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1798 Petition, Caw Caw Creek

Orangeburgh District, South Carolina

[The following petition comes from the newsletter of the Orangeburgh German-Swiss Genealogical Society, volume and date not recorded, page 98. Beverly S. Shuler, former president of the Orangeburgh Genealogical Society, obtained this petition from the South Carolina Department of Archives and History; the transcription is hers. It is important in that it shows fifty residents of the Caw Caw Swamp area of Orangeburgh at the turn of the nineteenth century. By finding these names on the 1790 and 1800 censuses for Orangeburgh District, we can identify which census pages correspond to the Caw Caw area.]


The humble petition of Jacob Rumph, Christian Inabnit, and other inhabitants of Orange parish, humbly Sheweth

That Colo.l Jacob Rumph and Christian Inabnit having by their joint industry and great expense succeeded in clearing out and making navigable a certain Creek known by the name of Caw-Caw Swamp creek, so as enable small rafts to pass from their Saw Mills (and others intended shortly to be erected on the said Creek) into Edisto River on their way to Charleston, which creek so cleared will prove very useful to your petitioners as well as to the inhabitants in general — Your petitioners therefore pray, that your honorable house will take the matter into consideration and pass a law to prevent wicked persons from stoping or otherwise obstructing the navigation of said Creek under such penalties as to you in your wisdom shall seem fit — and your petitioners in duty bound will ever pray —

John Rumph
Jacob Rumph
John Heyser (?)
Nicholas Rickenbacker
Casper Staley (Haley?)
William Culelazar (?)
John Gifsendanner
John Hooks Junr
Jacob Rumph Jur.
Chriftian Inabnit
Lis. Lessuriette (?)
James Stuart
Saml Jones
Lewis (his mark) Clukly
Andrew (his mark) Howser (?)
TDJ (?) Jamison
Jacob Wannamaker Jur
George Poofer
Samuel Staley
John Staley junr
John Inabnit
Christian Gramling
Elias Crim (Crum?)
John Williams
Jacob Segrest
Henry Gifsendanner
Daniel Hefse
Elisha Moseley
Jacob Rickenbaker
David Coulter
Jas. Carmichael Junr.
John Hook
Peter (his mark) Inboden
Wm. Whetstone
John Weimer
John (his mark Hounlighter (?)
David Rumph
John Staley Senr.
Conrad Barth (?)
Jacob Caver (?)
David (his mark) Culilazer (?)
Michael Gramling
Jasper Ott
John Bone Rumph
Gideon Jennings
Peter Ott
John Kelly
Denne (?) (his mark) Leeper (?)
Jacob Wannamaker
Peter Roth

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