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Asa Sanford was born on 16 December 1810 in South Carolina. He married on 3 May 1830 to Catherine Green Hanson. She was born on 22 March 1813. The family moved from Hall County, Georgia to Tallapoosa County, Alabama around 1836. Asa was a wagon-maker and lived the remainder of his life in Tallapoosa County. He died on 17 December 1883. Catherine died on 9 December 1901. They are buried in the Dadeville Cemetery, in Dadeville, Alabama.

Asa's tombstone showed that he left a wife, 6 living sons, 2 living daughters, 1 deceased son and 1 deceased daughter.

Known children of Asa and Catherine

1855 Tallapoosa County Special Census

SANFORD ASA Beat #4 males under 21:5 males over 21:3 females under 21:3 females over 21:1

1850 Tallapoosa County, Alabama Census, Page 114
Asa Sanford 39 m Mechan SC
Catharine 36 f Geo
Oliver P. 18 m Geo
James A. 16 m Geo
Mary A. E. 14 f Geo
John L. C. 12 m Ala
Felix P. 10 m Ala
Mark 8 m Ala
William W. 6 m Ala
Catharine C. 2 f Ala
1860 Tallapoosa County, Alabama Census, Page 102
Asa Sanford 49 m home carpenter S.Car.
C.G. 47 f Ga
John H. 21 m Ala
Felix P. 18 m Ala
Marcus A. 16 m Ala
William W. 14 m Ala
Catharine S. J. 11 f Ala
Asa 8 m Ala
1870 Tallapoosa County, Alabama Census, Page 99
Sanford, Asa 65 m w carpenter Ga
Catharine 50 f w keeping house Ga
Catharine 20 f w assistant hk Ala
Asa 18 m w farm laborer Ala


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