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Husband: William Lucas  

Born: 29 Sep 1843Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Baptised: 15 Oct 1843Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Buried: 1926Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource

Father: William Lucas  

Mother: Frances Hicks  


scholar: 1851Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
shepherd: 1861Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
ag lab: 1871/1881Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
cattleman on farm: 1901Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
labourer: 1921 Source

Married: 14 Oct 1867Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Wife: Harriett Canning  

Born: Cal 1850/1851Turweston, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1901 Source

Father: Daniel Canning  


lacemaker: From 1871 To 1881Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource


Name: Thomas Lucas  
Born:  Tingewick, Buckinghamshire 
Baptised: 5 Dec 1869Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1921  
Spouse Un

Name: Alfred Lucas  
Born:  Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Baptised: 3 Dec 1871Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1910Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Spouse Agnes Emma Lepper

Name: Harriett Ann Lucas  
Baptised: 9 Aug 1874TingewickSource
Died:   Source
Buried: 10 Feb 1876TingewickSource

Name: William Lucas  
Born: Cal 1877Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1916 Source
Spouse Ada Tew

Name: Fanny Lucas  
Born: Cal 1879Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1891  

Name: Daniel Lucas  
Born: Cal 1883Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1910  

Name: Fred Lucas  
Born: Cal 1886Akeley, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1901  

Name: Harriet Ann Lucas  
Born: Cal 1888  
Died: Aft 1914  
Spouse Richard Albert Townsend

Name: George Lucas  
Born: Cal 1889Akeley, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1901  

Name: Septimus Lucas  
Born: Cal 1891/1892Akeley, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1914  
Spouse Emily Kate Payne

Name: Mary Ann Lucas  
Born: Cal 1894Akeley, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1901  
Spouse John Stewart

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