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John Milton TINDER was born on 30 Oct 1854. He died on 24 Dec 1932.

John Milton Tinder's old home stead is located on Louisiana Rd., off of Rt. 20 in Orange County, Virginia. The place is still owned by his nephew Richard Stuart Sutherland. The only thing left of the house is an old chimney and part of the foundation. There are two graves on the property one is marked ? Aperson. He married Hannah Margaret (Bledsoe) Tinder, Arthur's wife, after he died in the Civil War. Arthur was the father of John Milton Tinder. The other grave could belong to Hannah.
END NOTE Parents: Arthur R. TINDER and Hannah Margaret BLEDSOE.

Spouse: Martha Hester MORRIS. John Milton TINDER and Martha Hester MORRIS were married on 5 Oct 1881 in Orange County, Virginia. John was 26 and Martha was 23 when they got married. Children were: Henry Eldrige TINDER, Nora Jane TINDER, William Stuart TINDER, Wallace Milton TINDER, Mary Stella TINDER, John Arthur TINDER, Captain McKinley TINDER.

John Oscar TINDER was born in 1868. He died in 1958. Parents: James Franklin TINDER and Martha C. FOUGHT.

Spouse: Maggie TOUT. John Oscar TINDER and Maggie TOUT were married on 20 Feb 1890 in Hendricks County, Indiana. Children were: Mary Catherine TINDER, Horace TINDER, Ruth TINDER.

John R. TINDER was born in 1848 in Jackson County, Indiana. He was buried in Reddington Cemetery, Jackson County, Indiana. Parents: Timothy P. TINDER and Margaret JONES.

Spouse: Mary A. GODFREY. John R. TINDER and Mary A. GODFREY were married on 21 Aug 1871 in Jackson County, Indiana.

John R. TINDER was born on 30 Nov 1849 in Jackson County, Indiana. He died on 17 Jun 1918 in Jackson County, Indiana. He was buried in Cortland Cemetery, Cortland, Indiana. Was County Clerk of Jackson County. Parents: James C. TINDER and Isabella KILLEY.

Spouse: Elizabeth Ann MCPHERSON. John R. TINDER and Elizabeth Ann MCPHERSON were married on 19 Jun 1876 in Jackson County, Indiana.

Spouse: Sarah E. CAMPBELL. John R. TINDER and Sarah E. CAMPBELL were married on 8 Jun 1882 in Jackson County, Indiana. Children were: Claude Clarence TINDER.

John Reading TINDER Rev. was born on 1 Aug 1798 in Woodford County, Kentucky. He died on 11 Apr 1850 in Jackson County, Indiana.

Was a school teacher and minister at Ebenezer Baptists Church in 1832. Moderator of Brownstown and Coffee Creek Baptists Assoc.
END NOTE Parents: James TINDER Jr. Rev. and Tabitha REDDING.

Spouse: Elizabeth J. CURRY. John Reading TINDER Rev. and Elizabeth J. CURRY were married on 13 Apr 1820 in Scott County, Kentucky. Children were: Alice TINDER, James C. TINDER, Charity TINDER, William J. TINDER, Elijah TINDER, Malinda TINDER, Keziah TINDER, Sarah Ann TINDER, Isaac Reading TINDER, Elizabeth TINDER, Isabella TINDER.

Spouse: Mary Ann BROWN. John Reading TINDER Rev. and Mary Ann BROWN were married on 26 Mar 1848 in Jackson County, Indiana. Second Marriage for both.

John Robert TINDER. Parents: Talmon David TINDER and Mary Margaret BURNS.

John Rodney TINDER was born in Dec 1898 in Elk Creek, Madison County, Montana. He died in 1962 in Oakland, California. Parents: Eugene Mason TINDER and Permelia Mayme BLACK.

Spouse: Ora W. EAGLESON. John Rodney TINDER and Ora W. EAGLESON were married on 11 Aug 1917 in Bozeman, Gallatin County, Montana. Children were: Victor TINDER, Robert TINDER.

John Spencer TINDER was born on 30 Nov 1848. He died on 8 Dec 1926 in Orange County, Virginia. He was buried in Rhoadsville Baptist Church Cemetery.

Purchased "Goshen" at True Blue, Virginia from George Pannill in 1879. The home is no longer inhabited and is displayed on page 144 of "Antebellum Orange" by Ann L. Miller.
END NOTE Parents: John Thomas TINDER and Margaret Ann JACOBS.

Spouse: Ella Keeling COOK. John Spencer TINDER and Ella Keeling COOK were married on 30 Jan 1872 in Orange County, Virginia. John was 23 and Ella was 18 when they got married. Married by John C. Wills (Willis). Children were: Bertha Dulin TINDER, William Judson TINDER, Nellie R. TINDER, Bessie Gladys TINDER, Carrie Ethel TINDER, Benjamin Spencer TINDER Sr., Wallace Winfrey TINDER Sr., Aubrey Monroe TINDER Sr., Eula Keeling TINDER.

John T. TINDER was born in Aug 1863 in Audrain County, Missouri. Parents: David M. TINDER and Elizabeth NOT KNOWN.

Spouse: Emma Geneva TOALSON. John T. TINDER and Emma Geneva TOALSON were married on 2 Sep 1885 in Boone County, Missouri. Children were: Bessie TINDER, Geneva B. Tinder TINDER, Morris P. TINDER.

John T. TINDER was born on 9 Apr 1878 in Georgetown, Kentucky. He died on 24 Oct 1963. He was buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Findley, Ohio. Parents: William Orlando TINDER and Martha Jane HAMON.

Spouse: Della RANAKER. John T. TINDER and Della RANAKER were married on 15 Feb 1899 in Cynthiana, Kentucky. Children were: Lloyd Festus TINDER, William Frank TINDER, Clifford Dalton TINDER.

John T. TINDER was born on 24 Nov 1907 in Jackson County, Indiana. He died on 1 Jan 1972 in Jackson County, Indiana. Parents: Claude Clarence TINDER and Virginia Ellen PENNOCK.

Spouse: Constance OSTERMAN. John T. TINDER and Constance OSTERMAN were married on 7 Jun 1934 in Jackson County, Indiana.

John Thomas TINDER was born in 1824 in Orange County, Virginia. He served in the military in Civil War.

He was a confederate solder in the 7th Virginia Infantry, Company C. This company was first commanded by Captain John C. Porter of Culpeper, and all the other officers, James W. Green, John R. Strother and Daniel Brown were also from that county. Subsequently J. W. Almond of Orange became captain, and N. T. Bartley and Jeremiah Pannill Lieutenants (see source). He also served in the 6th Virginia Cavalry.
END NOTE Parents: James Robert TINDER and Elizabeth SHADRICK.

Spouse: Margaret Ann JACOBS. John Thomas TINDER and Margaret Ann JACOBS were married on 3 Mar 1846. Witnesses Rachel Jacobs and James Robert Tinder. Father of bride was Benjamin Jacobs. Children were: Payton L. TINDER, John Spencer TINDER, Gordon Lee TINDER, Rachel Martha TINDER.

John Thomas TINDER was born on 19 Jul 1862 in Shelby County, Indiana. He died on 11 Feb 1863 in Shelby County, Indiana. Parents: Morgan H. TINDER Rev. and Elizabeth F. WALTON.

John Waller TINDER was born in 1890. Parents: John Francis TINDER and Manda WELLS.

Spouse: Ruth DAVIS. John Waller TINDER and Ruth DAVIS were married on 5 Jun 1912 in Orange County, Virginia. Married by J.T. Allen.

John William TINDER. Parents: John Kennedy TINDER and Judith Anne BEAN.

John William TINDER was born on 19 Apr 1834 in Shelby County, Indiana. He died on 5 Dec 1925 in Windfall, Tipton County, Indiana. Parents: Asa B. TINDER and Elizabeth WILLIAMSON.

Spouse: Sarah J. KELLER. John William TINDER and Sarah J. KELLER were married in Unknown. Children were: Mary E. TINDER, Martha A. TINDER, William Robert TINDER, Emily TINDER, Martha F. TINDER, John H. TINDER.

John William TINDER Lt. was born on 22 Jan 1835 in Hendricks County, Indiana. He died on 8 Jul 1903 in Hendricks County, Indiana. He was buried in Danville Cemetery, Danville, Hendricks County, Indiana. He served in the military in Civil War.

Enlisted on 29 July 1862 as private in Company A, 4th Indiana Cavalry under Colonel L. S. Shuler. He served over three years. He was wounded in the leg at Bardstown Kentucky and disabled for two months. He was engaged in the battles of Chickamauga, Resaca, Murfreesboro and Jonesboro raid. He mustered out on 29 June 1865 at Edgefiel, Tennessee. Promotions: Sergeant to 2nd Lieut.
END NOTE Parents: Captain Jeremiah TINDER and Catherine RADFORD.

Spouse: Laura HAMRICK. John William TINDER Lt. and Laura HAMRICK were married on 5 Feb 1857 in Hendricks County, Indiana. Children were: James W. TINDER, Carrie TINDER.

John William TINDER Dr. was born on 6 Feb 1846. He died on 5 Feb 1945. Parents: William H. TINDER and Catherine A. KENNEDY.

Spouse: Lottie Myrtel HORR. John William TINDER Dr. and Lottie Myrtel HORR were married on 21 Dec 1897. Children were: Onita Fern TINDER, Jean Kenneth TINDER, Marcellus Allerton TINDER, Catherine Mercedes TINDER, Clara Dee TINDER, Elizabeth Delores TINDER.

John William TINDER was born on 28 Oct 1904 in Lancaster, Gerrard County., Kentucky. He died on 11 Apr 1988 in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky. From the State Of Kentucky death records: Volume 019. Certificate Number 09413. Death Volume 88. Parents: Frank M. TINDER Rev and Lulie CREWSHAW.

Spouse: Lillian EVERSOLE. John William TINDER and Lillian EVERSOLE were married on 31 Aug 1930. Children were: Jane Walker TINDER, Nancy TINDER.

Johnnie Sue TINDER. Parents: John Clinton TINDER and Hazel Gladys GOSSAGE.

Joseph TINDER was born in 1800. Parents: James TINDER Jr. Rev. and Tabitha REDDING.

Joseph Allen TINDER was born in 1844 in Orange County, Virginia. He served in the military on 1 Jul 1861 in Civil War. He died after 1890 in Tennessee.

He enlisted in Company K, 46th Virginia Infantry, Confederate Army. He joined at the age of 18 in Culpeper County, Virginia July 1, 1861 under Captain Crutchfield. Transferred and served in Company E, 9th Virginia Cavalry. Taken Prisoner May 1, 1863. On April 26, 1865 Joseph A. Tinder took an oath of parole that reads as follows:
"Ashland, Virginia, April 26, 1865. I Joseph A. Tinder, Private Company E, 9th Virginia Calvary, prisoner of war, do hereby give my solemn Parole of Honor not to take part in hostilities against the Government of the United States until properly exchanged; and that I will not do anything directly or indirectly to the detriment or disparagement of the authority of the United States until properly exchanged as aforesaid.

Signed Joseph A. Tinder"

After signing the oath Joseph A. Tinder was given permission to go to his home in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. The oath was witnessed by James B. Lyons, 1st Lieut. 1st N.Y.M.R. Adg.
END NOTE Parents: Richard TINDER and Nancy QUINSBERRY.

Spouse: Tennessee Cornelia ARMES. Joseph Allen TINDER and Tennessee Cornelia ARMES were married in Feb 1873. Children were: David Crockett TINDER Sr, Egbert TINDER, Bernice TINDER, James T. TINDER, George TINDER, Mary D. TINDER, Richard Hess TINDER.

Joseph Ben TINDER. Parents: Talmon David TINDER and Mary Margaret BURNS.

Spouse: Terri Lee HUDSON. Children were: Peyton MacKay TINDER.

Joseph Elliott TINDER. Parents: Gary John TINDER and Holly L. CAHILL.

Josephine TINDER. Parents: Carl Dewey TINDER and Lydia M. EXSTROM.

Josephine Mae TINDER was born on 20 Jun 1905. She died in 1940. Parents: Samuel Christopher TINDER and Mary Etta ROMINE.

Spouse: Ray DOWELL. Ray DOWELL and Josephine Mae TINDER were married on 22 Oct 1924 in Warren County, Illinois.

Joshua K. TINDER was born on 22 Mar 1854 in Jackson County, Indiana. He died on 24 Mar 1882. He was buried in Cortland, Indiana Cemetery. Buried in Tinder burial plot. Was 28 years 2 days old. Both Joshua and his brother W.W. died on the same day. Parents: James C. TINDER and Isabella KILLEY.

Joy TINDER. Parents: Roger Raymond TINDER and Carol Laurene YOUNG.

Spouse: Frederick ZINN.

Joyce Ann TINDER. Parents: Benton Gillispie TINDER Sr. and Katherine ELGIN.

Spouse: Aubrey ROBERTS Jr.. Children were: Suzanne Jeanette ROBERTS, Dianne Lea ROBERTS, John ROBERTS.

Spouse: Roger Franklin WOOD.

Judy Cecil TINDER. Parents: Aubery Monroe TINDER Jr. and Cecil STYLL.

Julia Alice TINDER. Parents: William Robinson TINDER and Julia Hill BISCOE.

Spouse: Norman H. TAYLOR. Children were: William Vaughan TAYLOR.

Spouse: Carl H. CAMPE. Children were: Ernest Robinson CAMPE.

Julia Ann TINDER was born on 4 Jun 1849. She died on 1 Jan 1912. Parents: Elijah M. TINDER and Elizabeth C. HADLEY.

Spouse: John M. TOWLES. John M. TOWLES and Julia Ann TINDER were married on 18 Sep 1870 in Hendricks County, Indiana.

Julia Mariah TINDER was born on 8 Oct 1846 in Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana. She died on 17 Jul 1936 in Dunlap, Grundy County, Missouri. She was buried on 20 Jul 1936 in Chickasha, Grady County, Oklahoma. Parents: William Jefferson TINDER and Catherine Elizabeth YOUTSEY.

Spouse: Alvin Donley LUKE. Alvin Donley LUKE and Julia Mariah TINDER were married on 16 Jan 1873 in Trenton, Grundy County, Missouri. Children were: Nettie May LUKE, Maude Minnie LUKE, William David LUKE, Mabel Louisa LUKE, George Franklin LUKE, Charles Gilbert LUKE, Catherine Elizabeth LUKE, Mary Ann LUKE, Arthur Ray LUKE.

Julius Ezra TINDER was born on 28 Jun 1898 in Finnell, Kentucky. He died on 19 Mar 1977 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Parents: Samuel Ezra TINDER and Susan Alice WOLFE.

Spouse: Mary Olive ENSLEN. Julius Ezra TINDER and Mary Olive ENSLEN were married on 10 Apr 1925.

June TINDER. Parents: Morris Cecil TINDER and Letha PETER.

Justin Ernest TINDER. Parents: Todd Randall TINDER and Kathleen Anne WRIGHT.

Karah Marie TINDER. Parents: James Tazewell TINDER and Carolyn Sue MAWYER.

Spouse: Jake FAISON.

Karen Elaine TINDER. Parents: Bernard Raymond TINDER and Nedra Vannoy ULM.

Spouse: Thomas WILLIAMS. Children were: Kay Elaine WILLIAMS, Rodney E. WILLIAMS, Tommy WILLIAMS, Lisa WILLIAMS.

Karen Joy TINDER. Parents: Joe Dean TINDER and Grace MCKEE.

Karen Leigh TINDER. Parents: Gerald Joseph TINDER and Elizabeth Margaret JOHNSTON.

Kari Ann TINDER. Parents: Charles Milton TINDER Jr. and Susan Kaye LUCKENBILL.

Kari Judth TINDER. Parents: David Crockett TINDER Jr. and Marilyn Sue MOUNT.

Kate TINDER was born in 1862 in Missouri. Parents: David M. TINDER and Elizabeth NOT KNOWN.

Katherine Elizabeth TINDER was born on 30 Oct 1911. She died on 3 Aug 1977. Parents: William Judson TINDER and Theodosia Ernest HARRIS.

Spouse: James Stuart MASSEY. James Stuart MASSEY and Katherine Elizabeth TINDER were married on 22 Feb 1936. Children were: Theo Harris MASSEY, Elizabeth Stuart MASSEY.

Kathleen Ann TINDER. Parents: Eldred TINDER and Audrey HALE.

Spouse: Danny Ray GOFF. Children were: Kimberly Ann GOFF, David Ray GOFF.

Kathleen D. TINDER. Parents: Melvin Kinza TINDER Jr. and Kathleen Loreen ELLIS.

Spouse: Greory Bart STOTTS. Children were: Monica Davianne STOTTS.

Kathleen Marie Grace TINDER. Parents: John Everett TINDER Sr. and Arlene GORDAN.

Spouse: Felix MONTANEZ. Children were: Ashley Kate MONTANEZ.

Spouse: William P. TODD. Children were: Ashley Kate TODD.

Katie TINDER was born on 7 Nov 1879. She died on 4 Feb 1881 in Hendricks County, Indiana. Parents: William Hadley TINDER and Mary ALLEE.

Katie D. TINDER was born on 21 May 1867 in Platte County, Missouri. Parents: Simeon Dudley TINDER and Sarah Frances RICE.

Spouse: Middlleton PAYNE. Middlleton PAYNE and Katie D. TINDER were married on 29 Feb 1892 in Platte County, Missouri. Married by C.R. Moon. Children were: Earnest PAYNE.

Katy TINDER. Parents: Anthony Carl TINDER Sr. and Heather UNKNOWN.

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