 1800’s.)

THE SIX CHILDREN of GRACE (VINCENT) and LEON EDWARD DICKINSON: Nancy, Thelma, Leon Jr., Marjorie, Linden, & Laurence.

(1) Nancy Margaret (Dickinson) Chamberlain (B. 11 September 1940 in Pierrepont Manor, N.Y.) (Office Executive (Payroll & Copywriting)/3rd level Licensed Radio Broadcaster (WATN-Watertown, N.Y. & WDBO-Orlando, Florida/Secret Government Clearance (Martin Marrietta-Aerospace Division-Early Star Wars-C.I.A.-listed in the Pentagon for Special Missions). Education: I.C.S., Scranton, Pa. High School diploma; 2 Martin Co. courses in drafting; two years of courses from Jefferson Community College, and Valencia West Comm. College. Married on 8 October 1967 in the Evans Mills Methodist Church to Lawrence David Chamberlain (B. 14 Jan. 1944 in the ‘Merritt Family Homestead’ at Evans Mills, N.Y.-Sister-in-law, Thelma Moye correctly has the same birth date. NDC). Dave spent 3 years in the Army, stationed in Germany (just prior to the Viet Nam War), and he held medals in rifle sharpshooting, which promoted him to ‘Army Special Services With NATO’ -Wall Sentry Guard at Spandeau Prison for Nazi Prisoners-Albert Speer, Walter Van Sherack, Rudolph Hess); National Defense Service Medal & an Army Occupation Medal (Berlin)-SP 4 E4 (P)-COA 1st Bn 34th Army Infantry-Hon. Discharge-22 Dec. 1964. Dave worked 8 yrs. in the Brownville Paper Mill, Brownville, N.Y. ; Also, he has worked 19 yrs. for Holiday Inn Hotels in Orlando, Florida. (No children)

(2) Thelma Ruth (Dickinson) Moye (B. 14 Jan. 1944 in the ‘Samuel Gunthrie’ historical stone house located on the Salt Point Road-Town Of Lyme, a short ways out of Sackets Harbor, N.Y.). Occupations & Education: Quality Control Assurance in a Plastics Plant in Orlando, Florida for 15 years. Graduated Watertown School Of Commerce in 1961; worked for College Park Bank, and as Toy Department Head Cashier at Jordan Marsh Dept. Store in Orlando, Florida. High School Graduate (GED), Orlando, Florida. (After 10 yrs. research & classes in Cassadaga, Fl., Thelma became a licensed (by the state of Florida) Psychic. She married on 7 March 1963, beneath Jenk’s Aunt Margaret’s father-in-law’s fireplace mirror in Orlando; Rev. Murray (Aunt Margaret’s father-in-law) was a retired Meth. minister, and, he performed the evening ceremony. Thomas Jenkins Moye (B. 12 Jan. 1938) (Jenks had been an Army MP stationed in Georgia in the early 1960’s); He was a certified welder for 25 years (welding ornamental iron work at Disney-Swiss Family Robinson, and the fountains in the Spanish section); Presently, Jenks is a courier for Fidelity Mortgage Co., and he has been there for several years). Jenks (Married (1) Marilyn Golden (2) Thelma Dickinson (3) M. in 1992-Vonn Ballard). (Thomas J. Moye’s parents were: Radford Robert and Doris Idella (Cates) Moye). Thelma & Thomas Jenkins Moye divorced 16 yr. later-on 11 Sept. 1978. Thelma had 3 boys, Robert, Thomas, & James Edward, I; and a stepdaughter to bring up- Judith Carolyn by Jenk’s 1st wife, Marilyn Golden of Jacksonville, who was 3yrs old when Jenks and Thelma were married.

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Children of Thelma and Thomas J. Moye:

(1) Judith Carolyn Moye (B. 9 Dec. 1958) A Mortgage Researcher in Orlando, Fl

(2) Robert Leland Moye (B. 15 June 1964 in Orange Memorial Hospital, Orlando, Florida). Occupation: House Painter. He’s good with ‘growing things’...loves to landscape, and he builds bird houses and feeders as a hobby. Married first: Vicki Lynn Davis (Div.); Relationship: LeeAnne Painter- mother to Robert’s son, Jeremy (B. 27 Sept. 1987); Mother, Jeremy, & stepfather live in Pennsylvania. Married second on 18 July 1992: Debra Nellie (Hood) (B. 30 June 1959 in Howell, Michigan). Debra had 2 children by a previous marriage: Shannon and Johnny Martin.

3) Thomas Allen Moye (B. 19 June 1965 in Orange Memorial Hospital, Orlando, Florida). Occupation: Heavy Duty Construction work & Dump Truck Driver. Permanently disabled with ruptured disks & spine/nerve affliction after becoming a victim of a car accident. Married Joanna Lee (Spencer) (B. 23 June 1959 in Wellsville, Alle Co., N.Y.). Tommy & Joanne have one adopted son (Joanna’s niece’s illegitimate baby)- James Robert (Jim Bob) Moye (B. 30 Oct. 1993 in Kissimmee, Fl.). Tom is listed as father on birth certificate for legal reasons.

(3) James Edward Moye, I (B. 3 Jan. 1967 in Orlando General Hospital, Lake Underhill Rd, Orlando, Florida) Occupation: Convention Center Construction Specialist. Italian Gourmet Chef for 3 yrs. (He’s an excellent cook.) Married Jennifer (Call) (B. 15 Oct. 1973 in Vero Beach, Florida) (Jen works for DisneyWorld, Orlando, Florida; Jim & Jen’s Children:

(1) Jessica Lynn (B. 3 May 1990 at St. Mary’s Hosp. in Palm Beach., D. of S.I.D.S. on 8 June 1990 in West Palm Beach.

(2) James Edward Moye, 2nd (B. 23 Sept. 1991 at Osceola Regional, Kisimmee).

(3) Katie Marie (B. 30 Jan. 1993 at Osceola Regional, Kissimmee, Florida)

(4) Christopher Nicholas (B.26 Oct. 1999 at Arnold Palmer Hospital-Orlando, Fl)

Children of Grace (Vincent) & Leon E. Dickinson...Continued:

(3) Leon Lansing (6) Dickinson {Leon Edward (5); Leon Arthur (4); Burleigh (3); Elias (2); Paul (1)} (Born: 19 April 1950 at the 7th Day Adventist Hospital, Winter Park, Florida). Science Fair-3rd level award-4th grade, Brownville, N.Y., sponsored by the Watertown Kiwanis Club; Leon graduated General Brown High School, Dexter, N.Y (4 June 1968); Jefferson Community College, Watertown, N.Y.-Associates in Art degree in Liberal Arts (with honors) (8 June 1970); Oswego State Teacher’s College, Master’s Degree in Math & History (1973). Employment includes: Crisis Worker with Edward J. Noble Hospital/Good Samaritan Hospital. Presently, Leon Jr. teaches Psychology & Sociology at Jefferson Community College, Watertown, and does family counseling at Catholic Charities, Watertown, N.Y. (He worked 20 yrs. at Northland Electric as Warehouse Supervisor after finishing College). (WDT piece on Leon Jr. after College graduation in Oswego (Dated: 29 August 1973) ...”Tour Europe On Bicycles” Leon L. Dickinson has returned from a 3 1/2 week bike tour of Ireland, France, England, and Germany. He and 4 friends from College left Montreal by plane, landing at Shannon Airfield in Dublin. The young people toured Ireland by bike (English 10 speeds they bought overseas. NC), and saw some of the War damage in Belfast. They took night trains in Dover, England & Paris, France, and rode bikes in Stuttgart, Germany, staying at hostels. They found the German people helpful & friendly. Leon was impressed by the Swiss Alps and the chair lift ride over Grindelwald & Zurick, Switzerland.”

Leon Jr., married on 6 Aug. 1983 at Sacred Heart Church, Watertown, Deborah June (Cumoletti) (B. 24 Feb. 1956 in Geneva, N.Y.) Deborah’s relatives include the Spaziana’s, who owned the well known bakery business (Spaziana Italian bread) in Watertown for years. (Deborah parents: Vincent Henri & Sylvia Anne (Gersteenschloger) Cumoletti. Grandfather, Henri Cumoletti (Died: 1996) was one of two court reporters for the New York Times allowed in to the Nuremberg trials held in Germany after WWII; He wrote a factual historical best seller, “Crimes Against Humanity”. Henry Cumoletti was court reporter at Ft. Drum for years also. In fact, in May 1998, Colonel Potorff, commanding officer of Judge Advocate General’s office, dedicated a new courthouse on the base, to Debbie’s grandfather. (Both Leon and his son Alex, share the love of attending baseball games and watching them on TV)

Page 37

Leon L. and Deborah (Cumoletti) have 2 children-Alex Jason and Sarah Rose:

(1) Alex Jason Dickinson (B. 21 Oct. 1985 in Watertown, N.Y.) Watertown Daily Times paper boy since 9 years old. On 17 Aug. 1999, Alex received the President’s Award (1 of 8 students) for Educational Excellence, at Holy Family School in Watertown, N.Y. upon his 8th grade graduation. (Alex was in the last 8th grade graduating class of the twentieth century!)

(2) Sarah Rose (Dickinson) (B. 14 March 1988 in Watertown, N.Y.) (B. 14 March 1988 in Watertown, N.Y.) Honor student. (Sarah Rose got her picture in the WDT hanging colorful plastic Easter eggs on her tree out front of her home at 919 Boyd St., Watertown, N.Y. so the newspaper piece reads. NDC).

Children of Grace (Vincent) & Leon E. Dickinson...Continued:

(4) Marjorie Kittie (Dickinson) Kovalik, Jr. (B. 13 May 1952 in Watertown, N.Y.) Graduated High School from General Brown High School, Dexter, N.Y. (June 1970) with a N.Y. State Regents diploma...Marjorie was chosen to present speaker Assemblyman Donald L. Taylor with a gift from the graduating class. Marjorie is named after both Grandmothers (Marjorie (Halliday) Vincent and Kittie Bell (Howard) Dickinson). She was adept in languages in high school, and tutored others. Marjorie worked at the Agriculture Insurance Building after High School, and she was Recreation Coordinator for Senior’s at Samariton Keep Nursing Home for several years; Presently, she sells State Farm Insurance, and she is taking College classes to be an Insurance Broker.

Marjorie had a Garden Wedding beneath her aunt & uncles backyard rose arbor when she married on 27 July 1973 to George Michael Kovalik, Jr. (B. 22 Dec. 1948 in Lowville, N.Y.) (Parents: George & Gloria June (Day) Kovalik of Chaumont, N.Y.). George earned a Silver star Medal for bravery during the Viet Nam Conflict. He was one of two survivors of a noted ‘holiday massacre’; He walked back 60 miles through enemy lines, and warned other American platoons so as to prevent more troops from walking into ambush.

The 3 children of George and Marjorie (Dickinson) Kovalik, the 2nd are: George, 3rd; Autumn Joy; Grace Gloria.

(1) George Michael Kovalik, the 3rd. (B. 11 September 1975 in Watertown). Talented carpenter; George helped his Dad & Mother build their new house. Sports oriented like his father’s family. Relationship: Ericka and 2 children: (1) Nicholas Jordon (B. 10 Nov. 1998) (2) ? (B. 2000)

(2) Autumn Joy (B. 14 Oct. 1976 in Watertown). Licensed Nurse at Genesis Hospital, Watertown, N.Y. Supervisory position. Passed LPN board test the summer of 1998. Sports oriented-Autumn was on the Junior Varsity High School basketball squad. (Marjorie had a friend, Joy, who she used to visit and study guitar with before she was married. This is where Autumn received her second name I believe. NDC)

(3) Grace Gloria (B. 6 June 1978 in Watertown). Gracie is named for her 2 Grandmothers (Grace (Vincent) Dickinson and Gloria June (Day) Kovalik). She is a Certified Nurses Aid (CNA) at Genesis Hospital. Relationship: Larry J. Quinn from North Carolina. One son, (1) Gavin Michael Kovalik (B. 1 September 1999).

Children of Grace (Vincent) & Leon E. Dickinson...Continued:

(5) Linden Vincent Dickinson (B. 22 June 1959 in the old Carthage Hospital , N.Y. D. 20 Nov. 1959 in Brownville, N.Y.). The old Carthage Hospital was actually an old white wood frame house, located on Main St., Carthage, N.Y., which had been used for a hospital since the Civil War days; In 1959, this medical facility was run by Catholic nuns & nurses. It was in bad need of funds, and repair. The newborn Linden contacted staph in the hospital; Dr. Louis Battista (Watertown Family Physician) helped partition and close the old structure down; Linden had not been the 1st (but the 5th) newborn to lose their life as a result of careless hospital conditions. Shortly after the old place closed, a new medical facility was built in the North part of Carthage. “Always In Our Hearts”... Mom had inscribed on the family stone in the Woodside Cem. Belleville, N.Y.

Page 38

(6) Laurence Eden Dickinson (B. 4 Feb. 1961 in Watertown, N.Y.) ‘Eden’ is a form of the family name ‘Edin’, which was his great Grandfather’s name-Cyrus Edin Howard). Occupation: Construction electrician. Married on 15 Feb. 1986 in the Central Church Of The Nazerene, Orlando, Florida to Marsha Lee (Davis) (B. 7 April 1961 in Winter Park, Florida) (Daughter of Marshall Whitman & Leona Julia (DeRosier) Davis of Union Park, Florida). She was part of a car repossession team who use to confiscate cars that were past due at the bank. Also, Marsha worked as Car Dealership Registration Clerk before she was married. Relationship: James Allen Milliorn (B. 7 April 1962 D. 1983) (Did car repossession work too-James was ‘Mr. Orlando’ in competitions at one time.) (James’s parents: Leon & Ella Milliorn, deceased. Buried at Glenhaven Memorial Cemetery, Orlando, Florida).

The Three Children of Laurence and Marsha (Davis) Dickinson:

(Marsha and James Milliorn’s son: Mark Bradley Davis)

(1) Mark Bradley Davis (Born: 15 Jan. 1984 in Orlando, Florida) Mark is home taught by his Mother and Grandparents (as is Maricia & Brandon). Consequently, they all have excellerated computer skills. Mark is exceptionally advanced on the computer as his Grandfather Marshall ( a computer programmer) has instructed him in it for years.

(2) Maricia Lauren Dickinson (B. 4 Dec. 1987 in Orlando, Florida). Maricia was named for both her Mom & Dad. Maricia has an artistic eye for drawing, and, a natural ear for piano; Basically, she can see something and draw it; and hear something and duplicate the sound. Maricia’s good in Math, and she loves to read & study recipes & cookbooks like her Grand- mother Grace (Vincent) Dickinson did.

(3) Michael Brandon Dickinson (B. 30 Jan. 1992 in Orlando, Florida). Brandon is very sharp about figuring out mazes & hidden items in pictures, and he has been since he was very young. He reads well; Draws with story imagination: Loves to fish (caught a huge pike in the St. Lawrence River last year). The two things I notice first about Brandon is his sharp little ‘figuring’ intellect, and his good natured big grin (like his grandfather, Leon E. Dickinson).

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Children Of Leonard and Clarissa (Ross) Vincent...Continued:

(6) LANSING (LANTIE) VALENTINE (7); {Leonard (6); Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. ca. 188? D. sometime after ca. 1912- after he left home) Grandma Marjorie (Halliday) Vincent told the following story concerning Lansing’s permanent disappearance: Lansing boarded with them for a time, off and on, when he was probably in his late teens, and he would help his brother Arthur on the farm; Come spring he would move back home to his father’s house, even though they would argue about money, and probably other things. One summer when Lansing was ca. 18 yrs. old, he hired out with the circus when it came to Watertown, in the capacity of ‘roustabout’ helping to put up the big top, and other menial labor. When the circus left town, Lansing went with it. This first time he ‘disappeared’ he kept in contact with his mother and Art & Marjorie by sending postcards from various states he traveled through; He also sent bushels of fruit, peaches from Georgia-apples from Virginia-the mails brought pecans & nuts, and products which were in season in the states the circus visited. Lansing spent 3 years traveling with the circus, which wintered in the southern states. Finally, he came back to Depauville; lived at home a short while, argued with his Dad about money, and this time left home without ever contacting the family again. The year must have been around 1912. The day he left, he was seen in Watertown by a friend, Lansing had just bought a new stove for his mother, and he was having it delivered to her home. He told the friend this: “ I’m leaving Watertown for good this time; Nobody’s going to see me around here again...unless I have more money than all the other Vincent’s put together.” The stove arrived at his mother’s the next day; that was the last anybody ever saw of Lansing Valentine Vincent. His mother Clara sought, for many years, through War Dept. Records, and the like, to locate him but to no avail. Lansing’s father died in 1915 @ age 92, but despite all efforts, Lansing never tried to contact the family again. My Grandmother Marjorie often wondered about the phenomenon of her brother-in-law’s disappearance; She would say things like: “Oh, I thought you might be Lantie returning home...” or, “Maybe this is the day Lantie will put in an appearance.” But, needless to say, from that day to this, he never did.

(7) GROVER CLEVELAND (7); {Leonard (6); Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)}. (B. 1886 D. 19 Oct. 1918) (Watertown Daily Times-Clayton, Nov. 6, 1918. “Had Kind Word For Everyone” Grover Vincent of Depauville dies, regretted by all who knew him.’ Grover C. Vincent died Oct. 19, at the house of Stanton Putnam, aged 32 years old; death was due to influenza. he was brought to his mother’s home for burial. He had enjoyed many happy days hunting with Mr. Putnam. He was a ‘peacemaker’ who had a good word for everyone. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Clara Vincent, and four brothers, and two sisters. Interment was made at Depauville Cemetery. Rev. Mr. Sherlock of Depauville officiated at the funeral. (Lyme Heritage Library...Piece received from Carolyn Bourgeois)

(8) CHRISTINA (TINY) (7); {Leonard (6); Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 15 Jan. 1890 D. 17 May 1904). (Lyme Heritage Library-Piece received from Carolyn Bourgeois) Depauville, June 10, 1904. In remembrance of Tina (Tiny) C., youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Vincent, who died May 17 (1904) aged 17 yrs., (her tombstone gives accurate reading of 13 yrs.) 4 mo. and 2 da. “A voice is forever stilled, A form gone from our midst. It makes our hearts feel heavy, To think how she will be missed. But she’s gone to meet her brother (Berne, who went a year before), In that happy home above, So do not grieve for Tina (Tiny) She has gone from this world of pain. We have one consolation, We are sure to meet again.” The piece was placed in the paper by: Grace Brawt & Eva Klipfel. Grandma Marjorie (Halliday) Vincent always told us “Tiny had gone wading in a cold autumn creek nearby their home, caught cold and the illness went into consumption, which she never recovered from.” (NDC/TDM)

(9) OTTO (7); {Leonard (6); Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas I I (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. 22 Sept. 1892 in the Town Of Clayton D. 20 May 1975 @ age 82 in The House Of The Good Samaritan in Watertown, N.Y.). Disabled most of his life with asthma, he lived with his nephew, Warner who had suffered polio as a young man, and Warner’s wife, Julia (Martin) Littlefield. He helped Warner and Julia work the farm outside of Chaumont for years. He never married. Otto attended local schools in Clayton and Depauville.

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(10) EVERETT (SKIP) (7) {Leonard (6); Abram (5); Benjamin (4); Nicholas, II (3); Nicholas, I (2); William (1)} (B. ca. 1897 D. 28 June 1952 in Bay Pines Hospital, St. Petersburg, Florida). Married on 9 June 1920 in the Trinity Church, in the Town Of Clayton to Louise M. (Huchzermeier) (B. 1 Oct. 1894 in Town Of Clayton D. 13 Jan. 1981 in St. Petersburg, Florida @ age 86) (Louise was daughter of: Fred and Sophia (Kahre) Huchzermeier). The couple lived in Depauville, N.Y. where Everett operated a barber shop, confectionery store, and sold appliances. He was the first radio dealer in Depauville. They later purchased the ‘Vincent Homestead’ on the Depauville-St. Lawrence Road. In January 1948, they purchased the Maplewood Farm where they lived a year, when they purchased the ‘Booth Block’ in Brownville, N.Y. Everett owned a barber shop there until they moved to Pulaski in July 1951; Later that year they moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. Everett Vincent had served as Town Of Clayton Justice for years. Louise H. Vincent lived in Englewood, N.J. until returning to Florida in 1958. (Burial in Bay Pines Cemetery, St. Petersburg, Florida). Everett and Louise Vincent had 1 daughter:

(1) Lou Marie (Vincent) Stewart in St. Petersburg, Florida. Two children: (1) Stephen Stewart (St. Petersburg, Fl) (2) James Stewart (St. Petersburg, Fl) (Note: This information on Everett & Louise Vincent was taken from Louise’s WDT obituary. NDC/TDM)


The abbreviation WDT stands for the Watertown Daily Times-The daily newspaper which has been published in Watertown, N.Y., for many years. My Mother, Grace (Vincent) Dickinson (1923-1994) had saved obituaries and other newspaper clippings in a scrapbook, throughout her lifetime, and this is where some of the following data has been derived.

Carolyn Bourgeois visited The Lyme Heritage Historical Society located in the Library in Chaumont, N.Y. and she discovered some significant obituaries and data she was able to copy and forward to the Vincent’s who were working on the following manuscript.

An important Family Historian, Anne Elizabeth ‘Bessie’ (Lansing) Vincent published a short history of the Vincent Family which she gave out to members attending the Vincent Reunion in 1912. We have used this for a guideline, but we did find a few things in error (according to census and other official sources), which, hopefully, have been corrected in this present Vincent History. Nevertheless, the Bessie L. Vincent reunion booklet remains an important piece of Vincent genealogical work, as we need to remember, Bessie was in position to know some of the older members of the Vincent’s and in other cases, the descendants of the older members were in attendance at the Vincent Association Reunions yearly, at the turn of the Twentieth Century.

Oftentimes, we have used cemetery inscriptions to identify our data; In these cases we have utilized several methods of obtaining this data: Carolyn Bourgeois visited many of the Herkimer County and Northern New York Cemeteries to note the stone information firsthand; Jeff Nicklaw has kept watch of many Internet sites which deal with cemetery inscriptions for new data; And, Thelma Moye and myself (Nancy Chamberlain) have made several trips to the Orlando, Florida Library where we searched microfiske, books on the Early Settlements of America, and Historical Cemeteries records, plus, old time census records (the ones we found available). Despite the effort everybody has extended in this area, there is still work that can, and will, be done.

We have tried to record places of birth/death/other events, so if future genealogist want a starting place for further work, what I have detailed, may make the task easier. I will list a few book and cemetery sources which identify the Vincent data which follows...and, or places where there maybe more information, in the future, researched. (We have to make allowances for Genealogical Services (books, web sites, & spoken legend)... “who are only as good as their source;” Even then, sometimes the ‘theory’ helps structure the eventual truth.)

* History Of Herkimer County , N.Y. by F. W. Beers, 1879, reproduced, 1980.

* Herkimer Homesite Cemetery, two miles east of Little Falls, N.Y.

* History Of Montgomery County, Edited by W. Frothington, D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, N.Y.

* History Of The Mohawk Valley, Gateway To The West (1614-1925), by Greene (1925)

* The North Country by Harry F. Landon (1932)

* Town Of Herkimer, Village Of Herkimer, Reformed Church Records. Listings of those buried in the Churchyard, and still more listings when some sites were later moved to Oak Hill Cem.

* Gazetteer Of Jefferson County, N.Y. (1648-1890), by Hamilton Childs, edited by Horton.

* International Genealogical Index

* History Of Montgomery & Fulton Counties, N.Y. by F. W. Beers.

ABSTRACT INFORMATION Concerning the Vincent History:

Coggeshall Family Reunion, Newport, R.I. 9 September 1884:

By Hon. Henry J. Coggeshall of Waterville, N.Y.

“It must be mentioned that the ship ‘Lyon’, was quite a noted vessel, and under the command of Captain Pierce, made a number of successful voyages, including among her passengers many persons who afterward became distinquished in colonial affairs. 1 December 1630, the Lyon sailed from Bristol, England, and after a tempestuous passage, arrived safely at Boston, on 5 February 1631, bringing among others, no less a personage than Roger Williams, so prominently and inseparately concerned in the early history of Rhode Island. In the same year, she brought the apostle John Eliot (who became pastoral charge over First Church Of Roxbury), with William Curtis and Sarah, his wife, Eliot’s sister, and their children, in company with the wife of Governor Winthrop. The voyage of 1632, however, appears to have been her last. Just before the Lyon’s return trip, Captain Pierce entertained the Governor and others on board, and sailed to England, by way of Virginia. On the night of November 2nd, when near the Cape of Virginia, by negligence of the mate, the ship was cast away, and lost, with twelve of her passengers and crew. After this disaster, Captain Pierce settled in Massachusetts, and from his line are descended many of that name living at the present day. “ (Page 9)

Roger William’s Temperment and Relationship to the Colony” (Page 10)

“Roger Williams arrived, as was previously mentioned, in February 1631. He had a reputation for piety and learning having preceded him, he was almost immediately invited by the Church Of Salem to become their teacher. Williams, though a clergyman of many virtues, kind-hearted, courageous, not easily disheartened or discouraged, was possessed of one of those singular and uncomfortable dispositions which ever delights in conflict and strife, and is never so happy, or self satisfied as when engaged in some controversy or quarrel. During his short stay of four years in Massachusetts, whether it was Boston, Salem or Plymouth, he seemed to have kept the public mind in a constant state of agitation; and after winning a few adherents to his latest novelty, would start off in some new direction, irresistibly impelled by the ever present desire for excitement. At one point, refusing to join the church, because “They would not make a public declaration of their repentance for having communion with the Church Of England while they lived there”; At another time, “Disputing their title to the lands they possessed under the King’s Grant, unless they had treated with the natives”; It seemed, even matters of the smallest moment did not escape his contentious spirit, such as “Pronouncing it the duty of women to wear veils at all public gatherings”; But the most convincing proof of his uncomfartable society was the teaching publically, “That a magistrate ought not to tender an oath to an ‘unregenerate person’, a matter which would seriously affect the ‘Freeman’s Oath’ and ‘Resident’s Oath’, measures prescribed for securing allegiance to the colony.” The Magistrates and Deputies, fully satisfied that Williams and his associates were dangerous men to the community, ordered him-in October 1635-”To depart out of the jurisdiction within six weeks ensuing.” Roger Williams passed the winter with the Pokanoket Indians, with whom he had been on friendly terms when at Plymouth.

Then, in June of 1936, with five companions, Roger Williams landed on the high point which divided the Seekonk River from the upper inlet of Narragansett Bay, and near to a spring of water, and, laid the foundation of the city of Providence, R.I.”

In 1644, the colony numbered four towns: Providence, Portsmouth, Newport, and Warwick. Roger Williams was sent to England to procure a charter. This he obtained from the Lord Of Warwick, and committee of the House Of Commons. Although, Charles The First, then being a refugee from both the capital and Parliment, the governement was not fully organized under the Charter until 1 May 1647.

(DATA: Roger William’s Trading Post, 1678. Wicket, Rhode Island.)

(Coggeshall Reunion of 1884...Page-16/17...Continued):

The Civil Compact formed at Providence, R.I. was formed by 19 settlers, on 7 March 1638. These Aquidneck settlers were ‘Puritans of the highest form’. The phraseology of the Compact verifies this remark; It was almost like a Church Covenant, rather than a Civil Compact. The town was built on a spring, which was customary. A town representative, traded with the Indians for deer meat, and wild game; There was plenty of it, and the Indians were friendly and well disposed, and, the business was easily managed and profitable. The early settlers of Rhode Island found in this location, everything to be desired. The fertility of the soil, of which no place in New England can boast better today (1884); of a climate quite remarkable, the severe heat of the summer was tempered by the ever-present ocean breezes, and the cold blasts of winter, moderated by the warm winds of the gulf stream, truly it must have been a heavenly spot, even two hundered fifty years ago.

Page 17A

(Continued From Page 17):

(Information On Children Of Benjamin and Polly Frier/Frar) Vincent.

ENOS and POLLY (WILLOUGHBY) VINCENT had five children:

* Abbie Ann

* Palmer

* Clarissa

* Morris

* James

Clarissa (Vincent) Beebee. A WDT Obituary for Dr. Robert Fremont Gates offers this data. Dr. Gates married Ida C. Beebee, daughter of Rev. Charles and Clarissa (Vincent) Beebee, at New Haven, N.Y. The Doctor’s father-in-law, a minister of the Methodist-Episcopal Church stationed at New Haven, performed the ceremony, assisted by the District Presiding Elder Mead. Mrs. Gates died 8 April 1924 at Brownville, N.Y.

Dr. Robert Fremont Gates (Born: 22 April 1860 Died: @ age 77 in 1937-38 (The newspaper piece states: “Dr. Gates, who had followed his profession in Brownville since graduation, would have observed his 78th birthday, April 22nd.”) Dr. Gates taught school (and served 35 yrs. on the Brownville Board Of Education, and as Village Trustee and Health Officer; And for 53 years, he was a practicing Physician (registered on 15 April 1885), endorsed by the New York Homeopathic Medical College since that time. Dr Gates was born in Holmesville, now Fernwood, Oswego County, 22 April 1860, son of Robert F. and Theresa (Parrish) Gates. He was educated and graduated Normal School at Brockport (graduated- 1880), Dr. Gates taught, and served as Principal at Warner’s, N.Y. and Hannibal; Next, he left teaching and he graduated with Interneship-24 March 1885 from Cleveland Homeopathic Hospital College, part of the University of Ohio. Dr. Gates completed 50 years of medical practice in April 1935. He was President of the Jefferson County Homeopathic Medical Society, and Secretary of the Farrington Medical Club of Watertown.

Dr. Gates was attended by Dr. L. Ottis Fox of Brownville and Dr. Clarence T. Fowler of Dexter; Death was contributed to heart failure. The Doctor had been living at his sister’s, Emma A. Willis. Surviving him: A daughter, Mrs. Vivian Murphy; wife of Captain Leonard Murphy, USA, Ft. Snelling, Minn. and several neices and nephews. Mrs. Murphy held Masonic services for her father, and burial for Dr. Gates was made in the Brownville Cemetery.

(Note: Dr. Fox was Physician for Brownville for many years and he was still practicing in 1967. My mother Grace (Vincent) Dickinson used to remark that she thought ‘he was related to the family too”...but, I’m not sure what the lineage is presently. NMDC)


I will try to add updates to this as I recieve them. My sister Nancy passed away on March 28, 2008 of Breast Cancer.

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