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Here is an imaginary sample with explanation:

Wolfgang Amadeus Tinlin. Born c. 1800 in London [calc., cen.]. Married Ann White on 13 Aug 1832 in Bethnal Green, Middlesex [reg.]. She was born c. 1804 in London [cen.]. They were living in Kensington, London in 1851 [cen.]. He died 3rd quarter 1852 in Kensington District, age 52 [CR].

The information in brackets is the source. In this case, I calculated ("calc.") his birthdate from the fact that he died in 1852 at age 52. I put people with the same name in order by birthdate. So he would be in between Wolfgang Amadeus Tinlin, born 1796 and Wolfgang Amadeus Tinlin, born 1802. BUT, plain Wolfgang Tinlin, born 1842 would come before all three, since people with middle names are listed after those without them. Making no sense so far? The fact that he and his wife were born in London came from the 1851 census. I looked up their marriage in the original register book, hence "reg.". His death is listed in the Civil Registration for England - "CR". If I only have a marriage date for a person, I put that entry in order as if they had been born twenty years previously, so a James Tinlin married in 1830 would be listed between James Tinlin born 1808 and James Tinlin born 1812.

Please note that I have pieced this information together in the best way I could figure it out. It is quite possible that I have confused two different people on occasion. It is an ongoing work that I change almost on a daily basis.