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Husband: James Butcher  

Born:  Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Baptised: 21 Jun 1801Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died:   Source
Buried: 12 Mar 1876Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource

Father: Benjamin Butcher  

Mother: Anne Elkington  


labourer: From 1823 To 1852Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
ag lab: From 1841 To 1871Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource

Married: 17 Jun 1822Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Wife: Sarah Pritchett  

Born: Cal 1801/1802Cassington, Oxfordshire, Ashendon, BuckinghamshireSource
Baptised: 14 Jun 1801 Source
Died:   Source
Buried: 19 Oct 1872Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource

Father: John Pritchett  

Mother: Sarah Wakefield  


Name: John Butcher  
Baptised: 25 May 1823Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1841  

Name: Hannah Butcher  
Baptised: 21 Aug 1825Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1858  
Spouse Joseph Emerton

Name: Anne Butcher  
Baptised: 23 Dec 1827Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1841  

Name: Benjamin Butcher  
Born:  Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Baptised: 31 Jan 1830Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1871  
Spouse Ann Alton

Name: Thomas Butcher  
Born: 15 Mar 1832  
Baptised: 8 Apr 1832Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Buried: 29 Apr 1832Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource

Name: Mary Butcher  
Born: 25 Jun 1833  
Baptised: 14 Jul 1833Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Buried: 4 Mar 1842Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource

Name: Elizabeth Butcher  
Born: 17 Feb 1837  
Baptised: 26 Feb 1837Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died:   Source
Buried: 11 May 1837Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource

Name: Sarah Butcher  
Born: 21 Apr 1839Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Baptised: 12 May 1839Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1881 Source
Spouse Samuel Walker

Name: Eliza Butcher  
Born:  Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Baptised: 29 Aug 1841Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1871  
Spouse John Hillesden

Name: James Butcher  
Baptised: 11 Apr 1844Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Buried: 31 Mar 1847Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource

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