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Tingewick Baptisms 1841-64

Source description:Register of baptisms which took place in the parish church of St Mary Magdalen in Tingewick between 1841 and 1868

Repository: Original is held at the Buckinghamshire Record Office in Aylebury. A microfilm copy is readily available in (presumably) the new Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies which opened yesterday (23rd February 2002) in (I think) the Museum, Church Street, Aylesbury, and various other local libraries in North Buckinghamshire, or ordered through local LDS Family History Centres
ref: PR 207/1/5?


Notes: Only transcribed to the start of 1864. This is only a first draft and COMPLETELY UNCHECKED - if anyone has access to the film or registers and is able to transcribe the last few years, or to check the years I've already done here, please get in touch.

baptism (& birth) dateforenameparentsSURNAMEparish(occupation)godparents
19/09/1841 (b.22/08/1841)JaneWilliam & RachelBUTCHER of Tingewick (Carpenter)James LucasAnne RidgewaySarah Butcher 
03/10/1841 (b.16/07/1841)Henry WilliamJohn Charles & Maria AnnBARRETT of Tingewick (Farmer)W Barrett SenrW TreadwellWm Turnbull 
24/10/1841 (b.12/09/1841)Mary ElizabethRobert & Mezzille?ROGERS of Tingewick (Carpenter)Henry SmithCaroline SmithHelen Smithall bracketed 'Ginchury'?
31/10/1841 (b.18/09/1841)JohnJohn & AnnePETTY of Tingewick (Labourer)Joseph PettyPhilip WattsMary Wattslast 2 bracketed 'Burt'ng'?
07/12/1841 (b.21/10/1841)Elizabeth AnneWilliam & AnneJEFFES of Tingewick (Farm Bailiff)Willm TibbetsThomas JeffsGeorge TibbetsMary Collingridge
28/11/1841 (b.26/08/1841)Eliza AnneDaniel & ElizabethSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Pig Dealer)Wm Graves FinmereW R Gough -W. Everett 
26/12/1841 (b.07/09/1841)Edwin (*PB Sep 9th rec Dec 26)SarahSMITH of Tingewick (Lacemaker)James Parrey?Joseph ParagreenSusan Graves 
26/12/1841 (b.09/12/1841)GeorgeJames & AnneMANSFIELD of Tingewick (Mason)Rich'd MarkhamJoseph MarkhamSusannah Markham 
26/12/1841 (b.08/11/1841)Marion D ofWilliam Woolley Leigh & Marianne WhitlarkBENNETT of Tingewick (Gentleman)John Holford RisleyElizabeth Leigh BennetsMrs Southam 
16/01/1842 (b.02/12/1842)Maria Mitchell (* dead)Thomas & AmeliaHAYWARD of Tingewick (Brewer)John HaywardElizabeth ButcherMrs James Read 
24/01/1842 (b.21/12/1842)MaryWilliam & FrancesSTOCKLEY of Tingewick (Carrier)Geo. FordMr. Wm SteedenMartha Harvey 
28/01/1842 (b.14/01/1842)SophiaThomas Andrew & HarriettMEAD of Tingewick (Shopkeeper)    
30/01/1842 (b.16/01/1842)AmeliaRichard & SarahBULL of Tingewick (Labourer)Henry HumphreysHohn HaleHannah HarveyMary Parsons
06/02/1842 (b.01/01/1842)Rebecca Gibbard (* 3rd Dr of)SarahBUTCHER of Tingewick (Prostitute)John ButcherAnn BurnallRebecca Adams 
20/02/1842 (b.03/02/1842)ElizaJohn & ElizabethALLEN of Tingewick (Tailor)Benjamin RidgwayAnne RidgwayAnne Dickens 
06/03/1842 (b.21/02/1842)GeorgeRichard & SusannahCRO$S of Tingewick (Mason)William BellmanThomas HaleRebecca Whatson 
20/03/1842 (b.21/02/1842)George ThomasRobert & MariaREAD of Tingewick (Labourer)James ButcherWilliam NealElizabeth Butcher 
27/03/1842 (b.24/02/1842)George Dayrell S ofGeorge Varenne & Mary NorleyREED of Tingewick (Clerk)J.D. ReedHenry SmithFrances Dayrell 
03/04/1842 (b.10/02/1842)Louisa Elizabeth (dead)James & ElizabethARCHER of Tingewick (School Master)John FranklinJoanna DawlinsElizabeth Dolton? 
10/04/1842 (b.01/03/1842)CharlotteGeorge & MaryWILSON of Tingewick (Labourer)Hannah CarrSarah LucasJohn Carr 
17/04/1842 (b.15/03/1842)James (dead)Charles & ElizaPETTY of Tingewick (Labourer)Wm RidgewayJohn PettySarah Wall 
17/04/1842 (b.10/03/1842)MarthaWilliam & MarthaHARRIS of Tingewick (Labourer)John FreemanElizabeth ButcherElizabeth Heritage 
08/05/1842 (b.06/04/1842)Rebecca (dead)John & RebeccaHARRIS of Tingewick (Labourer)Mi$s BradfordMrs BradfordSarah Holton 
21/05/1842 (b.10/04/1842)Maria (dead)Joseph & ElizabethTERRY of Tingewick (Labourer)Richard TerrySusannah HoltonEleanor Smith 
29/05/1842Matilda HinksJoseph & MatildaCOLGRAVE of Tingewick (Carpenter)John PercivalHannah PercivalElizabeth Wiseall Preston [Bissett]
29/05/1842 (b.02/04/1842)Eliza FrancesRichard & FrancesSMITH of Tingewick (Carpenter Tailor)Thomas Coss?Sarah WilkinsElizabeth Archer 
05/06/1842 (b.08/04/1842)James EverettEly & AmyKITSON of London (Bookkeeper)William EverettWilliam ParkerMrs Everett 
12/06/1842 (b.25/02/1842)ThomasThomas & AnneADAMS of Tingewick (Labourer)James LucasJames ButcherRebecca Adams 
19/06/1842 (b.05/06/1842)WilliamRichard & SophiaJEROMS? of Tingewick (Woodman)James ParkinsWilliam ParkinsElizabeth Parkins 
03/07/1842 (b.17/06/1842)Mary AnneRichard & HarriettMARKHAM of Tingewick (Labourer)John HarveyAnn MarshallEliza Hinson 
07/08/1842 (b.01/06/1842)FannyRichard & MaryTERY of Tingewick (Labourer)John DavisElizabeth DavisSarah Davisall Finmere
07/08/1842 (b.01/12/1840)John (@) S ofMarthaHILLESDEN of Islip (Servant Shalstone)Immanuel MayJohn BarlowMary Wilson 
18/08/1842 (b.10/08/1842)Caroline (dead Aug 28)James & MaryHOLLAND of Tingewick (Postman)    
21/08/1842 (b.28/07/1842)ThomasDaniel & HannahCOLES of Tingewick (Labourer)George Smith SenrEdward SmithHannah Smith 
11/09/1842 (b.19/05/1842)RichardThomas & ElizabethBRADBURY of Tingewick (Inn keeper)Rob't HadlandRich'd Baker?Susannah Baker? 
11/09/1842 (b.03/08/1842)John (@)SarahMAUNDERS of TingewickJohn HearnThos AdamsWm Butcher 
25/09/1842 (b.13/08/1842)EmilyGeorge & SarahBUTCHER of Tingewick (Shoemaker)Henry GeorgeWife ... MoretonSarah Ad... 
28/09/1842 (b.11/09/1842)JohnGeorge & MarthMO$S? of Tingewick (Labourer)Willm KeysWife James Butcher 
09/10/1842 (b.21/08/1842)JohnJohn & SarahMILLER of Tingewick (Turnpike Gatekeeper)George Cunn...Eliz'th Cunn...both BuckinghamBenjamin Ridgway
13/11/1842Mary AnnEdward & Mary AnneSHEPPARD of Tingewick (Farmer)Will'm EverettCatherine EverettMary Je$sop 
11/01/1843AlfredJohn & RebeccaTURNER of Tingewick (Miller)Thomas Rose?Wils? RoseEmma Rose 
22/01/1843JamesJoseph & SarahCOZENS of Tingewick (Blacksmith)Geo: ButcherJohn ButcherSarah Butcher 
12/02/1843 (b.30/12/1843)CatherineMartin & SarahLUCAS of Tingewick (Labourer)James LucasMrs AltonJenny? Lucas 
12/02/1843 (b.22/01/1843)WilliamRichard & LouisaMARSHALL of Tingewick (Labourer)George Lainchbury?Richard? MarkhamEliza Lainchbury? 
12/02/1843 (b.24/12/1843)William (@)AnneKEY of Tingewick (Lacemaker)John Carr William KeyRebecca AdamsAdell? Adamsreputed father William Adam
26/02/1843 (b.28/01/1843)Elizabeth (@)ElizabethFRANKLIN of Tingewick (Servant)William FranklinSusannah GreavesSarah Paragreenreputed father James Jeffs Hillesden
19/03/1843 (b.10/03/1843)Anne (dead)James & JaneLUCAS of Tingewick (Labourer)Edward WheelerMary WheelerRachel Butcher 
26/03/1843 (b.19/02/1843)Maryann (dead)Charles & MaryCOLLINGRIDGE of Tingewick (Labourer)John NealEliz'th NealMargaret Hogg 
02/04/1843 (b.06/03/1843)Anthony WoodDaniel & AnneSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)William HoltonJohn KeyMargaret Hogg 
30/04/1843 (b.26/03/1843)FannyWilliam & AnneJEFFS of Tingewick (Labourer)Rich'd JeffsClithcome? HaleElizabeth Butcher 
30/04/1843 (b.04/04/1843)Jane (dead)William & RebeccaRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)William HoltonElizabeth HoltonAnne Ridgway 
07/05/1843 (b.26/03/1843)GeorgeWilliam & MaryHALE of Tingewick (Farmer)William StockleyRichard Cro$sSusannah Markham 
14/05/1843 (b.06/03/1843)William George (@)SarahREAD of Tingewick (Prostitute)James ButcherJohn Freeman?Mrs Freeman? 
21/05/1843 (b.19/04/1843)Mary Frances D ofGeorge Varenne & Mary WorleyREED of Tingewick (Clerk)Mrs ReadMrs SmithB. Hill 
23/05/1843Anthony (@ dead)MaryREAD of Tingewick (Servant)    
28/05/1843 (b.16/03/1843)Rosetta (dead)James & SusannaSULE? of Tingewick (Carpenter)Thomas CaveMrs CaveElizabeth Cave 
11/06/1843 (b.11/04/1843)Mary Anne (dead)William & ElizaFRANKLIN of Tingewick (Labourer)John PettyHannah FranklinSusannah Greaves 
02/07/1843 (b.17/04/1843)James (dead)Thomas & MaryKEY of Tingewick (Labourer)Wm KeyJames ButcherRebecca Adams 
02/07/1843Elizabeth Bedford? (dead)Richard & AnneHARTLEY of Tingewick (Carpenter)John Nori..s?Mrs GreavesMartha Payne 
06/08/1843 (b.13/06/1843)ElizabethCharles & ElizaPETTY of Tingewick (Labourer)Willm RidgwayJoseph HoltonAnne PettyMary Holton
03/09/1843 (b.10/08/1843)ElizabethWilliam & ElizabethHORWOOD of Tingewick (Labourer)John BarlowAnn HuntEliz'th Horwood 
10/09/1843 (b.29/07/1843)Sarah AnnWilliam & AnnHOLTON of Tingewick (Labourer)John Mayne?Eliz'th CrookEliz'th Watton 
24/09/1843John S ofGeorge & MarionSMITH of Tingewick (Labourer)Joseph SmithJoseph Paragreen?Ann Birch?Ann Smith
24/09/1843William S ofThomas & RuthBARLOW of Tingewick (Labourer)Thomas MayneMargaret? HinsonMary Barlow 
15/10/1843 (b.29/09/1843)WilliamWilliam & FannyLUCAS of Tingewick (Labourer)Thomas AdamsJames LucasEliza Hicks? 
29/10/1843 (b.11/09/1843)William ThomasJames & SarahGREAVES of Tingewick (Labourer)C? Worker?Jas.? ParagreenSusanna Greaves 
02/11/1843 (b.14/09/1843)George (dead)John & SarahHITCHCOCK of Tingewick (Farmer)Thomas Pickman?Jane PickmanThomas Betts 
26/11/1843 (b.21/10/1843)ThomasEdmund? & ElizabethSIDE of Tingewick (Labourer)William NealJoseph MarkhamRebecca Adams 
03/12/1843 (b.12/09/1843)MariaGeorge & ElizaSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)Richard Key or King?Martha Ioew?Ann Bolton 
03/12/1843 (b.01/10/1843)LouisaCharles & ElizabethSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)Rich'd S...Martha Ioew?Anne Bolton 
03/12/1843 (b.05/11/1843)BenjaminJohn & ElizabethALLEN of Tingewick (Tailor)Benj'n RidgwayGeo: RidgwayMartha Ridgway 
25/12/1843 (b.27/11/1843)John AltonGeorge & CatherineRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)Martin LucasMrs Martin LucasJohn Harvey 
14/01/1844 (b.28/11/1844)RobertBenjamin & ElizaRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)Edmund N...thAaron Jonesof FinmereMarth Ridgway
21/01/1844SarahJoseph & ElizaHOLTON of Tingewick (Labourer)Mrs? Eleanor SmithMrs? Charles PettyWm Holton 
03/03/1844 (b.16/02/1844)Eliza (dead)Thomas & ElizabethSMITH of Tingewick (Labourer)Wm KeyEliz'th ButcherEleanor Smith 
03/03/1844 (b.09/02/1844)Eliza AnneWilliam & RachelBUTCHER of Tingewick (Carpenter)James LucasJenny? LucasHannah Butcher 
03/03/1844 (b.04/02/1844)Alfred SteedenStephen & MaryBLOXHAM of Tingewick (Labourer)William Perkins?Diana? PerkinsAnthony Bloxham 
05/04/1844 (b.09/03/1844)Emily CaponCharles & Mary AnneATKINSON of Tingewick (Cowdealer)Rich'd King?Eliz'th CaponSusannah Atkinson 
05/04/1844 (b.01/03/1844)AnneWilliam & CatherineNEAL of Tingewick (Labourer)William BarrattAnne Dauney?Martha Farmer? 
10/04/1844 (b.10/04/1844)Joseph Francis (PB crossed out)Daniel & ElizabthSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Pigdealer)Alice SteedenEliz'th SteedenJohn Steedenisaac Pa$sfield
10/04/1844 (b.10/04/1844)Amelia (PB)Daniel & ElizabethSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Pig dealer)Alice SteedenEliz'th SteedenJohn SteedenIsaac Passfield
11/04/1844James (PB D)James & SarahBUTCHER of Tingewick (Labourer)William NealJames PaxtonHannah Harvey 
22/04/1844Eli (PB D)Thomas & CatherineHALE of Tingewick (Labourer)John BarrattRichard Cro$sMary Horwood 
05/05/1844BetsyEdward & LetitiaSMITH of Tingewick (Labourer)Daniel ColesHannah ColesHannah Smith 
02/06/1844 (b.25/04/1844)AnneJames & RuthPAXTON of Tingewick (Labourer)Geo Burnall?Anne BurnallRebecca Adams 
02/06/1844 (b.01/05/1844)John Hale (@)SarahBUTCHER of TingewickJohn HaleJohn ButcherElizabeth Butcher 
02/06/1844 (b.20/02/1844)James MarkhamSarahSMITH of TingewickWilliam FranklinHarriet FranklinAnne Holton 
23/06/1844 (b.08/03/1844)FrederickRobert & MaryHADLAND of Tingewick (Butcher)Henry KirbyJames Case?Catherine Case@Eliza Grey
07/07/1844 (b.23/02/1844)JaneEdmund & CharlotteSTUCHFIELD of Tingewick (Labourer)James ButcherRebecca AdamsAnne Boswell? 
07/07/1844 (b.09/05/1844)Joseph (D)Joseph & CarolineMARKHAM of Tingewick (Labourer)Rich'd MarkhamRich'd Markham JunrHannah Markham 
14/07/1844Hannah (aged 21 years)William & ElizabethGULLIVER of Hook Norton (Labourer)G.V. ReedEmma N. ReedHenrietta Reed 
04/08/1844 (b.10/07/1844)SelinaDaniel & AnneSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)Rachel WoodElizabeth SavingThomas Wood 
04/08/1844 (b.10/08/184)Thomas (D)John & AnnePETTY of Tingewick (Labourer)Joseph PettyChas. PettySarah Parragreen 
01/09/1844 (b.01/08/1844)AnneRichard & AnneMARKHAM of Tingewick (Labourer)Jemima MarshallRich'd MarshallEliza Stuchbury 
25/09/1844Elizabeth (P D)David & AnnaALLEN of Tingewick (Tailor)    
06/10/1844Rebecca (D)Thomas & AnneADAMS of Tingewick (Labourer)Laurence BarrattJaon BarrattRebecca Adams 
06/10/1844 (b.14/09/1844)Mary (D)George & MarthaMOSS of Tingewick (Labourer)Wm KeyEleanor Smith  
03/11/1844 (b.01/10/1844)Mary (*)AliceMORETON of Tingewick (Servant)Hannah BuckinghamCharlotte FreemanJames Terry 
03/11/1844 (b.27/09/1844)AnneJoseph & ElizaSHAKESPEARE of Tingewick (Labourer)Wm NealHannah MarkhamAnne Friday 
01/12/1844 (b.20/10/1844)Richard RichardsRichard & SusannahCROSS of Tingewick (Mason)Wm StockleyWm HarrisMary Richards 
01/12/1844 (b.31/10/1844)AnneRichard & LouisaMARSHALL of Tingewick (Labourer)John HarveyHarriett MarkhamEliza Stuchbury? 
01/12/1844 (b.30/10/1844)JohnBenjamin & JaneHOLTON of Tingewick (Labourer)Marg't HoggJohn HearnHenry Bloxham 
01/12/1844 (b.02/11/1844)WilliamRobert & SarahDAVIS of Tingewick (Labourer)Thos AdamsJohn ButcherRebecca Adams 
26/01/1845 (b.28/12/1845)John Langham S ofGeorge Varenne & Mary WorleyREED of Tingewick (Clerk)RevdWm BallBar'n HillHen'y Reed 
02/03/1845Joseph BloxhamThomas & Mary AnneWALTERS of Bradwell & Tingewick (Labourer)Joseph BloxhamHenry BloxhamAnne Bloxham 
20/03/1845Joseph (D)Richard & MaryTERRY of Tingewick (Labourer)Eliz. ButcherJohn ButcherJames Terry 
21/03/1845Mary AnneMartin & SarahLUCAS of Tingewick (Labourer)George HoltonEliz'th HoltonCath'n Ridgway 
23/03/1845Caleb LordEdmund & MaryWORVILL of Tingewick (Shoemaker)John HowesRobert RogersAnne Worville 
23/03/1845RobertRobert & ZilpahROGERS of Tingewick (Carpenter)John AllenEdmund WorvillMrsR. Packer 
31/03/1845William (P D)Joseph & SarahPARAGREEN of Tingewick (Labourer)    
04/05/1845Mary AnneJames & ElizabethARCHER of Tingewick (Schoolmaster)Wm ParkinsDiana ParkinsMartin Wisdom 
11/05/1845Sarah AnneRichard & SarahBULL of Tingewick (Labourer)Benjamin HumphreysEliz'h HumphreysAnne Holton 
11/05/1845WilliamJohn & SarahMILLER of Tingewick (Carpenter)Wm. EverettJames WilliamsRebecca Williams 
01/06/1845WilliamGeorge & CatherineRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)George HoltonBenj'in RidgwayVirtue? Ridgway 
01/06/1845Martha D ofWilliam & CatherineCHERRY of Tingewick (Labourer)Benjamin FettersSophia FettersSarah Davis 
01/06/1845Sarah AnneRichard & AnneHARTLEY of Tingewick (Carpenter)Wm BevinAnne BevinFanny Butcher 
05/06/1845William (P)John & ZilpahHORWOOD of Barton Hartshorn (Labourer)    
06/07/1845BenjaminJohn & ElizabethALLEN of Tingewick (Tailor)David AllenBej'n RidgwayAnne Dickens 
06/07/1845Anne (D )Edmund & ElizabethSIDE of Tingewick (Labourer)John ButcherElizabeth ButcherRebecca Adams 
07/09/1845Mary AnneCharles & ElizaPETTY of Tingewick (Labourer)William HoltonEliza HoltonAnne Holton 
07/09/1845JamesStephen & MaryBLOXHAM of Tingewick (Labourer)Joseph BloxhamJames ArcherAnne Bloxham 
05/10/1845David GibbardDaniel & ElizabethCOLES of Tingewick (Labourer)James ButcherJohn HealeAnne Bu..ide 
05/10/1845JohnThomas & CatherineWIMBUSH of Tingewick (Baker)Benj'm WimbushHenry GeorgeFanny Butcher 
05/10/1845JamesJoseph & EmmaSMITH of Tingewick (Labourer)Robert ReadEdmund SmithAdah Smith 
05/10/1845Elizabeth MaryJohn & HannahBUTCHER of Tingewick (Carrier)Wm. ReeveMary ClaydonElizabeth Mary Bull 
05/10/1845Mary (*)AnneKEY of Tingewick Esther KeyJane HoltonWm Key 
02/11/1845ElizabethEdmund & MaryWHEELER of Tingewick (Labourer)Chas: CrossAnne HoltonElizabeth Holton 
07/12/1845Amelia MitchellThomas & AmeliaHAYWARD of Tingewick (Brewer)?Nelson? MitchellEliz'th GilesEliz'th Butcher 
07/12/1845MariaJoseph & SarahPARAGREEN of Tingewick (Labourer)James GreavesSarah GrravesSarah Davis 
23/12/1845Harrietta KingThomas & ElizabethBRADBURY of Tingewick (Innkeeper)Jonas GriffinLilian FranklinAnne Treadwell 
04/01/1846James WilliamGeorge & ElizaSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)Wm ButcherWm RidgwayEliza Lainchbury 
11/01/1846George Matthias AdcockGeorge & SarahBUTCHER of Tingewick (Shoemaker)Mattias AdcockRobert GreavesMrs. H. George 
25/01/1846CharlesCharles & ElizabethSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)Rich'd MayThos MayEliza May 
23/02/1846Sarah Anne (*)MariaFINCH of Tingewick (Servant)Wm NealHannah TerryMary Terry 
01/03/1846Hannah John & SarahHEARN of Tingewick (Shoemaker)Joseph BloxhamMary HollandMrs. Hogg 
29/03/1846HarrietWilliam & ElizaFRANKLIN of Tingewick (Labourer)James LucasMargaret HoggHarriet Franklin 
29/03/1846Catherine Hunt (*)ElizabethSMITH of Tingewick (Lacemaker)John ColeJoseph ButcherLucretia Butcher 
12/04/1846BenjaminBenjamin & ElizaRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)John AllenWm Ridgway  
17/05/1846CharlesCharles & ElizabethSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)Rich'd MayThomas LucasEliza May 
31/05/1846SarahJoseph & JaneHARVEY of Tingewick (Labourer)Anne ButcherSarah HoltonRob't Read 
21/06/1846RobertJohn & SarahHITCHCOCK of Tingewick (Farmer)George ButcherIsaac HughesAnne George 
05/07/1846WilliamWilliam & RachelBUTCHER of Tingewick (Carpenter)James LucasMartin LucasMartha Lucas 
05/07/1846MirandaJames & RuthPAXTON of Tingewick (Labourer)Edward PaxtonHenrietta ButcherLucretia Butcher 
28/06/1846Catherine FannyJames & MaryPOLLARD of Tingewick (Mason)Sarah MarkhamJohn TewKeziah Tew 
19/07/1846GeorgeHenry & MarthaNORIS of Tingewick (Labourer)Martin LucasWm SimonsMartin Norris 
09/08/1846GeorgeWilliam & CatherineMEADS of Tingewick (Labourer)James TerryRich'd MeadsMary Side 
09/08/1846UriahThomas & Mary AnnARIS of Tingewick (Labourer)Joseph SmithEdward SmithEliz'h Horwood 
09/08/1846ThomasDaniel & AnneSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)Thomas WoodsEdward CliftonEliz'h Clifton 
09/08/1846JamesRichard & SusannahCROSS of Tingewick (Mason)John BarrattWm SteedenFrances Stockley 
16/08/1846Walter HenryIsaac & AlicePASSFIELD of Aylesbury (Gardener)Rich'd SteedenJohn SteedenElizabeth Steeden 
20/12/1846JamesWilliam & AnneHOLTON of Tingewick (Labourer)James ButcherJoseph HarveyHannah Harvey 
29/12/1846ElizabethHerbert & SarahDAVIS of Tingewick (Labourer)Thos AdamsSarah AdamsRebecca Adams 
10/01/1847MaryHenry & ElizabethBLOXHAM of Tingewick (Labourer)Thomas SmithMary SmithAnne Bloxham 
17/01/1847ThomasWilliam & ElizabethHORWOOD of Tingewick (Labourer)Benj'n HeritageSarah HeritageChas Steeden 
20/01/1847George (P)John & SarahMILLER of Tingewick (Labourer)Benj'm RedgwayJames? SharmanAnn Dickens 
24/01/1847ElizaCharles & ElizaPETTY of Tingewick (Labourer)Joseph PettyCaroline HoltonHannah Terry 
07/03/1847Sarah AnneJohn & MaryBARLOW of Tingewick (Labourer)Charles DickensMaria DickensEliza Jefrey 
07/03/1847JaneWilliam & MarthaHARRIS of Tingewick (Labourer)- BuleGeorge FrenchMrs James Harvey 
14/03/1847Joseph ButlerThomas & MaryBERRY of Tingewick (Pigdealer)John BonhamCharles CateckElizabeth Calleh 
14/03/1847CalebWilliam & FrancesSTOCKLEY of Tingewick (Carrier)Rich'd CrossThomas HoltonEliz'th Holton 
30/03/1847Thomas Richard (D)Richard & FrancesSMITH of Tingewick (Tailor)    
02/04/1847EleanorRobert & MaryHADLAND of Tingewick (Butcher)Mannwig? HadlandElizabeth HadlandElizabeth Side 
02/04/1847AmyRobert & ElizabethEVERETT of Tingewick (Butcher)George EverettEllen SteedenAmelia Steeden 
04/04/1847JohnJohn & HannahBUTCHER of Tingewick (Carrier)Thomas DewittRich'd ButcherElizabeth Dewitt 
11/04/1847CatherineWilliam & RebeccaRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)Wm HoltonCatherine CaseElizabeth Holton 
18/04/1847EmilyJoseph & SarahPARAGREEN of Tingewick (Labourer)Wm FranklinAnne PettySarah Bull 
02/05/1847AnneWilliam & ElizabethEAGLES of Tingewick (Labourer)    
23/05/1847Mary AnnJoseph & EmmaSMITH of Tingewick (Labourer)Wm NealMary CliffordAnne Coles 
30/05/1847Henry GeorgeRichard & SusannahBUTCHER of Tingewick (Carpenter)    
30/05/1847GeorgeWilliam & CatherineCHERRY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
06/06/1847JamesRichard & MaryTERRY of Tingewick (Labourer)James TerryWm RidgwayMaria Diskens 
04/06/1847Anne (dead)Thomas & CatherineHALE of Tingewick (Labourer)    
20/06/1847Eliza AnneStephen & MaryBLOXHAM of Tingewick (Labourer)Thomas BerryMary BerryEliza Steeden 
12/07/1847JaneCharles & SarahCOPPERWAIT of Tingewick (Brickmaker)John PettySarah ClarkEmma Smith 
12/07/1847Sarah AnaneGeorge & CatherineRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)Aaron JonesMartha RidgwayAnne Alton 
01/08/1847Rebeckah ElizabethJohn & ElizabethALLEN of Tingewick (Tailor)Wm RidgwayNoCretia RidgwayAnne Dickens 
01/08/1847ElizaRichard & LouisaMARSHALL of Tingewick (Labourer)Richd MarkhamEliza LainchburyHarriet Harvey 
29/08/1847Sarah AnneJohn & AmeliaSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Pig Dealer)George EverettEllen SteedenElizabeth Everett 
20/10/1847EllenCharles & MaryCOLLINGRIDGE of Tingewick (Labourer)John NealCatherine CaseSarah Side 
31/10/1847Mary Anne (*)SarahBUTCHER of Tingewick James PaxtonRuth PaxtonRebecca Adams 
07/11/1847Jane AnneMartin & SarahLUCAS of Tingewick (Labourer)James LucasRachel ButcherCatherine Ridgway 
09/01/1848SarahCharles & ElizabethSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)Charlotte StuchfieldMary JaseyJames May 
06/02/1848JohnWilliam & ElizabethBARRETT of Tingewick (Labourer)James ButcherThomas HaleHannah Buckingham 
06/02/1848GeorgeEdward & LetitiaSMITH of Tingewick (Labourer)John HaleCo'm NealHannah Smith 
06/02/1848ElizabethWilliam & ElizabethHUNT of Tingewick (Labourer)John FremanHannah HitchcockSarah Heritage 
27/02/1848George Edward (*)SarahCOZENER of Tingewick (Widow)Henry PaxtonJoseph HarveyJane Harvey 
05/03/1848ElizabethGeorge & ElizaSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)Chas. SteedenEliz'h ButcherCharlotte Stuchfield 
12/03/1848William AmbroseEdmund & MaryWORVILL of Tingewick (Shoemaker)John SteedenGeorge Everett- Worvill 
02/04/1848SusannahJames & SarahMARKHAM of Tingewick (Labourer)Rich'd MarshallAnne HarveyCaroline Holton 
27/04/1848WilliamGeorge & MaryFISHER of Tingewick (Rail Road Labourer)    
21/04/1848Richard Nelson (P)Thomas & CatherineWIMBUSH of Tingewick (Baker)George ButcherBej'n WimbushMrs Butcher Sen'r 
22/04/1848Elizabeth Alice (P D)Robert & ElizabethEVERETT of Tingewick (Butcher)    
07/05/1848JohnWilliam & AnnePACKER of Tingewick (Watch Maker)Rich'd PackerWm Harper PrestonMrs Treadwell 
07/05/1848Jane MarthaJames & ElizabethARCHER of Tingewick (Schoolmaster)John AllenMrs SmithSusan Bodley 
07/05/1848MarthaRobert & MariaREAD of Tingewick (Labourer)Wm NealHarriett FranklinHannah Buckingham 
07/05/1848JohnKnighton & AnneADAMS of Tingewick (Labourer)Thomas AdamsGeorge Moss  
03/06/1848Henry (P D)Richard & SusannahCROSS of Tingewick (Mason)    
05/06/1848GeorgeJohn & RebeccaHARRIS of Tingewick (Labourer)Henry WelshRich'd Marshall JunrEliz'h Welsh 
23/06/1848John Barrett (P) S ofJohn & JaneGARRETT of Tingewick (Labourer)    
13/08/1848Caroline D ofJohn & SarahHEARN of Tingewick (Shoemaker)Edward SmithAnn HaleCaroline Pollard 
20/08/1848Benjamin S ofBenjamin & HannahBARRETT of Tingewick (Shoemaker)Wm BarrettJohn HarveyMrs Saving 
20/08/1848Frederick Benjamin & HannahBARRETT of Tingewick (Shoemaker)William BarrettJohn HarveyMrs Saving 
20/08/1848JamesJohn & MarthaSWANNELL of Tingewick (Rail Road Labourer)James NardingCharles BuckinghamAnne Holton 
31/08/1848Harriet EllenRichard & AnneHARTLEY of Tingewick (Carpenter)Ed'd WorvillJames ArcherEli'h Heritage 
24/09/1848WilliamHenry & SarahSTONE of Tingewick (Rail Road Labourer)James LucasRobert DunckleyMartha Lucas 
19/11/1848ElizabethRobert & SarahREAD of Tingewick (Labourer)Thomas ReadAnne HoltenEllen Jarvey 
26/11/1848CharlesCharles & ElizaPETTY of Tingewick (Labourer)John PettyJohn TaplinMaria Holton 
26/11/1848Rebecca GibbardJames & RuthPAXTON of Tingewick (Labourer)James ButcherAnne BarralEliz'h Butcher 
10/10/1849Anne (P D)Thomas & MaryBOURMAN of Tingewick (Shoemaker)    
17/01/1849John (P D)George & ElizabethLOVESEY of Tingewick (Brick maker)    
01/02/1849Edward William (P D)Thomas & MaryADAMS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
04/02/1849Frederick William (P D)Edward & SarahWALLIS of Tingewick (Railroad Contructor)    
04/02/1849Emmanuel ThomasThomas & JaneCLIFFORD of Tingewick (Labourer)Isaac JonesJohn CliffordMary Holten 
11/02/1849Charles CrossEdmund & MaryWHEELER of Tingewick (Labourer)James LucasMartha LucasJoseph Petty 
04/03/1849JohnThomas & MaryBERRY of Tingewick (Publichouse Keeper)John ColyersBorbett ColemanMary King 
04/03/1849HannahWilliam & CatherineMEADS of Tingewick (Labourer)Thomas MeadsSarah MeadsCatherine Case 
23/03/1849John (P)Alfred & MaryDUNMAN of Tingewick (Railroad Labourer)    
01/04/1849Edwin (2)William & ElizaFRANKLIN of Tingewick (Labourer)James LucasJoseph ParagreenSarah Paragreen 
25/03/1849Clara (1) D ofJohn & HannahBUTCHER of Tingewick (Beer Shop Keeper)Thomas StanleyJane Horke?Ann Sawelwell 
22/04/1849Mary Elizabeth D ofHenry & MarthaNORRIS of Tingewick (Labourer)Robert ReadMrs BurnallMrs Coleman 
22/04/1849Anthony S ofHenry & ElizabethBLOXHAM of Tingewick (Labourer)Joseph BloxhamHenry SmithAnne Bloxham 
20/05/1849GeorgeJohn Dudley & CatherineCAVE of Tingewick (Butcher)Job BurmanDennis? BurmanAnne Burman 
27/05/1849AnneJoseph & JaneHARVEY of Tingewick (Labourer)Sarah Butcher SenrEliza HarveyHenry Paxton 
03/06/1849WilloughbyWilliam & MarthaHARRIS of Tingewick (Labourer)John HarveyJames ButcherHannah Freman 
16/06/1849Edward S ofEdward & ElizabethSIDE of Tingewick (Labourer)Rich'd MeadesMary A MeadesJos. Paragreen 
01/07/1849John Miles S ofWilliam & ElizabethPOLLARD of Tingewick (Miller)John BarrettGeorge RoweMary Barrett 
15/07/1849Thomas S ofWilliam & RachelBUTCHER of Tingewick (Carpenter)Wm LucasJoseph ShakspearMartha Lucas 
07/08/1849Emily (P) D ofDaniel & AnnieSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)Thomas WoodsEliza WoodsEliz'h Clifton 
02/09/1849John S ofWilliam & ElizabethHORWOOD of Tingewick (Labourer)James ButcherWm FranklinMartha Moss 
16/09/1849Anne Neal D ofThomas & CatherineWIMBUSH of Tingewick (Baker)Wm MayMrs MayMrs Butcher 
23/09/1849GeorgeWilliam & RebeccaRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)George RidgwayRichd TerryEliz'h Holton 
07/10/1849Elizabeth D ofThomas & AnnMEE of Tingewick (Barber)Caroline PollardSarah MarkhamRich'd Neal 
07/10/1849Caroline D ofJoseph & EmmaSMITH of Tingewick (Labourer)George LacdayEliz'h LacdayMartha Lucas 
07/10/1849Sarah D ofRichard & MaryTERRY of Tingewick (Labourer)James TerryMrs Wm RidgwayEliz'h Butcher 
07/10/1849William Gates (*) S ofHarriettFRANKLIN of Tingewick (Lacemaker)Wm FranklinJoseph ParagreenMrs Joseph Paragreen 
07/10/1849John HenryThomas & ElizabethBRADBURY of Tingewick (Innkeeper)Rich'd KingJohn FranklinAnn Hall 
19/10/1849Joseph (P D) S ofRobert & SarahDAVIS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
04/11/1849Mary AnneBenjamin & ElizaRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)John AllenAnn RidgwayMary Horwood 
02/12/1849Elizabeth EleanorGeorge & CatherineRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)John AllenAnna RidgwayAnne? Alton 
18/01/1850Mary JaneEdmund & MaryWORVILL of Tingewick (Shoemaker)    
03/02/1850John (*)SarahTERRY of Tingewick Joseph TerryRobert ReadEliz'h Terry 
03/03/1850ElizabethRichard & LouisaMARSHALL of Tingewick (Labourer)Eliza LainchburySarah MarkhamNewman Clark 
03/03/1850Mary JaneCharles & ElizabethSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)Rich'd MarshallRachel ButcherMary Collingridge 
07/04/1850John (1)William & ElizabethHUNT of Tingewick (Labourer)John FremanJoseph HarveyMary Hunt 
12/03/1850John (2 P)William & CatherineNEAL of Tingewick (Labourer)    
12/04/1850Leonard (P D)Thomas & MarthaINNS of Tingewick (Bricklayer)    
28/04/1850WilliamWilliam & SarahJONES of Tingewick (Carpenter)Geo RidgwayAaron JonesMartha Jones 
02/06/1850MaryJohn & CarolineTAPLIN of Tingewick (Labourer)Chas PettyMary HoltonMaria Holton 
02/06/1850JaneRichard & SusannahBUTCHER of Tingewick (Carpenter)John HarveyHarriett HarveyHannah Butcher 
13/06/1850Elizabeth (P D)Charles & EstherHARRIS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
04/07/1850John (* P D)ElizabethBARNES of Tingewick (Servant)    
07/07/1850James (*)SarahBUTCHER of Tingewick James ButcherJohn ButcherAmie Burnall 
04/08/1850MaryGeorge & ElizaSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)Martin LucasEliza LainchburyCharlotte Stuchfield 
04/08/1850Sarah AnneHenry & SarahSTONE of Tingewick (Labourer)John DunkleyHenrietta DunkleyMartha Jones 
04/08/1850Shuckbrough NewittJohn & AmeliaSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Pig Dealer)James ClarkWm BerryEllen Steeden 
04/08/1850WilliamJoseph & SarahSHIRLEY of Tingewick (Labourer)George BurnallLydia MartinAdah Smith 
01/09/1850JohnMartin & SarahLUCAS of Tingewick (Labourer)Wm LucasCatherine RidgwayGeorge Ridgway 
04/10/1850SusannahEdward & SilenceBARNES of Tingewick (Labourer)James ButcherEliz. HeritageEliz'h Butcher 
06/10/1850Richard Longstaff (*)AliceSAVING of Tingewick (Serant)Benj'm BarrattHannah BarrattWm Watson 
06/10/1850Jane D ofJohn & SarahHITCHCOCK of Tingewick (Farmer)Mrs King   
06/10/1850Mary Anne (*)MariaSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Servant)George SteedenCharlotte StucfiledSarah Cross 
24/10/1850John (P D)Benjamin & AnneBUTCHER of Tingewick (Labourer)    
03/11/1850JohnJohn Dudley & CatherineCAVE of Tingewick (Butcher)Wm Pollard- BurmanMrs Burman 
03/11/1850SusannahCharles & MariaDICKENS of Tingewick (Labourer)Rich'd TerryEliza LainchburyJane Finch 
31/12/1850GeorgeRichard & AnneHARTLEY of Tingewick (Carpenter)James ArcherEdmund WorvillSusan Neal 
31/12/1850Sarah (*)Mary AnneHARTLEY of Tingewick George HoltonEliz'h ButcherCaroline Pollard 
31/12/1850SophiaJohn & SarahMILLER of Tingewick (Carpenter)Eliz PettyJane PaxtonGeorge Cross 
20/12/1850AnneRobert & SarahREAD of Tingewick (Labourer)Rob't SusanNeal SusanHolton  
05/01/1851Hannah (*)ElizaHARVEY of Tingewick (Servant)Joseph HarveyHannah HarveySarah Butcher 
05/01/1851Mary ElizabethWilliam & Elizabeth MaryJACKSON of Tingewick (Carpenter)John MillerHannah ShepherdJane Rout 
05/01/1851JaneWilliam & CatherineMEADS of Tingewick (Labourer)James PaxtonHannah BuckinghamAlice Moreton 
05/01/1851WilliamThomas & MaryBERRY of Tingewick (Innkeeper)William BerryEliz'h BerryChas Berry 
05/01/1851George JamesJames & ElizabethARCHER of Tingewick (Schoolmaster)John AllenGeorge HendersonSusan Bodaly 
02/02/1851GeorgeWilliam & ElizabethPOLLARD of Tingewick (Miller)John DudleyGeo. RollMary Horwood 
02/02/1851WilliamNewman & EmmaCLARK of Tingewick (Labourer)Rich'd MarshallGeorge HoltonFanny Saving 
02/02/1851WilliamRobert & MaryNEAL of Tingewick (Labourer)Robt ReadAlfred NealAnne Linford 
02/02/1851Ann TreadwellWilliam & AnnePACKER of Tingewick (Watchmaker)Wm TreadwellAnne TreadwellHester Jones 
02/02/1851Sarah AnneBenjamin & JaneHOLTON of Tingewick (Labourer)Henry BloxhamLetitia SmithMary Holton 
02/02/1851JaneJames & SarahMARKHAM of Tingewick (Labourer)Wm Holton JnrSusannah MarkhamHnnah Harvey 
02/03/1851JosephAmbrose & AnnieTERRY of Tingewick (Labourer)William RidgwayRich'd TerryMary Terry 
02/03/1851AmyEdmund & MaryWORVILL of Tingewick (Shoe Maker)James ArcherSarah LovellJames Lovell 
08/03/1851Anne (P)Joseph & ElizabethNEAL of Tingewick (Labourer)    
31/03/1851Zilpah (P D)Joseph & SarahPARAGREEN of Tingewick (Labourer)    
06/04/1851JosephWilliam & AnneHARVEY of Tingewick (Labourer)James HarveyJoseph HarveyHannah Harvey 
04/05/1851ThomasAnthony & HannahHIRONS of Tingewick (Sheep Dealer)J HironsT BargeMrs J. Hirons 
04/05/1851EdmundJoseph & EmmaSMITH of Tingewick (Labourer)Wm NealDaniel ColesMartha Lucas 
06/08/1851Anne D ofJohn & ElizabethBUTCHER of Tingewick (Labourer)James PaxtonRuth PaxtonAnne Bannall 
13/08/1851John Gardner S ofGeorge & MaryCARPENTER of Tingewick (Farmer)Wm TappinMartin BrooksMrs Tappin 
03/08/1851Emma D ofWilliam & ElizabethBERRY of Tingewick (Pig dealer)John CousinMaria CousinMary Berry 
03/07/1851Thomas S ofJohn & ElizabethALLEN of Tingewick (Tailor)James ArcherBenj'n RidgwayAnn Ridgway 
03/07/1851Emma D ofEdward & ElizabethSIDE of Tingewick (Labourer)Joseph ParagreenSarah ParagreenEleanor Smith 
03/07/1851Elizabeth D ofHenry & ElizabethBLOXHAM of Tingewick (Labourer)Joseph BloxhamFanny BloxhamEliz'h Read 
07/09/1851Edward S ofHenry & MaryBILLING of Tingewick (Labourer)John TewJoseph HarveyElizabeth Tew 
07/09/1851WilliamRichard & MaryTERRY of Tingewick (Labourer)James TerryAmbrose TerryRebecca Ridgeway 
14/09/1851Anne MariaThomas & MaryHARVEY of Tingewick (Mason)Dan'l NartwellMaria HartwellMartha Cross 
04/09/1851Charlotte D ofHenry & MarthaNORRIS of Tingewick (Labourer)Robert REadMrs NorrisMrs Burnall 
17/09/1851Eliza (P D) D ofDavid & AnneSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)    
29/09/1851James (P) S ofBenjamin & ElizaRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)John MillerGeorge HendersonAnne Allen 
02/11/1851James S ofWilliam & RachelBUTCHER of Tingewick (Carpenter)Martin LucasChas. SteedenMartha Lucas 
07/12/1851MaryJohn & SarahHEARN of Tingewick (Shoemaker)Rich'd NealCaroline PollardEliz'h Row 
28/12/1851Eliza MargaretJohn & MaryHOLTON of Tingewick (Sadler)John FremanEliza FremanMrs Holton Senr 
04/01/1852GeorgeJoseph & JaneHARVEY of Tingewick (Labourer)Wm HoltonRobt ReadHannah Harvey 
04/01/1852Mary Anne D ofRichard & LouisaMARSHALL of Tingewick (Labourer)Richard MarkhamEliz LainchburyEmma Clark 
01/02/1852Thomas S ofCharles & ElizabethSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)Thomas HaleBenj'n RidgwayCharlotte Stuchfield 
01/02/1852George Watkins S ofJohn & AmeliaSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Pigdealer)George CourseEdmund WorvillAnne Steeden 
01/02/1852Eliza Anne D ofWilliam & ElizaFRANKLIN of Tingewick (Labourer)Joseph ParagreenSarah ParagreenEliz'h Parkins 
24/02/1852Elizabeth D ofJohn Dudley & CatherineCAVE of Tingewick (Butcher)Stephen PainterJane BownmanHnnah Hen 
01/03/1852John Samson S ofGeorge & ElizaCOURSE of Tingewick (Miller)John Dudley CaveGeorge RidgwaySarah Course 
28/04/1852Edwin S ofJames & SarahSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)George BurnallAnne BurnallDan'l Steeden 
02/05/1852HenryWilliam & ElizabethREAD of Tingewick (Labourer)Robert ReadSarah ReadGeorge Mansfield 
14/05/1852Harriet Anne (*) D ofElizaLUCAS of Tingewick (Lacemaker)James LucasMartin LUcasWm Burnall 
06/05/1852William Ridgway S ofAaron & MarthaJONES of Tingewick (Carpenter)Wm RidgwayGeo RidgwayAnne Allen 
23/05/1852Amy Catherine D ofJohn & RebeccaHARRIS of Tingewick (Labourer)Newman ClarkSarah HarrisKitty Cross 
06/06/1852James S ofWilliam & AnnieRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)James TerryGeorge RidgwayMartha Jones 
06/06/1852Benjamin Heritage S ofRichard & AnneHARTLEY of Tingewick (Carpenter)Wm NealJohn MillerSusannah Neal 
14/06/1852William (P) S ofCharles & AliceHARRIS of Tingewick (Labourer)Chas DickensMrs MeadsElizth Moreton 
27/06/1852John S ofJohn & CatherineMORBEY of Tingewick (Servant)Joseph PettyChas PettyMartha Norris 
04/07/1852Eliza D ofThomas & MaryARIS of Tingewick (Labourer)Ed. SmithElizth HuntAlice Harris 
04/07/1852Rebeckah D ofBenjamin & ElizabethBUTCHER of Tingewick (Labourer)George Burnall?Anna BurnallSarah Stokes 
01/08/1852Anne D ofJohn & HannahBUTCHER of Tingewick (beer shop keeper)Richd ButcherEliz'th Huntare?Eliza Lainchbury 
01/08/1852Thomas S ofThomas & CatherineWIMBUSH of Tingewick (baker)B Wimbush? WorvillWm Butcher 
08/08/1852Ellen D ofGeorge & ElizaSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)Daniel SteedenRachel ButcherCharl'tt Stuchfield 
08/08/1852Sarah Anne D ofGeorge & CatherineRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)Wm RidgewayAnne RidgwayAnne Allen 
05/09/1852Thomas S ofWilliam & ElizabethPOLLARD of Tingewick (miller)John Dudley CaveMrs Dudley CaveRcd? Pollard 
19/09/1852John S ofFannyCOLES of TingewickRich'd ArcherSarah EmertonJames Butcher 
25/10/1852Affiance F ofWilliam & CharlotteSMITH of Tingewick (travelling pedlar)    
07/11/1852Joice D ofBenjamin & ElizaHOLTON of Tingewick (butcher)Joseph HoltonMartha PettyMrs Holton (grandmother) 
07/11/1852Anne D ofRichard & MaryKIRBY of Tingewick (Labourer)Thos KirbyE HeritageMrs J (F) Key 
22/11/1852Eliza Hayward D ofWilliam & Elizabeth MaryJACKSON of Tingewick (carpenter)John MillerRuth PaxtonLucretia Watson 
05/12/1852Joseph S ofJoseph & EmmaSMITH of Tingewick (Labourer)George BurnallNewman ClarkeSusannah Read 
05/12/1852George S ofJohn & ElizabethNEAL of Tingewick (Labourer)Jesse RoweRobert NealA Rowe 
05/12/1852Margaret D ofRichard & SusannahBUTCHER of Tingewick (carpenter)John HarveyEliza HarveyElizabeth Butcher 
25/12/1852Elizabeth D ofJoseph & SarahSHIRLEY of Tingewick (Labourer)James LucasMrs? LucasAdah Smith 
02/01/1853John S ofBenjamin & AnneBUTCHER of Tingewick (Labourer)Joseph Emerton?? StokesHarriet Harvey 
02/01/1853Elizabeth D ofBenjamin & FannySAVING of Tingewick (Labourer)Thos ReadSusan ReadMary Saving 
16/01/1853Edwin S ofRichard & SusannahCROSS of Tingewick (Mason)Grace StockleyWm ParkinsEliz'th Parkins 
30/01/1853Charlotte D ofEdward & SilenceBARNES of Tingewick (Labourer)James ButcherEliz'th HeritageEliz'th Butcher Junr? 
20/02/1853Hannah D ofAmbrose & (prob. Anne)TERRY of Tingewick (Labourer)James TerryMary TerryEsther Howard 
13/03/1853Susannah D ofRobert & MaryNEAL of Tingewick (Labourer)John NealSusannah NealHarriet Neal 
27/03/1853John Thomas S ofRobert & SarahREAD of Tingewick (Labourer)Rich'd MarkhamJohn NorrisHannah Norris 
17/04/1853Thomas Henry S ofThomas & MaryHARVEY of Tingewick (Mason)John BaylisSamuel AdamsAbi Harvey 
24/04/1853Anne Elizabeth D ofJoseph & MarthaPETTY of Tingewick (Labourer)Benjamin HoltonEliza HoltonCatharine Hobbs? 
24/04/1853Robert Edmund S ofEdmund & MaryWORVILL of Tingewick (shoemaker)Anne LovellDavid LovellJohn? Steeden 
25/04/1853Joseph (PB) S ofCharles & SarahCOPPERWAIT of Tingewick (brickmaker)John PettyJohn ClarkJane? Bradford 
09/05/1853Thomas (PB) S ofCharles & SarahCOPPERWAIT of Tingewick (brickmaker)John PettyJohn ClarkeJane? Bradford 
09/05/1853James (PB) S ofWilliam & MarthaHARRIS of Tingewick (Labourer)Ed SmithMrs Thos NealWm Neal 
14/05/1853John (PB D) S ofNewman & EmmaCLARK of Tingewick (Labourer)    
01/06/1853Robert (PB D) S ofWilliam & ElizabethREAD of Tingewick (Labourer)    
07/08/1853William S ofDaniel & AnneSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)Edmund CliftonEliz'th CliftonThomas Wood 
07/08/1853James S ofJohn & ElizabethBUTCHER of TingewickJames ButcherWm StokesJoseph Stokes 
07/08/1853Hannah D ofWilliam & AnneSAUL of Tingewick (Labourer)Wm RidgwaySarah PaxtonEmma Smith 
07/08/1853Pheebe D ofHenry & SarahSTONE[S] of Tingewick (Labourer)John DunkleyHennitia? DunkleyRuth Paxton 
07/08/1853Emma Catherine D ofJohn & LouisaCOLES of Tingewick (Labourer)Benj'n ColesHannah ButcherEliza Arden 
04/09/1853James S ofHenry & MarthaBILLING of Tingewick (Labourer)Emmanuel Neal?Joseph TompkinsHarriet Durrant 
25/09/1853Charlotte Anne D ofThomas & MaryBERRY of Tingewick (Public house keeper)John CousinsMarie CousinsEliz'th Cottel? 
23/10/1853Eliza Anne D ofHenry & HarrietSMITH of Tingewick (Mason)Stephen BloxhamMary BloxhamElizabeth Parkins 
23/10/1853Eliza (*) D ofAnneSMITH of Tingewick (Lacemaker)Jospeh SmithDeanna? SmithEliza Ridgway 
06/11/1853Elizabeth D ofJames & ElizabethARCHER of Tingewick (School master)Edmund WoodsAmelia HaywardEliz'th Terry 
20/11/1853Shadrach Thomas S ofWilliam & MaryBANNISTER of Tingewick (Labourer)Charles DickensRachel ButcherSarah Stoker 
20/11/1853Alfred S ofThomas & HarrietNEAL of Tingewick (Labourer)Robert NealAlfred NealSusannah Neal 
18/12/1853Frederic Thomas S ofJoseph & MaryHOLTON of Tingewick (Sadler)John Freman?Wm BevinLouisa Bracontow? 
25/12/1853Joseph S ofThomas & Mary AnneARIS of Tingewick (Labourer)James NealCharles HarrisPleasant Aris 
08/01/1854Joseph S ofHenry & ElizaPAXTON of Tingewick (Labourer)James ButcherJames PaxtonHannah Harris 
15/01/1854Job S ofJohn Dudley & CatherineCAVE of Tingewick (butcher)William CooperJohn AllenMary Allen 
05/03/1854Edwin (PB) S ofWilliam & ElizabethCROSS of Tingewick (Mason)    
05/03/1853John S ofEdward & ElizabethSIDE of Tingewick (Labourer)Richard Moss/ak?Newman ClarkEliz'th Butcher 
19/03/1854William George Herted? (*) S ofAbiHOLTON of Tingewick (servant)John HarrisGeorge HoltonEliz'th Holton 
25/03/1854Sarah (PB) D ofKnighton & AnneADAMS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
16/04/1854Elizabeth D ofJoseph & SarahHERITAGE of Tingewick (Labourer)Thomas NealEliz'th AdamsEliza Terry 
23/04/1854Elizabeth D ofWilliam & AnnePACKER of Tingewick (watch maker)Rich'd PackerAnne TreadwellHannah Packer 
07/05/1854John Thomas S ofJohn & AmeliaSTEEDEN of Tingewick (carpenter)Rich'd KingMrs KingRich'd Steeden 
21/05/1854Mary D ofRichard & MaryTERRY of Tingewick (Labourer)Ambrose TerryAnne TerryMaria Dickins 
21/05/1854Lucretia D ofBenjamin & ElizabethBUTCHER of TingewickJames ButcherSarah AdamsPrudence Townsend 
21/05/1854Frederic S ofCharles & ElizabethSTEEDEN of Tingewick (mason)Rich'd MarshallRich'd MayMatilda Tew 
29/05/1854William Felix (PB) S ofWilliam & ElizabethREAD of Tingewick (Labourer)    
04/06/1854Anne D ofBenjamin & FannySAVING of Tingewick (Labourer)Newman ClarkMary SavingSarah Stuchfield 
06/06/1854Newman (PB) S ofWilliam & ElizabethPOLLARD of Tingewick (miller)    
06/05/1854Mary Ann (PB) D ofWilliam & ElizabethPOLLARD of Tingewick (miller)    
06/08/1854Sarah D ofWilliam & ElizabethHUNT of Tingewick (Labourer)George NeasyMary BannisterAlice Smith 
16/08/1854Mary D ofRichard & SusanBUTCHER of Tingewick (carpenter)John MansefieldT Smith  
27/08/1854Charles Felix (vide 377) S ofWilliam & ElizabethREAD of Tingewick (Labourer)John MansfieldSusan Smith  
10/09/1854George S ofRobert & SarahREAD of Tingewick (Labourer)William HoltonGeorge HeritageCaroline Holton 
05/11/1854Elizabeth D ofThomas & SusannaDAVIS of Tingewick (railway labourer)Jesse PollardEllis BrownElizabeth Heritage 
05/11/1854William S ofJoseph & EmmaSMITH of Tingewick (Labourer)Francis NealRobert NealEliza Parker 
10/12/1854- U ofCharles & MariaDICKENS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
17/12/1854David S ofBenjamin? & ElizaRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)G RidgwayW AllenAnn Ridgway 
24/12/1854James S ofBenjamin & AnnBUTCHER of Tingewick (Labourer)James PaxtonAmbrose TerrySarah Butcher 
24/12/1854Ester Ann D ofWilliam & Sarah AnnSAUL of Tingewick (Labourer)William RidgwayElizabeth HeritageSusannah Miller? 
24/12/1854Holly? Clark? D ofWilliam? & Martha?JACKSON of Tingewick (Labourer)- -- -Charlotte? Jackson 
25/12/1854Thomas S ofGeorge & CatherineHERITAGE? of Tingewick (Labourer)James Ridgway   
25/12/1854William Bedford (*) S ofMonica?HARTLEY of Tingewick    
28/01/1855Martin? S ofWilliam & R---l--dBUTCHER of Tingewick (carpenter)    
28/01/1855Sarah D ofBenjamin & ElizaHOLTON of Tingewick (butcher)-    
04/02/1855Charles Richard S ofRichard John & Harriott EllenWORLDRIDGE of Tingewick (grocer)    
18/03/1855Anne D ofCharles & AliceHARRIS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
25/03/1855George S ofMartin & SarahLUCAS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
15/04/1855Anne D ofJohn & CatherineDUDLEY of Tingewick (butcher)    
29/04/1855Sarah Anne D ofWilliam & MaryBANNISTER of Tingewick (Labourer)    
29/04/1855Anne D ofJohn & HarrietDURRANT of Tingewick (Labourer)    
06/05/1855John Thomas S ofWilliam & SarahBARNES of Tingewick (Labourer)    
03/06/1855George S ofAaron & MarthaJONES of Tingewick (Labourer)    
24/06/1855Elizabeth D ofJohn & ElizabethNEAL of Tingewick (Labourer)    
26/06/1855Eliza Anne Cad (*) D ofEmmaHOLTON of Tingewick    
01/07/1855Eli S ofNewman & EmmaCLARK of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/08/1855Thomas S ofAmbrose & AnneTERRY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/08/1855George S ofDaniel & AnneSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/08/1855[Shuckborough] Richard Daniel S ofJohn & AmeliaSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Carpenter)    
19/08/1855Thomas Bull (*) S of-SANDAL of Tingewick    
26/08/1855Thomas Edmund S ofThomas & HarriettNEAL of Tingewick (Labourer)    
26/08/1855Susannah D ofJoseph & MarthaPETTY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
14/10/1855Fanny D ofJoseph & ElizaHARVEY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
04/11/1855Mary Elizabeth Plant D ofGeorge & TheresaSTONES of Tingewick (Labourer)    
26/11/1855Mark S ofGeorge & ElizaSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Carrier)    
09/12/1855Mary Ellen D ofJohn & Mary AnneHOLTON of Tingewick (saddler)    
23/12/1855Edmund S ofEdward & ElizabethSIDE of Tingewick (Labourer)    
25/12/1855Ebenezer Newman S ofWilliam & ElizabethPOLLARD of Tingewick (miller)    
20/01/1856Thomas George S ofThomas & MarthaEAST of Tingewick (Labourer)    
17/02/1855Mark S ofHenry & MaryPILLING? of Tingewick (Labourer)    
17/02/1856Mary D ofHenry & ElizaPAXTON of Tingewick (Labourer)    
02/03/1856Mary Anne D ofEdward & SarahLINDFORD of Finmere (Labourer)    
23/03/1856Sarah Ann D ofJames & SarahCOLLINGRIDGE of Tingewick (Labourer)    
23/03/1856Rebecca Gibbard D ofJames & RuthPAXTON of Tingewick (Labourer)    
11/05/1856Charles S ofJohn & MaryanneBEESLEY of Tingewick (gardener)    
11/05/1856James Thomas S ofWilliam & AnneBARRETT of Tingewick (blacksmith)    
11/05/1856George S ofHenry & HarriettSMITH of Tingewick (mason)    
01/06/1856Thomas S ofWilliam & AnnRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
15/06/1856Benjamin S ofBenjamin & ElizabethBUTCHER of Tingewick (Labourer)    
17/06/1856George James S ofJesse & ElizabethLUCAS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
20/06/1856Mary Hannah D ofWilliam & Eliz'thFRANKLIN of Tingewick (Labourer)    
20/06/1856Anne Matilda D ofJoseph & MaryAnnPAXTON of Tingewick (Labourer)    
03/08/1856Edwin Thomas S ofThomas & MaryADAMS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
03/08/1856Edmund Lee S ofJames & JaneSIDE of Tingewick (Labourer)    
03/08/1856Edwin Tench S ofTench & SarahDURRANT of Tingewick    
03/08/1856Benjamin S ofBenjamin & ElizaHOLTON of Tingewick (butcher)    
20/08/1856Emma D ofJonathan & EmmaPRICE of Tingewick (servant)    
31/08/1856Ann Theresa D ofHenry & ElizabethBLOXHAM of Tingewick (Labourer)    
14/09/1856John S ofCharles & ElizabethSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Mason)    
17/09/1856Eliza Susannah D ofRobert & SarahREAD of Tingewick (Labourer)    
26/10/1856 (b.30/10/1855)Anna D ofJoseph & JaneHARVEY of West Bromwich (Labourer)    
21/12/1856Joshua S ofJohn & ElizabethBUTCHER of Tingewick (Labourer)    
28/12/1856Harriett (*) D ofAnneSMITH? of Tingewick    
28/12/1856Fanny Mary D ofJohn & HarrietDURRANT of Tingewick (Labourer)    
11/01/1857Charles S ofCharles & ElizaCURTIS of Tingewick (servant)    
25/01/1857Anne D ofWilliam & SarahBARNES of Tingewick (Labourer)    
01/02/1857Emily D ofThomas & MaryBERRY of Tingewick (postman)    
22/02/1857Thomas S ofBenjamin & AnneBUTCHER of Tingewick (Labourer)    
08/03/1857Anne Letitia D ofWilliam & Elizabeth MaryJACKSON of Tingewick (carpenter)    
12/03/1857Thomas (PB - twin - adm 12 Apr) S ofGeorge & CatherineRIDGWAY of Tingewick (carpenter)    
12/03/1857George (PB - twin - adm 12 Apr) S ofGeorge & CatherineRIDGWAY of Tingewick (carpenter)    
22/03/1857Charlotte Anne D ofJames & EstherHIGGINS of Tingewick (publican)    
29/03/1857Thomas S ofJacob & Harriett?JUDD of Tingewick (Labourer)    
02/05/1857William (*) S ofElizabethBURNHAM of Tingewick    
31/05/1857John S ofGeorge & FannySTACEY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
02/06/1857William Jesse S ofBenjamin & CatherineKEY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
19/07/1857Jesse S ofJesse & ElizabethLUCAS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
09/08/1857Martha Jesse? D ofBenjamin & ElizaRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
09/08/1857Sarah Anne D ofWilliam & ElizabethREED of Tingewick (Labourer)    
09/08/1857Edwin S ofBenjamin & FannySAVIN? of Tingewick (Labourer)    
23/08/1857Eliza Anne D ofJoseph & SarahHERITAGE of Tingewick (Labourer)    
23/08/1857Richard S ofRichard & MaryTERRY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
30/08/1857Alfred S ofJohn & MaryLUCAS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
04/10/1857Charles S ofCharles & KittyMCORMACK of Tingewick (Sergeant of yeomanry)    
18/10/1857Elizabeth Jane D ofWilliam & MaryNEAL of Tingewick (Labourer)    
01/11/1857Joseph ?Innes? Or ?Jones? (*) S ofElizabethHOLTON of Tingewick (Servant)    
01/11/1857Jane Pain (*) D ofMaryAnnCLIFTON of Tingewick (Servant)    
04/12/1857William Reed S ofJohn & AnnCOLENDRIGE of Tingewick (Labourer)    
06/12/1857Sarah Ann Elizabeth D ofWilliam & Elizabeth Durham?POLLARD of Tingewick (miller)    
05/12/1857Mary Elizabeth D ofJohn & AmeliaSTEVENS?? of Tingewick (Carpenter)    
26/12/1857George S ofEdwin & SarahLINDFORD of Tingewick (Labourer)    
13/01/1858William (P adm May 2) S ofCharles & ElizabethSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)    
24/01/1858Charles S ofJonathan & EmmaPRICE of Tingewick (gardener)    
07/02/1857John Thomas S ofJohn Thomas & Lucy AnneAUSTIN of Tingewick (foal merchant)    
07/02/1858Amos S ofRobert & ElizabethPAXTON of Tingewick (Labourer)    
14/03/1858Jane D ofCharles & MariaDICKENS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
21/03/1858John Thomas S ofJames & JaneSIDE of Tingewick (Labourer)    
21/03/1858Leah D ofJohn & HannahBUTCHER of Tingewick (Labourer)    
03/04/1858George (P) S ofJoseph & Mary AnnePAXTON of Tingewick (Labourer)    
30/04/1858Edwin (P) S ofCharles & AliceHARRIS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
02/05/1858Henry S ofAaron & MarthaJONES of Tingewick (carpenter)    
03/05/1858John Edwin (D christened May 23) S ofJoseph & ElizaHARVEY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
13/06/1858Mary Jane (*) D ofAnneLOVELL of Tingewick    
01/08/1858Elizabeth Anne D ofBenjamin & ElizabethBUTCHER of Tingewick (Labourer)    
01/08/1858Charles S ofJoseph & MarthaPETTY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
08/08/1858Thomas Henry S ofJohn & Elizabeth NEAL of Tingewick (Labourer)    
29/08/1858Richard James S ofWilliam & AnneCOATES of Tingewick (carpenter)    
12/09/1858Joseph S ofThomas & ElizaTOMPKINS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
15/09/1858Henry (P) S ofRichard & ElizabethMOORE of New Cross, London    
23/09/1858Miriam (P) D ofJohn & HannahNORREYS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
24/10/1858Robert S ofJohn & ElizabethDUDLEY CAVE of Tingewick (butcher)    
29/10/1858Anne (P adm Jan 9 1859) D ofRobert & ElizabethALLEN [ELSEWHERE HOLLIER] of Tingewick (Labourer)    
07/11/1858Noah S ofRichard & AmeliaPARKINS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
14/11/1859Louisa Maria D ofJohn & Mary AnnHOLTON of Tingewick (sadler)    
21/11/1859Thomas Bolton (*) S ofElizaPAXTON of Tingewick    
05/12/1858Elizabeth D ofGeorge & FannySTACEY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
12/12/1858John Chilton (*) S ofElizabethFRANKLIN of Tingewick    
25/12/1858Sarah Mehetabel D ofWilliam & ElizabethJACKSON of Tingewick (carpenter)    
02/01/1859Mary D ofWilliam & ElizabethPOLLARD of Tingewick (miller)    
09/01/1859George Burnell S ofJesse & ElizabethLUCAS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
30/01/1859Frederick S ofJohn & Mariam?BEESLEY of Tingewick (gardener)    
20/02/1859Reuben S ofHenry & MaryBILLING of Tingewick (Labourer)    
27/02/1859Sarah Jane (*) D ofHannahBOWDEN of Tingewick    
27/03/1859Ruth D ofJohn & ElizabethBUTCHER of Tingewick (Labourer)    
03/04/1859Frederick George S ofRichard John & Harriett EllenWORLBRIDGE of Tingewick (grocer)    
03/04/1859Elizabeth D ofWilliam & RebeccaRIDGEWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
03/04/1859Elizabeth D ofBenjamin & ElizaHOLTON of Tingewick (Labourer)    
03/04/1859Elizabeth D ofJonathan & AnneBARRETT of Tingewick (Labourer)    
24/04/1859Edwin (Easter Sun - adm Oct 14 1858) S ofJames & SarahGREAVES of Tingewick (Labourer)    
24/04/1859John S ofBenjamin & CatherineKEY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
24/04/1859George S ofHenry & ElizaPAXTON of Tingewick (Labourer)    
01/05/1859James (born 1850) S ofKnighton & AnneADAMS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
01/05/1859Margaret Sarah D ofGeorge & CatherineRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
21/05/1859Elizabeth Jane (P christ. Aug 7) D ofWilliam & ElizabethREED of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/06/1859George S ofWilliam & AnneBARRETT of Tingewick (blacksmoth)    
05/06/1859John S ofEli & SarahSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)    
12/06/1859John Thomas S ofRobert & SarahREED of Tingewick (Labourer)    
03/07/1859William Side (*) S ofMaryBUDD of Tingewick    
23/07/1859Thomas (P chri Aug 7) S ofJoseph & SarahPETTY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
04/09/1859Sarah D ofJoseph & SarahHERITAGE of Tingewick (shepherd)    
04/09/1859Elizabeth Mary (P) D ofThomas & MaryBERRY of Tingewick (publican)    
13/11/1859Thomas Gough (*) S ofMatildaCOLES of Tingewick    
01/01/1860John Wyndham (*) S ofPleasantOSWALD of Tingewick (servant)    
01/01/1860Phyllis Jane (*) D ofElizaMORTON of Tingewick    
07/01/1860William (P) S ofWilliam & SarahBARNES of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/02/1860William S ofEdward & SilenceBARNES of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/02/1860George S ofAndrew & CarolineREAD of Tingewick (Labourer)    
27/02/1860Thomas & William (P adm 11 apr) S ofJohn & ElizabethDUDLEY of Tingewick (butcher)    
04/03/1860Charles Grantham S ofBenjamin & ElizaRIDGEWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
04/03/1860Jane Ann D ofJohn & MaryLUCASE of Tingewick (Labourer)    
11/03/1860Mary Ann D ofRobert & EleanorMEADS? of Tingewick (Labourer)    
01/04/1860Clara S ofHenry & MarySTOKES of Tingewick (Labourer)    
01/04/1860Elizabeth D ofRichard & MaryTERRY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
01/04/1860Sarah Anne D ofAlfred & Sarah AnnNEAL of Tingewick (Labourer)    
08/04/1860Charles William S ofJohn & AnneCOLLINGRIDGE of Tingewick    
08/04/1850Elizabeth Anne (*) D ofMariannePAXTON of Tingewick (Labourer)    
08/04/1860Thomas William S ofJoseph & ElizabethHARVEY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
06/05/1860Emily D ofWilliam & SarahHARTLEY of Tingewick (farmer)    
06/05/1860Sarah Anne D ofRobert & ElizabethPAXTON of Tingewick (Labourer)    
07/05/1860Richard (P) S ofThomas & ElizaTOMPKINS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
20/05/1860Anne (P adm June 30) D ofBenjamin & AnneBUTCHER of Tingewick (Labourer)    
03/06/1860Benjamin S ofWilliam & ElizabethPOLLARD of Tingewick (miller)    
03/06/1860Joseph S ofBenjamin & ElizabethBUTCHER of Tingewick (Labourer)    
22/07/1860Ellen (P adm Jun 11) D ofNewman & EmmaCLARK of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/08/1860Walter Henry S ofJohn & AmeliaSTEEDEN of Tingewick (carpenter)    
06/08/1860Richard S ofGeorge & FannyMARKHAM of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/08/1860James S ofJames & JaneSIDE of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/08/1860Elizabeth Mary D ofJohn & Emma?TOMPKINS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/08/1860Ellen D ofJohn & HarriettDURRANT of Tingewick (Labourer)    
02/09/1860Diana D ofHenry & ElizabethBLOXHAM of Tingewick (Labourer)    
02/09/1860Richard (*) S ofFannyBUTCHER of Tingewick    
07/10/1860Frederick George S ofRobert & ElizabethHOLTON? OR HOLLIER? of Tingewick (Labourer)    
07/10/1860S..enn ClementsJoseph & SarahSHIRLEY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
07/10/1860Frederick William S ofThomas & Mary AnnPAXTON of Tingewick (Labourer)    
07/10/1860James S ofJesse? & ElizabethLUCAS of Tingewick    
07/10/1860Anne D ofBenjamin & ElizaHOLTON of Tingewick (butcher)    
02/12/1860Elizabeth D ofEli & SarahSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)    
22/12/1860Sarah + Anne (twins?) (P adm feb 3 1861) F ofEdmund & SarahLINDFORD of Tingewick (Labourer)    
06/01/1861Emma D ofBenjamin & CatherineKEY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
06/01/1861Henry James (*) S ofSarahHOLTON of Tingewick    
06/01/1861Elizabeth Lucas (*) D ofSarahDURRANT of Tingewick    
03/03/1861Mary Jane D ofCharles & MariaDICKENS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
03/03/1861Hannah Isabella D ofWilliam & Elizabeth MaryJACKSON of Tingewick (Labourer)    
02/06/1861William John S ofWilliamCOATES of Tingewick (Painter)    
02/06/1861Julia Sarah Anne D ofEdmund & AnnaWORVILL of Tingewick (shoemaker)    
02/06/1861Mary Jane D ofCharles & ElizabethSTEEDEN of Tingewick (mason)    
02/06/1861Amelia Elizabeth D ofJohn & MaryHOLTON of Tingewick (sadler)    
04/08/1861 (b.01/07/1861)Walter James M ofCharles & SarahWALLIS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
04/08/1861William George S ofCharles & Sarah?WALLIS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
04/08/1861Fanny D ofJoseph & SarahHERITAGE of Tingewick (shepherd)    
04/08/1861SarahJoseph & MarthaPETTY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
04/08/1861Anne D ofJonathan & AnneBARRETT of Tingewick (Labourer)    
04/08/1861Jane Maria D ofThomas & MarthaEAST of Tingewick (Labourer)    
04/08/1861Caroline D ofJames & SarahHOWARD of Tingewick (Labourer)    
06/10/1861Emily D ofJonathan & EmmaPRICE of Tingewick (Gardener)    
03/11/1861James S ofBenjamin & AnnBUTCHER of Tingewick (Labourer)    
01/12/1861Elizabeth D ofThomas & ElizaTOMPKINS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/01/1862James William S ofArchibald & Mary JaneJAMIESON of Tingewick (carpenter)    
05/01/1862Sarah Anne D ofAndrew & CarolineREED of Tingewick (Labourer)    
02/02/1862Henry John S ofHenry & ElizaCOLLINGRIDGE of Tingewick (Labourer)    
02/02/1862Nathaniel S ofHenry & MarySTOKES of Tingewick (Labourer)    
02/02/1862Mary Jane D ofWilliam Henry & AnneBARRETT of Tingewick (Labourer)    
02/02/1862Henry S ofHenry & RuthWOOTTON of Tingewick (farmer)    
02/03/1862Richard S ofThomas & AnneREED? of Tingewick (Labourer)    
02/03/1862Pleasant D ofRobert & SarahREED? of Tingewick (Labourer)    
07/03/1862William Neal (P) S ofJohn & MaryLUCAS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
06/04/1862Hannah Mary D ofBenjamin & ElizabethBUTCHER of Tingewick (Labourer)    
06/04/1862Jesse S ofBenjamin & ElizaRIDGWAY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
06/04/1862Thomas Henry S ofJoseph & RosannaPARRAGREEN of Tingewick (Labourer)    
06/04/1862Elizabeth Emma D ofShugborough & ElizabethSTEEDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)    
06/04/1862Joseph Frederic S ofWilliam & ElizabethPOLLARD of Tingewick (Labourer)    
27/04/1862George (P chr. Jul 6) S ofThomas & ElizabethHARVEY of Tingewick (Mason)    
04/05/1862Alfred Daniel S ofWilliam & ElizabethGREAVES of Tingewick (dealer)    
04/05/1862Sarah Jane D ofWilliam Henry & ElizabethHOLMES of Tingewick (policeman)    
25/05/1862William (P) S ofWilliam & Mary?SPINDERS? of Tingewick (Labourer)    
01/06/1862Elizabeth Anne D ofAaron & MarthaJONES of Tingewick (carpenter)    
02/07/1862George (P chr Aug 3) S ofJohn & ElizaHILLESDEN of Tingewick (Labourer)    
06/07/1862Mary Ann D ofJohn & SarahCROSS of Tingewick (mason)    
03/08/1862Walter S ofEdmund & AnnWORVILL of Tingewick (shoemaker)    
03/08/1862Emma D ofWilliam & ElizabethREED of Tingewick (Labourer)    
03/08/1862Clara (*) D ofMary AnnePAXTON of Tingewick    
03/08/1862George Burnell S ofJesse & ElizabethLUCAS of Tingewick (labourer)    
03/08/1862James S ofRobert & EllenMEADS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
07/09/1862Richard S ofJohn & ElizabethDUDLEY of Tingewick (butcher)    
07/09/1862Tench Durrant M ofEdmund & EllenBANNISTER of Tingewick (Labourer)    
14/09/1862Arthur S ofNewman & EmmaCLARK of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/10/1862James S ofWilliam & ElizabethEAGLES of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/10/1862Harriett D ofWilliam & ElizabethEAGLES of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/10/1862Edward James S ofEdward & SilenceBARNES of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/10/1862Eliza Ann D ofHenry & ElizaPAXTON of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/10/1862William S ofBenjamin & ElizaHOLDEN of Tingewick (pig dealer)    
14/10/1862William (P) S ofJohn & JaneSTEARN of Tingewick (Labourer)    
02/11/1862George S ofWilliam & MaryHARVEY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
02/11/1862Ambrose S ofRichard & MaryTERRY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
02/11/1862Sarah Anne D ofThomas & HannahPAXTON of Tingewick (Labourer)    
01/12/1862John (P) S ofGeorge & ElizabethHALL of Twyford (Labourer)    
07/12/1862Betsey Treadwall D ofWilliam & ElizabethJACKSON of Tingewick (carpenter)    
07/12/1862Sarah Anne D ofHenry & ElizabethBLOXHAM of Tingewick (Labourer)    
07/12/1862Margaret D ofJohn & HarrietDURRANT of Tingewick (Labourer)    
07/12/1862William George? (*) S ofElizabethHOLTON of Tingewick    
22/12/1862Mary Susannah (P) D ofJohn & AnneWILLIAM of Tingewick (carpenter)    
20/01/1863Amanda Esther D ofGeorge & ElizabethHOLTON of Tingewick (Labourer)    
01/03/1863Eliza Louise D ofRobert & ElizabethHOLLIER? of Tingewick (Labourer)    
01/03/1863William Robert S ofRobert & (prob. Elizabeth)PAXTON of Tingewick (Labourer)    
19/03/1863Joseph S ofAnthony & ElizabethFREEMAN of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/04/1863Emma D ofJoseph & ElizaHARVEY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/04/1863John Thomas S ofWilliam & DianaCROSS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
03/05/1863Alexandra Caroline D ofJohn & Mary AnnHOLTON of Tingewick (saddler)    
03/05/1863Emma D ofRobert & ElizaMEADS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
03/05/1863William George S ofGeorge & AgnesNEAL of London (Labourer)    
03/05/1863Thomas S ofJames & EmmaBUD? of Tingewick    
24/05/1863Elizabeth D ofJames & SarahHORWOOD of Tingewick (Labourer)    
24/05/1863Richard S ofJoseph & Sarah AnnePETTY of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/07/1863Harrett D ofWilliam & ElizabethDAVIS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
05/07/1863Archibald Robert S ofArchibald & Mary JaneJAMESON of Tingewick (carpenter)    
05/07/1863Sarah Anne D ofJoshua & AnneJUDD of Tingewick (Labourer)    
19/07/1863Catherine Sarah (*) F ofMatildaCOLES of Tingewick    
02/08/1863Kate (*) F ofWilliam & MaryARIS of Tingewick (Labourer)    
06/09/1863James S ofJohn & SarahMOSS of Tingewick (labourer)    
06/09/1863Herbert Owen S ofEdwin & Anne? ElizabethJUDD of Tingewick (mason)    
06/09/1863Elizabeth D ofThomas & HannahCOLES of Tingewick (labourer)    
06/09/1863Mary Anne D ofJohn & AnneCOLLINGRIDGE of Tingewick (shepherd)    
06/09/1863James S ofAndrew & CarolineREED of Tingewick (labourer)    
28/09/1863William (P) S ofJohn & ElizabethBUTCHER of Tingewick (labourer)    
04/10/1863Edward S ofEdward & AbiLEE of Tingewick (labourer)    
25/10/1863Martha Ellen D ofWilliam & ElizabethPOLLARD of Tingewick (miller)    
01/11/1863Eleanor Caroline D ofWilliam & ElizabethMAY of Tingewick (labourer)    
01/11/1863Phillip S ofEdward & SilenceBARNES of Tingewick (labourer)    
01/11/1863Mary Anne D ofJohn & MariaARIS of Tingewick (labourer)    
01/11/1863Henry William S ofGeorge & JaneMOSS? of Tingewick (labourer)    
01/11/1863Sarah? D ofBenjamin & ElizabethBUTCHER of Tingewick (labourer)    
01/11/1863Eliza Anne D ofJohn & HarriettBAYLISS of Tingewick (mason)    
06/12/1863John Edward S ofCharles & AnneFINCH? of Tingewick (labourer)    
03/01/1864Sarah Anne D ofJingo? & HannahCOLES of Tingewick (labourer)    
03/01/1864Mary Anne D ofJames? & EmmaWHITEHEAD of Tingewick (labourer)    
07/02/1864Edward Charles S ofRichard & MarthaSMITH of Tingewick (labourer)