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1768 Tingewick Land Terrier

Repository: New College Oxford - piece no 1586/3

Source description: Land terrier 1768

Summary: A land terrier (i.e. description of land held) which include details of the trees in each portion as well as some furlong names.

A Terrier of the Colledge Estate in the Parrish of Tingewick in the WEST FIELD

The Town Piece about 8 acres of ground 3 ash trees
Pladwell Piece 1 acres 50 oak 10 ash trees
Piece at Short Road 1 acres 6 ash
Piece at Random Botton 2 acres
Piece called Dayntons Cross 1 acres
A meadow by the Name of Langforde Meadow about 3 acres 44 ash 2 oak trees


Colledge Piece about 8 acres 8 oak 7 ash
Long Piece 4 1 oak 8 ash trees
The Butts at the Plash ½ acre
Eagersome Piece & Meadow adjoining about 14 acres 80 ash


A Piece called Priestwell piece about 3 acres 3 ash trees
A Piece called Townsend piece about 7 acres 26 elm 1 ash
Carried Over

[on the reverse of the first page in a different hand:]

West field

13 acres of Ground
3 acres of Meadow

Middle field

26 acres & ½ of Ground

East Field

13 acres of Ground
{ 8 acres of Meadow
70 { 14 acres of inclosed Ploughed Land
{ 30 acres of inclosed Pasture Land
Manor house, orchard &C about 1 acre

[second page - same writer as the first page:]

Brought Over

A piece called Ratecliffe piece with a small Meadow
Adjoining about 3 acres 6 ash 2 oak
A Meadow called Ratecliff Meadow about 8 acres 11 elm 10 oak 42 ash
3 pasture closes about 24 acres Inclosure 43 oak 170 ash 19 elm
2 pasture closes Inclosure called Hewood Hill about 14 acres 124 oak 7 ash
Hopyard Close about ½ acre 17 ash 2 oak
The piece adjoing 15 elms
The yard Orchard & Manor has about 1 acre 35 elm 14 ash 2 oak
Rented by Jno Hickman at 109 pounds & annum
2 pieces of Copps of Underwood called Mallerspitt piece & Deanpiece about 48 acres at 8 pounds & annum

Carried Over

Brought Over

One house & Corn Mill one Barn one Stable Two Meadows about 2 acres in the occupation of Thos. Bowden at 11 pound 10 s & annum
John Lucas
Jno Hickman
Thos Horwood

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