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[From South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia, South Carolina, microfilm reel ST0706]

Journal of the Minutes of Council, From the 8th of Jany 1745, to the 7th of Nov 1746.

[page 144; 31 July 1746]

Read the Memorial of Major Park Pepper,

Humbly showing

that the Memorialist on his passage from Ruattan to Europe was taken Prisoner by the Spaniards and carry'd into the Havana where he found several Prisoners Subjects of Great Britain who had been detained near two Years, amongst whom were several Swiss, Men, Women and Children, who were taken on their passage to this Province, where they were

[page 145]

coming with their Familys to settle.

That the Memorialist with great difficulty and Expence obtained leave from the Govr of the Havana to carry away the said Prisoners with him in a Flag of Truce then in the Havana, & commanded by Cap. James Ramsey of this Province.

That the Memorialist then apply'd to the sd Capt Jas Ramsey to carry the said prisoners, who refused to comply therewith, unless your Memorialist would engage to pay for their victualling which he very readily consented to, & accordingly engaged to pay the said Ramsey for the same, rather than suffer the poor Prisoners, after so long confinement, to remain any longer in the hands of the Spaniards, upon which the said Ramsey provided provisions for them, & received them on board, to the number of forty two, & carry'd them to New Providence, where he left so many of the English Prisoners, as were desirous to continue in that Island.

That the said Capt Ramsey hath bro't the remainder of the English and all the Swiss Prisoners to this Province to the Number of twenty five and hath apply'd to your Memorialist for payment pursuant to Contract.

The Memorialist therefore hopes that his Excellency & Honours will take this matter under their Consideration and that they will be pleased to act in such manner that the Memorialist may not be a Sufferer by the Engagement he voluntarily entered into for his Majesty's Service in promoting the Settlement of this Province.

             Park Pepper

The above Memorial being [three words illegible] that the Memorialist be relieved from his said Engagements & that the said Charge be paid him out of the Township fund.

The abovemention'd Protestant Swiss were admitted before his Excell'cy in Council, vizt. Seven Men, five Women & Children, the Men did every one take the Oath of Allegiance to His Majesty, vizt.

Melchior Otte, whose family consisted of 7 persons, vizt. himself, wife & 5 children.
Henry Sistrunk.
Henry Fisslar, whose family consisted of himself, Wife & one Child.
Peter Roth ~ His family consisted of himself & Wife only.
Hans Studler His family was of 2 persons himself & Sister now Sick.
Walrich Brannen.~
The Women as under, vizt.

Madlen Apier.
Barbara Apier.
Barbara Siss, who had a Son named Jacob.

All the above mention'd Foreign Protestants, having desir'd of his Excell'cy and his Majesty's Council the usual Bounty, the same was granted them,

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in Consideration that they were immediately to settle in the Congaree Township.

His Excell'cy ye Govr. and the eldest of the Council present, signed an order on the Treasurer to pay to the Commissary General the sum of five hundred Pounds Currency out of the Township Fund for defraying the Expence of the foreign Protestants in their Petitions, Warrants and Grants.

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