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Announcements Hello, updates are on the way.  in recent family news one of the founders of this family tree and site, Joe Kavinsky has passed away a few weeks ago, may he rest in peace.  I have added a new contributor to the site, everyone welcome, Mateusz Koziol, welcome.  


Welcome to the O'Bryan~Kavinsky Family History and Research project, my name is Tim O'Bryan and presently I am the webmaster of this site. Here is a brief history on this site.
Before it was O'Bryan and Family, before that it was Dylan's Family Tree when it was first published and posted on Oct. 29,
2006. Now the reason for the name change again and for the last time is to accommodate all surnames in this family tree
and site. You will notice that there are twelve different names which were the ones that started this family. The rest of the names not mentioned are connected to The Twelve. 
So for now, enjoy your stay and look forward to a new updates to this site as you come 
and visit again. like always, If you have any ideas or suggestions to make this site better than it is, please feel free to contact me anytime. 


On a personal Note:

"In the last 8 years I have done a lot of research, of course with the help of friends and family and other reliable resources.

These reliable resources consist of, LDS records, foreign and local church records, Newspaper not to mention the other family trees and other

organized sites, that I connected with in the past. I also retrieved records connecting to my family as far back as Ancient and Biblical records.

The accuracy of the family tree I would have to say it is in 85-90% range, take in mind, with the checking and double checking of the this family tree before

I officially enter any individual. The rest of the names that are strictly by the gut, a hunch, or just something I feel is right. But those individuals are

still being researched and verified as you read this. Now with all the research I did you would have to assume that there are a few famous people in the this family

and it turns out there is. Just to mention a few, The Queen, Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) and Romanov's and so on. after scrolling 17,000+ individual in my family

tree, I am sure that there are a lot more historically famous people, I have not mentioned them yet or came across them.

In the mean time, I am going to focus on updating the site to make it more user friendly more accessible to you and others and of

course make it look a lot better. So while I do this, feel free to suggest any ideas, collaborate your family tree sites or help out any time, just let me know. thanks"

-Tim OBryan


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