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[The following indenture was found by genealogist Anne Dodenhoff, of Charleston, South Carolina, in May 1994, for her client J. Wayne Hilton. In her letter to Wayne Hilton dated 10 May 1994, she says, "This Indenture was not found at the State Archives. It is part of a holding of primary source material held by the Rebecca Motte Chapter, DAR (Charleston, SC)." A copy may also be found at the Salley Archives in Orangeburgh. This transcription was sent to me in 1997 by Wayne Hilton, with permission to use it in my research and to share it around.]

This indenture, made the Thirteenth day of March in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Six and in the Eleventh Year of the Independence of the United States of America. Between Jacob Ott of Orangeburgh District planter and his wife on the one Part, and Thomas Clarck [illegible] and gentleman of the said state of the other Part, witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of fifty Pounds Sterling of Money to Me in Hand well and truly paid, by the said Thomas Clark at and before the Sealing and Delivery hereof, (the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged) Hath bargained and sold, and by these presents doth bargain and sell, unto the said Thomas Clark His Exectors Administrators and Assigns a certain Plantation Tract of Land lying and being in the District of Orangeburgh containing Three hundred and fifty Acres on Edisto River and bounded on the northest on land laid out to Barbara Leseine to northwest on land not laid out to southwest on pon pon River South East on land laid out to Susannah Crim and hath Shape Marks and forms as appears by Plat thereof to the Said Grant annexed as in and by the Plat and Grant Being Duly Recorded in the Secrety office of the State of South Carolina Bearing Date the Seventeenth Day of September One Thousand Seven hundred and Thirty Six under the hand of Thomas Broughton Esqr. Leut. governor of Carolina formly Together with all and singular the Gardens, Orchards, Fences, Ways, Wells, Water, Water Courses, Easements, Profits, Commodities, Advantages, Emoluments, Hereditaments, and Appurtenances whatsoever, to the said tract of Three hundred and Fifty of land belonging, or in any wise appurtaining, and the reversion and reversions, remainder and remainders thereof, and every Part and Parcel thereof, to have and to hold the said the said Tract of Land containing Three hundred and fifty acres and all and singular the other the Premises herein before mentioned and intended to be hereby bargained and sold, and every Part and Parcel thereof, with their and every of their appurtenances, unto the said Thomas Clark His Executors, Administrators and Assigns, from the day next before the Day of the Date of these Presents, for and during the full time and unto the full End and Term of one whole Year, from thence next ensuing, and fully to be completed and ended. Yielding and paying therefor unto the said Jacob Ott and Mary Ott Executors or Administrators [illegible] on the day of said Term as the same shall be lawfully demanded, to the Intent and Purpose that the said Thomas Clark by Virtue hereof, and by Force of the statutes for transferring of Uses into Possession, may be in the actual possession of Primises herein before mentioned, and intended to be hereby bargained and sold, and every Part and Parcel thereof, with their and every of their appurtenances, and may be hereby enabled to accept and take a Grant and Release of the reversions and Inheritance of the same to him and his Heirs forever. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the said Parties to these Presents have hereunto interchangeably set their Hands and Seals, the Day and Year first above written.

         Jacob Ott

         Mary X Ott

Sealed & Delivered
in the Presence of
C.W. Sapp [?]
John Parsons [?]

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