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KING, Henry
(Between 1657-After 1743)
WILLIAMS, Sarah 'Relick Of David'
(Between 1658-After 1743)
HOUSE, Thomas Rev
(1657-Bef 1734)
(Abt 1659-)
KING, John Captian
HOUSE, Hannah
(Abt 1700-Between 1726)
KING, David
(1721-After 1811)


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KING, David 159,252

  • Birth: 1721, , Prince Edward Co, VA 253,254
  • Married: Abt 1748
  • Death: After 1811, , Warren Co., NC 254

   General Notes:

NOTES from Kathy Welder of Lodi CA in an e-mail dated May 30.1998.
NOTES from Gayle King Blankenship taken from her published book. LC # 90-156079
Register in Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., VA states that in 1742 David was of legal age (over 21?)
Tax records for David can be found in Warren Co. NC
The following was in an e-mail from Kathy Welder dated 5-30-98
DAVID KING BIRTH - 1721 in Brunswick Co. Virginia. The first son of John & Hannah King.
David is the first of this line to seek his future in North Carolina.  His younger brother, John Jr. also chooses to follow. 
After David finally settled his father's estate, and affairs with Uncle Charles King,
Records appear for David in Brunswick Co. Va. and the newly formed Granville Co. N.C. (formed 1746).  Granville Co. then was much larger and hugs the Virginia border. 
The last Virginia records found for David appear as follows:
( Note: it seems he never owned his own land in Virginia.)
Feb. 6, 1745 (Williamsberg Order Bk. 3, pg. 39).
David King, who is "planning to remove himself from the County is ordered by the Court to post a bond to assure his appearance in court, to testify against Patrick Carrell, for stealing a horse, bridle and saddle.
June 5, 1745 (DB 3-28).
Indenture made (lease/agreement), between William Smith of Surry Co. and Cornelias Cargill of Brunswick Co., 43 Shillings for 50 acres on the N. side of Staunton River, opposite the Cargill plantation. Witness: David King, Walter & Robert Campbell.
Aug. 1, 1745 (Deed Bk. 3-50)
Cuthbert Smith & wife Elizabeth, lease for 1 year, 180 acres on the N. side of the Roanoke River.  Witness: Charles King
[The County of Ludenberg Virginia was also formed in 1746 from part of Brunswick Co.]
April 1, 1747 (DB 3-312)
Indenture made between Nicholas Lanier and Roger Reese for 36 pounds, 5 Shillings, in conveyance of 300 acres adjacent Charles King's corner. 
Witness: George Bally, David King & Wm. Edwards. 
Acknowledged May 6, 1747, wife Mary Lanier appeared & relinquished her right of dower.
By now, David has married also.  The name of his wife is undiscovered, but she may have been from the Smith family. Perhaps Elizabeth Smith.
[Liz King-Jones list the name "Mabe Smith/Wood" but I think this is just a guess.]
Several families over the years have links with the Kings by marriage and land ties.  The Lanier line and Smith and Davis families are but three.
It is a fact that John Jr. wed Hannah Davis, might David have married a Davis sister?  My guess is that he wed a Smith, possible named Elizabeth. Three of David's proven sons all named a daughter Elizabeth. 
David named one of his sons Cuthbert, a rather uncommon name. 
Charles King was a witness on a land deed for Cuthbert Smith & wife Elizabeth. Might the wife of David have been a sister to Cuthbert? 
David also named his apparently first born son, Wood King (KW - our ancestor).  Could this, another uncommon name, be the last name of David's wife, perhaps Elizabeth Wood? 
No record of marriage for David has been found, will we ever know for sure? 
There is a marriage record for a David King to Amey Ellington in 1782 Warren Co. N.C. and in Dec. of 1788 a marriage for his son, David Jr. to Abigail Young.  Whether this is a first marriage for son David Jr. or a second marriage for David Sr. is unknown, ages are not listed.
Aug. 20, 1748 (Patent Bk 25 pg.555)
A land patent for John King Jr. (David's brother) is granted for 238 acres on Grassy Creek, Ludenberg Co.
A list of Tithables for Ludenberg Co. 1748-51 show John King Jr. listed on property of Baxter Davis, a non-resident of Ludenberg.  John King had by now married Hannah Davis, daughter of Baxter.
(A separate page is included for this couple.)
In 1751 Tithables list of Ludenberg,
David King is listed "as close by the land of Edward Davis", but David is not considered as a resident. John Jr. is listed with Baxter Davis.
1750 Granville Co. N.C., (Deed Bk. A, pg. 337).
This appears as the first written record of David's presence in this County,
"John King sells to Robert King, 300 acres, South side of Smith's Creek on Israel Roberson's line at Camp branch, to the Southside of David King's Spring Branch."  
[ Whether or not this Robert King is a brother to John & David is uncertain.]
1754 Granville Co. on a Militia Muster Roll,
David King is found serving under the Regiment of Col. William Eaton, dated Oct. 8th,
as "Pvt. David King, roll #24."
(from the book, "Colonial Soldiers of The South, 1732-1774", pg. 719).
Other King names appearing are; Daniel, Robert, Charles, John & George.
   The next records found are two items from the book "Granville District
of N. Carolina, 1748-1763, Land & Deed Abstracts":
May 9, 1755Granville Patent Bk. 11 pg. 343,
John Dosier 640 acres, Parish of St. John, on both sides of Smith Creek, joining John King, the county line, and Eaton's line. 
Surveyed Feb. 13, 1750 the SCC (sworn chain carrier - helped do the survey), were: John King, Robert King.  Plat read s… surveyed for David King(?).
Nov. 7, 1757 - Patent Bk. 11 pg. 389 reads:
Captain Sherwood Heywood, 850 acres in Granville Co., Parish of St. John, both side of Hawtree Creek, joining Jacob Dansbe & the county line, and Tilmons line.  
Surveyed June 10, 1757, SCC were Jacob Dansbe, David King.
Feb. 22, 1759 - Patent Bk. 14 pg.433
John King , 524 acres in Orange Co., Parish of St. Mathew, on the waters of New Hope.  John King and family remained in Orange Co. N.C.  He and brother David were now going their separate ways.
David is next found in Bute Co. N.C., formed in 1764 from Granville Co. and later, in 1779 this county was "abolished" and Warren Co. & Franklin Co. were both formed from Bute. 
The only records found to date in Bute Co. occur in July 1765, when
David King was a witness to a land sale between Ford & Bryant, on Fowler's branch, near the Great Path. (The old Indian trading path, near present day Warrenton, N.C.). 
Aug. 5th, 1765 - (DB 1, pg. 362.) 
David witnessed a land deed between Jones & David Young, land on the Eastside, Hawtree Creek.
(From "The County of Warren, 1585-1917").
The area David chose to settle in, was once the home of the Tuscarora Indians, as well as the Cherokee. History says that in 1711 the Tuscarora, being proud warriors, considered themselves "owners' of the land and became weary of trading with the whites.  Bad feelings arose, and hundreds of warriors took revenge on white settlers by killing many and driving others back across the Roanoke River.
The land then was still "wild", buffalo roamed; deer and wildcats were many.
The garments of the Tuscarora were fashioned from buckskin and they grew corn and tobacco. 
Granville Co. in the early days, bore the Indian name, Ohimpamony, this name represented Fishing Creek, found today in Warren Co. The name means "stream of plentiful fish".  The Great Indian Trading path, is near the "waters of Hawtree", home for David and his family in 1760.
August 1768 -
"Richard Ballard sells to Robert King, 200 acres in Bute Co. adjacent David King & Joseph Ballard, "along a branch to the Reedy Branch."
Also in 1768,
"Richard Ballard sells to David King, for 5 pounds, 100 acres on Thomas Glover's & Wm. Hancil's lines. 
Witness: Jos. Ballard & WOOD King."
[The Wood King is of course, son of David, born near 1750, about age 18 in order to witness this deed of sale. 
1774, a record is found in Bute Co (DB 5, pg. 242)
Deed of trust" from a Killis Ballard to David King, who owes David King 23 pounds, plus.
July 2, 1775 - Another interesting record found
John King Rosser, sale to Samuel Keale of 100 acres on Ashley's branch, Bute Co.,
Witness: David King, Cuthbert King and Wood King. 
approved May 1777.
(This John King Rosser is somehow a relative, but the connection hasn't been found.  This document is the only one found with all three names David, Wood & Cuthbert attached.  I have a copy of this. KW)
1778 - (Bute Will Bk. 2, pg. 192).
David King was security (provided security/bond) for Edward Davis, who was the administrator for the estate of John Mory.
May of 1778 - (DB 6, pg.397).
Sale; John King Rosser to David King, 100 acres, up Reedy Branch, adjacent land of David King, E. Davis & Hansell.
1778, - (Bute WB 2, pg. 192). 
David King & Wood King are buyers at the Estate of John Nicholson.
May of 1778 -
Daniel Allen sells to Jesse Tally, land adjacent David King, Reedy branch,
Witness: Abraham Childress.
  1779 -
David is living in Warren Co.
(the chances are, he never moved, only the county boundaries changed). A property assessment for that year, shows the following:
David King 700.8 acres in the Smith Creek-Hawtree Dist.
Wood King 264 acres the same district & his brother, Anthony has 202.4 acres.
David and wife unknown, (maybe Elizabeth?) had several children, only the names of 4 sons are proven by tax records, deeds & Revolutionary War pensions.

   The Warren Co. Tax List of 1784-1787, in Capt. Moses district, shows the King family as this:
David King Sr. white male age over 60, 4 white females (wife & 3 girls?)
Wood King 2 males under 21 or over 60, 2 males 21-60, 2 female, 1 black.
Anthony King 1 male 21-60, 1 male under 21, 2 female, 1 black.
Cuthbert King 1 male 21-60, 2 male under 21, 3 females.
A "poll tax" or assessment was in effect for the following years, and serves to show, all those taxed were age 21 or more.
1779 Smith's Creek-Hawtree Dist. 
     David King 700.8 acres
     Anthony King 202.4 acres
     Wood King   264 acres
1781 Hawtree Dist.
     David King  500 acres
     Wood King  451.18 acres
     Anthony King 220 acres
1784 Warren Co.
     David King  100 acres
     Wood King 56 acres
     Anthony King 66 acres
 Cuthbert King 260 acres Surry Co. 100 acres Warren Co.
   The tax records continue on, but do not all need to be listed here.
David King Sr. being older, was not subject to the poll tax beyond a certain age. 
Also, Because a son David is "of age" the records do not always show if it was Jr. or Sr. or which of them is involved in the sale of land, etc. 
There are a couple more records of importance, one being that David Sr. was a witness in 1793 on the Will of Arthur Jordan Jr. who was in fact, his brother-in-law, having married David's sister, Elizabeth. 
1786 - Granville Co. (WB 2, pg. 254) is shown:
"George King, Arthur Jordan, Elizabeth Jordan sell slave, witness: David King.
Again in the Aug. Court, 1795,
Elizabeth Jordan sells to David King, 240 acres as attested by this deed copy:
   " I, Elizabeth Jordan of the county of Warren, state of North Carolina,
this day have relinquished all my right and title to a certain tract of
land containing 240 acres, whereupon David King now lives. I having a deed
for 120 acres of this land, and said King is wishing to sell, I hereby
relinquish my claim.
               Signed,  Elizabeth  (+)   Jordan
                                         Her mark                 ( SEAL)
The land mentioned by Elizabeth Jordan, was purchased by David in 1791, from Thomas Garrett, it was on the South side of Martins Creek, and included the plantation. 
David Sr. was a farmer, raising tobacco and cotton.  He kept the usual farm animals of the day and horses as well. 
The last traces found for David King Sr. are in the following census lists:
    1800 Warren Co. David King Sr. 1 male under 10
                                  1 male over 45
                                  1 female over 45
    1810 Warren Co. David King Sr. 1 male over 45
                                  1 female "to" 45
David no longer appears in the records. 
DEATH bef 1811, No will or inventory has been found.
[The mention of females above makes one speculate if in 1800 he did in fact have a wife still living, then in 1810 a female, perhaps a daughter, caring for him.] 
His age in 1810 would be about 89.
[I believe he did live long and was fully satisfied with his life.  I feel as though I knew him.]
Note: Some of the foregoing research was contributed by both Jeane Galau and Gayle Blankenship.  Jeane is descended from John King Jr. of Orange Co. brother to David. Jeane lives in Wisconsin. 
Gayle descends from David King Jr. and lives in Virginia.

Notes for David King:
David is found in Granville Co. NC 1750-1757.
He served in the Granville Co. Militia in 1754.
Also two land surveys in Granville Co. NC
By 1784-1787 David King Sr is living in Warren Co. NC and has 4 proven sons.

   Marriage Information:

David married Mabe SMITH\WOOD about 1748. (Mabe SMITH\WOOD was born about 1728.)

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